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Blind My Eyes- Chapter 1
SweetestSins & HybridDemon

Blind My Eyes- Chapter 1

Contributing Authors: HybridDemon 
Heaven and Hell collide

For the past 700 years, I have spent my life living in the shadows, bound by the darkness, never to see the light of day. I have suffered and retained century’s worth of horrifying memories that still haunt me to this very moment. This monster I have become is my curse. It is my identity. I live it, breathe it, day in and day out. I am a lonely shattered soul, and I shall always remain this way, until I forfeit my life.

Being what I am does not entail the traditional myths that one would hear about, or the stupid scribbles writers waste their time depicting through written words. This demon within me is nothing like what any human has ever known. There are some things that are accurate though.

If you are wondering what I am, let me put out my cigarette and get straight to the point. Perhaps you have already figured it out, clever reader. You’ve stumbled upon my journal, and should you wish to read on, the only warning I can give is that these pages will shock you. They will horrify you and disgust you. In which case, I only ask one thing; burn this book. Rip the pages out of this cursed memoir and let them burn in flames.

What am I, you wonder? I am a mythological folkloric revenant, subsisting by feeding on the blood of the living; humans. I am the demon of the night, cursed by the sun and the moon and shunned by the stars in the heavens. I am vampire. I am lycan, the only living hybrid. I am Theodore Axel Knight, a man who is plagued by a prophecy.

For years I have suppressed my werewolf bloodline, learning to control the wolf within the man, to prevent him from emerging. But being half beast does not only affect my physiological side, but the mental and emotional aspects as well. My mood swings are violent and frequent. I have a wretched temper, which is why I stay away from people and limit human contact as much as possible. I prefer my vampire side, possessing psychic abilities; the gift of compulsion to hypnotize and influence the human mind. I can command it to bend to my will. It’s how I’ve managed to survive comfortably in life.

No, I am not a mind reader. No vampire is. Crucifixes do not harm me. I can enter a church and touch holy water. My heart beats because I am a hybrid. My body functions normally like a healthy human, and I can stand under the sun. Every other vampire will experience excruciating amount of pain when they step into the sunlight, because their blood will turn to acid. We don’t turn into ash under those UV rays. It’s our blood that burns in our veins. The pain is crippling and paralyzing.

I do a majority of my hunting during the day. My line of work? I work for no one. I work for myself. My purpose is self-serving, and when you’re a 700 year old immortal that can’t be killed, your mission in life is simple; wipe out the vampire race. Only then will I finally have peace. I had watched enough loved ones die in too many lifetimes. I’m no hero. I’m not doing this to save humanity. I’m no messiah or angelic saviour. I simply wish to die, and this is the only way. It’s my only alternative to be reunited with her again, my beautiful Violet. This is my immortal curse. So, again I ask, by the time you finish reading this, do me the courtesy of burning it.


Love and Death 

“What are you doing?”

I continued writing, ignoring her, “What does it look like I’m doing?”

“Why won’t you let me go?”

The human girl distracted me, as I dropped my pen and closed my memoir.

“I told you why already. You saw too much. I tried to compel you. It didn’t work.” I finally looked up and stared into her eyes. “And as peculiar as that strikes me, I wish to know why.”

“What do you mean by compelling me?”

I didn’t bother to answer her.

“That man was about to rape me in that alleyway. Why would you save my life, only to bring me back here and hurt me?” she asked in a trembling voice.

I tore off my glasses, tossed them on my desk, and stood up. She was beautiful, I’ll give her that much; long wavy locks that were full of volume like the color of dark chocolate and mahogany, mixed and naturally highlighted. Her eyes were a lush green forest set on fire. Those sultry lips were begging to be kissed, yet betrayed no such desire. She was a small framed girl, possibly eighteen, perhaps younger.

My heavy boots thumped against the wooden floor boards of my apartment, as I paced around her chair. I had left only one floor lamp on because my eyes were sensitive to the light. But I could see her just fine in the darkness. She would be the one who would be visually impaired if the lights went out.

Her heart was racing, pounding and beating louder, working extra hard to pump the blood and make it circulate through her body. If I closed my eyes, I could almost visualize the process in my head. Thick crimson liquid travelling through veins and main arteries; her diaphragm and lungs expanding, inhaling and exhaling. I was suddenly in tune with every cell, molecule, and nerve.

“What are you doing?” she questioned, as I leaned forward and reached into her red handbag that was hanging on the corner of the chair.

“Looking for your identification.”

“You could just ask me.”

“And you could easily lie. I told you, I can’t compel you.” I shuffled through her wallet and found her driver’s licence. “Valentina Skye, interesting name.” She was twenty one years old.

“You haven’t told me yours, and you still haven’t explained this compelling business?”

