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Worker's Playtime

Maybe sometimes life isn’t fair, and you can feel like you’re emptying a swimming pool with a spoon. However for every grey day there has to be a dazzling sunny one, this is a sunny day story.

Sitting outside a pavement café one warm morning in July, just watching the world drift past me, sipping coffee and enjoying the leisurely pace of the day, nothing particularly on my mind, nothing pressing to attend to.

“Hey Dan, how’s tricks?” a voice comes out of the blue and breaks my daze, it’s a face from the past, and not an unwelcome one “you looked like your were a million miles away” it’s Verity, the daughter of an ex-girlfriend, who I hadn’t seen for years.

“Oh my god…Verity, how are you? Long time no see and all that.”

“I’m good, Dan, very good, been a long time.”

“Yeah, ages, must be about four years since I last saw you.”

It transpires that she had moved away from the area due to work promotion, but had missed her hometown and decided to move back.

I had lived with Verity and her mother for two years until our relationship ended acrimoniously, her Mother then moved onto her next conquest, and then the next. “You see anything of Mom ?” she enquired.

“Not for a while, heard she is shacked up with some Builder now, must be the fifth bloke since me, she certainly doesn’t let the grass grow.”

“Yup, that’s Mum, always been flighty, too late to change now, she’ll end up back with my Dad eventually, at least I hope so, no offence Dan.”

She ended up sitting down with me, I ordered more coffee, and we took a trip down memory lane.We laughed at the good times and tried to gloss over some of the bad. Verity had settled down with a guy, Nathan who worked in the City, they had just moved into an apartment which they were renovating.

She asked me about my life, I explained things were a bit rough at the moment, my business had gone down the tubes and I was always on the lookout for odd jobs.

“You were always good with your hands, Dan, well mum always said so, but seriously, I’ve got loads of things that need doing, Nathan tries hard but he usually does more damage than good. I'll pay you the going rate, I know I won’t qualify for family discount anymore.”

We arranged a day and time and she was off, I watched her curvy bum wiggling off into the distance and felt a twinge of lust.

My mind was racing, last time I had seen Verity she was a friendly if slightly awkward Nineteen year old, not really comfortable in her skin. This seemed a stark contrast to the confident, chatty girl who had just spent over an hour talking to me.

I pitched up bright and early on Tuesday, another sunny day. The apartment was in the smarter part of town, a small complex which looked well maintained. I rang the bell and Verity opened up, looking very business like in a figure hugging black suit.

“I’m off to work now, Dan, but I’ve got a half day, so I’ll see you later.”

I got to work on the list of jobs and before I knew it, Verity was back with me. She changed out of her suit into jeans and a tee, we had a great laugh all afternoon. As we were taking a break, we were treated by the neighbours to a blast of Muse cranked up to eleven, vibrating the ornaments on a shelf.

“Bloody hell Vee, the walls are thinner here than the place we used to live in.”

“Not quite, I had to cover my ears there to drown out the sound of you and Mum fucking."

I didn’t know what to say, and felt myself blushing bright red, sensing my embarrassment, Verity touched my hand “Sorry, Dan I didn’t mean to say that, errm it wasn’t that loud really.”

We left it there, awkward to go any further really.

I went back the next day, Verity apologised again. I told her not to worry, and apologised for keeping her awake ! She went off to work.

The list of jobs was gradually being ticked off ; painting a wall in the bedroom was next. As I went about the job I noticed what a mess the room was, drawers left open, clothes just thrown over chairs. My gaze was taken over by a cabinet by the door with the bottom drawer slightly open, my curiosity got the better of me.

My heart soared, it was Vee’s underwear drawer, oh god I really shouldn’t, but I couldn’t stop myself, admiring her skimpy panties and g-strings, and by the side of the bed I noticed a lacy black pair of pants, desire now soaring I picked them up and held the gusset over my nose and sniffed in the delicious musky odour of her pussy, it was amazing and I felt so turned on.

My devilish side was now unstoppable, I went back to the drawers and decided to have a closer look, oh joy, at the back of the next drawer along I found a vibrator and a tube of KY. I visualize her pretty face screwed up as she fucks her pussy good and hard, or maybe it’s been up her pretty bum. I can’t take much more of this.

Skipping to the final drawer, loads of paperwork, bank statements, invoices etc all looks boring, but wait, underneath them all I find a Dvd, with a hand written label, N+V pt 2. If it’s what I hope it is then it’s the cherry on the cake.

