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Blind My Eyes- Chapter 3

Blind My Eyes- Chapter 3

How it all began...



Before there were any supernatural beings on earth, there existed only the Creator and his legion of angels. Lucifer was above all other angels in heaven. His appearance was beautiful and striking. He embodied perfection and radiated light and glory. He was the chief commander and worked in the throne room of God.

One day, God had a private meeting with his son, and Lucifer was not included. Overcome with anger and jealousy, he began a campaign to prove to every angel that he was above their Creator. He became proud of his wisdom and all the glory that God had blessed him with. Gradually, over one third of the angels in Heaven chose to ally themselves with Lucifer instead of worshiping God. The divine Creator made tireless efforts to make his beloved angel see the error in his ways and repent. And although Lucifer almost surrendered, he would not let go of his pride and humble himself. He was too proud to admit that he was wrong.

Through time, Lucifer became entrenched in his arrogance and consumed with egotistic pride. God could no longer influence him. With a heavy heart, he stripped Lucifer of his honorable rank and banished him out of the gates of Heaven along with the angels that chose to follow him. They were exiled forever.

No longer was he the most treasured angel of God, but was given a new name; Satan. Consumed with hate and a viscous vendetta, he vowed to destroy and corrupt all that his maker had created. Lucifer walked the earth, unrecognizable, untraceable, and masterfully deceptive. He swore that one day, the human race would worship him instead of the divine Creator. He vowed to exalt his throne beyond Heaven.

Meticulously, he began to weave a web of manipulated lies, so that he could corrupt mankind and collect as many souls before dragging them to Hell with him. Politicians would become pawns on his chessboard, and Lucifer would be the iron fist that would move them to wherever he pleased.

He waged war with God and was confident that civilization would fail to prevail with goodness. People would slowly begin to believe that Satan was their “lord and savior,” and he planned to enforce this trickery through an evil agenda that would transition societies and advance them so far to a new age; a new world order. A one world government, speaking one universal language, and practicing one faith; Satanism. Science would dominate religion, and the name of the Father who was creator of all things, would fade from the hearts of humanity.

Lucifer always knew that he was the most beautiful angel in Heaven. He became the prince of the air, seductive in all aspects, and his beauty became so deceptive. His wicked ways led him astray from God’s glorious path for him. His maker had given freewill to all his beloved beings, and his only desire was to be loved in return, and see the purity of that emotion grow between all his creations. If he forced it and programmed it within the nature of angels and humankind, how would that love have been real? That is why he offered a choice and did not stop any angel who wished to join Lucifer.

These angels that departed Heaven became well known as “demons.” Their wings were no longer white, but black, and they no longer resided in their Creator’s paradise, but within the fiery pits of Hell where Satan had created his kingdom. Lucifer believed that God was arrogant and selfish, demanding everything he had breathed life into, to worship him. When he refused to repent, his future became a dark one. He strongly believed that he could become his own god, and so he sought to enslave humanity by deceiving every living soul into thinking that God’s existence was non-existent, even if it meant tricking people into believing that the Devil was not real. At least he would be winning. He strived to become the God of the human world. He took immense delight in the destruction of humanity.

God did his best to show his humans how to walk on the road of righteousness and step into the light. He wanted his mortal children to believe that there was eternal life after death, and that they could reside within his garden of paradise forevermore. But Lucifer was smart and was good at manipulating people into believing that all the material things of this world were more important, even though nothing would last. God promised eternal life within the Kingdom of Heaven, while Satan spewed lies that would damn every sinner to Hell.

The Lord went as far as sacrificing his own son on the cross to die for the sins of humanity. But it wasn’t enough to gain devout faith and loyalty from his children. Once again, Lucifer was still misleading the people of the world. Everything about human nature repulsed him, and so he sought to destroy God’s cherished humans by persuading them to destroy each other.

Lucifer used several instruments to influence the masses. As time progressed and societies shifted to a more technological era, literature, media, music, and movies were predominantly utilized to condition people. Singers, celebrities, models, and actors became worldwide idols. Their faces plastered everywhere in the media, subliminally baring the mark of the beast, to glorify the name of Satan and mind control the population into a worldwide brainwash.

There was a point in time where people used to worship statues, “idolatry,” and even though God anointed many prophets to show people his existence and eternal love, Lucifer still fooled the flock of sheep and made the majority follow him instead of the Lord. What is the difference between idol worship in ancient history and idol worship at present? The only difference is that people used to worship statues, and now they worshipped people, plastering posters on their walls and placing these “idols” so high on a pedestal as if they were a god, when in reality they were just ordinary human beings.

Many a time, Satan’s followers asked him, “If you are like God now, where is your creation?”

And they were right to be skeptical. Lucifer had so much power on earth, and yet he possessed nothing of his own making, no children created in his image to embrace his laws and his way of life. He began to scheme and was on the precipice of producing a race that would be so powerful and so evolved that the human race would be a mockery in comparison. He wanted to show his demons that he could become his own God and generate his own civilization, just like God created Adam and Eve.

