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The Swimmers Club

This is my first true story.
I'm a guy who was once in love, and this happened when I was eighteen years old.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm six feet, three inches tall, lean and muscled and go to the gym every week. I love to swim and play sports. I'm a Dominican, with golden-brown skin and black curly hair. I’m of Spanish, indigenous and black descent. My nose is thin and straight and my eyes are brown. I have a big forehead and small mouth. In other words, a Latino guy.

I was in school when I fell in love with this girl. Even when I was in the eight grade I liked her, although she was two years younger than I am. At that time I was too shy to even talk to her.

One day recently I decided to start swimming as my new hobby. The following week I went to the club to take my classes. It was a beautiful sunny day beside the pool, and as is typical here in Santo Domingo, there were chirping birds flying around. Suddenly I realised that the woman receiving swimming instructions was Irene; my Irene!

It was hard to believe it was her because of the goggles she was wearing, but as she stepped out of the pool, my heart gave a lurch. I had never felt anything like that in my life, and it is impossible to describe it in words.

Irene was from Venezuela, but had lived in the Dominican Republic since she was ten. Her white skin was lightly tanned, her hair was long, straight and brown. At about five feet five, she had a breathtaking body; lean and toned, small ass, gorgeous tits. Her face was perfect: straight nose, high cheekbones, big beautiful eyes, and full lips. To me she was just perfect! What can I say? I was a young man in love.

She was a well brought up girl, and when she came by my table, she introduced herself.

“You are in school right, aren’t you?”


“Hi. I'm Irene, I’m still in school too.”

“Hi Irene, I'm Jesus, I am a senior.”

We could only talk briefly briefly because it was my turn to go swimming. But after I got home I waited anxiously for my next class in two days time.

When I was in the water I couldn't think of anything but her. Well, not just there, but at school and at home; everywhere I went she was on my mind. I didn't have eyes for any girl but her. My friend asked me what was what was going on with my mood lately. I was different. I was in love.

By Thursday I had swimming again. I got to the pool early to try to talk to her, because in school we usually did not have a chance. I entered the club, walked to the pool deck and found her sitting there in her black swimsuit doing some homework. What a lovely sight, I thought.

We began chatting about school, and the political situation in Venezuela. It was intellectual conversation, that's what I am good at. What can I say? I am a nerd but she was one as well!

I was helping her with some geography homework, and she was impressed by my knowledge of the subject. I could tell she was becoming more interested in me, but of course I told her that I was not good at everything. I wasn't a good dancer and was terrible at math. She told me that maybe she could help me. Everything was going quite well until she had to go because her mother needed her for something. We kissed each others cheeks and said our goodbyes. I took a dip in the pool and then swam for hours.

We began to talk every once in a while at the club. Time passed, and we became good friends.

We talked about everything from her favorite shampoo to her ideal house; it was nice.

But of course the thing was that she had a boyfriend, some guy from Peru. I knew him since we used to play football together. That was the problem for me because since I am a very respectful guy I wouldn't make a move without at least some sign of encouragement.

One day I saw her crying at school. I had a feeling I knew what was bugging her. With some gossip, and the help of Facebook, I confirmed my suspicions. She had broken up with her boyfriend of 8 months. This was my chance to catch her, and for her to be mine for once. All I knew was that I had to do this.

By the following week I was in very good shape because of the swimming and gym. I was dressed to impress, and was already by the pool when she arrived. Irene looked lovely, as she always did. Oh gosh! I felt as though my body was a rain forest full of butterflies. I started to flirt a bit with her, telling her that she was the reason I joined the club. She answered back saying that if she knew they were so many hot guys like me in the club she wouldn't go anywhere else. I was surprised. Irene wasn't usually that flirty, but of course I was delighted by the way she was acting.

It was a rainy day and because of that there weren't many people at the pool deck, only the two of us. We finished our routine and she had a good glimpse of my body when I was getting out of the water, and then she made a compliment. She could see I was blushing and came closer to me. The tension between our bodies was incredible.

I told her I was crazy about her. Amazed by the statement her arousal increased; it was time.

