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The Voyage Of My Life - A True Story

“There can’t be anything wrong in expressing our love in such a beautiful way, can there?
My name is Sarah Tinetti. I'm nineteen years of age and I'm sad to say my twelve month youth exchange visit to Australia is coming to an end. It was early January and I was due to depart for home in early February. While I was looking forward to seeing family and friends again, I wasn't particularly looking forward to leaving the warmth of a Queensland summer and returning to the wet and cold back of a Vancouver winter.

I'd enjoyed a wonderful time in Australia, the first six months spent with a lovely family in Melbourne, and the past five months living with a Gold Coast family. My host family, the Jones's lived in a large waterfront home on the Isle of Capri, just behind Surfers paradise.

Mr Jones, Peter, was in his early fifties and a successful architect while Mrs Jones, I guessed was in her late forties, spent her days golfing, playing tennis with friends and working for her charities. Mr and Mrs Jones had three children, the eldest being Anna whom was married and lived in Brisbane, Rebecca who was a year older than me and Jack, the youngest at ten years of age.

The whole family had been so welcoming and I'd enjoyed my stay so much. For the past four months, I had worked with Mr Jones in his architectural practice helping with reception and general office duties. I had become quite attached to Mr Jones over the time I'd lived and worked with him, he was quite tall, tanned with straight blonde hair and had an athletic build. He was an accomplished tri-athlete and had a terrific sense of humour.

Mrs Jones, Emily, was brunette and very attractive but seemed distant and preoccupied with her own doings most of the time. Anna and I, being around the same age, got on famously and really enjoyed each other's company. Jack, like most ten year olds was a lovely kid that could be a pain in the butt at times.

Christmas was over and everyone except Anna was on summer holidays in the Jones household. Mr Jones, knowing I came from a family of sailors, and having been a sailor himself when he was younger, surprised us all by chartering a sailing boat for seven days in the Whitsunday Passage. It was a farewell treat for me and a welcome break for the family. I was over the moon at the thought but it was a shame but Anna couldn't join us doe to her work commitments.

Finally, the day came and our plane landed at Proserpine airport at 8.45 am. We waited patiently to pick our luggage up from the carousel while Mr J went an arranged our hire car. Twenty minutes later, we were throwing our luggage into the car and on the road to Airlie Beach. We chatted excitedly about the next week sailing the Whitsundays. Mrs J had never spent time on a small sailing boat before and was a little apprehensive, while Jack was cracking his neck to get on board and experience sailing.

We arrived at the Marina and were led by the charter operator to a near new forty five foot sloop. The next hour was spent on a briefing, not that we really needed one because my family had been keen sailors for years and I knew sailing boats backwards. I went below and was surprised how spacious it was. Mr and Mrs J took the forward cabin, it was quite large with an island V berth and Jack and I both took aft cabins on either side of the gangway stairs. I chose the one behind the head and small bathroom and Jack on the galley side. After unpacking briefly, I went up on deck and Mr J and Jack were getting the boat ready to go. Mr J started the engine and we cast off at 11 am. The weather was perfect with a light breeze. We were all excited and looking forward to our adventure.

Mr J had chosen an Island about three hours sailing from Airlie Beach but due to the wind being on the bow he decided to motor to save time. We were only about twenty minutes out of Airlie when I noticed jack sitting on his own on the port side as white as a sheet. Seconds later, he started throwing up. He was seasick. Jack had never been in open water before and had no idea he suffered from seasickness. For the next half hour he kept throwing up, it was terrible for him and even though he was being comforted by Mrs J. he seemed to get worse.

Finally, at around mid-day Mrs J suggested we head back to Airlie Beach because she was worried about Jack's condition. Even though there was little swell, some people suffer serious side effects from sea sickness and in the worst cases can go into a state of shock. Mr Jones reluctantly agreed we should go back and seek some help. We were disappointed but because Jack's condition seemed to deteriorate so quickly, we all agreed it was for the best.

When we arrived back at port, we tied up and Jack clambered out of the cockpit and lay on the marina still very sick. Mr and Mrs J had a lengthy discussion down below and it was decided that Mrs Jones and Jack would stay in a hotel overnight and return home to the Gold Coast the following morning. She suggested that Mr J and I should continue with our trip because the charter of the boat had been paid in full. That we may as well make the most of it. After unloading their luggage and helping them to a nearby motel, we said our goodbyes and Mr J and I headed back to the boat.

"Are you sure you want to continue?" I asked.

"May as well Sarah," he said, "it's a shame but otherwise the money would be completely wasted. I'm sure we'll have a great time anyway."

