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Burn For Me Part 1

5000 year old warlock is a prisoner of a 24 year old witch. Don't underestimate her.
A bright purple light has blinded me, and left me temporarily paralyzed. My body is slumped against a cold wall. I hear nothing but the sound of my attacker's footsteps getting louder and louder. It is coming closer, and I am defenseless. My attacker taps my leg with its foot, and then I hear the rustling of clothing. I think it is bending down to talk to me. I hear strange words...

My skin starts getting hot... Ahhh! Fuck! What the hell is happening?! I hear my bones crack and snap, and I feel myself curling into a tight ball. So painful... Just kill me now, dammit! 

Mere moments passed, and the pain eased. Somehow, I feel lighter. What happened? My eyesight and mobility are slowly returning, and I see a blurred figure standing over me. Wait til I move again! You'll be sorry for even thinking of hurting me! When my strength returns, I'll drive a fucking rod up your ass! My attacker reaches for me, and I tense ready to attack. Wait... why is it picking me up like I weigh nothing? Don't you know who the fuck I am!? 

My eyesight is getting better, and I am facing my attacker. It is covered in a dark hood, but I see full red lips curved in a smile. A woman?! Her lips look so hot and sexy; I want to fucking rip them off! 

"Not so tough now are you?" she says. I don't understand what she means, but she is pissing me off! 

I summon all my powers and concentrate it to my right hand. Just one solid punch to crack her jaw and split her skull in half. This would be child's play.
"Ahhhhh!" I yell and swing my fist to her face. She's not even protecting herself.


That's the horrible sound that came when my fist connected to her face. I saw something soft and furry touch her face... it wasn't my fist? She should be bleeding, or better, dead! 

"BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You fool!" she yells "You don't get it, do you?! And they said you were the all powerful-"

"You bitch! What are you talking about?" I point at her, and she just stares at my arm. "What are you looking at? You should be afraid of me! You should be-" Then I notice what she was staring at. My arm... it's covered in fur, and I. Have. No. Fucking. Fingers!!!! I see little stitches running up my arm. 

"You turned me into some sort of freak?!" I close my eyes, and start to chant an escape spell... But I can't close my eyes. I touch my eyes with my strange arms... My eyes... they feel like buttons? 

She squeezes me tightly to her chest. "Haha, you are mine now..."

She turned me into a fucking teddy bear!


I woke to the sound of moaning. From my position at the corner of the bed, I watched the witch dream. A wet dream, perhaps. 'That bitch! Just because I'm reduced to a mere toy, doesn't mean she should disturb my sleep!' Oh right. I haven't explained to you my current predicament.

I have been the witch's prisoner for 3 months now... as her teddy bear. After she attacked me that night, she turned me into this plush being. She had stopped me from destroying one particular faerie dimension. But who the fuck needs tooth fairies, anyways?! She brought me to the witch dimension, Graeia, where she brought me to her castle, Caster House. There she tossed me to her bed and, without looking at me, she said, "Sleep."

I've tried escaping many times, but her power is the only thing protecting me. Well, from the other witches and demons from the dark. You see, in this dimension, I am not very popular. Many, many years ago I killed one of their kings; I must have been really drunk that time. I garroted his intestines in front of his people, and wore them like a necklace. Oh, but don't worry... I didn't keep the necklace very long and fed them to my dogs. I suppose I can imagine why some people would hold a grudge against me.

If you must know, I am Aris, the destroyer of worlds. I am a 5000 year old warlock. Or was... I had the power to create, destroy, and teleport to different dimensions. I had the power to turn people to ashes, and I was physically the strongest immortal. People used to offer me their children as tribute; I ruled! Everyone feared me. Well, maybe except for this slip of a witch.

I am the length of an average mortal's arm, and I weigh absolutely nothing. In short, I'm fucked.

I never admitted it to her, but I shocked and infuriated that I was captured by a 24 year old. I wanted to burn her dimension to ground! I wanted to raise hell! How could this girl capture me?!

Maia Caster is a witch of the Caster House. But the Caster House was rumored to have no daughters; I heard they were cursed. This piece of information does give me some joy. She has long wavy black hair (the color of shit), grey eyes with sweeping lashes (the color of shit), a pert nose (the color of - oh wait - the shape of shit), and a full red mouth. I did note that she had smooth cream skin.