In the living room I turn on the Dvd player, slip in the disc and prey. My prayers don’t seem to have been answered as it’s just Vee and Nathan at a wedding, he’s a weedy looking fella, looks like he could do with a good meal. I forward on, boring, boring, terrible dancing, speeches, and the Dvd suddenly cuts and the image changes, Immediately my cock is twitching, it’s Vee naked with wimpy Nathan behind her, fucking her, he isn’t putting much into it and his cock looks like a cocktail sausage, then the screen goes blank and we’re back to the wedding. Unsatisfied and now with a hard on, I take the dvd out and return to the drawer.

Back for a third day, Vee opens the door, not in her work suit today, but jeans and a tight tee, it’s so tight I can clearly see the outline of her nipples…my mind keeps flashing back to the Dvd, and the image of her on all fours, naked. I force myself to wipe the image from my mind. but it's not easy.

“No work today, Dan, so I’m all yours.” She smiles sweetly, her blue eyes fixing onto mine for longer than they should.

We get on with the jobs and by lunchtime we are finally through.

“Thank god for that, glass of wine to celebrate, Dan?”

She comes in from the kitchen with a bottle of red and two glasses, she pours our drinks and passes me mine. Don’t know why, but she seems different around me today, a little nervy and on edge.

“Cheers, and thanks Dan, for your hard work.”

“You haven’t had my bill yet, Vee, you might not be thanking me then.”

“Oh I don’t know, I’m sure if I can’t afford it I could always make up the difference, give you a dvd or something to make up the balance.”

She is looking me dead in the eye, no sign of the stare fading either, she knows I’ve seen it, shit.

She puts her glass down, scratches her nose and then looks down.

“Hope you enjoyed rifling through my knickers as well, oh and you didn’t put my vibe back in the right place either.”

She looks crestfallen, “I’m sorry Vee, I shouldn’t have…..” but my words are cut out by her laughter, uncontrollable belly laughs “ I wanted you to look, I left the drawer open on purpose, I left my vibe in a place you’d find it, I even left my worn pants out, do you really think I’d have done that if I didn’t want you to sniff them. I had hoped to come home and catch you unawares as you wanked off into them."

I should have been more savvy, of course it was all so staged, I was so turned on at the time that logic went out of the window.

“What did you think of the Dvd, not the greatest porno ever was it ?” she enquires.

“Errn no, but 10/10 for effort, Nathan is eager if nothing else.”

“Bless him, he’s got a heart of gold, but he can’t fuck for toffee, it’s usually all over in a minute and he’s not exactly got the biggest cock in the world, as you probably noticed.”

The heat in the room seems to have risen a few degrees and I really should get out now. This is dangerous ground, with my ex-partners daughter, much as my mind’s telling me to go, I can’t help myself.

“Bet you haven’t got a dick like a pencil Dan, bet you don’t top out at five inches, bet you can get that when you’re still soft?”

“Well, a gentleman never tells.”

“Come off it Dan, I used to hear you and Mum remember, she didn’t sound like a frustrated woman. I used to finger myself listening to you two, imagining it was me you were giving it to.”

“And besides” she paused “I can see the bulge in your jeans, it’s massive, gets me damp thinking of it.”

I’m a sucker for dirty talk, and my cock is getting semi erect, is this for real, she’s coming onto me and I’m not exactly putting a barrier up.

“Let me see it please, please Dan, I really want to see it, I need to see it, I need to see a real man's cock."

No willpower, oh shit “If you want it Vee, you’re gonna have to come and get it.”

She didn’t bat an eyelid, walked over “suits me, stand up.”

I stood, she was about six inches from my face, without a word her delicate wrist yanked my belt and jeans buttons undone, then pushed my jeans down my legs. I still had my boxers on, my cock was now rock hard and her hand gently rubbed my tip through the shorts…she looked up into my eyes “hmmm, feels good.”

My shorts were soon reunited with my jeans, my hard on was standing impressively, she looked like a kid on Christmas morning “always knew you’d have a big dick, hmmm looks good enough to eat.”

She kissed her way down my torso, teasing me, licking my belly button on her way down. Deftly she pulled my foreskin back, and took my head hungrily into her mouth, sucked it and released, a trail of saliva arched from my cock to her lips, god this is so indescribably dirty.

