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The Dream

Tags: oral, anal, fantasy
You ever have one of those dreams that you didn't want to wake up from?
Ever woke up right in the middle of an orgasm? It's frustrating! Trying to remember what you were dreaming about in the first place. Then, trying to go back to sleep, tingling and throbbing. Very frustrating. Well, let me tell you about my dream.

It was very surreal. I remember standing in a very large body of water. I was alone. It seemed like the water extending everywhere. It was warm, almost like human body warm. In places, the consistency was liquid. I know. Water is a liquid, but in other places, it's consistency was thicker, almost gelatin.

I tried to move around to survey my surroundings. My legs moved sluggishly. It was as if the water was wanting me to stay right where I was. Determined, I trudged forward about 10 feet, when I felt it.

The water was moving, like an undercurrent. Just a second ago, all was calm. What was going on? I could feel tentacles forming. Looking down, I watched. Although it was clear, the arms forming were a glowing blue, only slightly more brilliant than the water itself. Astonished, I could only stand there and watch. It was beautiful, in a horrifying way.

Backing up, I tried to get away from this phenomena. It seemed to follow me. Scared now, I tried to run. The arm wrapped itself around my ankle. Then, another wrapped itself around my waist, preventing me from escaping.

“What the hell?!?!?,” I thought.

I felt it pulling me under. In a panic, I started to struggle. I didn't want to drown. Frantically, I tried to get away harder. The more I struggled, the tighter the arm held me. I guess I was pissing it off, because another arm wrapped around my other leg. All the sudden, both legs were yanked out from under me.

Under the water, I went. Hysterical, I began to thrash and fight, but it was no use. I went deeper into the water. It took me a moment to realize that I could breath. My panic decreased, somewhat.

Surveying my surroundings, I noted that was so beautiful here. It was so warm. The arms must have noticed my struggles had stopped. The arms loosed from around my waist and released my legs. I floated freely with the circle surrounding my waist.

I looked at the arm. It felt like it was watching me. I wasn't sure if it wanted to hurt me or what. My eyes traced the length of it, and it began to glow. I noticed that it was slim in some places, and thick in others.

The other two arms studied me, as well. They floated around me, brushing against my face and arms. They were curious, too. One of them stopped at my face. Forming what looked to be a primitive hand, I felt it caress my cheek. It felt smooth and so soft.

I reached my hand out to touch it. Running my finger over it, I felt the other end wrap around my arm. It wiggled and squirmed against me. I didn't notice the other arm approach me from the other side. It snuggled up against my neck. I felt lips softly kissing and sucking the crook of my neck. Now, how did it know my neck was super sensitive?

Instantly, I knew it didn't want to hurt me. It wanted to play! My fear disappeared. The arm kept kissing my neck, while the other end wiggled down my shirt. It felt like fingers playing with my nipple. Gently pinching and tugging on it. The first arm unwrapped itself from my arm. It floated up to my face, and reformed itself into a pair of lips. Ever so softly, those lips brushed my own.

I guess, it could take on any form or taste, because as it kissed me, I could taste oranges. I gasped. A fully formed tongue snaked into my mouth. It sucked on my tongue, and then traced my teeth and lips. I was so turned on. Between the kissing on my neck, playing with my nipple and erotic kissing, I was burning up. It was like being the object of affection in a gang fuck.

While the second arm kissed me, I felt the other end of it slither down my shirt to join it's mate at my breasts. Now, I had two sucking on my nipples. I wished I knew what they were doing, because with every suck, an electrical shock went through me straight to my pussy.

Here I was floating freely, while being devoured by these two sweet tasting arms. My nipples felt so hard. Their little tongues flicked over them quickly. I wanted more. I wanted out of my clothes. It must have read my mind, because it stopped kissing my mouth and neck. Without breaking contact with my nipples, it managed to rip my shirt down the middle and slide it off me.

I wasn't wearing pants. I guess, since I don't wear panties to bed, that I didn't here. The free ends of those arms began to caress my back and stomach, trailing down my hips and legs. They wrapped around my ankles. Pulling my legs apart, I felt ANOTHER arm slithering around the area where my leg joins my hips. Oh my God! I had forgotten about the arm wrapped around my waist!

I felt that extra arm brush against the bare lips of my pussy. It didn't part my lips, just rubbed softly over my outer lips. It felt so good. I had 3 arms playing with me! The ones at my nipple began to get more aggressive. They were gnawing my nipples. Sharp, hard bites were followed with gentle licks.