“It’s not necessary for you to know who I am,” I replied with a subtle smirk. Returning the wallet back inside her bag, I stepped back and wasn’t quite sure what to do with her.

“So, are you Irish, British?”

“Enough with the questions. Stop talking.”

“Or what, you’ll kill me? Go ahead. I was already planning my suicide tonight.”

At first I didn’t take her seriously, but when I saw that grim look on her face, I could tell she was being sincere.

“I have no body left anymore. My mother died when I was born. My grandmother took me in and cared for me, but then she died five years later. I was put into the foster care system ever since—got out at eighteen, been trying to hold down a shitty waitressing job and save up for school. But what’s the point, you know? Society enslaves you. We’re all just stuck in the system.”

I watched her intently, tears streaking down her face.

“I agree.”

She looked at me, as if she were surprised that I would approve and share the same convictions. Without thinking, my thumb moved across her cheek, wiping away the crystal tear. I wasn’t sure why I did it. When she fixed her eyes on me, I couldn’t look away.

“It really doesn’t matter if I live or die. So please, if you’re going to kill me, just do it now and put me out of my misery. You’d be doing me a kindness.”

I had encountered many humans throughout my existence, many of which I had savagely murdered in cold blood. But never had I come across a girl that was begging me for death.

In a split decision, I loosened the ropes that had bound her in the chair, and stepped back.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m not your angel of death.”

“Then what are you?” she stood up cautiously. “I know you’re not human.”

“Go home. Forget what you saw tonight.”

“Your face… it changed. Your eyes…”

“I’m the very thing that goes bump in the night. The big bad wolf, happy?” I kept my tone serious and my expression more so. “Now, I suggest you leave while you still can.”

My hunger was bloody maddening. Pun intended.

“I’m not afraid of you.”

Stroppy little girl, I thought, appearing in front of her within a blink of an eye.

“How did you do that?” she gasped, looking startled and scared.

“You should be afraid,” my voice was rough and raspy. I was hungry and aroused. It was not a good combination.

“There’s blood all over your shirt. You’re wounded.”

“I’ve healed.”

“Show me.”

How was I ever going to make this girl leave if I couldn’t even compel her to go? I pulled up my shirt and showed her my abdomen where I had taken the stab wound. “See?”

“H… how is that possible?”

“Again with the questions,” I sighed in frustration and pulled on her wrist, practically dragging her to my front door.

“Wait, please!” she yanked her hand back, only because I released her wrist. Clearly she was outmatched in strength.

“I want to be what you are.”

“Not possible.” I reached for the door, but she stepped in front of me.

“Make me what you are or kill me. I have no place to sleep tonight. I’m getting evicted by tomorrow. I have nothing and no one to live for.”

I cursed under my breath. Why did I even leave my apartment this evening? “That’s not my problem,” I stated, opening the door and waiting for her to leave. “I’m not a good person. Trust me when I say that. Now, leave.”

Her eyes were sombre, and she said nothing, as she stepped out and walked down the checker board corridor. Just as she turned to look back at me, I closed the door shut.



Five minutes went by, fifteen minutes, thirty… and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw on my jacket, left my flat, and went after her. There were traces of her perfume in the air, and I followed her scent to her address, even though I had memorized it when I glanced at her driver’s licence earlier. It didn’t take me very long to get to her apartment. It was an old building. I could smell the strong scent of spilled blood. Taking a flight of stairs up the fire exit, I went through her living room window and basically trespassed my way in. She lived in a tiny flat; a one bedroom, run down place with chipping beige paint on the walls and retro looking furniture.

There was music echoing from the bathroom, and as I approached, I could see flickering flames on melting candles, creating shadows that danced upon the walls. Something felt off, and my instincts proved right once I stepped inside, panic filling my lungs. I wasn’t afraid because of the grotesque discovery, I was scared because there was so much blood in the bathtub. I was fighting against my nature to stop myself from transforming into the demon that I was. But red and black spider veins began to spread around my cheek bones, and my eyes were transitioning from grey to gold.

Valentina!” I yelled, pulling her out of the blood bath and carrying her naked body in my arms. She had slit her wrists with a razor and was still bleeding out.

No, no, no! I had to think fast, so I bit into my wrist until I punctured my skin, forcing her to drink my blood. I feared the worst, but within seconds, the wounds on her wrists started closing, and the bleeding had stopped. Unfortunately, she had lost a lot of blood and couldn’t stop drinking from me.

The last time I let a woman consume my blood was ages ago. For a vampire, blood sharing was a very erotic and pleasurable experience. It was hard to keep a clear head when all I could feel was this dark arousal that made me groan in pleasure. Her life was literally in my hands. I walked into her bedroom and placed her down on the bed.

“That’s enough,” I finally pulled my wrist away, as the puncture wounds immediately healed.

