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Tight Jam 2 (The Blackmail)

Stan screwed her step-daughter in the office, and Constance has it all on video tape....

(The Blackmail )

Don Abdul ©2008

While Peggy was young, sexy outgoing, Constance was a prudish 52 year old bitch who seldom smiled, especially with the staff, regardless of how nice and cordial to her they were. The interesting thing about her though is that despite her cold attitude she had damn sexy body. In fact, most of the guys in the office actually fantasized about her voluptuous heart shaped ass and gorgeous full breasts.

She became Peggy's step-mom when her father re-married 6 years after her mother's death, Peggy was 18 then.

It soon became obvious when Constance stepped into an opening in the corporations management that she and her step daughter were locked in a fierce competition over practically everything. The office rumor mill and arm chair pop psychologists even go as far as suggesting they were in competition for the Patriarchs affection as well.

The morning after she had caught his pants down screwing her step daughter in the office, they met again at a meeting. As he was leaving the conference room with other colleagues, Constance called him back from her seat at the head of the table.

"Yes ma'am!" he answered and gingerly walked towards her. She whispered a few words to him and handed him her cell phone. As he looked at the screen, his countenance changed from one of trepidation to one of absolute terror. His shoulders instantly drooped and he was ill at ease.

"You surely know of my husbands conservative views. I bet he wouldn't find any humor in a paid employee cavorting with his only child in the offices of the company he built and nurtured" she chose her words carefully and delivered them deliberately for maximum impact.

Stan didn't need a prophet to tell him that he'd be out on his ass if the ‘situation' were to somehow get to the ears of his employer. Being the bright young man, he knew he was being squeezed, but for what exactly? ‘What the hell do I have that she might be remotely interested in?' He wondered.

Constance could see in his eyes that his mind was in overdrive, trying to figure a way out, but she also saw his confusion too. That suited her plan perfectly. It was only after she stood up to leave that Stan realized he had been sitting down. As she walked past him, she paused to play her joker.

"By the way, if you're thinking of going to Peggy for help, you need to think carefully about that. He'll forgive his daughter anything, but you? I doubt it." "We'll chat again soon." And she was off. *******************

At the close of work, Stan stepped into the elevator, thankful for the solitude as the car was empty. Just as he was about to press the button for the ground floor, she came out of the blue, stepping in to join him.

It's been three days since their chat, and he was so worried. ‘What's her damn agenda' he had asked himself a million times to no avail.

"Ma'am, about our chat...." She cut him right off with a slight wrinkle of her sensuous mouth. "Well, you'd be interested to know there's a way out of your little predicament".

‘Little predicament my ass. This is a dayum hurricane of a problem' he thought to himself.

He breathed a cautious sigh of relief still not sure what she was driving at. "Keep your diary clear on Saturday, and stay by the phone, I'll be in touch" she said stealing peeks at his bulging crotch. The elevator stopped and she was gone.

********************* He waited patiently in the motel room as she had instructed him to. He was quite shocked when she phoned him at 6 a.m that Saturday morning with the instructions. And as he waited, he was still trying to figure out what her game was. ‘Perhaps she wants me to spy on Peggy for her....' His train of thought was interrupted by the turning of the door knob.

The door opened and there she was, in all her 5'10" glory. It was as though he was really seeing her for the first time, he reckoned her to be about 165 pounds and big boned rather than fat. She had on an over coat belted at the middle showing off her flat stomach under those huge orbs.

She wore her brunette but silver streaked hair up in a no nonsense bun and her overcoat fitted in with her usually conservative dressing, so he imagined she probably had a long dark dress underneath it.... That was until she pulled the biggest shocker on his unsuspecting mind.

She slowly unbelted she coat and deliberately pulled it open. His eyes popped when he was greeted by her naked sexy body. She was absolutely naked under her coat. Stan was sucked so completely into the whirlwind of her charming body.

She definitely had some of the largest breasts he'd seen; she must be at least a double D. And despite her years, her tits didn't look like they were even starting to sag. His cock was now erect and threatening to rip his pant apart. "Wow!" was the only intelligible thing he could utter, as he licked his lips and continued to appraise her nudity in great detail. Her legs were long and slender and very beautiful. They seemed quite long, flaring into beautiful silken thighs and then a perfect heart shaped ass. Her ass was by no means fat but quite large, the sort one would want to bury their face in whilst giving her a good rim job...

