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Trayvon and Nakia: Vampire Desires

Trayvon enjoys a night of feeding and fucking with his fellow vampire, Nakia.
Forget what you think you know...vampires- -the hominus nocturna exist, but they're not like what you've been given of them in books and movies. Yes...they do drink blood, but they're not bloodthirsty monsters. They don't kill just for the hell of it. Yes...they're beautiful beings (in their own way), but they don't sparkle in the sun due to it. They don't even go out into sunlight...because it fucking hurts. Contrary to popular belief, they're capable of great compassion and love for themselves and humans...even if the latter (humans) at times aren't. I know you're probably asking yourself, how do I know so much? Well, the answer to that question is a very simple one; it's because I'm one of them- -a vampire. I'm a pureblood vampire at that; meaning that I was born a vampire instead of being bitten and turned into one.

It's the year 2015 and humans and vampires live together in somewhat harmony and for my kind somewhat harmony is much better than damn near no harmony. It was about three years ago when I was sixteen and we were first revealed to the human world. Due to their various religions and how they perceived us in their own media, many humans cast us as nothing more than evil, bloodsucking creatures while others actually gave us a chance to find that we were more than fangs and bloodlust. The debating and bricking about us never bothered me because I knew the truth and how could I loathe a race for plainly fearing what they didn't understand? That was how I felt at first, but when the humans started hunting opinion changed drastically. The only humans I liked (or trusted) were the ones I knew personally, which were the humans that lived in the apartment complex I did. In the name of their maker, God the humans that feared us began hunting and killing my kind claiming divine will. The death of any my kind would hurt me deeply, but it the hurt became permanent when one of the causalities in their Holy War against us was my father, Eric.

This tale is about my light during the time of darkness, which was my best friend, Nakia. I am the vampire, Trayvon Brooks and this is one of the many stories from the three years I lived in Philadelphia.

Summer 2012

I stood in the living/dining room of apartment E-1 of the Section 8 apartment complex known as the Upscale Arms. It was around ten 'o clock in the evening and I was engaged in the same heated argument I'd been having with my mother, Vanessa for the past few months. It was all about the fact that she wouldn't let me go out and hunt on my own. My dad had just recently been taken from us (three months prior) and even though she was only being protective, I found it demeaning as a male vampire. I was sixteen years old and along with puberty came my need for blood. Hell, I couldn't even think about feeding without my fangs elongating involuntarily. I still got my daily fix of the red nectar as Mom would harvest some from her kill and bring it home, but it wasn't the same as doing it myself the way my father would have wanted it. I had fangs, but was most likely (if my mother had her way) never going to get to use them. Thinking back on the entire night as a whole, I now find it funny how much biting into flesh meant to me.

"Dad would've let me go," I said with a deep fangs flashing at her.

"I said no, Trayvon!" Mom said growling much deeper than me, which told me not argue anymore.

The air in the room was thick with tension as we now spoke no words and stared one another down waiting for the other to back down. If anyone was going to back down it wasn't going to be me. This heated conversation wasn't me being a defiant child. For me it was about doing what my father wanted most of me; to be a vampire and deep down my mother knew that. I won the standoff as her demeanor softened and she came face to face with me, her brown eyes meeting mine.

"I know you're at the age where you're coming into your own, Tray." She spoke softly. "But you don't understand how dangerous it is outside."

"I do though, Ma." I stressed.

The news was full of coverage of vampire hunting. When I woke the next morning I'd surely have to hear of even more. Surprisingly though, with all the news coverage, no humans were ever arrested for a vampire slaying.

"Right outside our door...there are a gang of humans that want to leave you a pile of ashes on the pavement." Mom told me before pausing and I saw that her eyes began to water. "I can't see that happen to you, baby. I love you too much,"

After her words, my mother's lips met mine and we kissed a bit. Our lips parted and we embraced tightly.

"I love you too, Ma." I told her after kissing her cheek. "Be careful out there. I can't lose you either."

