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A Dream Come True: part one

17-year-old Jake gets a surprise from his stepmom...

Jake was 17, with shoulder length black hair, deep set blue eyes, and a superb physique. He stood 6 ft and weighed roughly 200 pounds. And although he had the six pack abs he never showed it off, as he saw him self as average.

Three months ago his father had remarried, and Jake's step mom Lacey was taking a bit of getting used to. "She was beautiful, in a raunchy kind of way" thought Jake, as he had got off his bus, and was walking home. His dad had left for business overseas, and would be gone for at least the next two months.

Feeling relieved at having completed his last exam of his senior year, Jake thought about having his girlfriend over tonight to celebrate. He was also completely sexually aroused, after making out with Sarah while on the bus ride home. They had been a couple for over a year, and maybe she would finally give up her virginity to Jake, as it would be his first time as well.

Walking up the steps to his house he simply couldn't shake the thoughts of Sarah, despite the fact that she wasn't really all that, she was 16, and short standing roughly 5 to 2 inches tall, and weighing about 100 pounds, she had short blond hair, and a sort of mousy look, Sarah was virtually shapeless, but Jake seemed to click with her, and they were still young anyway thought Jake, who knows what could happen when he goes off to college and has to leave her behind. The other thing that bothered him was that Sarah couldn't stand Jake's dad, and she thought even less of his step mom Lacey. "She's a slut Jake" Sarah had said time and time again. The truth of the matter was that she did have the tendency of coming off like a slut.

Lacey was a 37-year-old woman with a hourglass figure that every guy couldn't take her eyes off. She wore her long brown hair down almost all the time, and it framed her face perfectly, bringing out her piercing green eyes and full inviting lips, and those amazing 42 DD breasts were always the center of attention, due to the low cut blouses she wore.

Jake had often masturbated while fantasizing about Lacey, but who wouldn't he thought, she was sexy! She also had a bit of a reputation around town, "probably because of how she dressed", Jake thought. Whether she was at home doing things around the house, or out shopping with her friends, Lacey was always dressed to kill, she wore the shortest skirts that hardly covered her fantastic ass, along with thigh high stockings, and 5 inch stiletto heels. Lacey could be seen as a slut" thought Jake, but if so, long live the sluts!

By the time Jake had gotten into the house, not only was he as horny as can be, but he also knew that he really had to pee. He dashed down the hall, and into the open bathroom. Jake felt ecstasy as he stood in front of the toilet letting his pee pour out of him like a waterfall that seemingly had no end. He had forgotten to use the bathroom after his exam, and then getting riled up by Sarah erased his thought and/or need to pee until now. Jake, in the midst of shaking off his dick started getting immediately hard. "Nice"! said a voice from the bathtub, instantly prompting Jake to turn toward the alluring female kneeling in the tub staring through a gap in the shower curtain.

"Oh, I'm sorry Lacey, I really had to go". The woman looked over the young man's body licking her lips, "That's not all you have to do, by the looks of things" she smiled wickedly.

Jake, so startled by seeming his step mom naked in the tub had overlooked the fact that he was as hard as a rock, and only inches from Lacey's mouth. "Is that cock tease of a girlfriend still not putting out"? Lacey asked taking both her hands up and grasping Jake's cock. He moaned as she took hold, "no, it's not like that, she just wants to wait", he sighed, and moaned again, this time louder then the first. Lacey stroked his 8 inch cock while flicking her tongue around the mushroom shaped head of the penis. "Jake, I can bring you to orgasm right now! I can be the nasty slut you need, and I wouldn't mind having that beautiful cock in my mouth, or anywhere else for that matter! So what do you say"?

"No one will know, right"? Lacey smiled and licked around his shaft seductively "You don't have to worry Jake, if I was to tell anyone it wouldn't get back to your little girlfriend, and besides after we're done you never know, you might forget all about her, or you may just not want to remember her."

Lacey spit onto Jake's cock and stroked him more rapidly "so, do you want it"? Without hesitation Jake replied "Yes"! As soon as the word had left his lips he felt his entire cock be engulfed in Lacey's warm wet mouth. Her hands reached out pulling the jeans down around his ankles, she then slid her hands up his legs, clutching his ass cheeks with her hot pink manicured nails, and grinding them into him, pushing his cock to the back of her throat.

Pulses of pure sexual energy were coursing through Jake. He stood in utter amazement attempting to make sense of what he was experiencing. Lacey's hands moved back to Jake's cock, she wasn't used to the width of his shaft, at a little over 2 inches around he was more than a mouthful, but it was so exhilarating to have such a prize at her disposal.

"Is this really your first time, you seem unsure of what to do?" She spit again and massaged the wetness on his cock faster. "Yes, I've only ever masturbated, this is unreal"! Licking the head of his penis again, she said "this is our secret, you can do all of those nasty things that you see in magazines and movies with me, I'll be your personal slut."

