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Tyndall Tides

his last night, her last fear, their last union.
Water gushed down from the faucet of the bath tub with a monotonous force filling it up rapidly. Light from the ceiling scattered and danced across the violent surface that reflected the broken streams on to the walls of the bathroom. Like being surrounded my hundreds of dancing silver butterflies, Abner avoided looking at the reflections as he carefully shaved off the last scruffy patch on his upper lip.

As he observed his foam laden face, he felt a sensation, a familiar yet eerie feeling of being watched. As he displaced his head to get a look at his silent observer, he was welcomed by a visually stimulating sight. Dressed in only black laced panties and a thin loose fitting shirt, Talise stood still by the door frame of the bathroom. Her shimmery legs crossed at her knees. Her slender arms behind her back were holding the wooden frame as she positioned herself neatly into the corner.

Abner washed off the remaining foam from his chin and cheeks. All while maintaining eye contact with his exotic companion. As Talise watched him gaze back at her, her grip tightened on the frame. Her legs grew wearier as she saw a tall muscular man in a black tank top and boxer briefs wash up his tanned face. Every splash sprayed droplets of water that merged generously with his sweat beads that trickled down his godly sculpted shoulders. As he wiped off his face Talise noticed his back muscles rubbing up against each other with a magnitude of tension that shook her from within as she imagined feeling them with the unification of their bodies. He gazed at her with his eyes that exhibited his admiration for her. Not that of an artist, not that of an ordinary lover, but that of a wild animal, an animal that was waiting to ravish and consume her with his fury and lust for her.

The night was different, it was special. Not because of the events that were set in stone to unfold but because of the feelings that were evolving and mutating with every passing second. Tonight was a cold, wet and moist night. The heavens themselves knew what was about to happen. Abner, the starry eyed traveler of the worlds, a guest of Talise's who had swept her away with the beauty of his intellect stood frozen eyeing his companion. Each passing second as well as each and every heartbeat was a wasted moment to the practical mind. Time was a luxury he could not afford. Yet he stood dead still and silent capturing every moment of his lover from a distance.

A flash of light penetrated the room beyond the entrance of the bathroom lighting up every corner of their nest. This was a scenic moment he was thankful to capture with his eyes. Her body pressed against the intense white light of the thunder, every droplet on her leg and stomach light up like a million fireflies wandering in a forest on a clear night. The sound pursued later. A crashing roar that shook the floor, that rattled every loose bolt, edge and mirror on the walls. Talise quivered slightly as the sound took her by surprise.

"Hold me..." she whispered as her toes curled up with fear.

Abner obeyed her command. He turned off the faucet and without saying a word he approached her. The closer her got the safer she felt. A tall tanned figure drew her closer to him whose arms of strength engulfed her as she fell captive to them. As Abner held her tightly, Talise could feel his body dictating their terms of endearment, his longing for her, his fear of losing her. Tonight was special. It was his last night. Maybe it wasn’t. But his heart beats whispered and chanted his feelings of insecurities in Talise's ears as she closed her eyes and listened to them. Another flash...another sky ripping sound...another minor tremor. Talise gripped his back with all her strength.

"I am scared...don’t leave me"

Abner felt her soft breath penetrate through his top and brush up against his chest. He held her tightly.

“I have to, I must…for our sake”

Abner murmured these words as he tried to press down his feelings in his mind. He could feel Talise detaching her head from his chest as she gazed back at him with her eyes.

“Take me with you…I need you. I can’t live like this”

Abner gently placed his palms on her cheeks as he smiled and gazed in her eyes.

“You know I can’t, I can’t risk hurting you. As much as I want to see the color of your eyes, your skin, your hair, as much as I want you to be by me, you won’t survive the process. I can’t risk losing you.”

Abner gently placed his lips on her forehead and kissed her. Feeling his lips pressed against her head, she closed her eyes. Knowing that the laws of nature would not allow her to travel with her lover to parallel worlds beyond hers, knowing how Abner’s heart ached every time he gazed at her trying to guess the color of her vision, fearing this might be his last kiss on her forehead, she wanted him even more.