About a half hour later, my mom was gone on her hunt and I was alone in our apartment. I sat on the living room couch watching the TV show Supernatural thanks to my Xbox 360 and the Netflix application on it. I was watching seasons four and five. I found all the angel and demon lore compelling. I'd gotten to the season finale of season four, but in the middle of the episode the ring tone of my cell phone began to blare. My newly acquired vampiric foresight stirred within me and instantly I knew who was calling. The person, who was a she, lived upstairs on the floor above me in apartment E-3.

I let out an exhale while putting the phone to my ear and answered, "Nakia."

"So...Ms. Vanessa was telling the truth," Nakia's sweet voice spoke through the phone. "How does it feel coming into your own? Have your fangs started coming out on their own?"

I smirked and let out a laugh, "Is this a new way to say hello?"

" is," She replied smartly. "So, you gonna answer my question?"

"No, 'cause it's none of your business, but how do you know so much?" I quizzed.

"Your mom and mine are hunting together tonight. They had a long talk before they left our apartment," Nakia explained.

"Right," I said inwardly as I rolled my eyes. "One thing human and vampiric females have in common; they love to talk and gossip."

"Want some company? I know you could use see it after fighting with your mom."

"Yeah...having my best friend over would be nice." I said smiling. "Give me about fifteen minutes."

"Okay," Nakia said sweetly before hanging up.

As glad as I was that Nakia was coming over, I was even gladder she wasn't at my house already because at the moment my dick was bricked up and my fangs were at their longest. Nakia's lovely voice alone made me crazy with sexual excitement. We'd been best friends since we were children due our parents (our mothers) being such tight friends. We were damn near siblings, but with me hitting puberty I didn't see her as the young girl I use to dare to step out into the afternoon sun anymore. Years had passed and she was now an enchanting young woman. Nakia's beauty rivaled that of the ancient Egyptian princesses. She possessed long raven black hair that went past her shoulders, a dark honey comb skin tone, and the greatest of all her features being her stunning emerald green eyes. Her body was voluptuous and curvaceous with ample C cup breasts leading to slim, narrow waist, and ending at a heart shaped ass.

I retracted my fangs, but my erection took a minute to go down. Looking myself over, I didn't like how I looked at the moment. The clothes I had on, I'd worn all day and because of that they were wrinkled and dirty. I went to my bedroom and quickly changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a plain red t-shirt. I crossed paths with my bedroom mirror as I headed back to the living room and staring at my reflection, I noticed just how strong of a resemblance I had to my father. I was a 6'0" and 195lbs mass of mahogany skinned muscle with short clean cut black and light brown eyes. In that moment I understood why my mother was being so protective. I was her only son and the last living image of my father. Just then there were a few soft knocks on my door.

Opening it, Nakia who was wearing a pair of multi-colored booty shorts and a white tank-top greeted me with a hug.

"Hey Tray," She cooed in my ear. "How are you doing?"

We separated and when my eyes met her frame I felt my cock begin to throb.

"I'm that you're here." I said with a smirk before we sat down on the couch.

Almost instantly as we sat down we curled up and began cuddle together. We did it instinctively. During our younger years, we'd spent many a night in each others' arms in worry waiting for our parents to return home from hunting. Nakia's skin was as soft as silk and I couldn't help, but touch it though she never would stop from doing it. I could tell for my hormones it was going to be another trying night to keep them in check.

"Mmm," Nakia moaned at my soft caress. "Be honest with me, Tray. You say you're fine, but how do you really feel?"

As I used my foresight earlier, Nakia was using hers now. I put on calm, cool, and collected persona, but with her foresight she saw how truly frustrated I was.

I let out a frustrated sigh, "I'm trying to be a vampire, but my mom won't let me."

Our eyes met and Nakia replied, "It is getting worse out there. Five vampires were slain just last night."

"I'm starting to understand Mom's point of view about the whole thing though. It's about me, but it has a lot to do with my dad too."

