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The meeting part 4- Our adventure continues

Fantasies do come true.
Oh my, my pussy hasn't been so pleasured in a long, long time. I don't know where he finds his strength, but Harvey managed to satisfy my urgent demands for his body. I wanted him to hold me and never let me go, this strong yet gentle being was driving me to heights I have never experienced before. He kept telling me how sexy and beautiful I was, everything a girl likes to hear.

After the passion filled day we just shared, we lay catching our breath and letting our bodies calm down, from the wonderful sexual frenzy that we just shared, we talked and shared secrets of our lives with each other, spoke of our fantasies and desires. His warm soft fingers kept caressing me, he never stopped touching me.

We got up and showered, and dressed then went to dinner. I cant even begin to tell you what he ordered for us, my mind was on how sexy this man was, and how he could turn me on with just a kiss. Throughout dinner we made small talk, just getting to know each other better.

Then as we were getting ready to leave he says, “ I have made some plans for tomorrow.”

"Plans?" "What Plans." I felt like a kid, “I love surprises.”

He answered, "You my dear will just have to wait and see." and he kissed my nose.

He did tell me that we had a long drive ahead of us in the morning and that we had to leave early, I groaned inwardly but when he took my hand my heart sang. When we got back to our room, he started undressing and I watched as he took his clothes off, I asked him about his tattoo’s.

He said,”within each of us lives a good side and a dark side, the tattoo’s kind of represent that.”

I shivered, I have only seen his sweet sexy side. He got into bed and pulled me close to him and turned off the light, soon his breathing pattern changed and he was asleep, I followed close behind.

Next thing I know he is kissing me awake, and calling my name.

"Teresa, Teresa its time to get up, we have to go, can't sleep all day come on sleepy head.”

I groaned. I loved the feeling of his lips on my flesh, leaving burning trails everywhere he touched, I told him that I wanted him, that all he has to do is kiss me and my pussy is begging for him.

He laughed and said "Later sweetie, later, we have to leave now to get there on time"

"Where are we going?"

"I will tell you again that we have to get to the N.Y. side and its going to take about 2 hours to get there, so come on lets get going." and again he laughs.

In the car, Harvey pats the seat next to him and says. "Don't sit so far away, I wont bite...hard."

He laughs again as I slide closer, I love the sound of his laugh, and the brightness of his sexy smile. I sit tight against him, and rest my hand on his thigh, it feels wonderful to be this close to someone again. Someone to share all the little fun things in life with. My fingers draw little circles on the inside of his thigh, he rests his arm around my shoulders and gently kneads my breast, until my nipples are so hard, I swear I could poke his eye out if he got close enough. My moans tell him that I am enjoying his attention, and his deep breathing tells me that my hand is distracting him a little. Suddenly he removes his arm from around me, takes hold of the hand playing on his thigh, brings it to his lips, kisses the palm, then opens his mouth and sucks one of my fingers inside. What a ripple that caused to course through my body, the shiver started at my neck, and went all the way to my toes. I gasped and he chuckles.

“We are almost there,” he says, as he turns off the highway and heads down a country lane. He pulls off the road into a big field. I see before me the biggest hot air balloon I have ever seen. I looked at him with shock and he chuckled again.
“Do you like this surprise?” he asked.

I was as excited as a kid in a candy store, I squealed I think, and hugged him tight. I couldn't believe it, he listened when we were talking about fantasies, he actually listened. I was thrilled and scared all at once. A big burly looking man came strolling towards the car, Harvey helps me out of the car, and grasped the hand of his friend.

“Hello old friend,” he said , “I want you to meet my main-squeeze. Teresa this is Dennis, Dennis this is Teresa. We go along way back, our old war days.”

Dennis explained “Harvey stayed with me for the last 4 months of his tour. We had some good times. Well here she is all set for you. I have 200’ of line on the rope, you will be safe, you already know how to raise and lower the heat if a gust of wind should take you away, but it won’t. I’ll be waiting, just wave to me when you are ready to come down.”

They helped me into the basket, it was huge, it could hold 4 people. Normally it would be an hour flight with a pilot, but today we were just rising the length of the rope and sitting there for an hour enjoying the view. Dennis pulled out the pin that kept the tether from unraveling. We drifted straight up. We hung our heads over the side of the basket, watching as the tree tops got lower. The ascent only took about 5 minutes.

Am I actually doing this? It was a gorgeous view. The air was still, only a slight warm breeze making a soft fan, on low speed, noise. If the balloon were loose there would be no noise, as we would be moving with it. The single tether allowed the balloon to float in a gentle slow circular motion, depending on the way the wind blew.

The slight breeze made my hair swirl around, giving it a funky messed up look. He kissed me on the cheek and put his arm around my shoulders. We watched as the sun peeked over the horizon, a bright orange color turning the cotton clouds a pretty shade of red.

“Beautiful, huh.”

“Yes, it is awesome, thank….”

“No, I mean you,” he said, “I can see the sun reflecting in your eyes.

I press my lips to his, I feel a drop of water fall along my cheek.

“Hey, we only have an hour here,” he says laughing, as he brushes the tear away.