“Then make love to me…right here….right now”

Droplets of water began to tap gently against the large window pane in the bedroom. The intensity strengthened. Abner couldn’t resist opening up his heart for her. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately. Eyes closed and lips locked, the two lovers felt each other’s tongues battle furiously trying to taste each other as much as possible. The slippery wet oral love was not enough. She needed more, he needed more. Pressed up against each other Talise began to lift her left leg, rubbing it against Abner’s as her hands began to reach for his hair. Abner grabbed Talise by her hips thrusting her up and towards him, like she was weightless. Talise obeyed his gesture and wrapped her glistening legs around Abners waist. This was the beginning of an end. A wonderful end that would be carved in their minds till the last pocket of air escaped there cold lungs. Splitting her support against the wall, Abner carried his lover across the bedroom. Talises fingers ran through his hair pulling his face closer towards hers as her tongue slithered in his mouth trying to roll around and slip against his.

Another flash of light pierced through the lusty cavern. As Abner carried his pride across the room, the flickering flash casted their shadow against the wall painting it with a sharp, shape shifting image of their zealous act. Like a stop motion film with the actors pressed against the dotted beads of raindrops. As they made their way towards the foot of the bed, the grumbling of the clouds ensued. Abner felt Talise’s hand grip his hair with fear, her lips cast upon his a force of suction he had never felt before, her desire to meld her fear of thunder and lightning with that of pleasure and safety within his arms and body. They continued to exchange feelings through their tongues when Abner abruptly separated his lips from hers. Talise didn’t want to vacate that feeling and moment.

She wanted more. Her eyes complained to him. He grabbed Talise by her waist and gently pulled her away from him, unlocking her silky legs from his waist. The two then gently plummeted to the soft mattress of the bed together. As Talise’s face entered the luminescent field of lights and shadows projected by the oversized glass pane, Abner saw her face and skin accept the projections of droplets and musky light. The Tyndall effect within the room, the light rain on the outside, the two lovers lost in each other’s eyes, even the makers of Abner’s parallel worlds could not have conjured such a moment within his lifetime.

The two kissed quickly again, while Abner placed his palms on Talise’s breasts. The two gently and playfully nibbled each other’s lips, biting them till their teeth could no longer sustain their grip. Abner continued squeezing her breasts while slowly pushing his hips into her, making her realize the degree to which his longing to be in her was growing by the second as well as the imminent implosion of the heated moment. Talise delicately shifted her head from side to side, arching her back, giving Abner's enormous palms more mass to squeeze, letting out sensual moans. Talise’s hands caressed Abner’s back eventually finding their way down the waist of his boxers. As she gripped the band with her fingers ready to slide them off, Abner’s hands stopped. He lay frozen on top of her. Realizing his inanimate posture she opened her eyes, silently complaining to him about the halted act.

“Not so fast.”

He lifted his left hand and ran his index finger over her soft lips.

“I must memorize you, your taste and your feel”

Abner squeezed her nipple through her shirt with the other hand. This action caused her to gasp mildly and gently bite his finger placed on her lip. Her tips poked through the soft fabric indicating the state of her mind and body. Abner kissed her lips, took out his tongue and licked them. He got upright and took off her shirt. She struggled to do so as she didn’t want to overcome her inertia of blissful stasis. The bed bumped and shook slightly as Abner slid her shirt off. He got rid of the barrier by tossing it away. He now had access to what he considered the most stunning sight of his life.

There lay his woman, who occupied this world devoid of colors, the love of his travel, the enigma that paradoxed the very concept of existential causality. Abners eyes gleamed as he saw Talise in all her curvaceous glory pinned to the bed, staring at him. Her thighs neatly kissing each other, her stomach radiating the scattered light off from its surface, her hands above her head and her luscious breasts all infused more beauty into this perfect portrait. The wet dew and the narrow streams of rain water chaotically decorated the window pane. Light from outside casted their shadows onto her body. Nature painted its thoughts onto her frame as she lay still staring at Abner. The rain knocked harder on the window pane as the weather grew more agitated. There would be a flash any moment. He needed to take advantage of this situation.

Abner quickly bent down towards her face and pecked her on her lips, biting them. He took out is tongue and licked them. She gasped gently. Maintaining contact with her body, he continued licking his way down to her chin, her neck, her cleavage finally stopping at her belly button. His hands simultaneously shifted to her breasts again. Caressing those soft features of her beauty, he occasionally squeezed her nipples. Talise felt his breath make contact with her silky skin and condensing eventually leaving cool spots as Abner traversed his way down. Abner locked his eyes with Talise as his tongue rimmed around her naval.