Nakia's hand found my face and her facial expression saddened. Like me, my best friend lost her father the same way I did.

She stroked my cheek, "I can see look just like him."

I smiled and asked, "You wanna watch a movie?"

We were getting a little too comfortable for my tastes just cuddling and with my hormones like they were I didn't want to do something I'd regret.

"Yeah, what do you wanna watch?"

"How about Love & Basketball," I suggested knowing it was one of her favorite movies. Well, that and I had a celebrity crush on Sanaa Lathan.

Once again, my best friend used her foresight and said with a laugh, "If you could turn Sanaa Lathan, I bet you would, huh?"

I laughed at her statement, "Damn straight, I would. She’d look just like she did in Blade."

I searched for the movie on Netflix, but couldn't find it. Luckily for us, I had the movie on DVD. I retrieved the movie from my room, so for the next two hours Nakia enjoyed the movie while puberty's effects and my natural bloodlust were taking a grueling toll on me throughout it. For most the film I had focus mostly on keeping my fangs from coming out and being so close to Nakia was making the nine inches in my pants throb so much that I swore I was going to ruin my boxers.

"Nakia doesn't know how good she's got it," I said internally.

Female vampires through their puberty stage deal with the same things males do, but the effect on them is much tamer. On top of everything I was going through, it was one 'o clock in the morning and our mothers still hadn't come home. If they'd finished hunting they would've came to my apartment since Nakia was there with me. They were our mothers, but they were also our Makers, so everything we did they knew about it...that's why they could leave two young vampires unsupervised. It had only been about five minutes after the movie ended and I was hyperventilating. The thirst for blood was starting to consume me fully by this point and Nakia knew it.

"You're thirsty aren't you, Tray?" Nakia asked caressing me.

I couldn't speak and nodded in reply. Nakia pulled me close to her and to my shock held her arm up before me. I knew what she meant by this gesture and I shook my head at her. She was offering herself to me...offering her blood for me to drink.

"No, we can't," I managed to say lowly.

"I know it's wrong, but we'll deal with it when it comes, Tray." She told me softly.

"No," I replied vehemently.

As thirsty as I was I wasn't about to break vampiric code. Feeding on another vampire was as taboo as one could get in the vampire world. Plus it would've been my first time truly feeding and for young vampires feeding and sex go hand and hand. If I bit into hormones would have sky-rocketed and there was only thing that it would have leaded to.

"You need to feed; Tray and I don't see our moms are coming home any time soon."

"Nakia, I don't wanna..." I tried to say before her hand found my lips.

"Look, anything that happens...we'll face it together." She assured me. "You need to feed, so c'mon and do it."

I couldn't think straight. Every fiber of my being was telling me not to bite her, but my vampiric nature was overruling my logic and in a swift moment my fangs sank into Nakia's flesh. My ears heard her let out a moan as I began to suck delicious crimson from her. It wasn't a moan of pain though, but one of pleasure and the more I fed on her the more Nakia's moans increased. This was what I feared would happen. My sexually excited state was transferring to Nakia through me drinking her blood. No doubt her vagina was getting wet as my penis was becoming hard. When I drank my fill my fangs retracted and I fell back onto the couch in a sated heap as Nakia's remaining blood dripped from my mouth to my chin.

"How was it?" She asked in a seductive tone.

"So good," I replied sitting back up and brushing a stray hair from her pretty face. "You taste so good, Nakia."

"Hmm, you tasted my blood, but I don't need foresight to know that you wanna taste something else now, huh?"

I leaned in and lashed my tongue across her lips. I did it a few more times before my tongue was captured by my best friend's lips. Nakia sucked on my tongue a bit pulling me into a deep, passionate kiss. In our horniness, both our fangs came back out and they clashed slightly as our tongues wrestled. My logic suddenly overtook my newfound lust and I broke the kiss.

"Nakia...what are we doing? We're best friends," I said as I got my breath back from the long kiss.

