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Beauty Fucks the Beast - Chapter 2

Our hot boxum blond rides her fat, monstrous lover to avoid getting caught by her ex-boyfriend
Suddenly, the front door's lock clicked open and someone came into the house. "Dad, I'm home," Adam called out.

Bianca sat bolt upright in the bed, holding the sheets against her heaving breasts, her breath quickening with every passing second. She turned to her left and saw an old digital clock on the nightstand--it was nearly ten thirty by now. The football game must have ended and Bianca could hear her dashing ex-boyfriend climbing the old wooden staircase. "Dad," Adam called out again, his voice right outside the door.

Bianca looked at Mr. Masterson in a panic, unable to comprehend how she had managed to find herself in this situation. She had only planned to make out with him--she certainly never imagined that she would give up her virginity to this fat, odious monster. James sat up in the bed, turned to towards her and smiled, smugly. "Shhh," he whispered, as if Bianca intended to make even the slightest sound.

"I... ugh... got detention today," Adam said. By the sound of his footsteps, he was in the room directly behind the headboard of Mr. Masterson's bedroom. "You have to sign this piece of paper for me, otherwise they wont let me go to the homecoming dance tomorrow night." His voice sounded exasperated and strained, probably from all the yelling at he football game. "Dad," Adam said a little louder, his voice getting closer to the door.

Mr. Masterson and Bianca looked at each other, neither daring to move. The room was pitch black and the only sources of light were from the crack of the bedroom door and from the tiny red dot that indicated that the video camera was still recording. Bianca, growing more and more humiliated by the second, prayed that he would just away.

Then, all of a sudden, her worse fear was realized. She heard the doorknob being turned. The young blond squealed--there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. Adam began to slowly open the bedroom door. A long streak of light sprawled out, illuminating the far side of the room. Bianca braced herself for the impending mortification. Just as Adam was about to cross the threshold and enter the room, the house phone rang.
Neither Bianca nor Mr. Masterson moved an inch. She heard Adam let out a soft sigh and mutter, "I guess I'll get it."

Adam closed the door and proceeded downstairs, out of earshot. Bianca heaved a heavy sigh of temporary relief. Had he walked a few inches forward, he would have found his ex-girlfriend in bed with his disgusting, obese father. The whole situation made her sick to her stomach.

Bianca got of the bed, completely naked, and began pacing around the room. She needed to figure out a way to get home without Adam seeing her! Mr. Masterson was getting out of the bed too, making the old, sweat stained mattress creak. He was still naked as well, his fat stomach and flabby chest glistened in sweat, his fully erect cock pointing forward, straight at Bianca. "What are you doing!?" Bianca hissed, franticly pacing around the room.

"I better go down and sign his fucking detention slip," James said, a tone of annoyance evident in his voice. "The little fuck just can't stay out of trouble."

He stepped forward, towards Bianca, reaching out to grab his t-shirt and slacks. As he moved closer Bianca could smell her own fruity perfume on his skin. Standing in the light coming from under the door, Bianca could see that his hair was a disheveled mess and that he had glossy red lipstick all over his mouth and neck. He looked like sex. More importantly, he smelled like sex. And Bianca realized that if James took one whiff of his father, he would recognize the scent of her signature perfume.

"No!" Bianca hissed, pulling the white t-shirt of his hands. There was no way she was letting him leave this room--she was not going to let anyone find out about this whole horrible ordeal. She threw his t-shirt to the floor and ran to the doorknob, locking it. She could hear Adam talking incoherently on the phone downstairs and knew that he would be coming back upstairs soon.

"Why not?" Mr. Masterson said, letting out an amused laugh. The whole situation, to him, was nothing short of the most erotic experience of his life. And to have his son discover him in bed with his hot, young, perfect girlfriend would be the cherry on top of the entire evening.

To say that James hated his son would be a harsh but accurate representation of their relationship. Adam always blamed his father for his mother's death--he continued to perpetuate these ridiculous rumors of drunk drinking--and it had caused James to resent his son, in turn. He resented that he was a good-looking, spoiled little ladies' man who got whatever he wanted. He resented the fact that he had been bullied in high school, and yet his son was a popular jock. He resented the fact that his son could get girls he could never dream of having. That is, until now.

"Why not, babe?" Mr. Masterson asked, again.

By now, Adam was off the phone and was slowly making his way back up the staircase. "Dad," he called out, "Fuck. I really need you to wake up and sign my fucking permission slip!" Adam banged on the door, making Bianca jump. There was no way Mr. Masterson could leave this bedroom.

"Because I'm not done fucking you yet," Bianca said, smiling her sexiest, most charming smile. She walked forward, pushed the fat, old man backwards onto the bed, and agilely climbed on top of him. She got on her knees and lay forward, rubbing her big, juicy breasts on his gross, flabby chest. She looked into his eyes and brought a finger up to her lips. "Shhh," she whispered, and then held the bottom of her lower lip, making her look insanely sexy.

