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The Perfect One - Chapter 1

This is my second story, feel free to give friendly criticism. Enjoy!
"You can't be serious Elaina! He's a creep! Just stay away from him, ok?"

Elaina clenched her fists in anger. Her older sister, Lana was such a stuck up bitch. "Look, I don't need you, Lana. I have Eric, and I'm happy. You're just jealous I got him. Admit it."

That was the last straw for Lana. She couldn't take her sister's constant vehemence anymore. And, she wanted to wipe that smug look off her face. Deep down, she was concerned for Elaina. Eric wasn't good for her. Lana hadn't known at the time, but Eric was a big time cheater. He would bring home sweet smelling roses, and boxes of See's candy, but after a few months she saw through his act and called their relationship quits. The post break up situation was worse than dating him; Eric went insane. He followed her home, and even went as far as breaking in. Luckily her mum came home in time, but Eric was already on the prowl. What really scared Lana was when Eric started dating her little sister. She knew from the moment he laid eyes on Elaina, he wouldn't let her go. And knowing Elaina, she wouldn't break up with him easily - it would be up to her to sabotage their relationship.

Elaina's taunting voice broke her thoughts "So what do you say big sister? I won, right?"

Lana was too angry. The vodka she had been nursing all night got the better of her, and she pushed Elaina, hard. "You didn't win anything. Got it? Now get out of the damn relationship before I sabotage it."

Elaina stood up. "No. You think you're better than me, just cause you're older by what - 5 years? And just cause I'm dating your ex boyfriend doesn't mean you should get all wounded on me. It's not my fault you two broke up."

Lana was about to retaliate when a strong pair of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her away from Elaina.

"What the...?!!"

"Just leave. Before the scene gets nastier, all right?"

Lana looked up into the face of the stranger. He was gorgeous. Tall - probably 6'2, a strong jaw with a hint of stubble, and very muscular. Looking into his bright blue eyes was like looking into the sky. It was a perfect reflection.

"Who..who..are you?" Lana whispered fearfully.

"You'll find out soon enough. Now come on, missus," he soothed.

The gorgeous stranger led Lana out of the bar and she shook her head. It was happening too fast. There was no way she missed this stranger. He was the best looking in the entire bar! Perhaps even the town!

He ushered her down the street until they came to a stop at a quiet corner. The streetlight shone upon them, and the silence was eerily peaceful. Ah, if only every night were like this, Lana thought. She certainly didn't mind having a handsome stranger escort her.

"OK, you are most likely wondering who I am, right?"

"Well...uh yes..." Lana ventured.

"You dated Eric," he said bluntly.

"Are you some sort of stalker too?! My goodness, is everyone in Eastbourne a stalker??"

"OK, sorry. Let me start from the beginning," he said.

"Um, on the street corner?"

"Sure, it will not take long. Just hear me out."


"It starts with my sister, Rebecca. She's 23, and she attends Stanford University in the United States. Anyway, when she was 18, she dated a man a few years her senior. His name is Eric Patterson."


"Yes. Now shh, let me continue."

"Uh huh, go on."

"She brought him over one evening, I think it had been 2 or 3 weeks already, and my parents were running late, but I was there. I looked him over, and he struck my suspicions. Before you judge, let me remind you that she's my sister, and I look out for her. Well, I didn't like him, and I think it made it obvious, because during our late dinner he glared at me when I talked to her. After he left, she was angry and berated me. Our parents thought he was a civilised young gentleman and didn't see all the fuss I made. After a few months, she started acting agitated - you know, the honeymoon period was over - so I decided to take matters in my hands. I did a little detective work, and he has a bad criminal background..."

"Whoa. Wait, how does this story have to with me??"

"Just listen. Anyway, I didn't dare tell my sister but I stepped up my guard and insisted on coming with them on dates and whatnot. Now obviously Eric was very angry but I told them I had no friends."

Lana burst out in laughter. "So you're a comedian too! Sorry for the interruption though."

"So I continued until my sister told me they called it quits one day. After that, things started getting a lot scarier. He would follow her, and he nearly got her in a car accident one time. We called the police for a restraining order, and he stopped bothering us. But, I still do keep an eye on him, and that is how I found out about you."

"Wow, ok. So lemme get this straight. Your sister dates him, you find out he's a creep, she dumps him, you still keep your eye on him, and saw us together on a date."

"Exactly. It does sound like I was stalking you two, but I really do care about the welfare of women who get involved with...that. Trust me, his history isn't pretty miss."