"We're doing what we've both wanted since we hit puberty, Trayvon." Nakia said with a smile. "You're my Nubian prince as I'm your Egyptian princess."

A look of surprise morphed on my face. I'd never called Nakia an Egyptian princess to her face. I said it only to my friends, mother, and to myself. This was a result of feeding on her. How I truly felt about her transferred to her along with the state we were in because of me.

"Mate with me, Tray." She said softly before her lips kissed mine again. "I know how bad you've wanted to."

This was becoming a surreal night for me. I'd just fed for the first time and now I was about to fuck for the first time. Thanks to internet pornography I knew what to do and surely now Nakia did as well, but there was still an air of uneasiness between us about what we both wanted to do. Surely, we both thought and fantasized about it, but dreams weren't the reality we in. Time stood still as we just stared at each other. I tucked my lips inside my mouth as Nakia moved in slow motion as she leaned in and kissed me...and confidently I kissed her back.

"Mmm,” Nakia moaned as our kiss was more passionate than the first one.

As we kissed I slid my hands down over her breasts and started feeling on her nipples. She wasn't wearing a bra due to how warm the night was. My confidence grew as my lips found her neck and traveled to her cleavage then I began sucking her titties through her shirt. Nakia groaned in pleasure at my actions, but suddenly she stopped me.

My brown eyes met her emerald ones, "What's wrong? Do you wanna stop, Nakia?"

Like what happened to me, Nakia's lust was pushed aside by her logic and by the look in her eyes a bit of fear.

"Tray," She whispered to me. "I want this, I really want it, but I'm not sure if I can."

"Anything that happens...we'll face it together. Remember, my princess?" I said in a whisper repeating her words from earlier.

Nakia blushed deeply and told me, “It's- -It's my first time, Trayvon."

"It's my first time too." I told her honestly.

"But are you sure, Tray?" She asked, stressing the question.

I kissed her, "I'm oh so sure, baby."

I got up off the couch and extended my hand to her. With this gesture I gave her a final chance to call it quits, but Nakia gave me a loving smile, putting her hand in mine and we then made our way to my bedroom. In my room, we sat on my bed as I begun to kiss her soft and slow. I took my tongue and licked the outline of her lips then sucked her bottom lip in and out of my mouth. As I kissed her my hand slipped her shorts and discovered a pair of panties drenched in the wetness of her pussy. I laid Nakia down and removed her shorts and underwear simultaneously. Realizing she was exposed, Nakia's hand snaked between her legs and hid her womanhood with it.

"Aww...don't be like that, Nakia." I told her softly. "I'll treat it right."

Nakia moved her hand and I opened her legs, sucking on her inner thighs, going from one to the other. Nakia's eyes closed; she was nervous, and didn't know whether to show it or hide it, but how she was slightly trembling showed it anyway. I slid my tongue into her slit and graced her clit with its warm wetness, sucking it slowly and slurping the flowing juices as if it were melting ice cream. Her juices glazed my lips as I ran my tongue from one end of her love core to the next and Nakia placing her hand on the top of my head told me she was enjoying my tongue tricks. I took it up a notch as I slowly dipped my fingers in and out love tunnel as they raced neck and neck with my tongue, playing in her creamy cunt. Focusing on her clit, I barely noticed that Nakia had slipped her tank-top off until the white shirt appeared crumbled at her waist.

"Talk to me, Nakia." I said between licks.

"What?" She asked, surprised, failing at her attempt to stop moaning. "Right now?"

"Tell me how it feels, girl."

"Like feels like heaven, Tray." She answered as she pushed my head further into her.

She wrapped her legs around my head. I took her clit into my mouth, placed it between my teeth, and pulled it softly causing my best friend to explode.

"Goddamn...I'm cumming!" She screamed.

"That's right my princess...cum for me." I said as her cum covered my lips and left a trail down my chin.