"Dad," Adam called out again, this time turning the doorknob. To his surprise, it was locked. Bianca looked up at the door, as if it make sure that her ex-boyfriend was definitely not able to get inside. "Dad!" Adam yelled out, anger now in his voice. She smiled, took hold of Mr. Masterson's foot long, uncut cock and eased herself on top of it.

Bianca moaned loudly as the fat bastard's thick cock began sliding up into her. Luckily Adam chose that exact same moment to pound on the door, blocking out the sound of her moan.

"Open up the fucking door!" Adam yelled, unaware that his ex-girlfriend was slowly impaling herself upon his father's meaty shaft.

"Ughhhh," Bianca moaned, feeling the intense pressure mounting.

Adam began pounding on the door again and at that exact moment Mr. Masterson thrust forward, forcing the remaining few inches of his cock up into Bianca. Bianca moaned loudly--thankfully her passionate grunts were inaudible due to Adam's pounding. Mr. Masterson, his body tingling with pleasure, yelled out, "Fuckkk!"

Bianca's eyes grew wide, praying that Adam would not realize what was happening inside the bedroom. Mr. Masterson groaned in ecstasy, as his cock was being hugged by this young babe's tight, wet, vagina. Bianca peered nto his eyes and began to slowly move her body up and down, grinding his cock.

"Open the fucking door, Dad! I know you're in there!" Adam yelled, pounding on the door again. Bianca, who hadn't taken her eyes off of her fat lover, began picking up speed, gyrating her hips on his fat cock. She leaned back, put her hands behind her for support, and began wildly grinding her hips, feeling his dick glide against her clit.

"Ughhh Don't..." Mr. Masterson roared, tossing his head back in pleasure. "....Stop!" he commanded, watching Bianca's gorgeous round breasts bounce each time she lifted her hips.

Adam, on the other side of the door, heard two distinct commands: "Don't" and "Stop!" as if his father wanted to be left alone.

Bianca began panting softly, getting closer and closer to orgasm. She leaned forward, allowing her breasts to dangle tantalizingly close to her lovers mouth. Mr. Masterson extended his tongue and began rapidly flicking her rock-solid nipple. He reached forward, grabbed her ass, and began pulling her cheeks apart, allowing more and more of his cock to slip into her tight, wet pussy. Adam banged on the door again and Bianca screamed, covering her mouth with her hand to stifle the sound of her pleasure.

Mr. Masterson began thrusting wildly, inching closer and closer to an orgasm. Bianca put her head on his shoulder and fucked like her life depended on it, grinding and gyrating her hips, spreading her slick pussy-juice all over her lover's fat groin. "God damn it!" Mr. Masterson roared, unable to contain his exhilaration.

"Got fuck yourself, Dad," Adam roared, genuine anger in his voice now. "You cant get your fat, lazy, pathetic ass out of bed!? I need you to sign my fucking paper!"

Bianca panted harder and harder as she neared an orgasm, lost in the throws of intense passion. "Oh shittt .... oh shittt ... oh shitt!" she whispered, feeling herself getting closer and closer to the edge. "I'm gonna go, baby!" she moaned out, locking her lips on Mr. Masterson's mouth. "Make me cumm, James." She grunted, breaking the kiss. "Make me cum on your fat, thick cock!"

Hearing Bianca beg for release was too much for Mr. Masterson. He reached forward, grabbed her hips, and began hammering his cock up into his young, perfect, prize. His balls began slapping against her ass and he could feel her juices all over him. He began grunting like an animal and suddenly roared out, "Oh my God. Fucckkkk!"

As he screamed, a geyser of semen erupted within Bianca's tiny little body. "Oh, oh, ohh!" Bianca moaned and then suddenly let out a scream that echoed through the entire house. Tiny lights burst in front of her eyes as the most intense orgasm she had experience that night washed over her.

She fell forward, unable to hold her body up. The buxom blond spasmed, shaking uncontrollably as the orgasm pulsed through her entire body. Adam paused, mid knock, unsure of where that scream had come from. It sounded like a woman had just came inside of his father's bedroom. It couldn't' be...maybe it was just the TV or something.

"Go to hell, you fat fuck," Adam said, finally giving in and returning to his bedroom. Bianca lay on top of Mr. Masterson, unable to move. She could feel his cum leaking out of her and onto the sheets. She could feel his lips on her neck, slurping and licking her soft delicate skin. She was in a state of complete ecstasy and was utterly exhausted. She looked into the black eyes of this insanely disgusting, and yet somehow irresistible man below her, and began passionately kissing him.


Adam retreated downstairs, resolved that his father was simply too lazy to climb out of bed and sign his permission slip. He figured he would just have to forge his signature, like usual. He didn't understand why his father was being so much of a prick lately, but after the football game he just didn't have the energy to care much. The day had been exhausting, both emotionally and physically. He had tried, desperately, to get in touch with Bianca on her cell, but she hadn't picked up, clearly unwilling to talk to him.