She was completely naked, and I stole a few glances of her beautiful body before I yanked on a towel that was hanging on her door. I wrapped it around her.

For fuck’s sake, this music was so depressing. I switched it off and returned to her room to find her sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I interrogated, pacing around in distress.

“I told you, I was planning on ending it tonight.”

“Yeah, well you nearly bloody well succeeded!” I was getting angry. If I wasn’t careful, I would lose control.

“Why are you even mad?” she shouted back. “You had no problem kicking me out while I was practically desperate!”

“You don’t just bloody give up on life when things go wrong! Do you understand me!? Don’t you ever, ever do this again!” I blasted her so loudly that she jumped.

Valentina began to cry, and I felt like an arse.

“Get dressed.”

The girl stared at me with this blank expression.

“Are you hard of hearing? Get your clothes on!”

I wasn’t sure if it was my dominant personality that made her obey, or the fact that I yelled at her like some lunatic to completely freak her into complying.



He was the most attractive looking man I had ever met in my life, except he wasn’t a man, not entirely. A vampire, that’s what he was. I had finally figured it out. And here I thought those beings only existed in books and movies. I wasn’t sure why he saved my life again. Perhaps he was a vampire with a conscience?

He was quiet all throughout the car ride back to his apartment, and still remained silent once we got inside. I watched him take off his black leather trench coat, hanging it over the leather sofa. He was tall—must’ve been at least 6’3, muscular frame, with a head full of thick black hair that was slicked back. His square jaw was chiselled and defined, and his eyes were an ashy grey color. His skin wasn’t very pale. There was something very dark and alluring about him, and I felt this undeniable pull that made me want to gravitate towards his body. I had no idea why, but it was driving me insane; this tormenting need for contact.

This stranger’s apartment looked more like a huge warehouse than anything. I liked the ridiculously high ceilings. His place wasn’t luxuriously furnished. In fact, the only furniture he had was a black leather sofa, a glass coffee table, floor lamps, and a 70 inch television mounted on the brown brick wall. There was no art work, no picture frames, but he did have a tiny little table in the kitchen with two chairs. The same chair I was tied up in not too long ago. The windows were painted black, which I guess was a cheaper substitute instead of properly covering them with curtains or blinds.

“You can sleep in my bedroom,” he finally spoke. His voice was so deep and familiar. I couldn’t explain it, but I felt like I had heard that voice before… somewhere.

“Just go up those stairs.”

I turned around and noticed a winding, iron staircase that led to the second floor. It wasn’t a traditional upper level. His bedroom was visible from down below because it only had three walls. I didn’t want to sleep in his bed. Instead, I stood there looking confused.

“Are you alright?”

“I feel weird.” I held out my hand against the wall to balance myself since I was getting dizzy.

“You’ll be fine by the time you wake up,” he replied, appearing by my side.

“Why do you I want to kiss you?”

Why did I even say that out loud?

“You don’t. It’s because you drank my blood. It leaves you with these side effects. It’ll wear off by the morning.” He took off his bloodied shirt and threw it on the sofa. “Go—sleep.”

I turned around, but then stopped and faced him again. “Can’t you at least give me some sort of name to call you by?”

He stared at me for what seemed to be forever, and then finally said, “Axel.”

“Is that your real name?”

“To bed, Valentina,” he ignored my question and shot me a stern look.

Axel, I had never heard a name like that before. It was very unique, just like him. He had a hint of an accent when he spoke. I couldn’t tell if it was English or Irish, but it was hot.



I was up on the roof of my apartment, smoking a cigarette and sitting on the edge. I bent my knee up and let my other leg dangle along the ledge. New York City was a cesspool of corruption. It was basically a demon breeding ground, and I was the reason for its existence. I wasn’t sure why I couldn’t compel the girl. I was on my way to do my usual rounds of vampire hunting, when I encountered Valentina in an alleyway. She was about to get raped and killed by a vampire, so I killed the bastard. When I tried to compel her to forget and head straight home, it didn’t work. She didn’t fall under the hypnotism of my influence. I was not able to psychically manipulate her mind. I brought her back to my place to try and discover the reason, but after an hour of researching, I was not able to find anything. So, I released her… and she almost killed herself. Now that I had her back in my custody, I had no idea what to do with her. Mentally, she was in no condition to be on her own. That much was clear. But I couldn’t keep her with me. I didn’t interact with humans, let alone made friends with them.

“Let the girl go.”

Great, what a perfect way to end the night, I bitterly thought, as I put out my fag and kept staring out at the city. I knew who that voice belonged to. The same voice I despised with all my being, the same voice that had won the affections of my beautiful Violet. Half man, half angel; my arch nemesis and sworn enemy for life. And yet, I was the villain in his eyes and the eyes of all.