“God! Those eyes!”

He thought to himself. His mind was trying to contemplate the nature of fate at this point in time. Nothing is handed over with absolute perfection to man. There is always a missing quantity or quality that forces his mind to squirm and long for more. The inevitable cycle of the universe and its ways to keep us enchanted. This moment was perfect yet he couldn’t look deep enough into her eyes. He wanted to admire them for their true color. But he couldn’t ask for more. This was his last night, might have been, no one knew. He was trying to make the best of what he had and the time had left.

Then there was the flash. It was bright enough to distract her but such was his visual command over her that she lay frozen gazing into him, wondering was he going to do next. Any second the sound would crash in, knocking off her concentration. Sensing the first few decibels hitting his ear, before the intensity grew further, he dipped his wet tongue into her button. Then there was that deafening noise. Talise cringed, her hands gripped the white sheets. She was scared but not enough to forget about the soothing sensation his tongue was granting her. Watching her move her head back and her neck expand, Abner grew more excited. He grabbed her breasts slightly harder, massaging them while he tongued her naval, occasionally kissing it. Her waist danced with the rhythm of his tongue. Her tight and toned skin expanded rapidly as she breathed harder and gasped more.

Now it was time to please her. It was time for his tongue to exercise its taste buds and be violent. Abner continued moving down till he arrived at her groin region. Still maintaining eye contact with her, he deeply inhaled her plush that was covered by another unnecessary garment. He bit the waist band part of her panty and began to execute the final phase of completely undressing her. As it effortlessly slid off her waist, Abner grabbed her legs while pulling her panties off with his teeth. She could feel the fabric rub up against her thighs, knees, calves and feet. Now that distraction was out of the way, Abner tossed it away from his mouth. Still gazing into her, and holding her legs by her calves he began to kiss her toes. He sensually ran his tongue between them. She could feel his wetness paint her nails and skin. He continued kissing her feet, making his way down to her knees. Then he kissed her left inner thigh. Took out his tongue and licked his way down to his area of desire.

He could feel her getting the chills as she felt his saliva cool off on her warm thigh. Kneeling on his knees bent down Abner grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards him while his back stood upright. Her slender body was dragged across the bed shifting the sheets. Her legs now rested on his chest, while more than three quarters of her back was parallel to him. She could feel his pulsating member make contact through his boxers on her upper back. Her slit was less than an inch away from his face. Eyes locked he smiled at his gorgeous partner. He was about to taste her and memorize her. This was his last night, it was a special night, it was their night.

Abner expelled his warm moist breath on her slit inhaling her natural aroma. Talise smiled as she knew it was exciting him, judging by the growing throbs in his bulge pressed up against her upper back. Abner took out his tongue and teasingly waved it above her opening exhaling harder over it. Talise was getting a bit antsy. She wanted his wet organ in her. She wanted to feel him move inside her. She tried to grab his neck with her legs but was unsuccessful. The more she tried the more he arched back moving away from her slit. Talise’s exhibited expressions of anguish as well as dissatisfaction.

He was teasing her. He was savoring each and every sniff of her slit. She was beginning to secrete her natural flavors. Abner got a whiff of it. He lowered his head with his tongue sticking you and gently penetrated her lips sinking it slowly. As he did so, his tongue picked up a sensation that lit his mind with sensory fireworks. Talise arched her back and rolled her eyes as she felt his warm tongue descend inside her. Using his left hand he reached around her right leg and forced open her lips with his fingers while sinking in further. His right hand was gently feathering her left leg. Talise twitched and smiled as her skin experienced minor tremors on it.

As his tongue travelled further deep inside her, he could feel every lining of her love canal, every contour and every smooth inch of her walls. There was another flash. Now was his moment. With his jaws open and tongue inside her, Abner stared at Talise and grinned devilishly. He stopped sinking and waited. His tongue picked up her faint pulses emanating through her walls. He could hear the buildup of the crackling amongst the clouds and there it was, the thunderous roar. At that instance, he pressed his finger against her clitoris. Talise rolled back her eyes and bit her lips as the sound propagated within their den. Her mind was etching the sporadic lighting patters which she associated with the feeling of being pleasured.