Of course he felt guilty about what had was a moment of weakness in an otherwise perfect relationship. He truly cared for her and, to make matters worse, he was a little worried about her. Moments earlier Madison had called, asking if Bianca was over his house. Adam figured that Bianca hadn't told her what happened. He hoped she wasn't in any kind of trouble.

After he forged his father's signature, he sat down in the living room and turned on the TV, hoping to decompress after the long day. He sighed, ashamed of what he had done. "How could I have cheated on her?" he asked himself. "How could I have gotten caught?"

He really was feeling bad about the whole ordeal; in fact, he imagined that he could smell the fruity scent of her signature perfume. Adam imagined that in hung in the air all around him. He shook his head--he had to stop thinking about her. He had to stop imagining things.

Then a piece of fabric on the corner of the couch caught his eye. It was a small, black jacket and, by the looks of it, it obviously belonged to a woman. In fact, he thought Bianca owned one just like it. This was odd--why would his father have a woman's coat in his house?

Adam turned off the TV and headed to bed, hoping to clear his mind. He stripped of his clothes, slipped beneath the covers, and closed his eyes. As he began to drift off to sleep, he heard a soft, rhythmic thumping coming from behind his headrest. The thumping was steady and clearly audible through the thin wall. As Adam drifted off to sleep, a vision of his ex-girlfriend (soon to be girlfriend, if he had any say in it) fucking his father in the adjacent room danced into his mind. The phone call, the scent of her perfume, the woman's jacket, the rhythmic thumping against the wall, and that scream.. "Impossible," Adam thought to himself, as he drifted off to sleep. "Impossible, right!?"


Bianca awoke the following morning to the smell of Mr. Masterson's atrocious breath filling her nostrils. She yawned and, quite suddenly, felt the ache of her lost virginity. Her pussy was sore and rubbed raw. Even worse, she could feel dried cum on her pussy lips. She felt disgusting and even though her hair was disheveled and her make-up was smeared, she still looked like a goddess.

"Morning sexy." James groaned, evidently awakened by her movements. Bianca looked back at him and the horror of what had happened last night washed over her. How had this had happened? How had she, an unmarried, faithful, Christian girl given her innocence to this fat, smelly, hideous monster, who was at least twice her age? His breath made her nauseous and she realized that she had to get out of that damp, sweaty bed.

Bianca scampered across the room, found her tiny leopard print thong and pulled it on. The sensation made her shiver, as the thong was still soaked in her pussy juices from the night before. Her bra had landed a few feet away. The young, busty blond scooped up the leopard print fabric and hastily pulled it up to her breasts, not wanting Mr. Masterson to see any more of her than he already had. She just wanted to get out of this house and away from the entire situation.

Mr. Masterson pulled on a huge, white fluffy robe and turned to find Bianca unlocking the door to the bedroom. "How's about you make us some breakfast, baby?" he asked, drowsily. "There's some eggs, and sausage, and bacon in the refrigerator," he added, as she opened the door and headed downstairs.

Bianca had no intention of cooking this man's breakfast...she simply wanted to find her dress, put it on, and get back to her house. However, when she got to the living room she was surprised to find that the silky, black dress was not where they had left it. It should have been on the floor, next to the couch, but it was nowhere to be found.

Bianca groaned, unsure of what to do. She definitely couldn't be seen leaving the house, wearing only her silky, tiny leopard bra and thong! No, maybe she could borrow one of Mr. Masterson's oversized t-shirts, or something. One thing was certain, she wasn't leaving the house just yet..

James bounded down the stairs a few moments later and found Bianca in the kitchen, cooking sausage on the stove. He walked forward, gave her ass a good slap and whistled. "Damn, you look sexy, cooking without your clothes on." With that, James gave her a scruffy kiss on the cheek and sat down at the table, admiring her gorgeous, lingerie-clad body.

Bianca set a plate of sausage, eggs, and bacon down in front on him, and sat on the other side of the table with a plate of her own. Bianca had learned to cook from her mother and she was actually quite an accomplished little chef...something else for Mr. Masterson to adore about her.

They ate mostly in silence, as James hurriedly stuffed his face with food. It was disgusting to watch him eat--fat from the sausage leaked down his mouth, onto his round belly. How could a man this repulsive make her experience such mind-altering orgasms!?

"Last night was absolutely incredible," he blurted out, spitting little bits of bacon all over the table. Bianca smiled awkward, then stared intently at her food. "Out of curiosity," James began, taking another bite of bacon, "What kind of birth control are you on?"

"Birth control?" Bianca asked, slowly, her head beginning to swim.


NEXT CHAPTER: Our not-so-innocence cheerleader is horrified to discover that, in all of the passion, repulsion, and excitement of last night's fuck fest, neither she nor her lover remembered to use birth control. And, things get steamy when, after Mr. Masterson insists on taking her out on a second date, Bianca's fat, disgusting lover is unable to keep his desire under control.

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