Took no Prisoners

By CellarLive324

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After a long day Alana takes out her stress on her man. Once is enough, or is it???
“Fuck, what a long day,” I sat in the closest kitchen chair and unstrapped my heels. Walking in those things all day killed me.

I undid my coat and threw it on the couch, blowing a kiss to Murphy, my cat, as I walked past.

My favorite pussy.

I opened the door to our bedroom slowly as not to wake Allen.

I went to the bathroom and turned on the dimmest light, pulling my hair down out of its ponytail.

With an exasperated sigh I started unzipping my skirt. My head spun from the long day and my muscles tingled at the thought of sleep.

As I turned to walk into the closet, hands grabbed me.

I was taken aback when one hand kneaded into the back of my hair, another hand went up my skirt and a tingling tongue went to work on my neck.

Instinctively I let out a loud moan.

“Ah! Mmm.”

“Well look whose home” Allen said seductively. “And why is my baby home so late?” He asked slowly.

“Ah.” I cried when he pulled my hair slightly. “I had a meeting baby. Can you forgive me?”

“You know how to make it up to me” he told me.

He let me out of his grasp and I took a few steps away from him. I knew what he wanted. My hands drifted towards my dress shirt. I undid the buttons slowly, looking into his eyes the entire time. When it was done I shrugged it off my shoulders and stuck my chest out some. My lace bra was taking center stage until I unzipped my skirt completely and the black see through panties came into view.

He bit his lip as I stood there. I then sauntered past him to the bed and lay down with my legs spread some. It wasn’t until then that I noticed his hard on.

A devilish smile crept onto my face and I saw a little bead of sweat roll down his temple. He let out a little growl and jumped on top of me. I laughed and bit his neck hard. He grunted and I giggled.

“Quit laughing and start moaning girl” He said loudly. He immediately let his hand creep down in between my legs and his thin fingers entered me.

My mind switched over instantly.

My nails raked down his back and I felt the chills go though him.

“Cut the pre show and get on to the main attraction” I growled at him. Doing as I said, he sat up and pulled his boxers down, freeing the 7 and a half inches from its hold.

I pushed him backwards and took no prisoners.

My teeth lightly gnawed at his inner thigh, where I knew he loved and then I licked all the way up to the base of his shaft. His breathing was a little heavy already and I didn’t hesitate. I let his tip brush my soft lips and snaked my tongue out to lick the entire underside. His body shook as I did so and he moaned quietly.

“You know how to torture a man baby.” He groaned.

I kissed the tip and let his entire length enter my mouth and when I got to the very bottom I stayed there for a few seconds until I heard him hiss. I massaged his underside with my tongue as I came up. I had barely wiped my mouth off when he pushed me backwards and took his cock in his hand.

“You ready baby?”

“Give it to me boy. You know you want to” I said harshly.

He smiled lusciously and went in between my legs. He lined up his tip at my opening which was completely soaked and ready by now.

“I don’t know love, do you really deserve it?” He asked indecisively.

“Who cares about what I deserve bitch!?” I thrust my hips forward and he entered me.

He gritted his teeth as he always did at that first penetration. I cried out and sat up. I grabbed a thick handful of his brown hair and pulled him down on top of me.

I kissed him passionately and he held my face in one of his hands. His hips started going forwards and backwards as we kissed.

I wrapped my legs around his back and moaned into his lips. He broke the kiss so he could go faster and he grabbed my hips as he did so. My nipples tingled as the sweat came off his body and landed on them. He noticed them getting hard and leaned down to bite them. I took his hair in my hand again and threw my head back in consistent moans as he licked and bit at my chest and neck.

“Mark me. Leave a lot of marks.” I said into his ear.

“Yes ma’am” he growled as he bit hard on my chest.

“Oh my god!” I said as I almost came from the bite.

He leaned up from my body and licked his lips. I couldn’t take it anymore and I pushed him back onto the foot of the bed and climbed over top of him.

I rode him as fast as I could. His hands went up to cup each breast and he dug his nails in. Just the way I like it.

His smile grew as he realized something. I didn’t know what it was until his nails raked down my back nice and slow.

I screamed and almost passed out as I instantly came.

“Allen! Fuck!”

My breathing was heavy and he kissed me, leaning us back so he was on top.

He put one of my legs on his shoulder and started thrusting fast and hard. He was hitting all the right places on my body and it was amazing.

“Oh Alana, oh baby I love you.” He said quietly in my ear, moaning a little.

I took his face in my hands and we kissed until I felt him tense up. I knew he was close. I felt him get a little bigger inside of me and I wanted him to come inside me so bad.

“Come for me baby” I whispered. He grunted, cried out and I could feel him cum inside me hard and fast. The feeling sent me into another orgasm and as I screamed he collapsed on top of me. We were covered in sweat and the room smelled like sex.

My brain came down from the high.

I kissed his neck and shoulders until he leaned up and kissed my lips hungrily.

I couldn’t go for another round, or could I?