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Truth Be Told, I Need You

Truth Be Told, I Need You

I’m Ready For You
I didn't really think I’d ever meet someone from on-line in person, but I guess I can be wrong, sometimes. I met him almost year ago on a site that I visit regularly, we added each other as friends, but we didn't ‘talk’ right off. It wasn't until he came into a chat room I was in one night where it kind of took off from there.

Though we had never talked before that night, we started a conversation as though we had known each other forever. There was flirting, easy conversation, teasing, and all around good time. He sparked an interest in me right off. How I didn't see it sooner, I don’t know? When he said he had to go for the night, we agreed to meet the next morning to chat.

After that it seemed we tried to chat as often as we could. Each time bringing us closer, but feeling as though I've known him forever already. I fancied him pretty quick, he even admitted to fancying me. I was over the moon, and couldn't stop blushing at the fact. We took things slow, we didn't rush into anything.

He was a very busy guy, and didn't come on as often as we both wanted, but we made up for it when he was. After a couple of weeks of flirting, and posting on each other’s walls, we took it a step further. I remember boldly taking the first step, and kissing him. It caught him a bit off guard, but not in a bad way. He welcomed the kiss with open arms, so to speak.

Even though it was on-line, it was a breath taking kiss. It made my lips shivers, wanting to truly kiss him. It made me feel special instantly, and from there on there was a bit more touching, kissing, and teasing. We lived a few time zones apart, which played a big factor in how often we could see each other. We made it work as best we could.

After several months we started talking about meeting in person. It made the both of us a wee bit nervous, but we wanted it. We started saving, talking about who was going to travel, which would be easier, and so on. It made the most sense for him to come to me, so that’s what we did.


The actual day for him to come has arrived, and I couldn't be any more excited. The nerves are there of course, but I suppose that is natural, I've never done this before. I wouldn't know. I pace the floor of the airport waiting area, waiting for them to announce that his flight is landing. A million and one thoughts run through my head. We had even talked about how we’d first be when we met, and now I can’t even think of it.

When I hear the intercom buzz on and announce that his flight has landed, my stomach does somersaults. I go toward the gate where he’ll be coming from, and wait. Another girl stands next to me, and she looks as nervous as I am. She notices me looking at her, and she smiles. It makes me wonder who she’s meeting, and for a brief moment I relax.

It’s not until I see him walking down the terminal towards the crowd that I want to run to him. He looks so epically perfect, tall, manly and mine. I can’t help it, when I know its safe I run to him. He sees me at the same moment, dropping his bags, I jump up into his arms, and wrap my legs around his middle, and he holds me close to him. I bury my face into his neck, and let out a whimper. It isn't like meeting him for the first time, but seeing him after a long time away. My fears, nerves, and worries vanish the moment I saw him.

The crowd of people walks around us, giving us space to keep our embrace. I almost feel like never letting him go, I want to be cradled in his arms like this forever. I move to look at him, and his smile is so breath taking, I blush ten shades of red. This, of course just makes him smile bigger, and I giggle. As he sets me back on my feet, he takes my face between his hands.

“I've wanted to do this for so long.” He whispers a mere inch from my face, leaning in he kisses me softly. It’s tender, light at first but it’s for a split second before we both deepen it. A soft purr escapes my throat, and I wrap my arms around him. It makes my head spin, almost dizzy but perfect. His soft lips are caressing mine, his tongue dancing with mine, the taste of him perfect.

Breathless and blushing our kiss breaks, and both share in that moment month’s worth of on-line memories. We smile, and head to get the rest of his bags. He fills me in on the flight, and how he was sat next to another guy who was coming to meet his girlfriend, they hadn't seen each other in months. It makes me think of the girl I stood next to, and knew it had to be the same girl.

The drive to my place isn't long, and I talk about what my city has to offer. I tell him what I hope we can do whilst he is here. We only have each other a week, his job is hard and demands a lot of his attention, though we both agreed that we’ll make the best of it, regardless. When we arrive at my place I show him around. My place isn't big at all, though for a one person, I don’t need much space.

He tells me it’s fantastic, I blush, he laughs. Entering the bedroom to put his things away, he drops his bags to the side, and pulls me back into his arms. “I've waited a long time to do this… Again,” he grins, and kisses me deeply. This time it’s deeper, full of bigger needs then the one in the airport. It’s as though I can feel every kiss we ever shared on-line in this one kiss. It’s powerful, breath taking, and overwhelming in the best possible way.

