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The Meeting

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My first story - many thanks to Hardtimes69 for their much appreciated help
The Meeting

They had been cyber friends for close to a year now and had been playing games like this for the past six months. James and Amber had been sending each other instructions to go to a hotel where a flash drive was awaiting them. The instructions were standard, to get a room, log on and play the file that was on the flash drive. The content of the file was a sexual congress they would partake in and would leave them sexually spent.

Amber opened the email James had sent her, his instructions, “Be at the bar in the Chicago Water Tower Hotel for 8:00 p.m., and ask the barman if he has something for Amber and your instructions will be delivered then”.

They had agreed from the start that they would never cam or send actual photographs of themselves. Instead they agreed to let their imaginations fulfill their fantasies. This time it was different though, James had gone one step further and was nervous, as too what the outcome might be.

He had been traveling for over eleven hours from his home in England to get to Chicago. James had been saving and planning for the last three months and finally the moment had arrived. His stomach was churning and palms sweating like an adolescent teenager as he watched the bar from his seat at the table in the corner across the room. He had chosen this table so he could have a view of the bar and he was hard to be seen from the bar and now it was 8:00 p.m. exactly.

He knew, as soon as she walked in, that it was her. Despite the bar being busy and there being plenty of women there, her powers of description had enabled him to build up a mental image of her and he wasn't disappointed. James immediately felt a tingle in his loins. The only question now,what would be her reaction?

Did she truthfully feel the same way about him as he felt for her? Would she smile and kiss him or would she run screaming from the bar, ranting about a stalker? In a few long, arduous seconds his questions would be answered. He watched as she casually ordered a drink and inquired of the barman if a package had been left for her.

The barman returned with her drink and a small brown envelope with her name on it which contained her instructions for the evening. Amber sipped her drink and then anxiously opened the brown envelope. A look of confusion crossed her face as she realised that this time a flash drive did not spill from the envelope, there was no flash drive. Instead a small card with only typed instructions was there.

Amber picked up the card which read, “If you finally want to meet me I am at the table in the corner; the choice is yours.”

James saw her look around the room until their eyes met. Her eyes widened in shock, and he raised his glass to her across the room. His heart was pounding so
loud he couldn't hear anything as he watched her slowly walk across the room. If she carried straight on she would be coming to the table but, if she turned left she would be leaving. He watched as she reached the point of destiny, the point to where Amber would crush his spirit or set it ablaze with passion. It was the point, where she could turn left, escape and leave him forever. James suddenly realised he was holding his breath and hoped that he hadn't ruined their friendship by overstepping the boundaries and violating the mutual agreed rules.

Amber smiled and carried on to the table and sat down facing him.

“Before you say anything,” James said, “I am only here for forty-eight hours due to the fact I have be back home for work. I have two options to offer you. Now I realise that my powers of description are not as good as yours; if you are disappointed you can leave and I would be immensely saddened, but I would understand. That would be the first option. The second option is we can have dinner in the dining room, or sit and have drinks here and the choice is yours.”

Amber had finally recovered her wits after the shock and interrupted. “Are you
staying here, at this hotel?” she asked.

“Yes," James replied with an anxious look upon his face.

She stood up and looked down at him with an expressionless face and said, “Let’s go then, I have a third option to put on the table.”

They crossed the lobby to the lifts James felt like he was walking on air and as soon they entered the lift, which was thankfully empty. James reached for her drew her close and gave her a long passionate kiss.

“I have been longing to do that for so long,” he stammered

Amber reached up and pressed her fingers to his lips, “Shh, no more talking, we can do that later.” And then she moved forward and kissed him again,pulling him tight against her body.

James could feel his cock stirring in anticipation as he responded to her passionate kiss and placed his hands her bum drawing her to him. By the time the lift had reached the floor his room was on his cock was semi-erect from all the exploring of her lovely body he had done. He fumbled for his key card and James couldn't get the door opened quickly enough.

They tumbled into the room and he immediately started to kiss her again at the same time helping her to remove her jacket. Underneath the jacket she wore an almost sheer white blouse and he could see her frilly white bra through the translucent material. Her nipples erect now displaying themselves prominently through the thin fabric. They stepped back and looked at each other again and slowly started to undress each other. He undid the buttons on her blouse, as she did likewise on the shirt he was wearing; these items were discarded to the floor. Again, they took a step back and admired the view of each other’s beauty. He was engrossed in the swell of her breasts that were nearly spilling over the top her bra with her nipples conspicuously displayed.

She took in his torso that while not overly muscled, James was well proportioned and she continued down to his jeans. Amber could clearly see the definition of his rock hard cock pressing against them, almost as though his cock was begging to be released. She unclasped her frilly white bra, removed it and watched as his cock twitched against his jeans. Amber then moved closer and undid the button that held his jeans closed, grasped the tab of the zipper and slowly unzipped his jeans.

James had reached around behind her and undid the button on her skirt and slid the zipper down that was holding her skirt up and allowed it to fall to the floor. Amber stood there naked except for the small, damp, panties she wore.

His erect cock was now the only thing that was keeping his jeans up and Amber tugged at them until they fell to floor as well. They each took another step back out of their clothes and drank in each other’s bodies. James stood there in his boxer shorts with his cock now straining against the material and her in her French knickers with a damp spot developing. James stepped in and picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed.

James bent down and removed her knickers and she lifted herself slightly from the bed to help. He paused for a moment, and contemplated the beautiful sight of her naked beauty that lay on the bed before him. James moved forward and 
kissed her inner thighs, first one side, then the other, slowly working his way up towards her now glistening pussy. Amber splayed her legs and reached down to his head, helping, almost guiding him as he discovered her now erect clit.

Amber gasped as he alternately licked then sucked on it, sometimes swirling his tongue around it, sometimes pulling back and gently blowing on it. She could
feel herself building towards an orgasm as he now moved down her slit to her pussy and tasted her for the first time. James slipped his tongue inside her and lapped up all her juices which were now flowing freely.

Amber finally couldn't take the exquisite pleasure anymore and pulled his face up to her face and kissed him again, tasting herself in his mouth. Simultaneously, Amber reached down and removed his shorts; she felt his erect cock press against her sex. It was not long before Amber grabbed his rigid shaft and guided it into wet pussy. Amber held her breath as he slowly entered her, paused for a while before starting to slowly grind on his unyielding pole and James pumped his turgid shaft in and out of her hungry cunt in out, gradually quickening the pace.

James was now in heaven as he moved in and out of her, matching her rhythm as she lifted herself from the bed to meet him, gradually increasing their tempo. James felt Amber stiffen and moan as her felt her cum. Her climax was the trigger he needed to tip him over the edge. James felt himself shoot deep inside her, straining against her mound in an effort to release every last drop of his seed.

He collapsed on the bed next her, trying to regulate his breathing back to normal and James looked into her eyes and said, “Now can we talk?”

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