Satan believed that humanity was the lowest creation to ever exist, and so he assembled an army of night walkers that would feed only on human blood to satisfy their hunger. He created the Vampire; a new species that would possess the gifts of acute hearing, superior predatory speed, and psychic compulsion. This ability would allow any vampire to manipulate the human mind and bend it to their will. But most of all, Lucifer’s greatest gift to this new evolution of man, was eternal youth and immortality. A vampire would never age, and the only way they could be killed was by a stake through the heart.

When were these “mythological beings” created? During the Middle Ages in the 13 th century. Where? Transylvania, a historical region of modern day Romania. Lucifer entrusted one of his kings of Hell, the demon Bael, to ascend to earth in the disguise of a false prophet that would lead the Pagans to the Enlightened One, the Lord of the Light, the Light Barer… Lucifer. Of course, this was unbeknownst to the humans. They had many enemies that were invading their villages, killing their people with the sole purpose to eliminate Paganism.

When Bael finally arrived, he demonstrated a series of “miracles” to deceive the tribe and gain the trust of the people. They immediately believed he was their true prophet. With a war approaching, Bael preached to the masses, spreading a compassionate message that the Lord of the Light had not forsaken them. Through a short period of time, he deceived and brainwashed the Pagan priests to participate in a satanic blood sacrifice that would give them immortality and superior strength to fight against their enemies.

On the hour of which the earth was most vulnerable to demonic trespassing, six Pagan priests sacrificed the blood of the innocent on the sixth month of the sixth day in the year 1200. Following this sacrifice, they were instructed by their “prophet” to sacrifice themselves by forming a pentacle painted in the blood of their sacrifice. Once the pentacle was complete, the priests would then form a triangle outside and inside of the pentacle. They were to drink the sacrificial blood before pledging their allegiance to the Lord of the Light. The final step of the ritual was to slit their throats and trust in their god to bring them back to life. Bael promised them that they would be resurrected as immortals. The blood of the innocent would restore their physical appearance and rejuvenate their bodies. The Pagan people watched the old priests rise from the dead, just as Bael promised. They awoke thirty years younger, stronger, deadly, and immortal. The first six original vampires were created that night through demon magic. Lucifer had succeeded. Bael offered them with the first Satanic bible to ever be written and passed down on earth; the book of Illuminatos, The Enlightened Ones. The Pagan priests were not aware that they had made a deal with the Devil.

“You must walk in the darkness for nearly a century’s time, so that you may wipe out your enemies,” Bael warned. “But fear not, the Lord of the Light will bless you if you serve him well. You will not be a slave to the night forever.” He lied.

All six vampires knew what they had to do now, as their false prophet parted ways, never to return again. They peacefully gathered their followers in the village, and made them consume their blood before snapping their necks so that they could wake up immortal. Any human within the tribe that resisted and ran was captured and forced to meet their new fate. Child, mother, father… no one was spared. The Pagans successfully transitioned, except for the children. Their immune systems were too weak to handle the metamorphosing DNA. None of the families grieved over the loss of their dead offspring, because they no longer possessed a soul. Lucifer had full possession of that. The priests had sold their souls to the greatest evil without even realizing it.

Man was created in God’s image, and the vampires were created in the Devil’s. Everything wicked, deceptive, and darkly alluring personified the vampire race. Lucifer had not created his own civilization, he had only corrupted God’s creation. This was nothing to be proud of, and yet, all he could feel was a strong sense of pride because now he had the upper hand. Lucifer laughed in the face of his Creator for attaining such a feat. His demonic race of night walkers were expanding by the masses, raiding and pillaging villages, massacring innocent civilians by the thousands. He was truly pleased with himself.

Satan had an agenda for the gullible people of the world, but those plans came to a screeching halt when the humans discovered ways to fight back and kill the vampires. The strongest, most agile men and women across Europe were selected to become vampire slayers, pledging allegiance to their leader and making it their life’s purpose to killing off the blood suckers to extinction. But their efforts were fruitless. For every vampire they killed, another thousand would be turned. Too many people were dying, and the population of vampires were almost reaching half the human population. This was only within a time span of a year since their creation.

Meanwhile, God patiently watched. He always watched and saw everything. There was a loud discord in Heaven, as the angels protested and implored the Lord to allow them to intervene and help the humans. Archangel Gabriel often challenged his Creator and asked him why he would not destroy the vampires. He certainly had the power to do it, but God’s response was always that there was a “greater plan.” All of Lucifer’s actions were leading to the final step of that outcome that God had already foreseen. Gabriel begged for permission to descend to earth and even the playing field so that the people of the world would have a fighting chance. Lucifer had unleashed a holy war, and Gabriel could not stand back and watch the human race die at the fangs of these Hell demons. They were an abomination, a ridicule of God’s creation.

“Why are you allowing Lucifer to corrupt everything good that you have created? Please, father, please allow the Legion of Light to serve in your glorious honor and save all that you have worked hard to bless with the breath of life,” Gabriel once said.

And so the divine Lord, creator of all that was good and pure, allowed Archangel Gabriel to travel the realms and change one man’s stars forever; a man by the name of Ulrich Vaughn Godwyn. He was a valiant knight who served under an Anglo-Saxon monarch.

