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The Model

A photographer beds his subject
The Model

This story began with a recent photo shoot, followed by a night out. It was a night I wasn’t going to forget about anytime soon, so let me start at the beginning.

I’m a 32 year old photographer and I love my job. A few weeks ago I was asked to shoot a model for an advertising agency. I took the commission, and on the day of the shoot, the model turned up and we got started. Damn that model was terrible. No pose, no game.

She was obviously gorgeous, as nearly all models are. She was about 6ft 2, slim brunette, with dark eyes and breasts that were obviously natural, pert and very very sexy. Still, she lacked that spark you can usually expect from a model and I was certain she was deliberately being difficult for me. It took a couple of hours for me to get the shot that I hoped would keep the advertisers happy. Eventually, I got what we needed and I spent a few hours editing the picture to get it looking perfect, but all I really wanted to do was ditch the job and hook up with the guys – we had a night on the town planned. In the end I decided to do just that. I jumped in the shower, threw on a smart casual outfit, and hit the streets.

So there I was a short time later, sitting at the bar waiting to get served and who should turn up but that model! I had a feeling this was going to be a long night! I smiled, pointed and said “hi”. She smiled gently at me, which surprised me. If only she had done that on the shoot!!. She introduced herself as Sarah, and I couldn’t help but notice her outfit. A dark blue, short dress that left little to the imagination. The V-neck shape dropped between those magnificent breasts, teasing anyone who looked at them into realising that there was a lot more to see underneath. She wore a diamond necklace that was obviously expensive, but not too showy, and had legs that just went on for ages. Why hadn’t I noticed that before? There was a whole new demeanor about her that was not there earlier.

“I’m Linc” I said, offering my hand. She took it in her hand, stroking my thumb as she did. “Unusual name” she said with surprised eyebrows, “is it short for something?” I smiled politely, not letting on that I had been asked this a hundred times before, which drove me mad! “Lincoln” I replied, “my parents had a sense of humor” She smiled disarmingly and moved closer to me. “I like it” she purred, placing her hand on my chest as she got up from her seat. “I will have a vodka, save my seat”. She winked and turned to go powder her nose. I watched her walk away and could not help but admire her tight ass. Needless to say my mind wandered.

At this point, the lads arrived! “LINCOLN”!!!!! ….. “Fuck me dude, lets get it on”.. Jerry, My best friend and drinking buddy, never one to mince words, grabbed me and we hit the bar. I ordered Sarah’s drink and a shot of JD for myself. Jerry and the guys were doing shots, but something told me to ease off. So I sipped my Jack Daniels and Sarah appeared a few moments later.. “Hey you”.. I grinned and passed her, her vodka. She took it back in one shot and slammed the glass down. Thanks, I needed that” she said “I’m sorry I was not on my game today, its just that I could really use some time off you know, these schedules are killing me”. You have been working to much then”? I asked “maybe you should take a break and enjoy yourself a bit more”

She smiled that lovely smile and stepped close to me. I can still smell her perfume, which at the time was making my heart race! “hmmmm, she purred. “what did you have in mind”. I stammered, suddenly flustered that such a hot woman seemed to be coming on to me!! “ I, err, well ummmm, you know, just do something you enjoy doing for yourself” I blushed. “well”, she replied, “How would you like to….. get to know me better” she whispered into my ear.

My God, I was getting so hard at the thought of being with this woman how could I say no!. “Let’s go” I grinned. We slipped outside, and in the open air she turned to me, stepped close into me and pressed her lips onto mine. I responded by sliding my tongue into her mouth. I pressed my tongue against hers, then I took her tongue and slid my lips over it, sucking it into my mouth. Sarah let out a small groan, surrendering it to me… hmm she tasted so good!!!

She pulled away breathing hard, ran to the curb hailing a cab. We jumped in and then she jumped on me again. Kissing me deeply and leaning over me pressing her gorgeous body into mine.. Every now and then she glanced around checking where we are, getting more agitated as we hadn’t yet arrived home! After what seemed like ages, the cab pulled up and we jumped out as I chucked a handful of notes at the driver and we both charged indoors! As soon as the door was closed we started pulling at each other’s clothes, desperate to get naked….I grabbed the ipod dock remote and fired it up and we continued to undress, laughing and grabbing at each other…… I suddenly stopped as we both got down to our underwear… My hands caressed her face as I looked in to her eyes.. I kissed her and she closed her eyes and melted into me… my hands moved down her neck, fingertips touching her lightly, slipping her bra straps off her shoulders. My hands slid around her waist and up her back, unhooking her bra….. it fell to the floor and my hands came back around to her front and up to her breasts. I lowered my head to them and used my warm tongue to lick each nipple making her throw her head back and groan. I then blew cold air onto them making them stand up hard. Sarah gasped, giggled at the coldness then moaned gently as I massaged her breasts gently using my teeth to hold her nipples in place as I sucked on them firmly, licking them against the roof of my mouth making her groan with pleasure.. Fuck me that feels good” She gasped…I moved down from her breasts. My tongue tracing a line down to her thong where I slid it down and she stepped out of it. I stood up and dropped my shorts and I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed letting my hands run over her gorgeous body, she was panting in anticipation as I moved down her body and spread her legs. I kissed the inside of her thighs, moving from one leg to the other, She squirmed and giggled as I got closer to her pussy, but I passed over it teasing her, but she raised her hips begging me to lick it.