She whispered gently. The sound soon faded and Abner continued tonguing her. The downpour was significantly getting harder and louder. He knew there would be more flashes and more fearful sounds but he wanted her to overcome it. He wanted to cure her fear. He Moved his finger away from her clit and began to violently beat is tongue around inside her. Her tight walls offered much resistance but he continued. He could taste her nectar. Talise’s moans and squirming on his chest and stomach made him harder. He was excited, not just because he was ready but because he saw that serene calm expression on his lovers face, that look of pleasure and want which he had craved for since the beginnings of his journey. Abner Now positioned his right hand under her left leg. He slowly retracted his tongue and as his lips separated away from her’s. He saw a glistening transparent strand stretch out between them. He waved his tongue around as he tried to play with it. He opened up her lips exposing her clitoris, while he gently inserted his thick fingers into her moist wet slit. Talise moaned again as she felt the insertion force open and separate her canal walls. Abner felt his fingers get coated with her nectar. He wanted to taste it, savour its flavours and lose himself in the empowering feeling of satisfaction.

As he pistoned his hand in and out of her, Talise moved her body more vigorously. Her hips and back rubbed up against his. He could feel her body break out a few sweat beads. He drew out his tongue and gently touched the tip of her clit. Another flash, another sky ripping explosion, and a hard lashing of his tongue against her clit. Talise was prepared to loose herself in him. Abner wrapped his lips around her clit and upper lips while feverishly fingering her. Talise’s maons grew louder and more passionate. Her movements, her grabbing of the sheets, her sounds and her wetness were adding more and more fuel to his fire.

“Oooh Abner….I am going to cum!”

Talise screamed as he created a vacuum around her plush, sucking on her surrounding skin, beating is tongue against her pleasure bead and twisting his fingers within. Her body quivered, her skin shook displacing her sweat beads. She closed her eyes and her forehead skin shrunk. She let out her final orgasmic moan as Abner forced his fingers deep into her and as his teeth gently bit on her clit with his tongue in contact with it. Another flash, another fierce thunder, nothing to fear now. This couldn’t have been a better cure for her. As she lay down, with her legs up against Abners chest staring him in his eyes, He gazed right back uncoupling his mouth from her lips. His fingers were still buried in her. He slowly withdrew them. As he did his fingers shimmered with her juices. This was an incredible sight for him. Maintaining eye contact he drew in a deep breath, inhaling the smell of the remains on his fingers. He then placed the fingers in his mouth and began to suck on them, while the fingers of his other hand gently rubbed her bead.

“I want you in me…right now…”

Talise blurted out these words still trying to recover from that intense orgasm. The sight of Abner tasting her, made her lose all thoughts, logic and sense. She just wanted him inside her. She wanted to feel his pulses in her. Abner granted her wish. After thoroughly cleaning off his fingers, he gently set her legs aside, making her body come in complete contact with the bed. He backed off a bit and reached for his boxers. He slid them off and his throbbing penis semi erect hung down. Talise decided to break eye contact and couldn’t help but gaze at his member. His head was covered with precum. It too glistened in the available light. The sight of it, the thought of having it and consuming it caused her to get up on her knees and crawl up to him. She took his member in her hand and could feel it beat. She then looked up at him and kissed his glistening head.

That subtle and gentle contact caused him to tighten his fists. She opened her mouth and rolled her tongue around his head. The soft friction between her wet tongue and his head caused him to harden up more for her. She ran her tongue around the edges and under his shaft as well as poked the opening of his head with the tip of her tongue. She then placed her hand around his waist and began to brush her fingers on his lower back while she teasingly opened her mouth, gazing into his eyes preparing to orally please him. The rain now felt like minute pebbles hitting the pane. Another flash seeped in. Talise’s sultry face lit up and Abner could see the rays penetrate her lenses. She now knew his technique and waited for the sound to follow through. As it did, she gently hit his head grazing it with her teeth. Abner’s body trembled and he grinded his teeth while a swarm of ecstatic currents crawled under his skin, throughout his body.

