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Weird little day dream

Pleasure with my office angel

I see you pull up into the car park at my work. It's dark outside and wind is blowing. I look out the window as you climb out and close your car door.
The wind rushes past and blows your beautiful hair back revealing your face and neck. I feel my lips push out slightly, mimicking a kiss. You look up. The white of your eyes dazzle in the moonlight as you afford me a welcoming smile.

I watch your hips sway from side to side and your firm ass moves up and down with each step. You walk closer to the building and I can feel my heart start to quicken. I want you!

You don’t know me. We’ve never spoken. Just the odd stolen glance and nervous smile as we pass in the corridor.

Your dark long hair, full brown eyes, button nose and sweet inviting lips have driven me to distraction on many occasions and I find one look is all it takes to send me into a day dream.

I get up from my desk and walk through the office. I must talk to you. Maybe a name or just a fleeting conversation about the weather would suffice.

I walk down the stairs slowing my pace, hoping that I haven’t missed you.

I see you walking up the stairs. I freeze. I quickly pull my phone out of my pocket in a vain attempt to look genuinely business-like. I fumble and watch my phone fly into the air.

Your long slender fingers reach out and pluck the phone from its impending doom. Your hand is out, clutching my phone. Your eyes reach mine and your lips pout into a smile. You’re so beautiful.

“You should be more careful Rob,” you say.

'She knows my name?' I question myself as I remember to close my mouth and not dribble.

My cheek involuntarily rises and forces a small bashful smile to spread across my face.

“Sorry,” I say, “Do I know you?”

Your eye contact sends a thump into my chest and as you lower your head and gaze through me, I reach out to take my phone.

“No you don’t know me,” you speak softly, “You never have”.

“But I’ve seen you before, here at work,” I say, trying to convince you.

“Rob, I am nobody, you do not know me, you never have and you never will,” you say almost whispering.

I watch your lips as time seems to slow. Your red, plump lips move and pulse as the words form and as you speak your final word, you move closer.

My mouth opens slightly as I draw deeper breathes. My heart forces blood to surge through me forcing my brain to counteract and blow away the tide of excitement and nerves. I stand still as you move to my side. Your hand brushes mine and I feel a tingle. A glancing touch that forces my eyes down. I watch your hand glide up my arm. I feel the heat from your hand pour through my shirt and flash across my body. My knee jerks out quickly and I lock it straight.

The faintest of touches stabs me with a sense of vulnerability and apprehension. My body shakes as your hand moves closer to face. My eyes begin to trace up but I can’t help but to take in ever inch of your body.

Your black stilettos catch the dim light in the stair well and cast a faint shimmer over your black tights.
Your short suit skirt encased a fantasy. Something that was always beyond me. An ass that I had only dreamt about and a pussy that I imaged could melt ice. Your tight black shirt bursts with full voluptuous breasts and small pendant nestled in-between.

I glance up into your eyes and smile warmly. Your finger reaches up onto my forehead and slowly snakes between my eyes, over my nose and rests on my lips. I smell your perfume; light and sweet. Your finger circles my wet lips and I feel your breathe on my neck.

“What's your fantasy Rob?” you whisper, exhaling a long breath onto my neck.

My knee shakes and I struggle to snap it back. A sense of total obedience washes over me. You could do anything you wanted. I can’t move, I can’t stop you.

“What’s your fantasy Rob?” you repeat, gently pushing your finger into my mouth.

I feel your finger drag along tongue and I begin pant as I talk.

“You, you’re my fantasy,” I speak, trying to form words as your finger glides out of my mouth.

I don’t see it but the sound of parting lips tells you’re smiling.

“So I’m your fantasy,” you whisper into my ear, “And how much do you want this fantasy Rob?”

Your words are like a drug and body gives up, my muscles collapse.

I don’t fall. I’m still standing. I’m weightless.

“How much Rob?” your breath swirls into my ear.

Your soft hands caress my cheeks.

“I want to hear it, trust me Rob, it will be worth it,” you say pulling my head onto your shoulder.

I feel your breasts press into my chest and I melt into you. My mouth opens and I breathe deeply. My eyes are still staring.

There can be no comprehension of this.

“Don’t fight it,” I tell myself.

“Let go, don’t fight me Rob,” you say.