The year was 13 th century 1201, when Sir Godwyn lay bleeding on a frozen battlefield against French invasion. On the verge of reaching his final seconds of life, a majestic angel flew down from the sky and knelt at his side. On both arms he wore silver gauntlets, his chest was muscled to perfection, his skin smooth and flawless, and his black hair was sleek and shining. The beauty of this angel was out of this world, as was the physical appearance of all other angels. No human being could ever compare to their magnificent allure. The angel was clothed in a long white garment that was wrapped below his waist, and on his feet he wore black leather sandals that were strapped around his shin and calves. He stretched his big white wings inwards and placed a hand on Ulrich’s wounded forehead.

“Be still, Ulrich Vaughn Godwyn,” his voice soothed Ulrich’s soul with such harmony he had never known before. “You will soon find peace, I promise.” It was the angel Azrael that had spoken those words. He was the Archangel of death. He was ready to take the dying man’s soul to Heaven, when he stopped and sensed someone’s presence.

Once he turned around, he noticed a tall physique materializing in the distance. It was the Archangel Gabriel, and he wasn’t alone. A beautiful white wolf with glowing blue eyes was obediently trotting by his side. The snow beneath Ulrich’s body had turned crimson, as he profusely bled out. Azrael didn’t need to question Gabriel’s visit, he understood right away that Ulrich’s fate had altered within a blink of an eye because it was the will of the Lord.

“He won’t be dying today, my brother,” Gabriel said aloud, placing his hand on Azrael’s shoulder.

The angel of death kneeled down once more and looked into Ulrich’s fading grey eyes. “Your destiny has changed, brave one. You are a good man. You have served our Lord well, that is why he has chosen you. This is his blessing to you.”

Ulrich shivered in the freezing temperature, confused, half conscious, and uncertain if he was dead or alive. He muttered prayers as best he could, as his eyes darted from Azrael’s to Gabriel’s face. “My wife… my children…” he uttered in heaving breaths.

“You will return to them, Ulrich Godwyn,” Answered Gabriel.

“The Kingdom of Heaven awaits you,” said Azrael. “But it is not your time to go. Not yet. God has a plan for you.”

The winged angels gazed at him with kindness and compassion, while snowflakes fell from the sky and melted on Ulrich’s face. Time had slowed down, as soldiers rode on horseback, running through the battlefield and striking their enemies in slow motion.

“Bring the wolf,” Azrael requested, “He’s ready.” He reached out to touch the wolf’s head and then placed his other hand on Ulrich’s forehead, delivering his soul to the realm of reincarnation. Within seconds, the white wolf dropped to the ground with no heartbeat. And just as quick as his life force was drained, the wild animal was risen from the dead with Ulrich’s soul resurrected inside the beast.

Gabriel crouched down low and held the wolf’s face. He stared directly into its eyes and noticed that they were no longer blue, but grey. “You have a new mission now, gallant warrior. I trust you understand what was happened to you.”

Ulrich gave a little nod, wagging his tail. No longer was he scared or confused. God had given him all the clarity he needed to realize his greater purpose. He scurried away from the Archangels and disappeared through the blizzard. The very first Lycan had finally been born.

Within twenty four hours, Ulrich Godwyn’s army of hundreds were bit by a white wolf and transformed into shape shifting wolves by sun rise. The lycans expanded their pact through the coming months, and were actively hunting the vampires all across Europe.

Unlike their adversaries, lycans were able to walk in the sunlight, and their advantage was that their bite was deadly. They had full control over their shape shifting, transforming to a wolf whenever they pleased. Their life expectancy was the same as a human’s, and they could not attack or kill any person while in their beast form because God forbade it. Lycans could not be killed with silver bullets, nor were they cursed by the moon. Their sole purpose was to kill the vampire population.

Decades passed and the lycans kept hunting and killing vampires. Lucifer was not happy about this unexpected retaliation. Worried that his vampire race would soon die off, the Devil discovered a way to break free from his invisible spirit realm for one hour and cross over to the physical plane of the mortals. A prophecy was set in motion upon his arrival, 85 years post vampirism.

Lucifer had selected a young girl to mate with and impregnate. She was a sixteen year old virgin and was raised as an orphan. When her mother brought her to the world, she abandoned her baby on the concrete steps of a convent that was built on English soil. A group of nuns discovered the infant and decided to take her in. They named the child, Mary-Elize. She was hidden away within the sanctimonious walls of the convent ever since, until she turned sixteen.


It was a midsummer’s night when Lucifer entered Mary-Elize’s bedroom chamber. He was disguised as the handsome servant boy who worked in the kitchen, Thomas. She was in love with him. Through effortless seduction, he managed to seduce her and fornicate with her in sin. Unable to resist temptation, Mary-Elize succumbed to her carnal desires and lay with the Devil himself. Lucifer had accomplished his goal.