Talise eventually began to take in his pulsating penis inside her warm mouth. That look in her eyes radiated her pleasure for feeling each and every inch of his member on her tongue. Her tongue tingled as she felt his throbs on it. Abner placed both his hands on her face as he adored her expression and gesture. His head expanded furiously inside her mouth. She could feel it make contact with her throat. She managed to slip out her tongue from beneath, licking his shaft from underneath trying to make contact with his sack skin. She did succeed. She could smell his body, she can see his face. Now she only wished to have him in her. She took away one hand and began to play with herself, stimulating her slit while she slowly caressed his shaft and head with her tongue and mouth. She moved her head back and forth making oral love to him.

The sound of external chaos damped out as Abner felt her lips suck generously yet unforgivingly on his love muscle. Her force increased gradually as she began to experience bursts of minor orgasm while stimulating herself. Her eyes began to roll back and she embraced this passionate moment with all her heart and mind. His heart pumped blood with such ferocity he could feel the beats escape his chest and reverberate back in his rib cage. He knew if she continued loving him like this it would be over soon. Time and self-control were in a very delicate balance. He had to make a decision. Talise began to orgasm soon. Her teeth gently sunk into his skin, her nails gripped his thighs as she closed her eyed and hummed out her feelings. Abner felt the vibrations of her tones on his head and the skin beyond. This was purely euphoric.

As Talise slowed down her self-stimulation, as her breath cooled and as her suction eased down, she removed her fingers covered in Abner’s nectar from her plush. He gently forced his penis out of her and vehemently caught her wrist. Gazing into her beauty, he guided her drenched fingers into his mouth which he seductively licked. Talise’s eyes sparkled in amazement and wonder as she tried to contemplate the magnitude of love Abner possessed for her.

He was a man of limited words. He believed in their validity to the extent where they could be morphed into actions with consequences. He was a man of his word. It was his deeds that dictated his language of passion, lust and love for her. He was all she needed tonight. As her mind began to drift away into depression fearing she would not be able to see him again. Abner whispered:

“It’s now or never.”

Without saying a word Talise rose up from her knees, grabbed his head and pounced on his lips slipping her tongue in his mouth, frantically kissing him, tasting him, tasting herself.

“Take me…right now…please…”

Her grip on his hair tightened as she managed to speak those words in between her fervent kisses. She didn’t want to let go off him. He was substantially larger in built and strength but she locked her legs around his waist thrusting her hips and her stomach to his kneeling body and with all her might, while kissing him, pulled his structure down collapsing the two of them on the bed.

With their lips locked, the couple could be heard breathing intensely. Abner began to grind his hips on her. She could feel his erect, rock hard member rubbing against her pubic bone and the opening of her lips. Between kisses she managed to say:

“Please….now….fuck me”

Abner detached his lips from hers, biting her lower lip as he receded away. He spread he legs wide open as and taking charge of them by holding her calves in his palms, he pulled her towards him till proximity was an alien word to their unconscious. He adjusted his height and posture such that his penis sat gently on her lips. She could feel his vibes penetrate her skin.

“No more…I want him in me…I want you…”

Talise whispered to him, begging him to stop his tease games. But he was a bit more stubborn than she’d realized. He began to thrust his hips back and forth and made his rock hard shaft rub up against her lips. Her clit which was now swollen could feel the contact. She moved her body restlessly as she tried to push into him. But he remained composed and smirked. He then pushed his head slightly enough to part her lips. She had begun to gasp, thinking this was it. But he stopped pushing in. His head had sunk to a depth just right enough for her to feel his expansion. She tried to push her hips up trying to get him completely in. Abner just smiled at her attempts and pulled back every time she attempted to do the opposite. He made sure he maintained the right distance so that he could only see his shaft nothing more. He was in a playful mood, but she wasn’t. He could feel the heat in her body rise and her anxiety take over her face as she squeezed the sheets tightly between her fingers. He placed his left thumb over her clitoris and began to gently play with it.

“Please…Abner…please…no more”

Her vision appeared to be filling up with emotions that would flow out of her gorgeous eyes at any instance. He could not let this happen. He ended her misery and while rubbing her clit he pushed his hips into her. Her eyes opened wide as she felt his love for her sink into her slit. He grabbed her hands and locked his fingers with hers. As his head sunk into her plush he could feel the tightness increase, he could feel her juices envelop him. He could feel her heart pumping away inside her.