In no rush, we kiss forever. We somehow manage to make it to the bed, though I don’t know how. He has me curled up into his side, kissing me deeply. He has one hand holding the back of my head, at my hair line, the other resting on my hip. Oh, how I love his touch. I can feel my body responding quickly to him. I think we kiss for hours, like a couple of teenagers, and it makes me feel so wanted. He doesn't rush with me, he takes his time.

Come around six we stop, and head out to grab a bite to eat. I promise him to make an actual dinner tomorrow, but tonight we’re going out. We go out to a local place, and dine on a great meal, with endless conversation. After we agree to go to a bar for a while, nothing too big since his flight was so long. When we do get to the bar, we order our drinks and head onto the dance floor.

I’m surprised when he actually can dance; it’s something he never mentioned before. I tease him about it, but he just laughs at me. We dance for a while, not drinking too much, before I bet him I can kick his arse in a game of pool. He takes the bet, saying if he wins I have to cook breakfast, if he loses, he will.

With the deal in place, we start our game of pool. He breaks, and does fairly well; he seems to have an upper hand on me at first. I start to tease him after a while, teasing him when it’s his turn. I bend just enough to show off a little too much cleavage, or bend in away to give him a nice round view off my arse. It’s not that I’m not good at pool, I’m just better at being a distraction when it’s the other person’s turn.

Somehow I get the lead for a while, but he catches on to my antics and starts using them against me! When it is my turn, he steps up behind me and grinds just a little, making me moan out. I can feel that he is excited. It makes my hands shake slightly. It causes me to miss, and I pout. He chuckles at me, takes his turn, and takes the win.

Heading home he tells me I should have known I’d lose, I still pout at him. He kisses my pouting lips, and tells me I look sexy as hell when I pout, which makes me blush. Our lips meet again, and it’s as though I’m addicted to his lips. I can’t get enough of them on mine. My own personal drug. The way he kisses me, seems as though he feels the same. We stand there in my room, kissing deeply, my arms around him, his resting on my hips.

I can’t help but want more now. I feel his hands move from my hips, up under my shirt. He skillfully moves them, I gasp through our kiss and he breaks it to look at me. His eyes are full of passion, so intense; I look up with him, a blush on my face. “I want you,” I whisper. He bites his lip, let’s goes and whispers back softly, “And I want you.” I tug him closer by his shirt, before I take it off.

Undressing each other slowly, for the first time, we explore our bodies. My entire body from head to toe is red with blush; he looks at me with awe, as if he can’t look at me hard enough. He makes me feel beautiful. I can’t help but look him up and down; soaking in the man I’ve craved to be with for so long. I find myself so turned at that he’s finally here before me. I run a single finger down his chest, right to his cock. He’s already hard for me; he’s as hard as I am wet. I can’t help but smile.

Stepping forward, he kisses my lips briefly, before moving to my neck. He kisses me softly, gently with a feather like touch. I gasp softly, his name slipping from my lips, and he continues kissing me. We walk towards the bed, him pulling me on top of him. He has me lean down, hovering over him as he brings his mouth to my breasts. His touch is still soft, taking my erect nipple into his mouth. Sucking lightly, his tongue swirls perfectly over it.

The sensation is nothing I expected it to be, I whimper out his name, but he keeps going. I don’t want him to stop, that isn't what has me whimpering. It’s almost a plea to him to keep going. Gentle as ever with me, I feel him roll the both of us until he’s on top of me. A light flick of his tongue over my nipple before he drags his tongue downwards, it runs along my midriff. His movements are slow, passionate, and so full of need. I know what’s going to happen, but the anticipation is driving me wild.

His gaze flickers up towards me, the look in his eyes are so intense, so full of passion. I sigh out his name, and he smiles at me. He presses his tongue to my passion-moisten depths, licking gently at my core. I raised my hips, letting go of my own my mind, he pleases me so. His tongue circles around my clit, sliding down until he fucks my pussy. He drives on as if he can’t get enough. I feel myself writhe under him, my breathing is rapid. He slows, coming back up towards my clit. He sucks, and kisses on it as if he would my mouth. It’s so sensual that I feel the great shuddering, clenching spasms of a climax, gripping the sheets, I cry out his name.

Sucking in a deep breath full of air, again I do it between moans; I feel my whole body respond. He is gentle, but strong, making the orgasm incredible. Nothing we ever did on-line can compare to what he’s doing to me right now, and I want even more. His eyes once again move to mine, I’m looking down at him, I can’t help fall for him just a little more in this moment. Climbing up to me, he kisses me softly, just like he did to my pussy a moment ago. He sucks my tongue into his mouth, kissing me with such passion.