Lacey then took him in her mouth fully again, and sucked wildly. So many nasty thoughts raced through Jake's mind that he always wanted to express, and do. He acted on impulse taking his hands to the back of Lacey's head, and at first he simply held them there as she moved her head rhythmically taking every inch of him in, but soon Jake realized that he was controlling the movement, and that she was relinquishing control to him. Lacey's gag reflex kicked in, and this sent Jake over the edge. He let go of her, as she leaned back grabbing his cock firmly in both hands stroking it harder and faster. Jake could feel everything building, and this was it. He moaned louder and louder, his voice echoing in the room seemingly amplifying it even more.

Lacey fixed her eyes on his, and rose up to bring her breasts level with his throbbing cock. "Cum for me Jake ,CUM ALL OVER ME NOW"! She screamed, and as if a button had been pressed Jake came, his load was so massive that it exploded all over Lacey's breasts, slapping his gorgeous penis against her bare flesh. Jake felt physically and mentally exhausted, as well as sexually spent, yet the entire experience was so overwhelmingly exciting but he couldn't help the craving he now had for more.

Still holding him Lacey directed the last few drops of his semen on her mouth making it appear as if she had just applied lip gloss. Panting like a wild animal, Jake struggled to gain composure. "That was unbelievable" he said attempting to be as dignified as he could.

"Well Jake, I could say it was my pleasure, and believe me it was, but from your reaction I'd say you found a tad of pleasure in what we did, what did you think"?

Taking Lacey by the hand, Jake helped her to step over the edge of the tub to stand facing him, he said "That was beyond pleasurable, thank you." he leaned in kissing her full on the lips, tasting his cum and enjoying it.

"Oh Jake, I'm having some girlfriends over tonight for a party, by the way you're invited, in fact you might say that you'll be the center of attention, but you'll see. Anyway I'm going to need to take a shower after the workout we had, you're welcome to join me".

Lacey stripped off the Jake's T-shirt and insisted on removing his shoes, socks, and the Jeans that had been down around his ankles entire time. Lacey, taking Jake by the hand, escorted him into the tub, where she turned on the shower.

The two washed each other with such passion it was clear to both that more was going to occur.

Jake embraced Lacey, holding her tight against him, while his hands explored the contours of her back, and then sliding down further he reached her incredibly sexy ass, giving it a playful squeeze.

Jake was starting to feel confident, as he pressed Lacey to the shower wall. She didn't resist, especially when she felt his hard rod near the opening of her hungry pussy. She took her fingers to his back grinding her nails in deep and trailing them down. The pain shocked him, as it turned him on even more, and this became clear to Lacey who then repeated the action even harder.

Jake had to have her totally and completely. Nothing else mattered to him in this moment except attaining the ultimate pleasure, being inside Lacey. He spun her around, stepping back just enough to give her a little room. Taking her hands in his, he raised them up on either side of her placing her palms against the wall.

Jake reaching down and make sure she was ready took his left hand between her legs. His fingers probed her hot, wet hole. "You’re soaked"!

Moaning due to his touch, Lacey replied in her most seductive tone, "Of course I am Jake. I need your cock inside me! Please Jake, before I go crazy, give it to me"!

He responded to the desperate plea by positioning himself directly behind her, and slid into her slowly and gently. Lacey thought to herself, "My my, what a sweet gentleman I have. I need him to be a wild man". It wasn't that Lacey didn't appreciate the smooth almost dainty handling of her, but she needed to be fucked hard. "Oh Jake, your cock feels so good inside my wet pussy! Show me that animal I saw when you had me on my knees".

This is all it took to bring Jake's hands to her hips, as he continued fucking her, but now more forceful and dominant.

The spray from the shower made this reality appear so surreal for Jake, as he reached up grabbing her long wet hair into a bundle, and pulling hard.

Lacey screamed, "Yes Oh God YES! HARDER"!

Not sure if she meant to pull her hair harder or to fuck her harder, he did both, upon doing so Lacey lost all self control. She had never had a perfect cock until now, and the way it filled her pussy with each and every thrust he made brought her into a zone of total ecstasy.

She was there, at the brink, and she wasn't about to hold back. Her body shuddered as she wailed in a deafening scream "YES YES!!! I'M CUMMING"!!! The energetic waves passing through her pussy drove Jake crazy.

He rammed her with such fury that it brought him to climax. "Take it, TAKE IT ALL"!!! Jake's cock released its built up lust inside Lacey, who was still in the pleasure of her orgasm. Not thinking that it could possibly feel any better than the first time she made him cum, he was amazed to find that he was trembling.

Cumming in her pussy was such an incredibly sexy thought for both, and Lacey wasn't sure what he would do when it was time, but for now she was happier than ever, basking in sexual bliss.

Jake struggled for words "I feel, wow! You are fantastic"!

"Why, thank you Jake, the feeling is mutual", as she smiled, thinking to herself, "That was the best sex I ever had! Tonight's party is going to be a blast"! Lacey let out a mischievous laugh.

"What’s that for"? asked Jake

"You'll see tonight, don't worry the best is yet to come"!

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