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The Lost Bass Player

The bass player invades her dreams
They met in high school. The great looking guy that all the girls wanted to be with and the plain girl not afraid of a challenge.  The relationship was brief, but the sex was young and new, filled with drinking, drugs, and unbridled heat. He moved on to the prettier girls, she moved on to other challenges, although she never forgot the heat she felt.

Years and years later, now very different in their worlds, they found each other on line. Just the thought of him again made her want him. Both were divorced now, living single, and on career paths on opposite sides of the spectrum of life. Even with the differences in their worlds they still had good memories to share and things in common to chat about. She found herself once again wanting to feel him, to touch him. He sent a picture of himself now and she found the feeling of want and lust even stronger. She pasted it as wallpaper to her laptop and smiled an evil little grin every time she opened it, thinking of how they had matured and wondering what the sex would be like now with a little more experience behind them.

Then the dreams started. When she shut down her laptop at night the last picture in her mind was the sexy bass player in an abandoned building. The eyes were the same, blue and dreamy. The fingers long and thin and agile from the years playing the guitar, making her wonder how they would feel playing her. As she drifted off to sleep the darkness would envelope her, then start to fold away like fog as he appeared. They are in the building, the cracking white stucco walls, the adobe colored floor, the door and windows missing from years of neglect. It is warm, and the breeze is hot and dry lifting his blonde hair off his shoulders and away from his face the doorway framing his figure. He is carrying a thick quilt under his arm, and two ice cold bottles of water, placing them in the corner.

Taking her hand they walk outside into the desert, surveying all the flat land, the deep blue skies, and the thunderhead building in the distance. The air is hot and the breeze picks up. Facing her, he raises her face up a kisses her gentle and seductively. She melts to his lips, and rubs her body against his, wanting him closer, feeling her body start to get wet just at the thought of having him that close again.

Walking back into the building he lay the quilt out and offers her a bottle of water. Drinking a swallow, she realizes that it is not the heat that is making her thirsty, but him. They sit down together, still not knowing how to start a conversation after all these years. He decides to let his lips do the talking, and the kisses are deep, strong with desire. She responds, running her hands through his hair, pulling his head closer. She reached over and pulls the shirt he is wearing over his head, needing to feel the softness of his skin against her hands. Doing the same with hers, he paused a minute to lightly trace her nipples with his tongue , one than the other, before covering them with his hands and kissing her deep again. Always embarrassed by their small size, she felt a bit uncomfortable and he sensed it. He slid his hand behind her neck and lifted her face up to his. His penetrating cloudy blue eyes deepen, and he grinned as he leaned even closer he brushed her lips with his.

"As I told you years ago, more than a mouthful is waste." And he had, 20 years ago. It was a line that she had never forgotten, and had repeated to herself many time since when breast envy had stricken her. Besides, now she knew there were many other ways to please a man, and she intended on doing just that. Rolling him onto his back she lay atop him, pressing the crotch of her jeans into his. Rubbing him slowly, feeling his cock harden with each stroke, the jeans causing extra friction. She kissed his lips, then traced a line down his jaw to his ear lobe with her tongue and licked and sucked on it, the need of something better in her mouth growing. She traced a line down his chest, and did the same with his nipples as he had done to her. Sucking in one, then the other, tracing them with her tongue and fingers. His breathing became more shallow and quicker, and she knew she was on the right track. Sitting up next to him she undid his shoelaces and removed his shoes and socks, as well as her own. Reaching over she started on his pants. His eyes half closed, he let out a slight sigh as she released the head of his cock from the restraint. She licked to top of it, giving him an idea of what she had in mind. Eyes still dreamy, he lifted his hips as she released the rest of him, tossing the jeans aside. The air was hotter and getting humid, both from the weather and the heat of their want. She took a drink of cold water, and a droplet landed on him between his navel and his cock that was bobbing with anticipation. He let out a small gasp at the coldness. She took another drink, cooling her mouth, then took the head of his cock into it. The intake of air on his part let her know he liked that. She used her lips and her teeth to nibble at the rim, while her tongue teased the tip. Slowly she began to take it deeper, letting his cock fill her mouth, sliding it in and out. Wet with her saliva, she traced the length with her tongue to the base, drawing one ball into her mouth then the other. Using her hand to hold them, she went back down on his cock, taking his length so his balls pressed on her lips. She slid it in and out over and over, feeling it thicken and grow with every stroke, anticipating the salty cum that was boiling up inside.  His breath was quick as he stopped her. She worried for a moment if he was not enjoying this as much as she was. Almost panting, he pulled her down beside him as he caught his breath, now rolling her onto her back. Propping his head on his elbow he brushed a kiss on her lips again.