“Magnificent night, isn’t it, Micah?” I remained stationery, refusing to look upon my adversary.

“This is the only warning I’m giving you.”

That pompous arse!

“Since when do I listen to your orders?”

“You know who gives them.”

“Ah, yes. The unknown deity who lives in the heavens. Deliver a message for me next time you see the old bastard, tell him to fuck himself.”

“How dare you mock our Creator.”

“You’re not in heaven, mate. Welcome to my world.” I stood up on the ledge and turned around to face him, raising my arms dramatically. “Welcome to Hell.” My smile was sarcastic. “You should know the way I operate by now, Micah. You tell me one thing, and I’ll do the exact opposite. Isn’t that how it’s always been?”

There had always been bad blood between him and me. Micah was the reason why Violet died. We only had one thing in common that bonded us; we both loved the same woman.

“I can’t tell you why, but you need to stay away from her,” he warned.

“Tell you what, old friend,” I stepped down and sauntered over to him. “I’ll decide when and if I tire of her company or not. Now, do me a favor and go to Hell.”

“We both know that place is reserved just for you.”

“Well, then I guess I’ll be reuniting with our dearest Violet, since technically that’s where she is, right? God condemns all suicides to the eternal pits of fire, correct?”

Micah was silent.

“If you truly loved her, you would’ve dragged yourself down there and saved her soul! How can you ever say that you loved her!?”

“I cannot defy the order of the Creator.”

“You don’t know what love is!” I shouted, grabbing him by the collar, “and you call yourself an angel? Your heaven is flawed! I’d rather burn in flames with the love of my life than to spend a second beyond those pearly white gates.”

“I loved her just as much, and I still do! If I could change her fate, I would.”

“You could! But you refuse to!”

My livid rage was getting the best of me.

“Because it’s against—”

“Just shut the fuck up, Micah. I don’t want to hear it.”

If I could’ve killed the bastard, I would’ve. But I couldn’t. He was immortal, just like myself. Unlike me, he could travel many realms. He was a heavenly being, and I was Hell spawn. Micah was eternally blessed, and I was eternally cursed.

“Theo, you have to listen to me.”


“I loved her enough to break my vows to The Order. When Violet killed herself, I took her soul to the realm of reincarnation. She committed suicide because of us. She didn’t want to choose between us, she loved us both. We are responsible for her death. I couldn’t allow her to spend eternity in Hell, so I defied the will of our Creator and spared her. Taking her to that realm set forth a prophecy. She would be reincarnated again three centuries later… as Valentina Skye. Now, here’s the loophole, the divine Creator had already generated a soul that was waiting to be connected to its host. Valentina Skye is no ordinary girl, she is hosting two souls within her body; her soul, and Violet’s. She has a condition which many would consider as, dissociative personality disorder.”

None of this was making sense. It was too much information at once.

“I don’t understand.”

“Violet lives inside Valentina. I have been watching over her all her life.”

“Yeah? Then where the fuck were you tonight when she was about to end it?”

“I knew you would rescue her.”

“None of this makes sense.”

“It’s a lot to take in, I know. I didn’t want to tell you because of the prophecy.”

“What prophecy?” I asked.

“If we ever entered her life again, she would meet an ill fate.”

I wasn’t buying what he was saying. Violet was dead. Her soul was trapped in some sort of purgatory, and the only way I was ever going to get there was if I killed my entire race. I wanted to die and get a one way ticket to Hell. All these centuries, I had been spending my life doing exactly that; killing vampires and werewolves. Now he was telling me that her soul was never in Hell to begin with? I wanted to murder him.

“You sly bastard. You kept it from me because you wanted her all to yourself. How convenient for you. I’d end up in Hell and you would get your happy ending.” I wanted to rip him to shreds.

“That’s not true,” Micah protested. “I told you that neither of us could be in her life.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Let her go, Theo. You can’t be with her. We were never meant to be with her. Violet deserves a second chance. Let her have it, without us ruining her happiness.”

“This is all nonsense you’re feeding me.”

No, I refused to believe him. There must have been another reason why he wanted me to stay away from the girl. “Out of my way, oh heavenly one,” I mocked, pushing past him.

“If you really love her, let her go.”

I didn’t stick around to watch him spread his big white wings and fly away. Instead, I headed back down into my apartment and tried to come to some sort of rational conclusion about that conversation I had on the roof. Was it possible that all he said was true? Was my beloved Violet truly hiding somewhere inside that young woman? I had to know. I had to discover if there was any truth in his words.



I woke up the next day to the sound of the rain hitting the window panes. My body ached and still felt exhausted, but I didn’t want to oversleep. It was almost eleven when I checked my cellphone. Last night felt like a hazy dream. I quickly slid on my blue skinny jeans, white vest top, and black combat boots, before I went down the winding staircase.