I feel Harvey move behind me, I feel him pressing against my back, his cock rigid as could be, his soft lips caress my neck and he whispers into my ear.

"Now beautiful lady for the rest of the fantasy." he takes me into his arms.

Rubbing his hard cock all over my backside, he is getting me all worked up. His hands kneaded my breast some more. Moaning hard I lean back against his chest and turn my mouth to his, for his passionate kiss. I feel his hands on the waistband of my slacks, and feel him pushing them down, his hand cups my wet mound , his finger brushes my clit, I almost fall with the burning desires he is creating in my body. I am tingling all over, my pussy dripping wet in a very short time. I relax into Harveys hand , his fingers bring me quickly to a small orgasm that shakes my body.

He kneels behind me and spreads my legs apart, he wedges himself between my knees, raises up, I feel his mouth on my cunt. I scream as his tongue parts my swollen lips, and I feel his tongue on my clit once more. I moan rather loudly and grab his head, grinding my pussy into his mouth, it wont be long before I cum all over his face. He pushes two fingers deep into my hot wet tunnel and starts to work them around inside me, grazing my g-spot, he's making me weak in the knees.

“Oh my god Harvey your making me crazy,” I yell.

I try to move away but Harvey holds me tighter and says “No don't.”

His fingers and tongue work their magic on my pussy and soon I am ready to explode again. My head falls back, my hips push down on his mouth and fingers. My fingers find my nipples and pinch them through my t-shirt and bra,

“Fuck Harvey I'm going to cum, I'm going to drench you.”

Harvey bites down on my clit and flicks it several times with his tongue causing my orgasm to rip through me.

“OH FUCK, “ I whimper, “Fuck, I'm cumming.”

My pussy clenches down, on fingers that are still wiggling inside me.

Harvey stands and holds me until the strength returns to my wobbly legs, he pulls my shirt up, and he pulls up my bra, his hands warm on my breasts, as the cool air causes the nipples to harden more.

He guides me over to a bench and I undo his pants so they drop to the deck of the basket, I lift his shirt and kiss his chest playing with his nipples. Sitting on the bench, he brings his legs together, he turns me around so I am facing away from him, he pulls me back into him. His cock is hard, harder than I remember it being before and standing straight up, ready for my cunt to envelope it. I straddle his legs, bending just a bit to grasp his cock. I push the head between my lips and run it up and down my slit. I hear him moan, his balls must be aching something terrible by now. I rub him over my clit and he groans yet again. He makes me incredibly horny, and daring, doing things like this just wasn't heard of where I come from.

I cant stand this anymore and I move his cock into the entrance of my hole, I hold him steady as I slowly start to sink onto his velvety steel hard shaft. I feel his head enter me, making me gasp, I start to rotate my hips moving around in little circles on his cock. His hands on my hips neither pushing nor pulling just holding on and letting me enjoy myself. Then in one quick move I impale myself on him, he is inside me so deep, I can feel his heart beat in his cock as it throbs within me.

His arms circle my waist as I lean back his cock nestled inside my pussy, I raise my hips and his cock slides almost all the way out. The hard shaft all wet and covered in my cum, I raise up a little more before plunging back down. Our bodies slapping together. I lean forward and put my hands on his knees, so I have some leverage, I start riding Harvey very hard and fast, my pussy clenching on his cock, my lips caress his shaft, as he slides in and out of me. I grab his balls with one hand and gently pull them and roll them around in my hand. I can feel Harvey's cock growing inside me, my cunt is wet, I'm ready to cum again. I beg Harvey to help me. I feel his hands on my hips holding me up off his lap a little and he begins to thrust.

He moans, “I can't hold on much longer, I'm going to fill your pussy with cum. Fuck me.”

My orgasm washes over me, I arch my back, he grabs my nipples squeezing and pulling them hard. Pushing up into me, he holds me still, I feel his cock exploding with each beat of his heart. My pussy grabs onto him and squeezes the cum from him as I explode all over him. This man makes me wild.

His deflating cock slides from my pussy, we stand and adjust our clothing, and I put my slacks back on, its time to land this beast. He leans in for a kiss, what a wonderful date this has turned into. I kiss Harvey passionately and thank him for this fantasy come true.

We wave over the side of the basket.

Dennis starts the generator that starts our descent, bringing the balloon back to it's original anchor point. We climb out of the basket and give Dennis a great big thank you and a bottle of champagne we had purchased for him. As we walk back toward the car Dennis yells to us. We turn, he was waving a red pair of women's underwear in the air. We were so embarrassed that we laughed. Harvey went to get them, as he took them from Dennis's hand, he also passed Harvey a rolled piece of paper. As we were driving off, I unrolled the paper:

This is an official document presented to Harvey and Teresa.
They are to be given all the respect that this document deserves.
It was signed by Dennis.

The background showed a picture of the balloon. The Title Read: 200' Club.

Harvey says “Stay with me kiddo, there is more to come.”

Read part 3, listed on Hwillnow's page 
Writing these adventures with Hwillnow, is a learning experience for me, its an honor to write with someone as talented as he is.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Enjoyed your story and the detail - please keep us in new material
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Great story!
Posted 09 Sep 2011 12:06
You two are amazing!!! Sure hope you keep it cumming!!!

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