"I want you. Now it is my turn. Enjoy. Don't move unless I tell you, or I will stop until you do."  He unsnapped the top of her jeans. She lay there in anticipation. He had never been that into foreplay 20 years ago, as the heat of the moment and the threat of getting caught had always been present. She had never had a problem getting wet with desire, so foreplay was a luxury to be savored when she got it, but she was unsure about what to expect. He handed her the water bottle and they both took a long drink, this time the water droplets fell onto her chest. He laid her back down and licked them off. He lowered the zipper of her jeans and slid his hand into them, under her silk panties. His fingers found her mound and he squeezed gently. This reminded her again of the past, sneaking a feel when they could, and made her wonder how sex would be like now. He lowered his lips to her nipples and traced them again, his hand sliding a bit deeper in her jeans. She arched a little to allow better access, wanting him, not caring a bit that her breasts that had always been inadequate to her were fully exposed. He stopped. "Don't move unless I say so. Enjoy" he whispered into her ear. Every nerve ending in her began to fire. What was he up to? What had his experiences been? She closed her eyes and listened to the clouds rumbling and letting her body relax to his touch. She had never had a man want to please her the way he was leading her to believe that he did. It was unfamiliar and thrilling.

He kissed her lips and her nipples again, then asked her to raise up so he could remove her jeans. She did as he asked, thankful that he removed them. As he lowered them and her panties, he let his thumbs slide against her naked skin down her long legs. What she lacked in breasts she made up for in the leg department. At only 5'4", her legs were long and supple. He stopped a moment, taking in the sight of her naked at his beckoning. "Roll over", he said, his voice throaty and thick. She did as he asked, and he grasped her ankles and started massaging, his hands never stopping their movement up her legs. As he reached her upper thighs she arched again, needing him to touch the wetness that was dripping down her. Again, he stopped. "Don't move." Not being able to let her body respond was almost torture. Again she lay still, closed her eyes, and tried to relax. When he resumed the attention to her, he straddle her and placed his hands on her shoulders. An electric shock went through her, and she was unsure if it was the thunderstorm approaching that caused it or the intense desire she was feeling by his hands. He kneaded her muscles, this time his hands traveling downward. She could feel the hardness of his cock against her clit and she desperately wanted to rub it against herself. As if knowing. he traced her arms and pulled them above her head, grasping both wrists with one hand. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her neck and he leaned against her, letting his cock head tease her for a moment. "Leave your hands there" he  whispered into her ear as he slid his hands back down to her ass. He kneaded it for a moment, then let one hand slide between her legs to the wet pool that had formed. She sucked in a deep breath, but stayed still. He moved her legs so that he was between them. Anticipation filled her. With a long, strong finger he traced over her clit and up into her wetness with one motion. He cunt muscles squeezed his finger hard, but she made no other motion. It was like being held bondage by her brain, trying to over-ride her bodies desire. Her breaths start to quicken. Sliding his finger out he went back for seconds, this time using two fingers. Again her cunt clinched, but no body movement . Torture torture.

He knelled beside her as he again turned her onto her back and spread her legs apart. He paused a moment to brush his lips against her nipples then her lips, again repeating "don't move, or I'll stop" as he slid a finger over her clit and deep into her pool of wetness. Again he slid a second one in. She was still as tight and wet as she was in high school, but had learned to use to muscles inside much better. The clouds rumbled closer and louder, like an orchestra building to a crescendo. She could hardly keep herself in check, the orgasm screaming to be let out. He straddle her, and slid his cock over her clit a couple of times, then leaned down and whispered again. "OK, now baby, let's ride." With that he slid his cock into her pussy in one stroke. She gasped a moment at the size of him inside her, but as it filled her she wanted more and more, all of it deep in her. He started slow for the first few strokes, but quickly intensified the pace as she used her cunt muscles to draw him deeper and deeper until his balls were slapping her ass. She wrapped her strong legs around him and pulled him ever deeper, the head of his cock reaching the spot that few ever had, that place inside her cunt that made all her muscles spasm with pleasure. She squeezed tighter, her hands rubbing grabbed his back, then reached around to squeeze his nipples to peaks. A low guttural growl came deep from within him. The both arched into each other as the orgasm hit them both, and a loud clap of thunder deadened their cries of passion. Collapsing onto her they both gasped, trying to suck in the air from holding their breaths, cock and cunt both still milking the release. He rolled onto his back, and drew her closer to him. She rested on her side with her head on his shoulder. Both closed their eyes and relaxed as the rain started to pour around the building.

She awakes. Once again he has invaded her dreams. She wondered if they would ever even see each other again. Even if they did, would they have sex? And better yet, if they did have sex, would it be as good as it was in her dreams? She grinned, as least she had her dreams.
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