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With You

David and Laighla use the fact that they have to be quiet to their advantage. No need for words...
“Man baby, you have now idea what I had to do to get here,” said David as he sat on the bed.

“Tell me later,” said Laighla. She walked up to the bed after closing and locking the door. Her heart was pounding and her head went in circles from the weed. She went primal on him.

She pushed David down on the bed and climbed on top of him. He was shocked by her aggressiveness but he went with it. His hands roamed over her body and soon he was aroused to the point that he needed her.

She moaned against his mouth as his hands gripped her ass and rubbed it. She sat up on the bed and let him take her in. She was a sight in a black bra and booty shorts.

She frowned at the fact that he was fully clothed and took matters into her own hands. She went back to kissing him, using her tongue fluidly. Her fingers nimbly removed his jacket and pulled his shirt and keys off his chest.

David’s mind was in overload as she went all over him. Her tongue was on his neck and her hands were on his bulge. He thought of nothing but this amazing woman before him. He took her face in his hands and pulled her close. He got on top of her and sat up, kicking his pants and shoes off.

Laighla bit her lip and David thought she looked perfect with her brown hair on her pillow. Once fully stripped he took her shorts and panties off slowly, making sure to tease just enough. It seemed to work since Laighla squirmed and wanted more. Her eyes were pleading and her legs were shaking. David smiled and climbed over her once again. They kissed again. She twisted her fingers in his hair and he put his hands on her face and above her head. His cock pushed into her and she cried against his lips.

David felt his back tense up and the hair on his arms stand up as he felt the inside of her. She felt amazing. He started thrusting, nice and slow.

Laighla’s mouth opened in consistent moans. She knew she had to be quiet. Her chest heaved with heavy breaths and pleasure. She wiped the sweat from David’s brow as he went faster. They both froze as a consistent squeaking sound came from the bed.

David’s spoke up. “Let’s move to the floor baby.”

Laighla nodded and got up, moving things out of the way and putting a pillow down. She lied on her back and spread her legs in waiting. She took this chance to glance at him. His chest was broad and smooth. His shoulder blades were prominent and strong. His tattoo showed as he kneeled down. His arms were muscular and sexy. She thought all of this as he got down on top of her again.

Her thoughts were stopped once he was inside of her again. She lost it. It felt so good. David thought the same thing. He felt himself throbbing inside of her. He touched his forehead to hers and heard her say: “I’m not like your ex baby. You won’t break me.” He laughed at this and picked up speed. Laighla wrapped her legs around his back and her arms went around his shoulders.

“Harder," she whispered. Who knew a simple command whispered could drive a man crazy. This is what David’s mind screamed as her heard those words leave her lips.

He did as his woman said and went harder. Even though he was pounding into her he barely made a sound. He was panting and she was too.

His teeth went to her ear and she whimpered at his hot breath giving her chills. She ran her nails down his back and he groaned and started kissing her again. She returned the kiss. He caressed her face and sides, and she held his face and played with his hair. Their faces moved against one another’s as they kissed and turned as not to run out of air.

Laighla kissed him and turned her head so he would kiss and bite her neck. David felt her legs tighten around his back and he buried his head in her shoulder as he went as hard as he could. Laighla was in heaven. She wanted to scream so badly. As he went faster and faster Laighla covered her mouth with her hand and gritted her teeth as she felt the pleasure boil over.

David felt himself going over the edge, and felt Laighla go with him.

Both of them came and Laighla’s body shook as David’s arms weakened. He lay on top of her, both of them panting. She turned her head to the side and felt David’s lips on her neck. They moved to her chin and her ear.

“I came with you baby.”

They both smiled.

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