“Axel?” I called out to him, but he didn’t respond. He must have gone out.

I couldn’t make sense of last night’s events. None of it. I was always fascinated by supernatural creatures, but to find out that they actually existed… it was beyond a shock. I wasn’t afraid though. There were far worse things in the world to be afraid of; like failing at life, which I had successfully accomplished.

My tummy was grumbling, indicating that I was starving. So, I opened the old refrigerator to see if the vampire had any food. And much to my surprise, all he had was bottles of… blood?

Well, I guess I won’t be eating anytime soon, I said to myself, strolling back into the living room. Natural day light would’ve been pouring in, if he hadn’t painted over the windows. But there were still a few cracks of light here and there. I could hear thunder in the distance, which frightened me. I was always scared of thunderstorms and instantly felt this sudden panic leap inside me.

His apartment looked so empty. Luckily, I noticed an iPod dock on his desk in the living room, so I docked my iPhone and played a track that usually calmed me down during panic mode; Stumbleine, The Beat That My Heart Skips. I turned up the volume so that it drowned out the crashing noise of the thunder.

Afterwards, I made my way into the bathroom to wash my face. Inspecting my wrists, I could find no traces of the cuts I had inflicted upon myself. No scars, nothing. He saved my life twice, and I had no idea why. Would I ever see him again after today? Where would I go? I had no body.


Axel’s voice echoed from the living room. He must’ve arrived. In haste, I dried my hands with a towel and walked out of the bathroom. He was holding a brow bag full of groceries.

“I thought vampires burned in the sunlight.”

“I’m not entirely vampire.” He set the bags down on the counter and looked at me with those wild grey eyes. I don’t think I ever believed in love at first sight, until I set eyes on him.

“Then why paint your windows black?”

“More privacy,” he casually responded. “What is that music?”

“It was too quiet in here, so I thought I’d liven up the atmosphere a bit.”

I didn’t want to admit my embarrassing little phobia.

“I got you some breakfast. You must be famished.”

“Yeah, I am a little hungry.”

Axel wasn’t the typical vampire the media usually portrayed. I mean, he was dressed completely normal. Nothing gothic about his wardrobe, no piercings, just a black V neck shirt, dark denim jeans, and the same black boots he wore yesterday. If I saw him out on the streets, I never would’ve guessed he was anything but human.

My feet led me towards him in the kitchen. All I could feel was this insane attraction between us. He said those feelings I had, the desire to kiss him would ware off, but it was still there. I felt like I was in heat. My nipples were hard, my panties were getting wet, and I kept having flashes of us having sex. Skin on skin, naked flesh.

“I got you some cereal,” he said, taking the groceries out of the paper bags.

“Thank you for saving my life… twice.” I wrapped my arms around him from behind and hugged him gently. I wasn’t sure why I did this, but his body felt unbelievably warm.

Axel tensed up and stopped what he was doing.

“Why are you hugging me?”

“I don’t know,” I expressed with sadness in my voice. His body felt familiar for some reason, and I didn’t want to let go.

We both remained silent for what seemed like the longest time ever, as the music just reverberated around us. Axel slowly twisted his torso around and cupped my face in his hands. I was taken by his gesture. His eyes were so intense, yet tired and pained at the same time. He couldn’t have been more than twenty eight. I wanted him to kiss me so badly.

Why? Why do I have this desire? I wondered.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked, softening his voice to a more gentle tone.

I didn’t know what to say. I had only just met him. He never showed this side of his personality last night; he came off very cold and aloof, as if he didn’t possess such a wide emotional spectrum.

“Please tell me you’re in there.” Axel switched glances from my eyes to my lips, as I reached for his waist. What was happening?

“I can hear your heart beat,” he whispered, staring into me with his penetrating gaze. I was frozen and couldn’t move.

“Maybe if I…” he brought his lips closer to mine, “you’ll remember me…” Uncertain at first, he eventually pressed his eager lips against my mouth and kissed me.

My hands were trembling. I gripped the bottom edges of his shirt and surrendered to the feelings that were overpowering me. Something was waking up inside. Something I always tried to push back.

Oh no. It’s happening again, I thought in panic. Not now, why now? I screamed in my head.

His kiss sent me freefalling, plummeting in the middle of the earth before it opened up and sucked me into a dark dimension. My legs began to weaken and then everything faded to black.


The Hybrid carefully withdrew from Valentina’s sensuous lips, desperately searching her eyes.


He stared at her in disbelief, afraid to believe that even for a second he was truly reunited with his love. He had never shared his first name with Valentina. There was no way she could’ve known, unless she went through his journal.

“You found me,” she uttered with emotion, tears filling her eyes.