"Are you just gonna sit there or are do you think you can help me get more comfortable?" The stern mockery in her voice a reminder of his precarious situation.

"But..but... Mrs. Kendall..." he stuttered, but she cut him off knowing that he was only desperately trying to comprehend the situation at hand.

"You've been a naughty little boy Stanford, and now mummy is going to punish you". A look of angry disbelief started to form on his face.... So she quickly added; "Or perhaps you'd much prefer to explain to Mr. Kendall what you were doing to his daughter in the office".

He lowered his gaze to her puffy mound and once again slipped into lusty covetousness. He quickly stripped as she ordered, and as his massive black cock leapt free of his shots, Constance gasped audibly, becoming instantly wet, and weak at the knees. She set her big ass at the edge of the bed.

He fell onto his hands and knees as she had ordered and began kissing her feet, he continued up to her legs and as he reached and parted her knees, he was greeted by her strong tangy pussy smell.

"Yeah! Come on naughty boy, come eat mummy's pussy!" As Stan began to lick her wetness, she became even more vocal and more aggressive. When his tongue plucked the right note on her lust strung clit, she moaned out louder; "Oh yeah..... eat my pussy you naughty boy... Mmmmm!" She wrapped her legs around his back in a firm vice grip, while her left hand grabbed his head pushing his face deeper into her crotch while her right hand played with her tits.

‘She tastes so sweet' he thought as he licked up and down her cunt lips and flicked her clit, and then circling it with the tip of tongue. Her breathing intensified as she urged him on, "Eat me you bastard, Oh, shit yes, eat my cunt you perverted little asshole".

"Oh shiiiiiiiiiit she cried out loud as her sucked hard on her clit, and then tongued her cunt hole deep. " Oh Lord, that is fucking fantastic, Oh,oh, shit, Oh my God, Oh yes, Oh fuck" she shouted, knowing she was on the verge of an orgasm, one she didn't want just yet, so she let go of his head, and pushed him away.

"Lie on your back naughty boy, mummy is gonna sit on your face and ride you like the wind". Knowing his place, he did as he was told, and Constance stood over his face. He could see her cunt dripping, and trailing down her inner thigh, just before she lowered her magnificent ass over his face. She ground her pussy into his face with feverish intensity, leaving him atimes struggling to stop himself from drowning in the river of her juice.

In spite of herself, she said "Mmmmm! that is pretty goooooood! Yeah.... Mummy loves your naughty face... yesssssssss!" emboldened by her words he reached up and grabbed her ass, kneading it, as he tried to pleasure her even better. It worked as she soon became swept into the storm of pleasure. "Oh shiiiiiiiiiit she cried out loud as her sucked hard on her clit, and the tongued her cunt hole deep. Her back arched, as she tensed up. " Oh Lord, that is fucking fantastic, Oh,oh, shit, Oh my God, Oh yes, Oh fuck I'm cuuuuuummming..."

She fell forward resting her head on her arms, even as her great ass trembled, and her cunt dripped juice, leaving his face all slick with the lotion of her lust. They rested for a while, and then she repositioned herself, claiming his big cock with her mouth.

She sucked on his cock for a while, loving the way he filled her up. She relished the exciting, salty taste of his precum which flooded her mouth, leaving her with a deep hunger for his rich creamy seed. When she had gotten him all wet and slippery with her spit, she mounted him, and reached down to slip his throbbing great cock into her sweet mature pussy.

She slowly pushed herself down until he was fully embedded inside her, and then she rode him with a steadily increasing intensity. All the while she cursed, and moaned as she used his awesome stamina and youth to sate her selfish desire for her kinky sexual gratification.

He filled her up in ways she had not been for many years, "Oh yes....oh yes! Grab mummy's ass, fuck me harder....oh shit this is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.." she never completed the word as her body is sized by a huge quake, her back arched and she shuddered and her cunt quivered. Her pussy walls rippled around his throbbing shaft. Her head was tossed so far back he couldn't see her face any more. Her huge tits bounced about as she let of a stream of muffled cries.

It was a powerful experience, too powerful for Stan to withstand, as he only managed to shove his cock up her pussy just once more before his own orgasm seized him. He shot his hot creamy jizz up her unprotected cunt.

As his cock began to shrink, he felt their combined juices leaking out of her pussy, around his cock and onto his groin it was hot and felt so damn good on his skin.
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