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The meeting part 5 - My Adventures With Harvey

Mornings, my favorite time of day for making love
 I stretch and feel the man lying next to me. I open my eyes and look at the sleeping face of this gentle man. My arm tightens around him a little, not wanting to disturb his slumber, he is tired, we had a full day yesterday. He took me on a very romantic balloon ride, then for a carriage ride through Central Park. Harvey treated me like I was a princess all day, then still had to drive the two hours back here to our hotel room. No wonder he is exhausted.

I quietly slipped from the bed and run to the bathroom, I closed the door and turned on the shower. Thoughts of the previous day still in my head, my heart skips a beat or two with memories, his hand never left me for long, either he held my hand while we strolled along the streets, window shopping, or his arms were around me in a hug , or a shared kiss. I showered quickly; I wanted to be beside him when he wakens, I have a urgent need to make love to this sexy man.

My nipples tighten and grow hard with desire, my pussy tingling from want of release. Oh how I want him. I shut off the water, wrap a towel around me, and step back into the room. He is still asleep. I drop the towel on the floor, and lay next to him, he must be dreaming. He is smiling, and when I touch his chest he moans quietly. I cover his chest and neck with soft kisses and light strokes of my fingers, his arm tightens around me pulling me closer.

My hands continue stroking, I find one of his nipples, and draw lazy circles around it, then I lower my head, to kiss it gently. I run my tongue over it a couple of times getting it wet, and then I blow warm air over it making it harden, he moans and shivers. I look to see if he is awake but all I see is that sweet smile, his eyes are still closed, and his breathing is deep. If he isn’t asleep he does a great job of faking it. My fingers continue downward over his belly, I feel him quiver. I feel his pubic hair, lush and soft , and lots of it, his cock is growing hard. I wonder if he is awake, or just dreaming of the time we have spent in each others arms.

My lips continue to follow my fingers, and I am laying with my head on his belly looking at his cock. Watching it grow to full erection, I touch it gently, and I feel it twitch. My lips are drawn to it, I know it will wake him up but I need to have him in my mouth. I scoot down on the bed and get in between his legs. I know he is awake now, he spreads his legs apart to accommodate my large size.

“Take me,” he says, “Just be gentle.”

My mouth opens, and my tongue reaches out, and licks his balls, heavy and full. I lift them and suck one of them into my mouth, rolling it over and over, I feel him move his legs and wrap them around me.

He moans, “Oh god yes that feels good.”

My hand reaches for his cock, I grasp it firmly so he can be sure to feel me, and I lazily start to stroke him as I continue rolling his balls inside my mouth. I drop his balls from my mouth and they pull tight into his body. I pull up and bring his cock to my mouth, kissing up and down his shaft, licking him all over, before I take him inside, slowly lowering my head, sucking him in until his hair tickles my nose. I feel his hand on my head caressing me, playing in my hair, he doesn’t push on my head he just lets me play. Gently I make love to him with my lips, my tongue and my mouth.

“Come up here,” he says “Please come up I don’t want to cum in your mouth, I would rather fill your pussy.”

I raise my mouth off of him and crawl up his body trapping his cock between us as our lips find each other and we share a passionate kiss. I straddle his legs and raise myself so I can take him into me, I reach for his cock and guide into my very wet pussy, and I slowly lower myself onto him, we both groan as he slips inside. He raises his knees, and spreads his legs wide, so he has a little leverage.

His hips raise to meet me as we slowly make love, his warm fingers are massaging my breasts, and tweaking my hard nipples. He pushes me back a little, and his thumb finds my clit, massaging it until I start to squeal. He is going to make me cum, and cum hard. I fight the urge to start fucking him with wild abandon, that’s not what I wanted to do, I want to make love to him.

“God, Teresa I’m so hard and I want to cum so bad, go a little faster honey. Fuck my cock!”

I feel him push harder into me. His need to cum spurs me on, and I start to ride him harder.

“Lets switch, I would love to fuck you from behind.”

I get off him, and kneel on the bed, lowering my head until my ass is high in the air. I feel him move between my legs, rubbing his cock up and down, from my ass to my clit, before plunging deep inside me again. His fingers pulling my hips as he thrusts hard and deep, my pussy closing around him. My god this man makes me feel good, my pussy is on fire with the need to cum and coat his thick cock. As I get closer, I reach down and pinch my clit.

“Fuck this pussy. Harvey, I'm cumming. Fuck fuck yesssssssssssss.”

I guess the demands of the pussy override even the best intentions of the mind.
My pussy clenches down on him, I feel his cock twitch, Harvey is about to shoot his load inside me again.

“Wow, Wow, Wow,” he kept saying. “Teresa your so fuck’n hot in and out of bed, I keep coming back for more.”

“What do you want to do for the rest of the day” he asked me.

I don't really want to think about the fact that our time together is coming to an end, I just want to spend as much time with Harvey as I possibly can, there is so much to learn, so much that we still want to do. Where do we start.

“We could always go for a drive to the lake, and just spend the day together there, or we could go sight seeing, after all we are on vacation, and I know you love to take pictures.”

“There is only one picture I want to take back with me, ” he said. “A picture of you after we make love, your skin is so pink and flushed, your eyes sparkle and shine, the smile on your face tells me that your totally satisfied and very happy.”

He leans in for a kiss, his tongue tracing over my lips. He gently parts my lips and searches the depths of my mouth. His hands slowly glide over my body, not trying to turn me on again just yet, but I think he wants the embers to keep burning. I think he is going to enjoy teasing me all day today.

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Posted 19 Sep 2011 09:21
always a good read..look forward to next one.
Posted 18 Sep 2011 09:54
Lovely hot spicy and sex filled story as ever. 5+

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