She then opens her mouth wide to accept my girth, she’s not going to take me all in. Settling for halfway down, her lips suck me hard and her tongue is working it’s magic. I place my hands on the back of her head and gently at first start fucking her face, she loves it and I decide to apply more pressure. I'm trying to force more of my meat into her willing mouth, but she can't take any more. She certainly knows what she’s doing though, and adds to the pleasure by massaging my balls quite roughly. The sight of a hot girl sucking my cock combined with the pain/pleasure sensation of her squeezing my balls is too much…

“I’m coming, Vee.”

She doesn’t seem to want to let go of my member, and I can’t hold back any more, “ooh yeeesss.” Jets of hot semen spurt into her pretty mouth and I find myself gripping her head tighter. She takes my load without spilling a drop, showing me my load in her mouth then swallowing it all. Verity then squeezes my tip to release the last drop of cum. She really is a dirty girl.

“I’ve waited ages to do that.” She kisses me, deeply, I can taste my salty sperm on her tongue.

Immediately, she is wanking me back to hardness, surprisingly it takes only a few minutes. She leads me holding onto my knob, into her bedroom, a look of near crazed lust on her face. She draws the blinds then proceeds to remove her green tee and white jeans. She isn’t wearing a bra and her pert nipples are hard and stubby. She sits on the bed and pulls her black panties down and over her ankles and feet. Verity splays her legs and reveals her pussy, framed by an untrimmed blonde triangle.

“Come here, Fuck me, fuck me hard, Dan, I want you cock in my pussy, and I want it now.”

Her fingers spread her lips, she is deliciously wet and the hairy pussy is turning me on, with her other hand she crooks her finger and beckons me over.

“I want you inside me..NOW.” I join her on the bed and she takes control getting astride me and directing my straining member into her pussy. Its spectacularly tight and we take it slow, gentle rocking movements, slowly speeding up as she accepts my length further and further in. She is getting quicker, quiet whimpers are replaced by heavier groans. These groans and the sound of a lubricated pussy slapping against my balls fill the room.

She is now taking my whole length deep inside her and the look on her face is beyond ecstatic. Her hips are grinding down, her pussy is milking my dick. Her fingers circle her clit and her orgasm is close. I start to thrust upwards into her quickly and sharply, she seems to love this and urges me on.

“Fuck yeah, oh yes, harder, I love your cock in my pussy, harder, oh yeah fuck me.”

Her eyes closed tight, her expression a mix of pain and ecstasy. I decide to put the extra in and grab her hips roughly and increase the strength and depth of my thrusts, her fingers dig deep into my shoulders and pierce the skin. She’s loving it.

“Ooh yes, fuck my pussy you bastard, fuck it harder, make me come, make me come, come in my pussy.”

I feel my dick ready to explode, I try to hold back, but no good - she’s gripping me like a vice.

“I’m coming Vee..oh fuck.”

My second deposit of the day is sprayed deep inside her, sadly she didn’t quite get there, Verity slumps down on top of me, her beautiful forehead beaded in sweat.

We kiss passionately, I push back her sweat plastered hair away from her face. As we stare deep into each others eyes, it's as if we are trying to read each others minds. She lifts herself off me and crawls up my torso, eventually spreading her legs directly over my face, “You’re going nowhere until you’ve made me come.”

She lowers her puffy pussy over my face, grabs the headboard and grinds down on my face. “Eat my pussy.” My sticky come oozes out and onto my mouth, I’m so determined to make her climax that I don’t care. I stick my tongue right in and lick out my own juices, my tongue tip locates her clit and I flick it up and down, left and right, increasing the pressure. Her moans are so loud I bet the neighbours are getting turned on.

“Don’t stop, right there, right there, oh jesus.”

Her orgasm is violent and loud, her hands grab my head and she grinds her mound hard into my face. Eventually she climbs off me and kisses me, her tongue probing my mouth, tasting her own juices, combined with mine.

She lies in my arms, we don’t utter a single word for minutes, lost in the intensity of what we have just shared. I just kiss her neck and caress her hair. Eventually I decide to break the silence.

“So, was that better than Nathan?”

“Fuck yeah, was Mom better than me ?”

“Hmm not sure there was one thing she used to love.”

I whisper in her ear, she smiles amd playfully slaps me.

“No way, you're not putting it there."

I tell her we will have to see about that.

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