I feel your words wisp down the back my neck. I feel at peace again and I embrace the feeling of my weightless body.

You feel so warm. So soft and as your breathing deepens and your breasts push deeper into me; you feel welcoming. You are open.

You step back and smile. Your little freckled nose wrinkles slightly as you soften your eyes. You tilt your head and part your lips slightly. They hover over mine and your breath fills me. You tilt your head the other way and I feel your tongue brush my bottom lip.

“Tell me Rob, tell me how much you want me,” your words are almost silent.

I don’t listen. I feel the words. They burrow into the pit of my stomach and build into a strong groan that escapes and resonates around the stair well.

I open my eyes slightly. I see the corner of your eyes crease as you smile and softly press your lips against mine.

“Ok,” you whisper.

Your hands run around the back of head and grip onto my hair. Your eyes suddenly lock open and I feel myself begin to lose all sense of my body as I stare back.

I can’t feel my arms or legs, just a rush of blood consumes my lower body and without brain function or thought my hand begins to move to my front. Your eyes bury deeper into me. My breathing quickiens and I feel my bottom lip drop. Your tongue runs along my lip but your eyes stay firm. Suddenly a blast of cold air rushes down the stair well and I feel my hand rip open the top of my trousers. The blood rushes to my cock and my hand pushes down. My trousers drop and my cock burst out into my hand. Your stare becomes more intense. My hand grasps my cock and begins to pull back and forth. I begin to breathe fast and deep as my hand speeds up. I feel no panic, no fear or worry; just you. You control me, a single word, a gaze or flick I will obey.

My hand moves the full length up and my cock and you draw your lips onto mine. Your open mouth closes onto my bottom lip, your eyes still fixated, piercing into mine.

You blink. I stop. My hand stops. I don’t control it.

All I can feel is the pulse in my cock throbbing with every powerful heart beat. My hands are drawn back. They rest behind my back.

Warm, wet, moist soft air rolls down the stair well and whips and curls round the tip of my cock. God it feels good.

You smile.

“Is that nice?” you ask.

“Mmmm yes!” I reply, closing my eyes and tilting my head.

Your voice softens.

“How about now?”

I try to look down.

“Look at me,” you say firmly.

I have no choice but to obey.

A warm, soft, moist feeling surrounds my cock. My eyes open, you are still staring at me. I want to look, I want to see. But I can’t, again your eyes control me.

The feeling of wet, plump juicy lips running down my cock forces me to open my mouth and let out a strained soft moan. I try to move my hands but I can’t. They are not for me now. My legs are detached and my eyes can only see you.

Another set of lips around my cock brings a deep groan from my stomach as the lips finally open to engulf my cock. I feel the most intense surge of euphoria. I don’t question it.

Two sets of lips slip and slide down my hard cock. They cannot be seen, but I feel every movement, every lick, every fraction of pleasure is intensified. Another jolt of ecstasy is met with a hand clamping onto my shaft. Warm tongues flick at my helmet as the hand pulls back and forth; again I release more vocal pleasure from within.
Your eyes are bulging again. I meet them with the same intensity.

The lips and hands are now as one. A symphony of wet, hot, warm, juicy ecstasy wraps itself around my cock; rolling wave after wave of pressure up and down until my breathing has become a continual chorus of orgasmic pleasure. The pulsing flow of cum filled, orgasmic adrenaline bursts into every corner of my body.

Your stare drills into me.

You blink.

A rush of feeling pours back into my arms and legs as the lips and hands finally push me into a hurricane force orgasm.

Your eyes glow as you feel my cum rupture from my cock.

"I want to feel it, I want to see it," you moan.

Every muscle in my body contracts and spasms. The cum explodes from my cock like a tsunami. It splashes onto your hands until they are soaking. I pump hot, creamy cum all over the front of your skirt as my body struggles to hold my weight. I grab onto you as my cock continues to pour cum onto your black shiny stilettos.

"You looked incredible," you whisper into my ear.

I moan as the last drops of juice finally spurt from my helmet. My limp body pulses and thumps as I hang on to your shoulders. Sweat pours off my forehead. My mouth is wide open as I look up with primal eyes.

You push me up straight. I summon the strength to support myself and try to pull my trousers up.

“I wouldn’t worry about them,” you say, smiling at me.

A puff of laughter peeks out of my nose as you raise your fingers.


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