She looked down at me, and I looked right back at her. “You are going to love this” I promised. She grinned as she watched my tongue move down between her legs. She was so hot and so wet, her juices were flowing as my thumbs started to stroke her moist pussy lips up and down, sending sparks of pleasure through her. At the same time my tongue slid up the length of those lips to the little hood covering her fast swelling clit. My thumbs kept at their work as I used the tip of my tongue to gently lick at the hood moving it aside and locating Sarah’s clit. The tip of my tongue ran little circles around it and she began to squirm begging me to hit the spot. I stopped for just one second then my tongue landed right on her clit and started to press it against her pelvic bone, pressing it firmly, the moisture of my tongue mixed with her juices. She gasped and grabbed her breasts urgently squeezing them giving herself over to me completely. I licked her clit up and down with regular movements and she continued to groan, then I changed and made little circles with my tongue and I tasted all her lovely juices in my mouth.

Her head went back and her back arched as she urged me on so I took 2 fingers and slid them inside her. Her hands gripped my head and pressed it into her. My fingers went in and I started to beckon inside her so the tips of my fingers started to stroke her g-spot and she cried out as I timed the strokes perfectly with my tongue licks on her clitoris. I moved faster and I felt her legs shake as the feelings flowed through her, I felt her pussy contracting as I built her up quickly. Then, as she reached her peak, She cried out as she came hard in my mouth shaking and groaning as the orgasm rippled through her. I lapped up her lovely juices and reveled in her tangy taste, I took out my drenched fingers and moved them to her mouth where she eagerly lapped them up.

She sat up, glowing and panting but eager for more. Without saying a word she pushed me down on to the bed and I lay back as she started to stroke my cock. By now it was rock hard and standing proud, ready to be serviced. It was so hard as she licked the tip, the shaft and then gently pulled on my balls. I looked down at her and she looked back at me as she slowly took my whole cock in her mouth. I groaned as she took it all, sucking it expertly and using her lips to stroke the ridge. She felt it grow even harder in her mouth so she started to stroke and massage my balls as she moved up and down, her tongue licked the tip feeling all the pre cum juices there which she licked up eagerly. Sarah took my whole cock in her mouth, deep throating it and I groaned hard as she did. I said through gasps of breath “Oh god baby that’s so great”!! Her hands came up to my chest and gently scratched me as she continued to suck me off. I could feel my cock starting to twitch as I built up to cumming in her mouth. She felt it too so slowed down and drew my cock out of her mouth all the way. She moved up on me and kissed me, and we could taste each other’s juices in the mouth of the other.

She held my cock and slid herself down on it. Her pussy was soaking wet and my cock was rock hard as it slid inside her tight pussy. She took my whole cock in her and she lifted her head, groaning as it went in. My hands went to her breasts as she started to ride me. She pulled herself nearly all the way out and then pressed down hard taking all of me. She moved faster and fell on to me, my hands scratched her back pulling her closer to me in urgency.

Our position meant that her clit was rubbed against my raging cock with every thrust I gave her and every downward press she gave me. She was panting hard and urgently fucking me harder. Her hair draped over me and she groaned louder as she built up to her orgasm.. She cried out and told me she was going to cum, which made me close to coming too… she sat upright on me and pounded down on me faster and harder.. I told her that I was cumming too, and her hands gripped my chest, and she closed her eyes. She threw her head back, took in a sharp breath, and cried out as a shuddering orgasm ripped through her. I groaned hard as ribbon after ribbon of my hot cum exploded into her. Feeling me cum inside her made her cum harder…. She cried out “oohhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk” as her legs buckled, and groaned long and hard as the waves of her orgasm rippled through her.

She slowed her rhythm down and was breathing hard, sweat beading on her glowing body as she laid down on my chest with my cock still inside her…..She kissed me and I accepted her tongue as we both come down from our amazing highs. I held her close, stroking her arms and head, tickling her and keeping her bathed in the afterglow of our amazing sex. Slowly, we relaxed and I held her close keeping her feeling warm and protected until she couldn’t fight her tiredness any more and she drifted off to sleep.

As I think back to that night, I realise just how much I love my job..
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