Back on board we cast off again and motored at full speed back toward our island destination. We were a couple of hours behind schedule now but felt we could still make it by 3.30 pm. As it turned out we made good time and arrived a little earlier than expected. We motored around the tiny island before making our way to a small sheltered bay and dropped anchor. The island is one of dozens stretched out in the Whitsundays and boasted clear turquoise water with a palm fringed white sandy beach. It seemed like paradise and we had it all to ourselves.

“Hey Mr J,” I said, “let’s go into the beach for a swim and a look around.”

I slipped below, grabbed a couple of towels and got into my bikini. When I went back up on deck, Mr J was sitting in the tender waiting for me. I couldn't help but notice he was pretty subdued so I asked again, "Are you really sure you want to go on?"

"Absolutely Sarah!" he said.

We rowed slowly in, jumped out and pulled the tender up onto the sand. The beach was deserted and amazing, soft white sand fringed with palm trees. It was like our own personal tropical paradise. We grabbed our towels and spread them out on the sand. I pulled my sundress off and lay down. Mr J stripped his T shirt and shorts off and lay down beside me on his tummy. It was now about 4 pm and still very warm. I said, “Would you mind if I took my bikini top off to sunbake?”

“Not at all,” he said. “If you don't mind I certainly won't.” We both had a laugh.

I did feel a little self-conscious at first but soon got over it when I caught him sneaking an occasional look at my boobs.

We lay there for a while warming in the sun before Mr J stood and went down for a swim. I followed him in and the water was cool but beautiful. We started splashing one another and playing around like a couple of kids. At some point, he tried to wrestle me so I jumped on his back and grabbed him around the neck. Suddenly it dawned on me how wonderful it felt having my bare breasts pressed against his skin. I was amazed to feel a flush of arousal so I slid off his back and made my way back to the beach. While drying off I couldn’t help notice my nipples had become quite erect and I couldn’t tell if it was the cool water or the tingling in my groin that had caused it.

Mr J stayed in for a while longer and it did cross my mind that he might have had the same problem and needed time for his erection to subside. When he finally made his way out of the water and walked up the beach, I was taken by how good looking and fit he was. He dried off and lay on his back sunning himself. I glanced over and was immediately drawn to the bulge at the front of his brief nylon swimmers. They left little to the imagination and I could clearly see the shape of his penis through the thin nylon. I couldn’t help but stealing regular glances and was amazed at its size. I didn’t remember noticing the size of his penis before today and as I thought about it I felt another hot flush.

Not long afterwards, Mr J suggested we head back to the boat and get ready for dinner. After pulling the tender back into the water we hopped in and I rowed back to the boat. We went below and Mr J said, “You have the first shower Sarah and I’ll follow you.” I went in and slipped out of my bikini pants, showered and rinsed myself off. I tried to dry myself but in such a cramped space it was difficult.

I opened the door slightly and called out, “Would you mind if I dried off outside the bathroom, there’s not much room in here.”

Mr J replied from his cabin, “Not at all I promise not to look.”

I stepped out with my towel around me and faced away from his direction to dry off. When I finished drying off, I pulled a sun dress on and sat in the lounge in front of the galley, flicking through a tourist guide. Mr J made his way to the bathroom with his towel around his waist and went in. A short time later, he opened the door and said, “It’s your turn to look away now while I dry off.”

He stepped out and began drying himself but I couldn’t resist sneaking a look, hoping to get a peek at the his penis. He put his left foot up on the chart table seat to dry it and I felt a rush as I saw his penis and testicles dangling. His cock looked long and thick and dangled past his testicles. When he turned and saw me looking he said, “Whoa Sarah, you’re supposed to be looking the other way.” He immediately wrapped the towel around his waist.

“I'm sorry Mr J,” I said.

“Now that wasn't fair,” he said with a wry grin.

We had a barbeque dinner and cleaned up afterwards. We sat drinking wine and chatted for some time before he announced, “I’m hitting the sack Sarah, I want to get up early in the morning to get some photographs from the island.” He came over and kissed me on the cheek and went to his cabin. I called it a day as well and made my way to the cabin and climbed into the bunk. As I lay there before drifting off to sleep, I rubbed my clitoris lightly and in no time became wet and aroused. I tried to concentrate on my boyfriend but the image of Mr J’s penis was etched into my mind and I had the most beautiful orgasm fantasising about it.