The way he is laying on me, I’m able to wrap my long legs around him, I grind up against him. He lets out a soft moan, I moan lightly back loving what I find when I do grind up into him. His cock throbs strong; I reach down between us and stroke him. His eyes light up, a low hum comes from his lips, as he leans down and kisses on my neck. I can feel how hard he is, throbbing for me, I glide it over my clit just so.

Wetness, that’s what he feels. He can feel how wet he has made me; I can feel him grind a bit wanting to be inside me. “Do you want me, my King?” I whisper, letting out a soft moan, whilst I tease us both.

“More than anything, my Queen,” He answers back, making my pussy clench with want.

“Please take me then,” I lean up, brushing my lips on his. He kisses me back hungrily.

With the head of his cock position right there, we both look at each other, we know we’re taking it to a whole new level. A place we've both talked about, dreamed about, wanted for so long. He eases himself just barely inside me, the thickness of his head pushing inside, forcing me open to fit tightly around him, I moan out, gripping his forearms. His head just in, he stills, allowing me to adjust to his thickness, my head resting back against the pillows. Our breathing is matched perfectly, I bite my bottom lip and feel my pussy clench, testing this foreign cock inside me. I love how perfectly painful it feels as I get accustomed to him.

A nod and a moan is all he needs knowing it’s okay to continue. He buries himself to the hilt, I cry out, biting harder on my lip, lifting my hips, as I accept his cock inside me. He pulls out, and eases himself back inside me, doing this again once, twice, three times. It’s slow, and accepting, I cling tightly to him. Our lips meet once more; the kiss is as slow as his thrusts inside me. I feel so full of him; he takes every inch he can offer me. I accept it with every fiber of my being, wanting him as much as he wants me. I moan out through our kiss, and he begins to grind just enough inside me. We bring it to a new level, moving our motion a little faster, becoming hungry for more.

He claims me, thrusting deeper, he never misses a beat. His strokes increasing inside me, I twist, obeying an instinct I hadn't known I possessed. I whimper out, lifting my hips from the bed, rocking myself to his rhythm. Powerful, passion, need, hungry, want and all around lust for one another is what we feel in this one moment, nothing else matters to either of us. All that matters is each other, we don’t need or want a single thing but the other. I need him, he needs me, we take each other.

The desperate rhythm of my breathing indicates I’m close, he moves forth, taking me deeper. I’m so close; I know I can erupt at any moment. “Please, oh don’t stop,” I cry out, though I know he wouldn't, I can’t help but beg him not to. His own breathing starts to increase, he’s close, and I can feel him grow thicker inside me. He stretches me to a new level, God it feels so wonderful!

The strong, lovely sensation begins to claim me again, an uninhibited cry of satisfaction ripples from me, like an ecstasy flood. I can see his jaw tense, a moan growls from his throat, the tension of my orgasm grips him hard, he struggles and moans until he releases his seed inside me. He comes just as hard, if not harder than me. I take it all, writhing under him to grind, wanting what he has to offer me. His mouth comes crashing towards mine, kissing me deeply. Our hips move together as one, we have our own perfect rhythm.

Sleep takes the both of us, wrapped up in each other’s arms. It’s the most peaceful sleep I have had in so long. When the morning rays shine through my window, my eyes flutter open, seeing his beautiful face so close to mine. He looks perfect, sleeping soundly. I remember our deal the night before, and work myself out of bed without waking him.

Breakfast in bed is perfect, and he loves what I made. It wasn't a big breakfast, for I’m not a big eater in the morning, and he seems more into kissing me. I can’t complain, I love his lips on me. We make perfect love again, sharing each other’s needs once more. He fills me endlessly with his seed.

After our shower, and dressing I decide to show him the city I grew up in. Where we come from is so completely different, it’s like a foreign country to him. He seems to fancy where I live, describing the difference to mine and his, telling me I have to go to his to see for myself. I agree, telling him I want nothing more. It makes him smile so wide, I think his face might split.

That evening as promised, I make him homemade lasagna, with a salad. One of my favorite dishes to make, I even bake homemade brownies for after. I make sure to make the lasagna extra cheesy, just like he said he likes it. He eats as though he’s never been feed before, and I’m pleased he enjoys my cooking so much. I promise to make something different each night he is here.

Who knows what is to come with our visit, I for one, can’t wait to find out…

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