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Waking with Dawn

Waking with Dawn

Tags: love
This is my first try at telling an erotic tale.
I walk up behind you and brush the hair from your neck. I lean in and gently kiss the nape of your neck, slowly kissing you down your shoulder. I turn you around and stare into your eyes right before I kiss you full on the lips. My arms hold you as though you are going to fall away from me. A lover’s embrace as I whisper in your ear, "I want to make love to you.”

Not waiting for your reply, I pull the straps of your nightgown past your shoulders and watch it fall to the floor. As it glides down your body, it slowly reveals your beauty to me. I gently kiss you and take your hand as I lead you to your bed. I pause a moment to look at you, wanting to remember this for all eternity. I gently stroke my fingertips across your cheek and down your shoulder. I stop when I come to your breast and gently cup it in my hand. I lean in and kiss your nipple, slowly circling it with my tongue while my fingertips continue down your body.

My fingers show me the soft gentle curves of your body. I soon follow the path of my fingers with soft loving kisses. My fingers gently glide across your hips and outer thighs. I feel the need to explore every inch of your body. I make my way down your outer thighs with warm kisses before I gently part your legs, kissing my way back up along your inner thigh. I feel the heat from your body and it guides me to your hidden treasure.

As I slowly kiss my way to the summit of your beautiful, inner, thighs I gently kiss around the source of the heat I've been feeling. Like a warm spring, I can see the flowing nectar. I ask you if I may have a taste to fuel my burning desire

Without a word, your hand pulls me closer to your sweetness. I gently part your lips with my tongue and feel your hot nectar. The taste is like Heaven on Earth. I hear your soft moans as I enjoy drinking from your pool of pleasure. I feel your hips moving to match my efforts. I pause on your clit, gently flicking it with the tip of my tongue before I suck it between my lips. I reach up and put a finger in your mouth. You suck it and when it is wet, I bring it down and slowly work it into your hot, waiting, pussy.

Teasing your clit with my tongue and fingering you I can feel my cock grow from anticipation. I listen to you. Your body is trying to express what you’re feeling throughout your whole being. With every breath, every moan, and every movement telling me that you are still not satisfied. I pull myself up and look you deeply in the eyes as I slip my cock into your loving pussy. Slowly, just the tip at first, trying to find our rhythm. Gently I ease in further, with each thrust, until we become as one.

I lean in and kiss you long and hard. Your hips thrust against mine as we reach a near animalistic pitch to our love making. I pull out and have you get on your knees. I feel you rock into me as I pump into you. Your pussy is squeezing my cock begging it to fill you up. Grabbing your hair, I pull you closer and fuck you harder.

I have to back off or I will cum. You push me on my back and straddle me. Putting my cock back inside you grind on me. You begin to rub your clit as you piston on me. I can tell you are near. I begin thrusting into you again. All the while, your fingers are working your clit. I can feel your pussy contracting and I know your cumming. I speed up my pace and I feel it too. I grab your hips and swear I can feel the electric shocks coursing through your body as I cum inside you.

You lean down and kiss me and I hold you on my chest. Feeling our hearts beat I run my finger through your hair and down your back as we lay together as one.

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