Nakia fought not to tremble from her orgasm, but couldn't. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and held her until she stopped shaking. When her shaking halted, I began kissing on her again because this was far from over. I hadn't cum yet...and I was determined to make her cum again. While kissing her, I caressed her nipples and licked her earlobes.

"Are you ready for more?" I asked.

Nakia nodded her head, but needed to hear her say yes.

"Let me hear you say it." I said before teasing her neck with my fangs.

"I want some dick, Tray."

"Some or mine?" I joked.

Nakia tapped my nose with her finger, "Yours...just yours, boy."

I undid my jeans, pushing them down my legs and the same went for my boxers before lying on top of her. Grabbing my dick, I slid it in gently, breaking her virginal seal.

"Ahh!" Nakia yelped in pain, but being in tune with her told me she wasn't in much pain though.

"You okay?" I asked needed to know if she wanted to continue.

"Yeah...keep going, Tray." She moaned as I gave her my first few strokes.

Moving in and out of her, I sucked on both of Nakia's C cups. I started off slow, but as she got use to the dick inside her, I sped up a bit. I pounded my manhood into her vaginal canal, aiming it at her g-spot and by the responses Nakia gave me...I was hitting it just right.

"Ahh...oooh...oh shit!" She screamed bucking her hips into mine.

"You like it, huh, Nakia?" I groaned.

"Loving it baby,"

I felt myself about to cum and didn't want to. Using mind over matter, I pushed the thought of orgasming out of my mind and continued to give Nakia all I could. To her surprise though, I pulled out, but before she could even speak I flipped her over and took her doggy-style. I slipped my dick in and immediately went to work, pounding into her wetness. I reached my hands forward and grabbed her bouncing breasts.

"Mmmm, that's it, Tray! Give it to me! Give me that dick," Nakia screamed as my dick was filling up every inch of her pussy.

"Ahh...fuck," I groaned. "I'm gonna cum, Nakia. I'm gonna cum."

"Ooooh, I want you to!" Nakia replied, backing up on my hardness. "Cum for me, Tray!"

I gave Nakia the last strokes I could muster as I felt her body start to tense up. We were both was going to cum soon, but soon came quickly and we came together. As our orgasms reached their peak, I sank my fangs into Nakia's shoulder while Nakia's fangs bit into my arm as our juices blended and merged as one. Collapsing on my bed, Nakia and I cuddled up together sharing kisses and soft caresses.

"I'll never doubt your foresight again, Vanessa." A familiar voice suddenly said causing Nakia and I to look up to see our mothers standing in my bedroom doorway.

They stood together staring at us with smiles on their faces as if oblivious to how embarrassed we were while trying to cover up our nakedness.

My mother turned to Nakia's mom and let out a laugh, "I told you this would happen, Monica."

Our mothers turned and left us by ourselves again closing the door behind them. When the door closed, Nakia and I fell back in laughter at what just transpired. If we were humans our mothers would have had a bitch fit over what we'd done. Our laughter was silenced by us kissing again until Nakia made herself comfortable in my arms and fell asleep. I kissed the crown of Nakia's head watching her peacefully rest, but I couldn't rest though. All I could think of was the actions that took place. Feeding for the first time, the taste of Nakia's blood, but mostly it was the fact that I lost mine and took Nakia's virginity. Sex felt amazing and I didn't need my foresight to see that Nakia and I would most definitely be doing it again.

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Posted 25 Apr 2013 18:14
It was well written and I liked the dynamics between Trayvon and Nakia.

Posted 18 Jul 2012 19:28
Like NatureBoy said, it made me think of Blade too. It is a very creative story, well done!
Posted 18 Jul 2012 14:46
Loved loved loved this!! so amazing! very creative!!
Posted 18 Jul 2012 12:55
I thought about a young Blade while reading this. Ha! I liked the dialogue and the chemistry between Trayvon and Nakia. You definitely can create a hot erotic supernatural series with them. Thanks for sharing something different and unique!

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