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Encounter With an Enkantada (Part 2)

'I can read your mind as you can read mine, because now we are One.'
Without a word I understood what she wanted to say, I pulled myself out of the waters and climbed on top of her.

Slowly I kissed my way up to her, starting from her long smooth legs, up to her tummy. But there's something weird about it, she doesn't have a navel.

Puzzled by this I stopped and looked at her, she stared back at me with a faint smile. I could have sworn her eyes changed color from blue to green, to yellow and back to blue again.

I know I should be scared and must quickly move away from her, but I just can't. Her beauty is mesmerizing, seeing a beauty like hers is like having a glimpse of paradise.

I moved upward and rested my chin on her chest, she started breathing normally again, but I can still see the sweat dripping from her forehead. I kissed her left bossom and gently massaged the other one. She threw her head backward and started to moan, the sound of her moan, it's more of a hum, a sweet erotic hum.

I lifted myself up to adjust my position, using my knees I spread her legs. Directed my shaft in her opening, I gazed up, looked at her eyes, and asked for permission. 

She nods her head, and I pushes my manhood in. I can feel her tightness, her pussy walls started to squeeze my cock, at this state I might cum sooner than I expected.

I closed my eyes to control the building orgasm, and continued to gently rock back and forth, plunging my cock deeper and deeper with every thrust. She followed my rhythm by moving her hips,

"You're a fast learner." I smiled and said.

I fucked her, no it's more than that, I made love with her, something I've never done before. She's one of a kind, I never thought something so sweet and naive can be so erotic.

Few more deep and long thrusts, I can tell she's at her peak. She soon moved her hips faster, as if begging for more. I leaned forward and pressed my weight upon her, driving my shaft harder, faster and deeper.

I closed my eyes again, feeling her tightening, squeezing me inside. There's no more holding back, I can't control it anymore, with one more deep thrust I released my cum. In the same instance, she screamed aloud and gripped hold of my arms, I felt a gush of hot liquid engulfing my manhood. Making my cock twitched, releasing more hot loads, letting our juice mixes.

I lost count of the times I've squirted, I don't care anymore as long as I know I'm filling her up. I rested my exhausted body over her, used both of my arms as support so that it will counter at least half of my weight. I stared down at her, she's breathing hard and fast, trying to catch her breath.

I kissed her partly open lips, gently and passionately. Quickly she responded. Her warm tongue brushes mine and the kiss deepens, we devoured each other like a hungry lion.

I just love kissing her, she tasted like a pure sweet honey. Slowly I pulled back from the kiss and stared at her, she smiled and her eyes starts to sparkle.

'Can this be true?' I asked myself. I lifted my hand and gently caresses her face.

"Are you an angel?" I whispered.

'No. I'm not. I am an Enkantada.' she replied back.

I froze and my eyes widened, because of the response and how she responded. Her mouth never opened when she answered me. The words came directly from her mind to mine.

'I can read your mind as you can read mine, because now we are One.' she spoke through her mind and smiled.

(to be continued)

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