Lana snorted, "Neither is mine, sir. Now can I know your name? I don't think we should refer to each other as sir and miss all night."

He smiled, and two dimples formed in his cheeks, "AJ, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Lana nearly swooned. This guy was perfect! Just absolutely drop dead perfect. He was probably the most perfect of all specimen. "I'm Lana, and it's a pleasure to meet you as well, AJ."

AJ grinned, "Well I guess we're off to start. Shall I walk you home?"

Lana frowned inwardly, she wasn't so sure she should trust this stranger just yet. He might be an acquaintance of Eric, and was probably sent out to stalk her!

"Ah...yeah, I can manage...erm thanks anyway."

AJ laughed, "Oh I get it. After telling you all that information, you think I'm set out to find you for Eric. OK, seriously, I wouldn't do something like that. Here's my dad's business card. I work for him, so just call the private work number. Or...if you want, I can give you my cell."

"OK, yes I am definitely more comfortable with exchanging numbers!"

Lana examined the small, crisp card. "You're the son of Detective Bertson??"

"Yeah...why? Do you know him?"

Lana shook her head. This night was getting crazier and crazier. Wow. No wonder why he was so good looking. Detective Bertson was the only eligible male over 55 that was hot.

"Of course I know him! All of Eastbourne knows him!" Lana exclaimed.

AJ smiled, "Of course. And I'm his son."

"Wow. Just wow. I didn't know he had a son. But what are you doing here? Doesn't your dad live in Manchester?"

"Yeah, but I'm sent around England to make his job easier."

"Wow, ok. So basically you're a detective-in-training?"

"Yup, being trained by the one and only."

Lana smiled up at him, "That's...lovely. Anyway, I really need to head home. I have work tomorrow."

"Hey come on, I'll escort. No need for you to walk by yourself at night."


"Come on. Eastbourne is dangerous at night," AJ insisted.

"Alright...if you want."

"Yes I do want," AJ said, his eyes twinkling.

The walk home was quiet, other than occasional passerby and bicycles going down the bike lane. Lana couldn't believe her night. It had started out hectic - fighting with her sister, and then it got better after AJ intervened. But surely he wasn't sent out to get rid of, he wouldn't do that. Or else he would've chose someone else for his "father" figure. She shook her head, AJ was perfect. She had to trust him.

"So what kind of work do you do?" he asked politely.

"Oh. Oh. Um, bookkeeping. I book keep for the Swanson family, and some others."

"Ah. How long have you been in the business?"

"A couple of years. I'm 25 now. I started when I was 23."

"I'm 25 too! Hey, maybe we were born on the same day?"

Lana laughed, "I doubt it. April 4th."

"Aww...July 31st. Nevertheless, same year," he grinned at her.

"So, other than your detective training, what are you into?"

"I love swimming. I've been on the competitive swim team since 7. I enjoy video games, they are a great form on entertainment. And, I love cooking."

"Really!" Lana exclaimed admiringly. Wow, wow, wow. This guy was perfect. A guy who loved cooking. It couldn't get better than that.

"Yep. Hey, where's your apartment? We've been walking for ages."

"It's right there! On the right. If you didn't remind, I would've forgotten," Lana said.

"It's alright. Good conversations do that," he said.

They stopped in front of the apartment.

"It's a nice building," he mused.

"What, you thought I lived in a trashy complex?" she teased.

AJ smiled "No, no of course not. Well, I guess this is where I say goodnight. Call me sometime, yes?"

Lana's heart melted. "Of course...goodnight."

"Night, Lana."


Lana lay in her bed. He was perfect. And gorgeous. And yummy looking. She lazily traced her belly button and let her fingers creep down to her warm, wet pussy. "Mmmm...."
If only he was here to put his fingers in her warm, velvety depths. Lana bit her lip and inserted a finger. "Oh yes...," she moaned softly. She gently inserted a second finger and started pushing them, in and out, in and out, in and out. With her other hand, she pinched her stiff nipples and imagined AJ was eating her pussy, and making her cry out.

The pleasure was building faster and faster in Lana's stomach. Her fingers went in and out, in and out, in and out faster. The inside of her muscular thighs were covered in her wet, musky juice. Oh AJ, if only you were here with me, to make me cum, to eat my pussy, and then fuck me with your thick veiny dick. The thought of his man meat drove Lana over the edge and she threw her head back. "Arrrrghhh....yessssssssssss. Ughhhh....oh yess!" Spent, she dragged her fingers and went to sleep, thinking of AJ.

To be continued.

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