When I woke, there was light in the sky through the hatch above me. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 5.20 am so I decided to get up and maybe have a swim before breakfast. I went into the galley and noticed Mr J’s door was still closed. I thought I should wake him because he wanted an early start. I went to his cabin, knocked lightly on the door and opened it a little. I peeked through the door and noticed Mr J was sleeping on his back and snoring quietly. His bed sheet was around his waist and he didn’t have a top on. Daylight was pouring through the half open hatch above him almost focusing attention on the fact that he had an erection. It was pointing towards his head and lifting the sheet like a tent pole. I thought this rather amusing and slipped inside the door calling, “Mr J, wake up.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off his pole and when he woke he looked up and caught me staring. He said, "Good morning Sarah," and lifted his knees to avoid his embarrassment.

“I'm sorry Mr J but you said you wanted to get up early," I said while looking down at his legs. "Must have been some sort of a dream that you were having.”

He replied, “You're embarrassing me Sarah but the fact is a morning hard-on is a pretty regular thing.”

I laughed and climbed up onto his bunk and sat beside him, “You wake up like that every morning?”

"Depends, but yes pretty often."

"What do you do with it?" I asked cheekily.

"Now what would you imagine I would do with it?" he laughed.

"I can only imagine," I said as I looked him in the eye. "Forgive me for saying but yesterday, when I saw you with nothing on, it made me... well you know... quite horny. And now seeing you like that..."

"Hold on Sarah, are you coming on to me?"

"Can I tell you something very personal?" I asked.

"Go on but we'd better be careful," he said.

"When I went to bed last night I couldn't stop thinking about you."


"So I masturbated thinking of you."

Mr J started laughing out loud and I was a tad annoyed, "What's so funny?" I asked.

"You know what?" he said with a huge grin, "I did too, thinking about you topless."

I felt a hot flush through my body at the thought of him jerking off thinking about me. "You were thinking of me?"

"You're a beautiful young woman Sarah and it's only natural for a guy to think of you like that. I know I shouldn't but there you go."

"Move over Mr J," I said.

He moved over and I slid in beside him. The discussion had stirred me again and I could feel the heat and moisture spreading in my vagina. I was nestled in against him but he was still lying on his back with his knees bent to make sure I didn’t come in contact with his erection I guess. I propped myself up on one arm and said. “Since I've lived with you Mr J, I've grown to love you so much.”

“I love you too Sarah, you're a part of our family now and I'm going to miss you terribly when you leave.”

Just being with him there cuddling in bed had me highly aroused. I leant over and gave him a lingering kiss him on the lips with an open mouth. It obviously caught him by surprise because he said “Hey Sarah… what’s that about?” Without a word, I pressed my mouth hard against his in a long and passionate kiss. My head spun with desire when I felt him respond and thrust his tongue into my mouth.

“Oh Mr J I love you... I love you so much. I'm going to miss you so much too,” I whispered to him as I felt his hand reach up under my nightdress and cup my left breast. He squeezed my nipple and I said, “Please suck my nipples Mr J.” I pulled my nightdress off, dropping it onto the floor. He raised himself and buried his head into my breasts gently sucking and nibbling my nipples with his lips and teeth. I reached down and felt for his cock. I took it in my hand and wrapped my fingers around it. I'd had a number of lovers over the years but none had a penis anything like the size of this.

I stroked his cock slowly and was astonished by its thickness. I felt his hand moving down between my legs and he cupped my swollen vulva and cunt lips; he slipped two fingers inside me and I sighed with delight. I badly wanted to see his penis in all its glory so I pulled the sheet back exposing him before moving down for a closer look. I remember thinking at the time that his cock was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It was smooth and pale pink with a huge mushroom shaped head that stood proud of the shaft. The skin was like silk and stretched tight like the membrane on a drum. On the underside veins stood out quite visibly like roads marked on a cylindrical roadmap.

I guessed it had to be about nine inches in length as I stroked it lightly, cupping his testicles with my left hand. I was amazed at the weight of them, put my head down between his open thighs, licked, and sucked them. I had never sucked a man’s balls before and my cunt was now flowing with my juices. I returned to his cock and opened my mouth wide, slipping it over the head of his penis and I heard him sigh. It was all I could do to get his monster into my mouth. I sucked and licked for a few minutes paying particular attention to the glans, corona and frenulum. My boyfriend Sean loved me doing this when I sucked him off so I guessed Mr J would love it too. I worked my tongue into the eye of his dick and immediately tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum. Mr J said, “Oh Sarah, I love you so much. Please can I fuck you?”