When Mary-Elize saw Thomas the next day, she wanted to reminisce over their passionate love making, but Thomas was confused, angry, and hurt. He felt a strong sense of betrayal and told her that it was not him she had surrendered her chastity to. No matter how hard she tried to explain what happened, he couldn’t believe her. Both young lovers were heartbroken and Mary-Elize was even more devastated when he rejected her love and called her a whore. Things only worsened when the young girl’s belly began to swell through the months. She did not understand what was happening to her, and when one of the nuns found out that she was with child, she was mercilessly thrown out and left to fend for herself. Mary-Elize was, alone, penniless and desperate.

She gave birth in the woods during a sweltering summer afternoon when she was walking back from the market. The poor girl was in labor for long hours, crying out in pain, but her cries of agony fell on deaf ears. She screamed and kept pushing until her baby was born. With tears in her eyes, Mary-Elize picked up her newborn son and cradled him in her arms. She found herself in the innocence of her newborn child, and it was then that she realized that he was worth all the suffering.

“You are the most beautiful baby to grace this world,” she wept. “I shall always love you forever and ever. You’re all that I have now.” Tears fell from her saddened eyes that were the color of alabaster grey.

The infant had stopped crying and miraculously opened its eyes, staring right through his mother. A calming sense of tranquility befell upon them as she softly spoke to him. “I was the loneliest soul in the world, but now I am no longer lonely… no longer…” Her breathing became shallow. “Alone.”

Unfortunately, his time with his mother was short lived, as Mary-Elize bled out and died holding her child in her arms.


A young girl was skipping in the woods with her older brother walking behind her. She was around the age of twelve and was humming a folk-song her father would always sing to her. They were returning home from the market, when they heard the wailing cries of a baby. Being curious by nature, she ran towards the echoing signals of distress.

“Jane, wait!” her brother cried out.

“I hear a baby! Run faster, John!” She followed the sound, striding past the green trees, as the soil kicked back beneath her boots.

The crying got louder and louder, until Jane stopped dead in her tracks. She was a lively little girl with doe-like eyes that were a soft green. Her flushed cheeks were sprinkled with freckles, and her face was framed with long curly locks that were the color of honey.

“Jane, I thought I told you not to…” John stood still, completely frozen as he tried to catch his breath.

“Look,” said Jane, pointing at the crying child. “It’s a baby,”

“The mother must’ve died during birth.” Her brother immediately dashed to the dead girl’s side and shut her eyes. He noticed that the baby was still connected to the umbilical cord. Having helped his mother through a pregnancy at home, John knew what he had to do. He quickly pulled out his pocket knife and cut the cord, separating the infant from his mother.

“It’s a boy,” he said, wrapping the red shawl that belonged to Mary-Elize, around the baby. “Hand me the basket, Jane.”

She did as her brother instructed, still shaken up after seeing a dead body for the first time.

John was about to place the baby inside, when he noticed a faded birthmark on his right forearm. It almost blended in with his skin color and looked like a triangle that was an inch in height.

“John, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He gently placed the infant in the basket. “We can’t just leave him out here, he will die.”

“What about his mum?” Jane asked.

“I can’t bury her, I don’t have a shovel. If we waste another minute out here, I’m afraid we might lose the baby. Let’s head home. Mother and father will know what to do with him.”

And so the two siblings headed back to their farm with the orphaned child, unaware that he was the product of the most unholy union. The little baby was fortunately adopted into the Knight family. He was officially given the name, Theodore Axel Knight.

As a child growing up, Theo developed a very close bond with his siblings and was incredibly loved by his parents. Two years after his adoption, the Knights were blessed with another child, a daughter named Abigail. Theo finally had someone he could play with through his primary stages of life. And the older he got, the more protective he was of Abby. She resembled their sister, Jane, but was more beautiful and had blue eyes.

James and Isobel Knight raised Theo as if he were truly one of their own. They kept the truth behind his birth a secret, thinking it was not necessary for him to know and dwell on sadness. His father was a farmer and very devout in his faith in the Lord. Despite Theo’s Christian upbringing, he never felt a true connection with God. He always felt out of place when it came to religion, but that didn’t take away from his loving, caring, and charming nature. The more he matured through adolescence, the more handsome he became. There was something about his presence that made every young woman swoon over him, including his sister Abigail. Of course, they were not blood related, but as soon as Abby turned sixteen, her dreams were sexual torture. She loved her older brother dearly, and was confused as to why she was feeling these subtle feelings of attraction towards him. She couldn’t understand it, but dared not cross any boundaries, as she was sure it was only a phase that would pass as quick as the changing seasons.

On Theo’s nineteenth birthday, he went horseback riding with Abigail one afternoon. When they returned, everyone inside their village had been massacred and their houses set on fire. They both feared the worst when they rushed home and found their parents and older siblings dead; their burning corpses left to hang on a tree.

Theo and Abigail were the sole survivors. His sister was absolutely devastated, but there was no time to grieve. He knew he had to get her to safety. Whoever the enemies were, had clear intent to kill everyone. And if there was any chance of them coming back, Theo did not want to risk it and stick around.

They rode on horseback for two nights straight, until they reached another village within the kingdom. Having no shelter, very little money and food to eat, Theo managed to secure a position as an ironsmith’s apprentice, and Abigail luckily found work at a local bakery. They no longer had the freedom that came with life on the farm, but at least they would make a living. All they could do was rely on each other.