“I don’t believe that it’s you,” Theo shook his head, backing away. “It can’t be.”

“I’ve been waiting for you to find me, Theo,” she took a step forward. “And you have.”

“This isn’t funny, Valentina.”

“I’m not Valentina.” She took his hand and placed it on her chest before saying, “I love you, Violet, forever. Your Name is burned inside my heart. Even if I wanted to erase it, I never could. The scar would always remain.”

He was staring at her, wide eyed, in shock.

“Do you remember those words?” she asked. “I haven’t forgotten.”

“I never stopped loving you.” He rushed forward and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her long and deeply before he took her upstairs to his bedroom. They both stripped out of their clothing and landed on the bed, coupling together beneath the sheets. The star-crossed lovers consummated their union and made love, after centuries of being torn apart.


Valentina felt like she was trapped inside of herself. Someone else had taken over her. It was complete body possession. She was an onlooker, watching everything transpire from the sidelines. Her hands had taken a sheer will of their own, as they moved down Theo’s back. He gave her slow penetration, filling her to the hilt, making her insides erupt with pleasure with every sigh and moan. The way he was making love to her made Valentina feel so desired. He wasn’t fucking her. He was consuming her.

The last boyfriend she was with, left her feeling so used and heartbroken. But this supernatural being was taking her to a place she had never been before.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

It was her voice that annunciated those words, but Valentina did not think them. Someone else was controlling her brain, body, thoughts, and feelings. What she believed to be her alter, was someone the Hybrid recognized.

He kissed her hard and passionately, closing his hands over hers, as he pinned them up over her head. His length was long and thick, stretching her insides, as he continued to thrust and give her an unimaginable amount of pleasure. Theo’s arms and chest was covered in dark tattoos. They looked like markings and inscriptions that Valentina could not decipher, but his body was attractive, covered in taut, hardened muscle.

“Don’t leave me again,” he breathed in her ear, kissing her throat and jaw with a burning desire.

“I won’t, Theo. I won’t ever leave you, my love,” Valentina automatically responded. It was like she was under a hypnosis. She watched her arms snake around his neck. She couldn’t understand why her alter was calling him Theo. Last night he had told her his name was Axel. She concluded that he had lied. Even though it was her body he was worshipping, she felt like a stranger that had walked in on a steamy sex scene between two people. She wanted to leave. She didn’t want to feel the pleasure, or see the heartwarming love in his eyes. They weren’t directed at her. This entire experience was being shared with someone else. Someone that lived inside of her.

He took her in the missionary position until her body was numb from euphoric sensation. Theo kept slamming into her cervix until he groaned his release. Valentina felt her fingernails digging into his back, as she cried out, screaming a feral moan.

The room suddenly became blurry, and she blacked out.



I woke up to a blast of white light, as I lay on my side in a big white bed. The temperature was warm, and it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the sunlight in the room, because I had been kept captive in darkness for what seemed like forever. I could hear the sound of the ocean crashing upon the shore. I was under some sort of bungalow that had no walls, just columns covered in sheer white fabric that danced in the wind. Where was this place? I could smell the fragrant scent of jasmine and roses. Some peacocks walked by in the distance, and they were breathtakingly beautiful. I felt as if I had woken up inside of a live painting that was created by an incredibly talented artist. Every brush stroke of water color was indescribable as it materialized to something solid. A real landscape. This place was surreal. Had I died and gone to Heaven?

I could hear music echoing around me. It was the most beautiful melody I had heard in my life. A string quartet of violins, a bass drum, cello, harmonized harps… it was soul riveting.

When I rolled over, I nearly had a heart attack because I wasn’t alone.

“Hello, Valentina.”

Someone had been lying next to me all this time. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He looked unreal, flawless in his facial features; symmetrically arched eyebrows, square jaw, clean shaven, smooth skin. His eyes were a brilliant emerald, submerged under a deep aquatic ocean. The bridge of his nose was straight and attractive. His hair was a light, caramel brown that was cut short, spiked, and faded. The color of his skin was a light, dusty tan. His chest was smooth, revealing no scars, birth marks, or blemishes. He had a muscular frame and I instantly felt attraction. My eyes had fallen in love with this stranger. How was this possible?

Where am I? How did I end up here? I wondered.

“what… who… who are you?” I gathered the white sheets around me, realizing that I was completely naked.

“Don’t be afraid of me,” he reached for my arm. “I won’t hurt you.”

I looked down at his wrist and noticed a silver cuff, clasped around it. It had an intricate design, and oddly enough, I felt relaxed as soon as he touched me.

“Where am I? Who are you?”

“My name is Micah,” he replied, offering a gentle smile that warmed my heart and eased my anxiety. “Forgive me for entering your dreams without permission, Valentina.”