But as I looked at her, she only reminded me of how far I've fallen. All her colleagues knew of my capture. They've all flown into her room, and mocked me! Me! They even brought tiny chairs and a table, and invited the witchlings to have fucking tea with me! They took videos and posted my demise on YouTube for all to see! (They call it CUTE! Aris Plays With Teacups and Children)

Those bitches! They will all pay!!!

Remembering this, I waddled over to Maia and started jumping on her head! If I'm miserable, she should be too!

"My, my... It's still early in the day, and you're already angry," said the throaty voice. She swiped me away with the back of her hand, and covered her head with a pillow.

I landed with plop by her side, and gave her THE death glare! I could even scare myself!

"Why, you insolent - No one treats ME that way!" I stood up and started pounding her pillow covered head with my cotton insulated fists!.

"Oh stop it. You're being a little shit," SHE WOULD FUCKING DARE?! She turned around to look at me, and said, "Awww, aren't you the cutest widdle teddy bear there ever was? Yes, you are. Yes, you are!"

"Stop it, you bitch!" I tried to swat the hand that was pinching my synthetic face. But I couldn't even move her hand away! Damn her!

"Oooo, you must be so frustrated right now. You can't even fight a little girl," she leaned in and said, "But just between us, I am stronger than I look. I might even be stronger than you, Aris."

"Don't play with me, girl! Once I get my real body and my powers back, I will burn you and Graeia!"

"Sigh.. that's why you will never change back. You are too evil."

"Hah, the wenches love that shit."

"Oh really? Are you really that bad Aris? You make all the girls wet?" She laughed at this, and sat in a kneeling position.

"Yes, I would've made them all want me."

"Is that so? There was a rumor that you have no cock. It was chopped off before you reached immortality."

"In my real form, I have a raging cock that would make YOU scream with pleasure."

"Oooo, Aris, I want you so bad! I want you and your non-existent cock!"

"You dare insult me?! When I return to my original form, you will pay!"

"Mmm, Aris. Fuck me!" As she said this, she used her magic to make all her clothes disappear. She knelt naked and bare to my gaze.

I didn't think she would take it that far. But then an idea came to me. Yes, I have found a way to release myself from this spell.

"Maia, don't piss me off. You wouldn't know how to deal with someone like me."

I looked at her for the first time. Small rays of light entered through her curtains and touched her skin. She had high plump breasts and pink centered nipples. She had a smooth stomach, and long creamy thighs that I would squeeze when I fuck her tight pussy. I was quite pleased that her pussy was quite bare, except for one tiny patch in the front.

"Someone like you? Did you take a look at yourself lately?" She laughed even harder, making her breasts bounce. Well... we will see who shall have the last laugh.

"Ooo, Aris, I want you to fuck me!" As she said this mockingly, she squeezed her breasts and used her fingers to pinch her nipples. She stared at me as she did so. I watched as her nipples tightened, and also noted her hips rocking against the mattress. I guess she's more into it than I thought. Witches, you know.

I remembered a myth about witches: When in the throes of passion, a witch will... I will use that moment to strike back!

As she played with her breasts, she pressed her pussy against the mattress, and teased her clit. She fell back on the bed, and there I saw how wet she had become. She was glistening, and some of her wetness had already dampened the sheets. She spread her legs wide, and brought one hand to tentatively play with her pussy's outer lips. She gave a delighted shiver, and started to circle her clit.

Yes, you are falling right into my trap. I know just how horny witches can get.

Every few moments she circled her clit and then plunged her finger inside her pussy. Next she eased her finger out of her glistening hole, and spread her juices all over her clit. She rubbed a little faster this time; her circles became more rapid. Her breath became more shallow.

"Maia..." My voice vibrated across the across, but she would not respond. This is going according to plan...

"Aaaahhh... Mmmm" She moaned even louder as she rubbed her clit harder. Her hips were also subtly moving in time with her fingers. Her other hand was still at her breasts, stimulating her tits. They had become twin hard points that I would lick at my own leisure.

Yes, just a little bit more.

Her fingers then started rubbing even harder, and her moans were becoming more frequent. She breasts bounced as she rocked her hips against her fingers. Her juices were flowing excessively, her stomach muscles were clenching, and I knew what had to come next.