The ironsmith that Theo was working for had no wife or children, so when he died within the following year, he left his entire property and possessions to his apprentice. By the grace of God, Abby and Theo finally had a place they could call home and were making ends meet with more ease. Regardless of the tragedy that occurred in their lives, they were thankful to be alive.

“What would I do without you, dear brother?” she would often say to him.

“You shall never have to find out, Abby.” Theo would kiss her on the forehead every time.

Through prayer, Abigail managed to work through her undisclosed feelings towards her brother, and discovered that the attraction she felt towards him would always be there in the back of her mind, but it wasn’t strong enough to override the genuine love she felt towards him as a sister. In her eyes, he was her hero and always would be. Their bond as siblings was much stronger than the shallow lust she felt at times.

“I shall see to it that you are well taken care of, Abby. You deserve to start a family of your own. As much as I hate the idea of giving you away, I know that I cannot be selfish and rob you of your right to marry. In my eyes, no man deserves you.”

“I could never dream of leaving you,” she would always remind him.

Seven years had passed, and eventually Theo did find someone who was deserving of her love, his best friend, Peter.

Prince Henry was a wretched young man who was a pathetic excuse for an heir. He was a drunkard and a womanizer, not to mention a royal embarrassment. At eighteen years of age, he did as he pleased, and his mother conveniently covered his debaucheries and wrong doings by paying people off. The prince had done an unspeakable evil that Theo could not forgive. He knew he would have to compartmentalize his burning desire to get even. He was going to murder the crown prince, and in order to successfully carry out his revenge, he would have to wait. Patiently wait.

For weeks Theo worked long and hard, forging steel into a spectacular sword. He planned to personally present it to Prince Henry during his inauguration to be king. Before going to the castle, he had arranged for his friend, Peter, to take Abigail away with him and marry her. They were to start fresh in another village the next morning. Theo promised Abigail that he would return, even though he knew he would never see her again. She had no idea about his plan to kill the prince. Regardless of Peter’s efforts to stop him from carrying out his vengeance, he had to take justice in his own hands.

When that day finally arrived, Theo traveled to the castle and delivered the jeweled sword to the prince himself. He took to one knee and held out the glistening weapon. “A sword fit for a king, your majesty.”

Prince Henry stood up from his throne, a smug smile touching his lips. His blonde hair was shining, and his regal cape was flowing behind him with every step. All the noble men and women of court were present and watching with curiosity. He approached his kneeling subject, and when he held out his jeweled hand to reach for the sword, Theo swiftly beheaded him with one clean thrash from the blade.

The Queen screamed. Her only son was murdered before her eyes. The crown prince was assassinated, and his assailant tried to escape, but failed. The King’s guards had immediately captured him.

Theo was thrown into a dungeon to be held for a public execution the following day. Despite his inevitable death sentence, he felt so gratified because at least he got the satisfaction of killing the evil bastard.

During the twilight hours of the night, a hooded woman entered the dungeon and killed all the guards. She then stole the keys and entered Theo’s holding cell.

“You must come with me,” she shared the same accent as him and started breaking his chains with super strength.

Theo was in shock and confusion. He could not understand what was happening.

“Who are you? How did you do that? You are merely a woman…”

“I am Seren Moncreef, a faithful follower of the secret brotherhood of Illuminatos. I’ve come to rescue you, my lord.”

Lord?” He frowned as she continued to break the shackles around his ankles. “Are you certain you have come to the aid of the right prisoner?” He looked into her eyes once she stood up. Seren was an attractive woman who appeared to be in her late twenties. She had long blonde hair that was braided to the side, and her eyes were a light sapphire. It was the first time Theo had seen such a fair maiden with cherry red lips. Her face and figure exuded a youthful beauty.

Unbeknownst to Theo, Seren had been tracking him for quite some time.

“You have the mark,” she inaudibly uttered, running a gloved hand over the triangle on his forearm. “I’ve been searching for you forever, your eminence.”

“Why do you keep referring to me as if I am royalty? Do you even know who I am? I am a son of a farmer, a peasant.”

Seren smiled and caressed his face. “You are the chosen one, Theodore. Your destiny is far greater than yourself at present. You will lead my people, our people into the light. It is your fate to change the world, and it is fate that has brought me to you on this very night, hours away from your death.” Dark spider veins began to spread around her temples, as the whites of her eyes completely disappeared to black.

“What trickery is this?” Theo backed away from her in horror.

“You need not fear me, my liege. I am but a humble servant to your divinity.”

“Your eyes… what are you?”

“I will explain it all in due time, but first we must leave this place. It’s not safe for you here.”


Seren led him out of the dungeon and they evaded further capture by safely escaping the castle in one piece.

“We have to leave right away,” she said. “There is a horseman waiting for us in the woods.”

“I cannot leave without my sister.”

“Where is she?”

“At our house, I’ll show you the way.”

When Theo arrived back home, all he found were two dead corpses lying on blood stained floor boards. Abigail’s throat had been slit with a knife and Peter had been stabbed in the heart.