Talise gasped and moaned in a very low tone but the intensity was something he had never heard before. As he continued pushing in, Talise sealed his fingers with hers with such a passionate grip that her knuckles and fingers began to turn a lighter shade of her usual skin tone. Abner lowered is body on top of her and kissed her sealing his lips with hers. He had finally reached his full potential. His head had sunk so deep, he could feel her walls fighting the welcomed intruder. As his eyes shut, his mind projected images of Talise, colorful ones, like the ones in his world. He imagined her with him, in his home, against the Tyndall scattering of sunrays, in his arms, on is bed. He imagined his entire life with her, flashing away with every pulse he felt deep inside her. He kissed her away. He didn’t move. He just stayed still inside her as his heart forced more blood into the organ he had dedicated to her. Tonight might have been the last night. It was their special night.

With a quivering voice Talise managed to say:

“Please…don’t leave me…I love you….I need you…please, please don’t go...”

Breaking away their oral contact Abner gazed into her eye and her face which was light up with the projection of rain drops and streams on the window pane.


He whispered to her as he began to withdraw his hips, pulling it out from within her. She tried to grip him in but he still kept pulling out slowly feeling the internal shapes and forms just as his tongue had promised him. Talise held on to his hands tighter than ever before. He was almost out but again only enough to have his head remaining in, pressed gently against her lips.

“I broke his rule and found you…I will keep breaking as many as it takes to find you again”

And he pushed it in again, this time a bit faster. Talise gazed in his eyes as she felt his shaft fight against her walls and fill her up.

“Promise me…”

Before she could finish her sentence Abner kissed her again with a great deal of force and passion. He began to move his hips in and out. He could hear her moans and feel them through his tongues. He unlocked his hands from her grabbed her back with him still inside her and lifted her pressing her breasts and belly to his chest. He didn’t let go off her mouth. Still lost in their kisses, Talise wrapped her legs around his waist. Abner wrapped his hands around hers and her upper back.

He slid his hand down to her hips and cheeks pushing them towards him. She got the rhythm and began to move her waist and hips in the same fashion as he was. The two were now pressed against each other, making love. Abner the strong starry eyed traveller of multiverses, strong and dominant held on to her, thrusting his fears away while Talise, his love, a slender and stunning resident of this world devoid of colors filled his mind with radiant and immersive thoughts as she rode on him like sea waves caressing the ocean floor.

Another flash, another rumble, Talise dug her nails into his back as the two carried on doing the lusty act. The pain seared through his muscles and flesh but he loved it. He endured it with pride. The pain signalled his mind to please her more. He increased the intensity and frequency of his thrusts. Her body slapped shamelessly against his sweaty form. The two glistened against the white light. Her moans filled the room overpowering the noises of weather outside. Talise eventually let go off his back and using her wrapped legs for support she arched her back completely. Smiling in the process like a diver about to plunge into the great falls with her arms wide open.

Abner with his sweaty face absorbed every single detail from her breasts to her expanding stomach to the vibrations that shook them as he pounded away. Sweat droplets dripped from his eyes brows and nose onto her stomach tingling her, making her smile more as she closed her eyes and tried to imagine the scenery and concepts of colored visuals that Abner always talked about. With his one hand supporting her back he placed his other on her stomach. He could feel her breathe, he could feel her skin rise. He gently feathered his hands down to her clit and began to rub it again. She yelped and giggled moving her body sideways like a seductive snake.

After minutes of pleasing her in this fashion, he could feel her wetness. Her juices dripped down from her slit, on to his shaft and slowly trickle down his right leg.

He lay her down on the bed again as he continued performing the heavenly act. She opened her eyes again and locked them with his. She could see her lover drenched with all his effort to not let go, covered with fear of not being able to find her again, coated with his fuel to consume her. His muscles contracted and expanded. Every line, cut and edge was now visible. From his shoulders to this pecks to his abs. She was being loved by not a mere mortal but the child of god who had committed and risked his life to stay with her, please her, love her. She could feel his member harder more. She could feel his pulses getting stronger. She knew it was time. She quickly grabbed his hand and locked her fingers with his again. He was ready to expel. She gripped his harder.

