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The Stranger's Gift

She fingers herself at work and realises she's not alone
Brenda kicked the door as she locked it. She was tired and had been fucking horny the whole day. She pulled down all the blinds and the words of her boss came rushing to her mind.

"Close everywhere and leave from the back door. Make sure no one sees you", he'd said and left.

It was late, nearly midnight. The last customer had ordered a cappuccino. She'd had one herself, now she was all alone in the shop. All she wanted to do was get home and drive her dildo deep in her pussy. She took her belongings and switched off the lights. She glanced at the dark corner where he used to sit; her tall, dark and handsome stranger, with sexy, grey come-to-bed eyes. He came everyday and she wondered why he hadn't today.

Maybe he was too busy to take his daily black coffee. Of course, he looked like an important man. He was always wearing suits that fitted him like they had been sewn on him. She bit her lip and imagined what it would be like to have him deep in her.

Yes, he definitely had to be huge. She didn't bother to go check the table. No one was dumb enough to stay there after midnight all alone in the shop.

Her finger was on the last switch when the idea kicked in, and she paused. She'd always wanted to do something nasty at work. A sultry smile curved her lips as she put all her things down. Brenda climbed on the nearest table and spread her long legs. Her nipples tightened against her lace bra. She opened the top four buttons of her white shirt, and unhooked her bra. Her breasts freed, she held each one in her hands and savoured their feel.

She hiked up her short red and black checked skirt and pushed her panties to her ankles. She lay back and let her hands work down her body. Her fingers opened her wet pussy lips. She whimpered, and widened her thighs. Her index finger touched her throbbing clit and slid along her slit to make circular movements on her love hole. Brenda knew she was ready but she teased herself more, making those quick circles while she bit hard on her wet lip-glossed lips to stop herself from crying out.

Her thumb flicked her clit and then she pushed two fingers inside her. She could feel the wetness drip down on her hand as she pushed her fingers further in. She removed both of them, and tasted herself, licking and suckling, then it was three fingers inside her doing the in-and-out motion while her thumb energetically rubbed her clit. She reached up with her other hand and grabbed her breast.

Her belly tightened and she felt the warmth spread through her veins as her first orgasm was about to kick in. Heart beating fast and breath quickening, her hands sped up and she felt her vaginal walls stretch. Just when she exploded, lost in the powerful wave, she felt two hands on her, grabbing her and turning her on her back.

Brenda tried to scream, and a large hand firmly planted itself on her mouth, muffling her cries. She was squirming, trying to get free from her attacker. Fear settled instead of desire. That's when she felt a hard cock against her ass cheeks, the softness of fabric against her skin, and the spicy smell of expensive male perfume to which she used to swoon over every day. He bent forward, his hands still seizing hers, holding her down on the table, ass cheeks in the air, and said a single word against her hair, "Slut".

It was him.

Her pussy started throbbing all over again. Brenda turned to look at him but he took hold of her ponytail and pulled, forming a perfect bow with her body. She managed to snake her tongue out and she licked his fingers. She heard a groan of approval and he pushed his fingers inside her mouth. Like a good slut, she licked him, swirled her tongue around them and sucked deep on them.

Just then, he let go of her hair and some seconds later, Brenda felt something soft around her wrists. She turned back to look at him and saw his tie on her hands, blocking both of them. She knew she could twist her hands free, but she didn't. Instead, she let him have his way.

She barely had time to register the rrrrrrip of his zip going down and his hard male flesh pulsing on her ass before she heard a tearing sound, then she felt something slide down her ankles. She turned just in time to see him tuck something in his coat pocket and just as immediately, his throbbing cock pushed at her entrance.

He was huge.

She felt like a virgin again as his shaft struggled to enter her. He pushed and her pussy gave in. He entered her and she noted how fat and long his dick was. Then, her mind stopped working. He started thrusting in and out of her tight hole. He grabbed her hair once again and gripped her ass cheek as he fucked her from behind. His thrusts were sure and powerful.

She could hear the slapping of his balls against her body. She met his rhythm and wanted to cry out loud. Her breathing was erratic. He bent towards her again and plunged two fingers in her mouth again, mimicking the movement of his cock with his fingers. Brenda was in ecstasy. He felt so good in her. All meat and hardness. Her vagina was going through rapture as it constricted around him.

He kept on driving her wild when he released her hair and pulled her back to the hard planes of his body to reach around and flick her clit. The low growls of desire he made with his throat fuelled her desire and orgasms mushroomed through her. She screamed, only to feel his lips firmly settle on hers and her voice died in his warm mouth.Their tongues duelled and he exploded in her pussy. Brenda felt his warm milk seep into her and down her thighs. He tore apart from her and made a guttural sound as he gave into his own climax.

She freed herself from him and the tie on her wrists, dropping them down. Then, she quickly pushed him against the table as she dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock with sure hands. Looking up into his eyes she swallowed him, and drank the cum leaking from his cock. Her pink glossy lips closed around his shaft and her tongue twirled over the head. He threw back his head and savoured the wetness of her mouth over him. She pushed back his cock and licked the juices that had leaked from her pussy over his balls. She sucked like a whore, greedy and sure of herself.

When he was clean, she stood and gave him a sultry smile. "Hope you enjoyed your meal, sir", she said in a low voice.

He offered one of his wolfish smiles and kissed her deeply, tongues meddling and fighting. He gave a last tug on her bottom lip with his own and turned to walk towards the back door, straightening his clothes as he strode.

Brenda watched his tight butt as he left her. She closed her shirt and pulled down her skirt. So he had been waiting in his usual spot, the dark corner, she thought. She looked for her panties on the floor, but instead found his black silk tie down.

She bent down and retrieved it. Her lips curved into a smile as she realised what he had tucked in his pocket initially. Taking her things with her, she switched off the lights. She left from the back door, locking it, and closed the place down. She walked home with the stranger's tie in hands, thinking about the awesome way her night had ended.

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