“No, no, no… who did this? How?” he cried out, pulling Abigail’s lifeless body into his arms.

“The king must’ve sent assassins to kill them out of vengeance for what you did to the crown prince.”

“They were supposed to leave this place! He was going to marry her!” He broke down in tears, rocking Abigail in his arms, hoping that she would somehow open her eyes. “Now she will never be a wife… a mother… she’s dead.” Theo continued to cry. “Please, change them to what you are, can’t you?”

“It doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid. I am so sorry, my lord.”

“Stop calling me that!” He shouted in anger. “I have a name! Use it!”

Seren frowned and tried to calm him down. “Apologies, Theodore. I know you are beyond the point of devastation, but we must leave. You are now a wanted outlaw. There’s nothing you or I can do for your sister and friend. The only thing I can promise you is revenge. Sweet revenge. You can destroy this kingdom and bring the Royals to their knees.”

“How? I am just a man.”

“You are so much more than that. Come with me, trust in me to show you your true destiny. Please, Theodore, we must go, now!”

With much reluctance and retribution in his heart, Theo rose to his feet and torched his home before he left with the mysterious vampire. He no longer had anyone to live for. Little did he know that Seren had been the one who killed his sister and friend in cold blood.


They traveled three nights until they finally reached an abandoned church. When the carriage finally came to a stop, Seren compelled the horseman to leave and told Theo to follow her.

She led him through two doors inside the church, and he soon discovered that they were not alone. Every pew was occupied with young men and women who looked like they were bred in high society, dressed in elegant gowns and suits. If anyone looked out of place, it was him. The church was lit with candles and the curious vampires chattered among themselves as he walked by.

“Silence!” said a man who was standing on a pulpit. He was dressed in dark robes, had long brown hair that was tied back, and had a very pale face.

“My people, we have been blessed with eternal life for the past eighty five years since our evolution. This Bible has been passed down to us from the Lord of the Light,” he tapped his finger on the Book of Illuminatos. “And we have been devotedly abiding by his laws ever since. You are all aware of the prophecy that has been scrolled in these pages, and if you have forgotten, then permit me to remind you. After many years of blood and war, a child will be born. This child will bear the mark of the Enlightened One. On his twenty-sixth birthday, he shall be put to death and resurrected through our Lord’s blessing. The chosen one will be able to walk in the daylight and survive the bite of a wolf. The Hybrid will revolutionize us at last.”

“Happy birthday, Theodore,” Seren murmured in his ear. He had completely forgotten about that celebrated day. Abigail used to bake him rabbit meat pie, which was his favorite. The memory pained him. Now there was nothing to celebrate.

“Why am I here?” muttered Theo.

“All these vampires are here for you,” whispered Seren. “You are their leader. I’ve brought you to this place to fulfil your destiny.”

“Does he bear the mark?” The man asked.

“Yes, your excellency,” Seren replied.

“Bring him forth.”

Every vampire slowly stood up, as Theo walked past them up the altar. There were five other men sitting on big chairs that looked like thrones on a platform. All of them had the palest complexions and were dressed in dark robes as well.

“Welcome, Theodore,” the man on the pulpit greeted him. He had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and scruffy facial hair. Behind his congenial smile was a very deadly demon; a vampire.

“Who are you people?” Theo asked, feeling more nervous than before.

“I am Enoch Dragor, and these are my fellow brethren, Harker Pyro, Thor Calisar, Valkyrie Dyncrest, Alvis Brigden,” he gestured to each one, “and last but not least, Brandon Basilyst.”

All six of these names belonged to the former Pagan priests who had participated in Lucifer’s blood sacrifice nearly a century ago.

“Why am I here?”

“Do you know who you are?” asked Enoch, stepping down from the wooden pulpit.

“I am Theodore Axel Knight, son of James and Isobel Knight. My father was a farmer, and they were killed seven years ago in a village raid.”

Enoch began to pace around him, while listening to his story about his life and his sister’s tragic death. When Theo was done talking, the vampire was about to say something, when Harker rushed in front of him at vampire speed, stared into his eyes with dilated pupils, and said, “Take this dagger and plunge it in your heart.”

“No!” Seren cried out.

Harker never believed in the prophecy, mostly because he didn’t like the idea of someone ruling the vampire race and having more power and authority than him. And he found it extremely suspicious that the Book of Illuminatos had suddenly changed twenty six years ago, containing text that had never even been there before. All of his brothers noticed it, but Enoch was confident that the Lord of Light was sending them the sign they needed to hold on to hope. In that moment, Harker wanted to prove his brothers wrong. He waited for Theo to follow his command, but all Theo could do was blink in confusion, as he stared down at the ceremonial dagger.

“Why the bloody hell would I want to stab myself?” He spoke at last.

Enoch gave the doubtful vampire a furious glare, displeased by his impulsive behaviour.

“I had to make sure,” Harker reasoned. “If he is truly who we believe he is, then compulsion will not work on him.”

“And clearly it doesn’t,” Enoch answered with annoyance. He regarded Theo in shock and wonderment before he addressed the coven. “We have found him! The chosen one has come to save us, just like the prophecy foretold! He cannot be compelled!”