I walked unnoticed towards her, and watched her head subtly turn from side to side. I leaned towards her ear, and whispered,"Maia, chant Futuero Aris Momentos. Say it."

"Mmm... ohhh..." Her eyes were shut, and her mouth was in a perfect O-shape.

"Futuero Aris Momentos! Say it!"

"Fu...Futerooooo... mmm! Aris! Mo-momentos!" said Maia as she rubbed her clit harder.

As the myth goes: When in the throes of passion, the witch will do anything for those who dare approach.

'Yes! The bitch shall pay! She had summoned MY spell!' Just then a bright light enfolded my body, and I knew that I got my body back.


I patted myself to make sure everything was intact, and yes, so was my cock!

I looked at my reflection, and I realized that I had forgotten what I looked like. In the mirror, stood a tall muscular man with hair that ended just at his shoulders. As I looked on, I saw taut and hard abdominals and a V-shaped torso. Further down, I saw long muscular legs. The hair around the man's cock was trimmed, the cock was hard and it bobbed a bit painfully. 'Woah! When did I get a trim?!' 

I turned from the mirror and saw Maia still fingering herself, looking for her release. There was a wicked gleam in my eye with a madness that was never there before. I padded softly toward Maia's bed. She still hadn't noticed that I gained my original body back.

Time to have some fun. Shall we...

I climbed on Maia's bed where her fingers were still stimulating her clit. I knelt between her thighs and smelled her arousal. Yes, I will have her tonight. She deserves to be punished.

I grabbed her hand, and licked her juices. She had realized that something was different, but her eyes were still closed. I put my hands on her creamy thighs and spread them even wider, accommodating myself. When my cock was positioned near her opening, I slid my cock up and down her pussy. With a gasp, she opened her eyes.

"I told you, little Maia," I whispered as I continued to tease her pussy with my cock, "You don't know how to deal with someone like me." At that moment, I poised my cock at her entrance, and slammed home.

"Ahhhh! ohhh...." She pushed her head back in ecstasy as I pounded into her pussy. I felt her walls tighten, and I knew this would be her first release.

"Fuck!" she cried as came. But I wanted my own release. I wrapped her hips around me and plunged even faster and harder. She let out a small cry and twisted her hands around her head, twisting the sheets. As I drove my cock into her pussy, I used one of my hands to circle her clit. She tightened her legs around me even harder.

"Yes, baby, this is what you want," my voice is harsher. With that hand, I unwrapped one of her legs from my hips and stretched it up high. I leaned my head against it, and I lightly grazed her leg with my teeth. I was making her cry with pleasure, when I decided to take this up a notch.

I paused briefly, and it gave me immense pleasure, when she cried "No!".

I chuckled. "I'm not finished with you yet, Maia."

"Aris-" I leaned back into a sitting position, and made her straddle me. Without hesitation, I cupped her ass and brought her hips down on my shaft. It signaled something in both of us. I drove my hips upwards, while she simultaneously brought her hips down. She circled her arms around my neck, and bit down hard on my shoulder. I groaned in response, squeezed her ass harder, and drove on. Bucking harder to find that hot release.

Then I felt her walls tighten immensely around my cock, milking me for what I was worth. "Ahhhh! Fuck! Yes, Maia!" I wrapped my arms around her tightly as I fucking came. "Fucking take it!" We locked onto each other, until the wave passed. Then we collapsed on her bed, both panting. After I pulled out, I turned towards her and ran my hand down her breasts to her wet pussy. She put her head on my shoulder and moaned softly, as I tapped her swollen clit.


I quickly took a gulp of air, and climbed out of her bed. I was free! And I was ready to make my revenge!

"Maia, you fool. You let me fuck you. Now, be ready to pay the price! You will suffer! Your people will suffer! There will be- Wait... what?!"

A white light engulfed my body again and before I knew it I was trapped in my teddy bear form. Maia sauntered over to my changed form very slowly. She didn't seem surprised at all...

"Aris, you know, with that spell you can only return to your original form when we BOTH want to have sex. However, that spell doesn't give you your powers back," She stretched her arms up high and said, "Mmmm! I only said that spell because..."


"Because I wanted to see if you had a dick or not. Guess I know now..." She grabbed me by my neck, and squeezed a little too hard. I looked into her grey eyes, and they swirled with unspoken power.

"Now, Aris, do YOU think you can handle me?"

To be continued...

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