I lifted off the bed and repositioned myself over his groin. Mr J held his cock in place while I lowering my cunt onto him. I was concerned with its size so I slowly eased the head of it in and lowered myself until I had completely enveloped him. I could feel his cock pushing hard against my cervix and for a while it was a little uncomfortable. When I had acclimatised to its size, I began very slowly sliding up and down his pole. The sensation of having my cunt filled with his huge cock was simply beautiful. As I got used to his size I found I could go faster and harder without discomfort. Mr J began thrusting to meet me and I soon felt my orgasm building. As my pleasure increased, I banged down harder onto his rod. Then the first wave of pleasure swept over me as my orgasm began.

I cried out, “I’m coming Mr J... I’m coming... I’m coming.” The first contractions were the most intense, starting just inside my cunt before spreading deep inside me as my body shook with the spasms and pleasure. “Oh fuck,” I cried out as my orgasm engulfed my entire being.

“Oh darling,” he moaned. “I’m coming too,” and with that I felt his cock begin pulsing as he began ejaculating deep inside my cunt.

“I can feel you coming in me Mr J,” I cried. “Oh God I love you... I love you.”

Slowly my orgasmic contractions subsided and a feeling of wellbeing spread over my entire body. I had never experienced sex like this before with anyone; it was just sensational.

I was still straddling him as I put my hand between my legs and squeezed his thick cock. The feeling of it disappearing into my saturated love hole started my arousal again and I was just about to start fucking him again when he said, “My darling Sarah I have to pee.”

I lifted slightly and felt his almost soft penis slip out of my cunt and flop onto his abdomen. “Okay,” I said as he got out of bed and headed for the loo.

I was in an emotional state somewhere between complete contentment and mild arousal. I heard Mr J flush the head and when he got to the cabin door he stopped. I looked up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You are just the most beautiful creature in the world,” he said as he walked over and lay beside me.

He leant over and kissed me again and as he did another orgasm swept over me. He kissed and sucked my neck and breasts before moving on to my tummy. I felt his mouth and tongue licking and sucking my navel and it tickled in the most delightful way. He slowly moved lower licking and kissing and when it dawned on me where he was headed, more orgasmic bliss spread throughout my groin. Then he was between my legs sucking on my engorged cunt lips and clitoris. Sucking lightly then licking occasionally burying his tongue inside my vagina.

“This is all too much,” I thought to myself as I started to climax over and over again. I have no idea how long or how many times I climaxed over the next few minutes but they seemed to blend into one another and form one continuous orgasm. I was completely carried away by the pleasure of it all and beginning to feel emotionally drained. Mr J stopped his pleasuring between my legs and moved back up the bed. As he kissed me I detected the odour of his semen and my vaginal fluid on his lips and face and the thought of it brought on another wave of pleasurable sensations deep inside me.

I felt for him and grasped his now hard cock in my hand. I slipped down and started sucking on the head of his dick while stroking it with my right hand. I could taste the mild saltiness of my vaginal juices and it was bliss.

“Oh yes... yes... yes... keep on sucking it darling... around the head... it feels wonderful,” he suddenly moaned.

I sucked harder and stroked faster until he began thrusting his hips seemingly involuntarily. He arched his back and made a loud gurgling sound at the back of his throat as the first contraction deep in his cock spewed semen into my mouth. As I held the base of his cock, I could feel the strong muscular contractions as he pumped into my mouth. I thought I might gag because he seemed to go on and on but slowly the contractions subsided and the squirting gave way to a pulsing ooze. Mr J lay completely still after ejaculating regaining his breath as I fondled and kissed his dick.

Finally he said, “Thank you sweetheart, come up and let me hold you.”

As we lay there in silence, I wondered what was going through his mind. Minutes later, I broke the silence and said, “Mr J, I want you to know that I have no regrets about what just happened.”

“I’m glad Sarah darling and neither do I.”

“There can’t be anything wrong with two adults expressing their love for one another in such a beautiful way, can there?” I said, “I mean that’s what people do to consummate their feelings for each other isn’t it?”

Mr J replied, “I agree with you sweetheart but we should keep this to ourselves, I guess some people would see it as wrong.”

I added, “Well I don’t, and I’m glad it happened. It’s only strengthened my love for you and I would like it to go on forever.”

“Sarah, you know that’s not going to happen. As much as I love you, you are still very young and have your own life to lead back home.”

“I know Mr J.”

“Mind you,” he said. “We still have six more days out here. And judging by this morning’s events, we’ll be total wrecks when it’s over.”

We laughed out loud but deep down we knew there was likely to be some truth to it.

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