Everyone was happy, except for Harker. He turned around and sat in his chair, steaming in his own jealousy.

Theo was still confused. He had no idea what these creatures were and was not aware of their existence, until Seren saved him from certain death. She tried to explain things to him during the carriage ride, but he was so overcome with grief that nothing really stayed in his head.

“Now do you see, my brothers and sisters?” Enoch spoke with charisma. “The Lord of the Light has not abandoned us. This world shall be ours to rule and conquer, and our leader has finally come! After eighty-five years of war and watching our dearest ones parish, we have been blessed at last!”

“Long live The Enlightened One!” Alvis exclaimed, standing on his feet.

“And may he reign high!” Brandon joined in.

“Step forward, Theodore,” said Enoch. “Do not be afraid. You are among your most loyal companions and followers. We have long awaited your arrival.”

“It’s okay, Theo,” Seren whispered in his ear. “You can trust them. You can trust all of us. No one will harm you.”

Having nothing else to live for, Theo accepted whatever fate was to come, and finally walked up the steps to the elevated platform.

“Bring forth the chalice,” Enoch ordered.

Valkyrie stood up and disappeared through a wooden door in the back before he shortly returned, holding a golden chalice full of blood... lycan blood.

“Theodore Axel Knight,” Enoch began. “Your name has been prophesized in our doctrine long before your birth. Every event that has occurred in your life has transpired for a reason, to bring you to this point right here, to recognize your true destiny.”

“Are you saying that my entire family had to die because of me? Their deaths are my fault?” Theo’s face was guilt stricken.

“A tragedy caused by the despicable human race I’m afraid. Apologies for disregarding your grief. I promise you that you will no longer feel the pain of their loss once you transform to your true self. No more suffering, Theodore. It’s time to rise up, defeat our enemies and make them pay. The world is ours for the taking, and you will lead us to our rightful positions of power.”

“I still do not understand all of this,” said Theo, looking distraught as ever.

“You will, once you drink from the chalice,” Valkyrie encouraged.

“This is your coronation,” Enoch announced with a gleeful smile. “You are our Prince of Light.”

Theo partly wished that this was nothing but a nightmare. He didn’t know how he could live after losing Abby.

“Please remove your tunic,” Alvis instructed.

Enoch’s eyes suddenly transitioned to black, as the traditional spider veins appeared. His fangs protruded from his mouth and he bit into his wrist.

“What demon are you?” Theo backed away in fear.

“We are the superior race of this world, Theodore, and you are one of us,” Enoch calmly answered. “That mark on your arm stands as proof.”

Seren urged him forward and told him not to be afraid.

“Drink from the vein.” Enoch offered his wrist and waited for Theo to accept his generous gift. As soon as he complied, he snapped his neck and let his lifeless body drop to the floor. “Now, we must wait.”

The six originals ordered their right hand men to carry Theo’s body and place it on a table that was stationed in the middle of the altar. He was definitely dead. Seren appeared by his side and stroked his attractive face. There was a scar just above his eyebrow, but soon that would disappear as if it were never even there to begin with. She was confident that he would waken.

“You may sit with the coven now, Seren,” said Enoch. “Your assignment is complete, well done.”

But she didn’t want to leave him. Theo was more handsome than she had ever imagined him to be. Once he would rise as a vampire, his alluring attractiveness would only amplify.

“I will see to it that you are rewarded generously for your services.”

“It’s been an honor to serve the great brotherhood, your grace.”


After half an hour, Theo woke up on the table, wild eyed and gasping for breath. His eyes were transitioning, as black spider veins began to spread around his cheekbones. Much to his surprise, he had a thirst for human blood like no other.

“Bring in the food,” Enoch commanded with a clap of his hands.

Two vampires left the church and returned with a woman that was tied and gagged. She was dragged toward the altar and thrown down in front of Theo.

“What… what’s happening to me?” His gums began to hurt, as his canines suddenly grew into fangs.

Valkyrie placed a hand on Theo’s shoulder and leaned into in his ear, “Feed-on-her.”

Surrendering to his new predatory instinct, Theo held the girl up by the throat and sank his razor sharp fangs into her jugular vein. He drained her dry under a minute and dropped her dead body when he was finished.

“Your transformation is almost complete, Theodore.” Enoch and the other elders smiled at each other, pleased by the gruesome scene.

“Kneel,” Valkyrie demanded.

Theo did as he was told and looked up at the ageless vampires, while blood kept dripping down his chin. The five of them rose from their seats and started chanting in Latin.

“Take this cup,” said Valkyrie.

Theo took the chalice from him and before he could look inside, Brandon blindfolded him.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I see? ”

“It must be done to complete your transformation,” Brandon informed.

“The liquid inside the chalice is the blood of a wolf,” Enoch added. “A Lycan, your true line of origin.”

Theo could no longer see, but he could smell the thick, red liquid. It had a strong metallic scent.

“You can trust us, Theodore,” Enoch spoke in a gentle tone. “All will be clear once you consume the blood. But first, you must repeat after me… Patrem meum, miserere, ut implere possit fatum.” In translation it meant; blind my eyes father, so that I can fulfill your destiny.

