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Working Sex

Jason comes home from work to find a pleasant surprise that helps him in his work the next day.
I dropped my coat on the kitchen table and loosened my tie. God, it was a long day. My head spun with all the stress of tomorrow’s conference. I still hadn’t figured out what charts I was going to use.

“Jason,” called Stephanie from the living room.

I walked in and she was lying on the couch with one of my dress shirts on.

I bit my lip a little as I saw her. But I knew we couldn’t do anything, I was too stressed.

She got up and bit the cuff of my white dress shirt, pulling it up far enough so that I could see her panties.

She had on my favorite, the pure black lace ones I got her for her birthday.

That caught me off guard a little but I kept my cool.

“I was going to go to bed.” She smiled devilishly, “Care to join me?”

I swallowed and said, “I had a really rough day at work babe, I don’t think it’ll happen tonight.”

I had much more self control than needed. I was always like that.

“Humph.” She pouted. “Suit yourself.”

She sauntered off and as she did, she undid the buttons of my shirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing her angel wings tattoo.

My mind went into overdrive as I rushed forward, picked her up, and bit her on the neck.

She let out a load moan, which only increased my desire.

She knows just how to get me every time. I took her neck into my hand and walked us into the bedroom, kissing her passionately as I went. She held my face in her hands and bit my lip tenderly every few seconds.

I got us into the bedroom and laid her down, hovering over top of her.

I sat up and she spread her legs wide, wet pussy showing through the all lace panties.

I almost ripped my shirt and tie off in a feverish attempt to strip. God I wanted her so bad. She began touching herself, and biting her lip as she did. I leaned forward as I undid my belt and took both my boxers and dress pants off. Everything fell to the floor and I dove forward and kissed Steph square on the lips.

She tasted like candy and felt like heaven.

My cock throbbed in anxious waiting. I couldn’t take it anymore. I took her panties in both hands and ripped them off.

She yelped a little at the surprise, but growled at the sexiness of it. I sat up some to take her in. Her short blonde hair was around her head on the bed like a halo. Her curves were delicious and soft. Her slender body rose and fell with her heavy breathing. Her legs were spread wide in waiting, her amazing pink pussy wet and tempting. I went in between her legs and licked around till I found her clit. It was throbbing and warm. She screamed when I found it. I sucked on it lightly and slid two fingers into her tight opening. That’s all I could fit.

My tongue darted in and out of her afterwards and she screamed that she was going to come. I stopped and smiled. I kissed her all the way up to her mouth. I stuck my tongue out and she licked it once with her own, tasting herself. It made me shudder.

“How bad do you want it?” I asked.

“So bad baby.” She whimpered. “Give it to me.”

She nuzzled my neck and started whispering into it.

“Baby has been so bad. Give me what I deserve. Teach it to me.”

She bit my neck and growled at me, sending me over the edge.

I grunted and drove my entire cock into her in one motion. She screamed loudly as I took her by surprise.

I melted into her and her arms wrapped around my back. I thrust into her fast and soft. I wanted to last forever for this woman.

I ran my hands up and down her sides as we kissed continuously. She twisted her fingers all in my hair and pulled it every time I went a little harder.

“Go harder baby, do me harder.” She moaned.

I propped myself up on my arms and moved my hips hard and slowly into her.

She cried out loudly every time I buried myself in as far as possible. Every few thrusts I grinded into her slowly.

She closed her eyes and pulled her hair. She nearly screamed.

“Jason! Oh fuck Jason! Fuck!” Her face twisted into to agonizing pleasure. She never cussed out of the bed and it made me smile to hear her talk so bad.

The pleasure started to build into climaxing levels. I was moaning right along with her.

I grunted and breathed with her. She took me by surprise when she pushed my shoulders back and I went back onto the foot of the bed. I never came out of her as she mounted me and started riding me like only she could. She leaned back and pushed her hair back, her chest bouncing with every move she made. I leaned forward and up and raked my nails down her back. She screamed and her mouth opened in a cry of ecstasy. She pushed me down onto my back. She leaned down over me and started sucking on my chest, hard and rough. She bit my nipples and I shook with pleasure. I laid my hands on her hip as she leaned back up and guided her slowly up and down on my cock. My back arched as I felt her pussy tighten on my cock.

I sat up again and pushed her onto her back. I pulled her legs up to her chest and pounded into her as fast and hard as I could. The headboard was hitting the wall with every thrust. We were both moaning like crazy.

“Oh god baby,” she moaned, “I’m about to come!”

I felt her pussy tighten up as she came, “Ah! Oh god!” She yelled.

She relaxed a little under me while she came.

“Ah fuck, I’m about to come babe.” I moaned. She knew what to do.

She scratched my chest and my sides and I went over.

“Fuck I’m coming, don’t stop baby! Ah!” I came hard and fast inside of her. My orgasm released and I screamed.

“Fuck, Steph!”

I panted and landed softly on top of her.

“Oh damn,” she giggled.

“Oh my god,” I breathed. I pulled out of her and rolled over onto my back. She snuggled up onto my chest and I held her close.

“Pie chart,” I said out loud by mistake.

“What?” she laughed.

“Making love to you always clears my mind.” We laughed together and eventually fell asleep.

P.S. I got my promotion. 

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