How does he know my name? This must be all part of my imagination, I thought.

“It’s not. I brought us here.”

“Did you just…”

“Read your thoughts? Yes.”

Okay, I was officially freaked out.

“This place resembles my home.”

“You live by the ocean?

“Not exactly,” he answered. “More like another dimension.”

“And what dimension is that?” I shifted against a pillow, feeling uncomfortable that my naked back was exposed. But then suddenly, I was fully clothed, wearing a white spaghetti strap sundress.

“You don’t have to be ashamed of your nakedness here, Valentina. I’m sorry for being inconsiderate and not clothing you sooner. Sin doesn’t exist where I live.”

I slowly lowered the sheets and stared at him. He was laying on his side with his head in his hand, looking completely relaxed.

“I don’t understand any of this.”

“If I told you what I am, you wouldn’t believe me,” answered Micah.

“I’m already having a hard enough time believing the past 48 hours of my life,” I replied.

“I warned him to stay away,” he frowned. “It was wrong of him to use your body to connect with her.”

Connect with her? Did he know about…

“The second soul inside of you has a name.”

Again, he was answering questions for me before I could even ask them.

“Her name is Violet Annabelle Spencer, the long lost love of the man you know as, Axel.”

“Is that even his real name?”

Micah nodded. “Theodore Axel Knight.”

“Am I still in bed with him?” I nervously asked.

“Technically, yes. This was the only way I could reach you.”

I brushed my hair back behind my ear and hugged my knees to my chest. “Why have you tried to contact me?”

“To warn you,” he pushed his weight up on his elbow and sat upright. “You need to stay away from him.”


“You will die if you don’t.”

A death sentence? That was all?

“I’m not afraid of death. I almost died last night.”

“I know,” Micah looked upset. “I saw it. How could you waste the precious life that the Lord has given you? Don’t you value it, Valentina? Don’t you recognize your gifts?”

“What gifts?” I scoffed. “I have no one. I’m not special. I hate this world.”

He reached for my hand and held it. “You are never alone. Never.”

For some reason, I felt like crying. Loneliness was all I felt in life. The music suddenly transitioned to something melancholy and sad.

“Your emotions are influencing the harmonies around you.”


I couldn’t believe it.

“You don’t have to feel sad here, Valentina. I’m with you. I’ve always been with you.”

There was a lump at the back of my throat, as I began to tear up.

“I wanted to save you last night, but I couldn’t. I’ve already broken too many rules.”

“What do you mean? I still don’t’ understand,” I sniffled, pushing back my tears.

We locked eyes for a moment, as he came closer to me and placed both palms down on the bed. “Again, don’t be afraid.” Micah lowered his head, and I waited.

The music kept building to an emotional climax, and I wasn’t sure if it was caused by my heart, because it felt like it was climaxing to the peak of its emotional capacity. Every piano echoing piano key pulled at my heart strings.

There was a loud swoosh, as I suddenly watched two white wings, spread out behind Micah’s back. My mouth dropped in shock. I was mesmerized, staring at his elegant wings that were spread like an eagle. They were ginormous, and he raised them high, flapping them once while long white feathers floated all around me. I could no longer hold back my tears. I had witnessed a miracle. I was in the presence of a divine being, and all I could do was cry.

Micah squeezed my hand and oddly enough, it calmed my erratic heartbeat. I was in shock, panic, and wonderment. The feelings were overwhelming.

“You… you’re an angel,” my voice cracked.

He stayed silent, but the look in his turquoise eyes affirmed my answer.

I felt a sudden calmness inside, like all my sadness was fading away.

“Are you controlling my feelings?”

“I’m calming you down because there is no need to be frightened or sad,” he expressed with sincerity. “I would never hurt you.”

“I’m confused, Micah.”

“I know. I can show you the truth, Valentina.” He caressed my cheek and in that moment, I felt like I could trust him completely. It was the strangest feeling.

“Why do I feel like I can trust you?”

“Because deep down you know you can.”

“Are you my guardian angel?”

“Something like that,” he smirked.

“Why are you so beautiful?” I asked, touching face. I had to know if he was real.

“That is something you can only ask our Creator.”

“Do you mean, God? Does he even exist?”

There were so many times that I questioned his existence. Usually during the toughest times of my life.

“Of course he does, Valentina. How else would I be able to be here with you?”

“This could all be in my mind. I’m pretty nuts if you didn’t know.”

He shook his head, but his smile never faded. “You’re not crazy. Your body has been a host to Violet’s soul because of me. It’s my fault that you’ve struggled so much. I feel responsible for you.”

Did he really know about all I had been through? Throughout my life I was labelled as a nut job, disassociating with myself frequently. The drugs the doctors gave me were the only thing that kept my alternate personality from emerging.