The one at my pussy must have gotten excited, because it parted my lips, revealing the moist, dusky rose color of my inner pussy. While holding it open, it managed to flick against my swollen clit. My pussy was being eaten, and it felt heavenly.

One of the arms around my legs moved to my mouth. I watched, with glazed eyes, as it formed into a thick cock. I felt it nudge against my lips. Opening my mouth, I allowed it to enter. I began to flick my tongue around the head. I love sucking dick, so I was in paradise.

I began to gently suck the head, running my tongue over the ridge. I felt it pulse. I wanted more. Wrapping my hand around the base of it, I began to suck harder now. I could feel every ridge and vein, as my mouth descended over the shaft. Sliding my lips back up, I swirled my tongue around the head, again. It pulsed harder. Traveling back down that hard cock, I relaxed my throat muscle to get it deeper.

I bent my neck back to allow a smooth path down my throat. I felt it slide past my palette to the soft back of my throat. I contracted my throat around it. It began to fuck my face. I was exciting it, too.

The arm at my pussy flicked my clit rapidly now. I was so close, but it knew that. Just as I was about to cum, it stopped. So frustrating! My hips were thrusting, trying to find some relief.
There was none in sight. I wanted to beg, but I couldn't. My mouth was so full of this sweet tasting cock, and it fucked my mouth ruthlessly.

I felt another cock enter my overheated pussy. I almost came, then. It was huge. The big head of it nudged and pushed against my hole. I was so wet that it slipped right inside me. I moaned against the cock in my mouth. I now had one in my pussy, and one in my mouth. I still wanted more!

It began to fuck my pussy with long, hard thrusts. Each time it slammed into me, it jarred my body, which caused the sucking at my nipples to increase. I screeched around the cock in my mouth. Holy hell! How much more can I take?

The arms felt I could take more, because I felt the other end of of the one in my pussy latched onto my clit again. It began to suck in rhythm with the thrusting. I wanted to explode.

Just when it became almost too much to bear, the arm at my leg formed another penis. I felt it rubbing against my ass, like it was asking for permission. The head pushed at my puckered ass, and it entered just a fraction of an inch.

The head pushed, ever so slightly, harder, and eased it more. My ass was on fire. I pushed back against it, seeking relief. Another nudge, then the head pushed past the ring of muscle with a pop. Fuck! I felt it slid in further and begin to thrust.

The dick in my ass would thrust in, as the one in my pussy withdrew. I was being fucked in every hole I had. I slurped the one in my mouth. My lips and tongue trying to devour it's orange taste. It was pulsing frantically, now. I wanted to feel the gush of it's sweet fluid fill my mouth.

I got my wish when, suddenly, the cock in my mouth swelled. It got harder, then it stopped fucking my face and exploded into my mouth. I swallowed convulsively, as ropes of thick syrup flooded my mouth. It trembled a moment, and then pulled away from my mouth.

It moved from my face to gently support my upper body. The one on my nipple left to join it's brother to support me. I was boneless. I wanted to cum so bad. I relaxed against the arms and let the cocks fucking my pussy and ass do their job, as the sucking of my clit drove me wild.

Trying to thrust against the cocks was impossible. They kept pumping in and out of me relentlessly. My clit felt huge. It throbbed and pulsed, rhythmically. I knew I was close. The cock in my pussy changed its angle to rub against my sweet spot, and I felt my clit grow even more.

It quit sucking my clit, and began to pinch and rub it, like a tiny cock. Oh God! I need it. I heard myself begging to come. I pleaded with it to help make me come. The one in my ass began to swell and started to fuck with fervor. With quick, short jabs, I felt it shoot hot bursts in my asshole. It felt so fucking good. After about 2 long thrusts, it pulled out of my ass. I could feel my asshole gaping open. So empty.

I concentrated on the one in my pussy. It slammed into me, like a piston in a motor. I could tell it was close, too. It hardened, swelled, and begin to do long, hard thrusts. My clit throbbing. It was getting more intense. I was almost there. Ready to peak.

I was going to cum. I felt the waves begin in my lower belly, as my clit contracted rhythmically. I was cumming. I screamed my release into the vacuum of the water! The cock in my pussy started to release jets of cum me. I kept cumming and cumming. It was the most intense and longest orgasm I have ever had. I wanted it to last......BZZZZZZZZZ!

Fucking alarm clock! I think I threw it across the room.

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