Irene said that she was going to take a bath, so I told her that I was going to wait for her at the deck.

Five minutes went by, and then Irene shouted my name. I ran to the bathroom a bit concerned. Covered in a towel and with a smile on her cute lips, she asked if I would fetch her shampoo. When I returned, I held my arm out with it to avoid entering the ladies room, but to my surprise she took my hand and pulled me to her. We were alone in the bathroom!

My heart began to pound. Irene was looking straight into my eyes, and the atmosphere was full of sexual tension. I began to caress her cheeks and she took a step closer to me. Then we were kissing; it was the most amazing, heavenly kiss ever.

I closed the door and Irene grabbed my arm, dragging me to a toilet. Sitting on it, my bulge was visible. “Nice!” she said. My body was trembling with excitement. Kneeling down, she took my Speedo off, and I felt the fresh air on my fully erect cock.

Irene was amazed by the sight of it. She said her ex-boyfriend was much smaller; she thought he had a big one until she saw mine. She began touching my balls and the tip of my cock, and it just felt amazing. Looking into my eyes, she began stroking it at the same time.

“Please do it,” I whispered. Slowly she began to suck the head of my cock, licking and sucking like an amateur. It didn't matter, I had her at my knees, blowing me. As she increased the pressure on my cock I was about to explode, so I stopped her.

“You were wonderful,” I said to her. “Now let's switch, you sit down.” Wanting to give her some pleasure, I got onto my knees. I was dying to taste her. She removed her towel and I looked at her in shock. Irene had a better body that I had imagined. Her pale skin contrasted with mine, her flat stomach looked great, and her perky nipples were erect. When I grabbed her tits and began massaging them she began to moan softly. I stole a glance at her pussy. Oh dear! It looked so good.

I began to kiss and lick her from the neck, down to her tits, then down to her thighs. Irene was in ecstasy and I was loving every second of it. Kissing and caressing her thighs and breathing near her pussy made her so wet it was incredible. Irene was ready, and by the time I touched her clitoris with the tip of my tongue she had the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen a girl experience. It was amazing to see the shock waves pulsating through her entire body, and her moaning was music to my ears. I was amazed by what I saw.

She was a bit sensitive down there so we began to make out in a hot session. When we kissed her tongue twisted around mine. I was grabbing her hair and Irene tried to catch my cock with her hand as it swirled around.

Then she pushed me and I fell onto the toilet with my cock standing straight up. She told me that I was going for a ride. She positioned herself right above my cock and anxiously waiting, I closed my eyes. I felt her wet pussy lips touching the tip of my cock. With them wrapped around me, it was the most amazing feeling. She was very tight, so we had to do it slowly, and soon she was moaning in ecstasy.

She said that I was fucking huge, and since she was petite she would not be able to go all the way down. I insisted, stretching her vagina slowly, and she said it felt nice. Her wetness made the penetration easier, and inch by inch she went all the way down to the base. It was great to be fully in her. She didn't want to move or bounce; she was a bit afraid it would hurt. I began to massage her clitoris and rocked from side by side. Irene relaxed and began to enjoy the sensations. She said it felt like nothing she had experienced before.

Irene gave me a kiss and told me it felt amazing. I was in heaven. Her juices were dripping down my balls and thighs. I increased the movement and we began to bounce up and down. Irene was grabbing my shoulders, screaming right into my face. Her pussy lips were engorged by her arousal.

I kept rocking till I was about to cum in her pussy. My body craved this, and I reached my climax. My pulsating cock filled Irene’s pussy with a huge amount of semen. I was in pure ecstasy

I pulled out of her pussy and gave her a wet kiss. Then Irene grabbed my cock and began to suck the head of my it, licking and cleaning all the semen still there. It felt amazing. Irene attempted to deep throat me but it was impossible. I told her to stop because she was almost gagging.

We heard a person knocking on the door so we quickly ran to the showers and hid there for a while. Since we were naked I gave her a full body massage. She loved it. We took our bathing suits and left the bathroom area.

Not a single person noticed the incident, so we changed our clothes and walked out of the club feeling like angels.

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