“If you stay with Theo, Violet will continue to possess you. Your medication will have no effect.”

My god, he really did know about me.

It will be harder for him to let you go, and he won’t, even if you decide to leave.”

“I can show you the truth, Valentina.”


He touched my face and rested a warm palm against my cheek.

“Close your eyes and trust me.”

And I did just that. Within seconds, my mind was flooded with images. Memories that were not mine. I was able to see Axel and a beautiful young woman. She had long brown hair, reaching past her waist, big hazel eyes, and was dressed in a Victorian lavender gown. They were sharing a lingering kiss under a willow tree. The tree was located on a lush green property that had a white columned mansion in the distance. She was gorgeous, and he looked completely in love with her. Axel’s clothing was different as well. He wore leather strap riding boots, a long charcoal frock coat with golden buttons, and a red silk vest underneath. His white shirt had a couple buttons undone at the collar.

“My sweet Violet, I am so in love with you,” he whispered in her ear.

“Always and forever,” she confessed, as a lovely shade of blush spread across her cheeks.

Just as quickly as that image appeared, it blurred and another memory was shown to me. Axel was dancing with the same ravishing woman in a grand ballroom. She had a long hoop skirt gown that was made out of baby blue satin. Her hair was done up in elegant curls, overlapping each other. The orchestral music echoed in my ears, as I watched them dance a waltz together.

Micah kept showing me the time line of their relationship, all the way to the memory where Axel entered Violet’s bedroom one evening. He found her lying dead in crimson bath water, soaked in her own blood. She had slashed her wrists with a blade and killed herself. I watched him frantically pull her out of the bath tub, desperate to revive her. His face transformed to the demon within, as he punctured his wrist and attempted to feed her his blood. But it was too late. She wasn’t coming back. He held her in his arms and howled in pain, crying and cursing God.

I gasped for air, sitting straight up. My heart was beating so fast, and I had broken a sweat. I was no longer in that white room with the mysterious angel next to me. I was back in Axel’s bed, naked.

“Violet, are you alright?” He sat up and rubbed my back, as I covered my naked breasts with the duvet.

I calmed my breathing down and just listened to the rain and thunder outside. It was soothing.

“Love? Talk to me.” He pulled me into his arms and held me close. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t who he thought I was, but his embrace felt so warm and inviting.

“You had a nightmare,” he kissed my head lovingly. “I’m here with you, my sweet. I won’t leave you. Not ever.”

“Axel,” I uttered with uncertainty and felt his body tense up.

Oh no…

“You never call me by my middle name,” he grabbed my shoulders and withdrew, staring into my eyes in confusion.

“I… I…”

I felt so exposed all of a sudden. His grey eyes were intense and intimidating. He was desperately searching for her inside of me, and I think he realized that I wasn’t the same person he had been making love to. I watched the window to his soul close up on me in slow motion.

“Bring her back!” he shouted, shaking me aggressively. “Bring her back to me!” He was gripping my arms so tightly that it was starting to hurt. I was scared now, afraid that he would hurt me.

“I can’t!” I cried out.

Axel pushed me down and rolled on top of me. I was almost crushed beneath his body, as he kissed me hard and then pulled back. “Violet, come on! I know you can hear me!” he kissed me again like a madman trying to revive a dying lover. His methods of resuscitation wouldn’t work.

“Stop, please!”

But he didn’t listen. He kept kissing me, and kissing me, hoping that his lips would be the magic charm that would pull his one true love out of the dark prison in my mind; a cell that Violet and I shared all my life.

“Come on, love. Please, please!” he kept begging.

I started to cry, as fresh hot tears fell down my cheeks. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

I couldn’t understand why I was apologizing. Technically, this man had sex with me against my own will. It wasn’t as if I gave my consent, Violet gave it for me. But I didn’t feel violated. I felt her emotions all throughout the experience. It was like we were divided and united in a way that I couldn’t describe.

He stared at me one last time with this serious look on his face. I guess it finally dawned on him that I wasn’t going anywhere, and the woman he loved was not returning.

I felt his body lift off of me, allowing me to breathe again. He pulled on his trousers and disappeared down the winding staircase.

I got out of bed and quickly put on my vest top and panties, following behind him,

Axel was standing by the window. The square glass panels looked like they were painted black in a mosaic style. Some of the daylight still shined through, wherever the paint had chipped.

He was silent, refusing to turn around and face me. For some reason, I yearned to touch him and comfort him.

“Axel,” I reached for his waist, but as soon as my fingers touched his skin, he immediately twisted around at an inhuman speed.

“Don’t touch me!” He growled, staring me down with a horrendous new face. His eyes were no longer that alluring, grey marble. They were black and gold with dark spider veins growing around his cheekbones. I was frightened and wanted to scream, but I couldn’t.



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