“Now, drink.”

Without further hesitation, Theo drank it all down while the other vampires watched in anticipation. Black tribal tattoos began to appear all over his chest, back, and arms. His DNA was transforming by the second to the most superior being ever to exist on earth.

Theo’s heart was beating so loud and violently, he could hear it pounding in his ears. And that’s when the flashes started happening. He suddenly saw innocent Pagan tribes being killed by royal armies, suffering violent brutal executions and burnings. He saw the six Pagan priests rise from the dead as young, immortal vampires, turning their people and relating against their enemies. Then he saw a large pack of wolves attacking large groups of vampires within their homes during daylight. It was brutal and terrifying. Another image appeared before him; an infant girl was being dropped off on the steps of a convent. The mother backed away in tears before she shape shifted into a wolf and disappeared into the woods. The baby grew up and he heard one of the nuns call her out by name, Mary-Elize. So much information was flooding in his mind at light speed, and he saw everything up to his mother’s death.

Once the flashes stopped, Theo stood up, breathing hard as if he had ran to the edge of the world and back.

“Remove the blindfold, Brandon,” Enoch requested.

The blindfold was untied, and Theo’s face was completely different now. His eyes were glowing black and gold, the spider veins around his eyes were darker and thicker, and oddly enough, he no longer felt the sorrow of his sister’s death. In fact, he couldn’t feel anything.

“The Enlightened One has chosen you as our leader. You have been blessed with many gifts,” said Enoch, holding Theo by the shoulders. “Behold, our Hybrid King!” he proudly announced, as Theo slowly turned around and faced his faithful followers. His public received him well, as they stood up and cheered in delight. This was a victorious night for the vampires.

The only living hybrid had finally been born, and being what he was, meant that he would be the only vampire that could walk in the sunlight and survive a wolf bite. He was much stronger than any vampire or lycan combined. He was Lucifer’s finest creation, the prodigal son. Of course he was not aware of this and had no idea that Satan had contributed to his procreation.

Theo’s birth had Biblical symbolism that the vampires were not aware of. He was born the sixth month of the sixth day in the year 1285. The numbers broken down revealed the number of the Beast.


1+2 =3 / 8-5=3

3+3= 6

Now, if the number of the month (6) and day (6) were combined with the resulting number from the equation, it would be revealed as 666.

There is also significance in the year he abandoned his mortal life. Theo turned into a vampire hybrid on his 26th birthday in the year 1311. Mathematically broken down, the numbers would equal six.


There were also hidden anagrams within his name:





He was the son of the Devil, in the flesh. Theo was predestined to be the anti-Christ, the spawn of evil who would unleash Hell on Earth and bring the world to destruction.

Every vampire bowed before him when Theo walked down the altar towards Seren. There was nothing but a dangerous look of lust in his golden eyes, as he pushed her against the wall, hoisted her up, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Let the celebration begin!” Enoch declared with excitement.

A huge vampire orgy began to take place inside that unholy church. There wasn’t a single spot that wasn’t defiled in sin. Once Theo was done fucking Seren, Enoch ordered him to lay flat on his back on the table that was placed in the front of the altar so that other females could mate with him. He was more than happy to do it. The mutual goal was to impregnate them, in hopes of creating hybrid children. It had never been done before, but was worth a try. A horde of female vampires hovered above their Hybrid King, each anticipating their turn.

Theo was no longer the man he used to be. He had transformed into something he never even dreamed of becoming. All this time, so much darkness resided within his soul and he didn’t even know it.

Every woman drank from his blood and took turns bouncing on his steel, hard shaft until he inseminated them with his seed. His sexual stamina was unreal, and the pleasure these women received from his body was indescribable. By vampire decree, Theo was entitled to have any woman he pleased, whether they were committed or single. He officially ruled and owned the vampire civilization, and no one had the strength to kill him, even if they tried. He was un-killable. Theo was superior in all forms.

Enoch and Valkyrie took three brunettes each, bent them over on the pews, and engaged in the most demeaning act of sex forbidden to man. The women moaned in glutinous pleasure, savoring the sensation of sinful sodomy. Teeth flashed as they growled in approval. No human could survive this brutal coupling. The penetration felt absolutely glorious, as the six elders violated every hole possible.

Brandon thrust himself into his partner’s tight entry, driving in deep, plunging strokes. She howled a shrieking cry, as her nails scraped down the bench with splinters flying. Undeterred, he continued his assault and repeated the ungodly union of evil on several other females. The pew scooted forward at each shove, and he was in delirium as he erupted inside of her. This was not an act of love making, it was a fight for domination. Once he was finished, he cast her aside like a ragdoll and selected his next whore.

Harker chose a red haired female that still embodied the resemblance of her earthly beauty. Her large breasts heaved with anticipation, as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. She put up no resistance and mounted him, dropping her weight down on his twitching erection.

The church was filled with unrelenting moans and pleasurable groans that did not stop until sunrise.

Lucifer’s son had risen. The world would soon be in chaos.

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