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Welcoming a New Student

I introduce a new member of the rowing club to life at uni
I couldn’t believe that I was already starting my final year at university. It only seemed like yesterday that I was still at school, yet here I was. I’d made it through the long summer and managed to pass all my exams, with only one more year ahead of me until I graduated. As the new term started I was looking forward to getting into the swing of uni life again.

One of the main things I was especially looking forward to doing again after such a long holiday, was rowing. Almost everyone at university with me, especially in my particular college, had rowed at some point in their life. Being a keen cyclist, I already had powerful legs, as well as pretty good stamina. So when it came to getting in a rowing boat, I took to it like a duck to water (excuse the pun!) Being 6’2” tall also helped!

The beginning of each year was always interesting in the boat club, seeing how good the new members were. This included training new coxes to steer the boats and keep us motivated. As an experienced oarsman, I was often made to help out, especially with the coxes.

As I arrived at the river for the year’s first training session, one particular cox took my eye. At only about 5’4”, with a petite frame, she definitely had the right body for coxing. Whilst her luscious long blonde hair and cute warming smile made me immediately attracted to her.

After introducing herself as Sarah, we quickly got out on the water with the rest of my crew. Being in the stroke seat I sat directly in front of her, so apart from general tips, we chatted and laughed the morning away. I must admit I did try and pump myself up into seeming more impressive and muscular (lame I know!)!

Later that evening, I was still thinking about her when I heard a knock at the door to my room. It was Sarah, wondering if I had any more advice from our session. As we chatted away, the drinks were flowing, and I found myself being more and more attracted to her. She had a sense of innocence, with a secret guilty side underneath that I wished I could get at.

After a while, I dared to slide my hand around her tender waist and pull her closer to me. She gazed up at me with her beautiful blue eyes as her lips touched mine in a passionate kiss. As our tongues intertwined, her hand slowly started to rub my growing cock through my jeans.

It wasn’t long before we were tearing each other clothes off. As I removed my trousers she kissed down my body, over my ripped muscles until she reached my boxers, which didn’t stay on for long. My cock had now grown to its full 8 inch length and was standing proudly in front of her.

She gentle kissed around my shaft until, after what seemed like an age, she slid her mouth over my tip. I moaned loudly as she worked my cock with her lips and tongue, giving me the most amazing blowjob I had ever experienced. I could feel myself starting to enjoy it almost too much, so I reluctantly pulled myself away, and moved down her slender body.

Whilst my fingers teased her perky nipples and massaged her B-cup breasts, I kissed just above her shaven crotch. She sighed deeply and let out a groan as my tongue went to town on her now soaking clitoris. After a few deliberate movements, I felt her start to tense up.

“Ahh I need to cum so badly,” she cried, before she jerked out a prolonged and intense orgasm, soaking my face. “I want you in me.”

This was all I needed to hear and my cock twitched in delight and anticipation as I moved back up her and entered her dripping pussy. Despite her previous orgasm, she was still tight around my now bulging cock, and we both grunted together as I started to thrust deeply into her.

As I fucked harder and deeper, she squeezed herself around my member, sending herself into yet another loud and powerful orgasm. She bucked and moaned on my cock until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I blasted cum deep inside her, with the most incredible load of my life. My cock pulsed as stream after stream of white fluid gushed inside her, the two of us grunting in delight as our simultaneous orgasm seemed to last a lifetime.

Eventually we collapsed, exhausted from our love-making, and I pulled myself out of her.

What a day, and what a year to come…

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