“In me…I want it in me”

Talise smiled as she said those words ever more confident than before. Abner was caught by surprise, but he didn’t care. He was ready. He understood the gesture. He loved her; He wanted her to have this gift. He wanted a second reason to find her back. He grunted louder and louder as his thighs slapped against her hips. He bent over and kissed her as he was about to release. And there it was. One final thrust, one final push and he was so deep inside her, she inhaled and moaned loudly. She could feel his cum seep inside her. She could feel it’s provider pulsate violently. As Abner ejaculated his seed in her, he collapsed on her. Kissing her.

“I love you…I love you…”

He managed to say these three words panting, trying to catch his breath between kisses.

“I love you too Abner”

Talise kissed him back as Abner remained on top of her kissing. He still continued to grind his hips on her as his member softened inside her. Another flash, another loud thunder but this time Talise didn’t flinch a bit. The two lovers lay there kissing each other as the rain pounded and knocked hard against the glass and as their bodies, now united glowed in the dark.

Time began to pick up pace as the odour of their love began to diffuse away. Abner’s eyes opened up. As his iris adjusted to the dimmed surroundings and his conscious kicked back in again, he could see nothing but the ceiling of the room. The sound of the rain became more apparent as he realized he hadn’t woken up from a dream. Or had he? His senses needed some assurance. His heart sunk at the very thought of it. He couldn’t see any colors. But this didn’t mean anything. It was mid night. Darkness killed all the colours of the spectrum at this hour. He wanted to make sure he was by his lover. Suddenly he felt movement under his arms. He felt a pocket of warm breath breeze by his chest. He was at peace. He recognized her breathing pattern. He could feel her touch and her texture on his skin. Her hair rested by his cheeks. He was alive again. His body kicked back its functions in full swing.

It was time. Like all dreams this one had to meet its end. It was time for reality to laugh at him, mock his feeble attempts to twist and mould the rules his maker had set for our species. Abner slowly adjusted her head placing it gently on the pillow. He slid away from her contact like a dark cloud of mist and haze silently getting up from the bed. He stood against the light through the pane and took a gander at Talise. There she lay peacefully asleep like an angel resting against the silvery hide of the clouds. So serene, so beautiful, his heart ached at the thought of abandoning her. His mind kept on telling him to risk his life, risk his attempt and get back in bed with her. Surrender to the limitations of his body and succumb to the crushing unnatural forces of this world. It would be very well worth it. If he died he would in her arms. He clenched his fists tightly as these thoughts ripped apart his sense of practical judgement. He approached her, kneeling on one knee, pressing the mattress and kissed her on her forehead. As he did he whispered

“I promise…”, responding to the incompletely articulated promise which Talise had attempted to spell out. He got up and began to walk away. As he did he could feel an invisible force trying to snap his bonds with her, like strands of honey dissolving and caving in. It was time to leave this world and travel back to his own to pay his dues. It was time to say good bye, but may be not for long. Every step he took towards the bathroom door, the cold floor pinched and pricked his heels.

Was this a sign? Was this a hint form fate? Was this his cue to run back to her and fall back in her arms? Was he ever going to find back his way to her? His conscious battled these thoughts while his unconscious dragged him to the bathtub which was filled with water and lined up with wires and sensors. As he passed by the door frame, which he considered as a point of no return, he turned back to take a last look at his lover. There she lay naked on the bed, peacefully sleeping. Gently breathing as her glistening belly expanded and contracted. Abner’s eyes were turning fuzzy. He took a last glimpse at her and thought to himself:

“In my quest for knowledge from different worlds, I chose you. You are my constant in a sea of variables, my guiding star in the cosmos, my reality in a maze of illusions. I will find my way back to you, I will tear apart the fabric of space and time to be with you or die trying to do so. I love you Talise, wait for me…wait for us”

He closed the door of the bathroom slicing away her image inch by inch till the door click shit. A low hum was heard. A bright light permeated through the opening of the door frame adding a little extra brightness in the dark room. Talise lay still smiling, dreaming about Abner, and unconsciously wishing for him to be there when she opened her eyes. The light dimmed, the humming faded. Another flash of light, another ripping roar, her eyes were now open.

The end.

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