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Good Girl Gone Bad Part 12

Good Girl Gone Bad Part 12

Random Acts of Slutiness
During my year or so of being a total slut there were lots of random acts of slutiness. Here are some of my favorites.

It sucks when your car breaks down. It was cold and late and I got a flat. There was no way I was going to try to change my tire. It was freezing and dark out so I called triple A. Twenty minutes later the tow truck pulled up. The guy hooked up my car and I got into the front seat of the tow truck. He gave me a cup of hot chocolate! What a sweetie.

Bill was in his late 50s and a retired truck driver. He had gray hair and was kind of a cutie. You could tell he had some nice muscles. I asked him to take me back to my house, which was about an hour away instead of a garage.

The truck was so hot. I asked him to turn it down but he said it was broken. I bet. I think he knew what he was doing. I had to take my coat off it was so hot. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was looking at my tits as I took off my coat.

I put the seat belt back on and purposefully strapped it across my boob so it would push into it. I do love to cock tease.

As we drove he kept looking over at me especially when we hit bumps that made my tits bounce. I think he was hitting the bumps on purpose.

I looked over at him staring right at my tits. He just kept starring. He didn’t care that I knew he was looking.

“Nice rack,” he said.

I laughed.

“Shouldn’t you be keeping your eyes on the road?” I asked.

“I should,” he answered. “But that rack can’t be ignored.

I laughed again.

“I don’t want you to get us killed,” I said.

“Yeah that would be bad,” he said. “How about you pull up your shirt and show me your jugs.”

“No way!” I yelled but laughed.

“Come on,” he said. “I promise that once I get a good look I will keep my eyes on the road.”

“You should be doing that anyway,” I said.

“Yeah but those bazookas cannot be ignored. I bet they look even better naked,” he said.

I smiled and nodded my head up and down.

“See,” he said. “Help out a dirty old man and show him your jugs.”

I didn’t want him to crash the truck. I figured, what could be the harm?

He was like a kid at Christmas once I unbuckled my seat belt and started to pull up my shirt up over my tits. His eyes widened and then he swerved.

“Holy shit,” he said getting control of the truck. “Those are the best fucking tits I’ve ever seen.”

“They’re not worth getting killed for,” I said.

“Speak for yourself,” he said.

“Then don’t kill me since these tits have a lot of living still to do,” I said pointing at my boobies.

“Since I can’t look at them while driving,” he said reaching over and grabbing one of my tits as his eyes were glued to the road. “Its only fair that I get to feel them.”

My jaw dropped as he massaged my left tit with his rough hand.

“Hey,” I said. “I never said you could do that.”

“Dear,” he said. “You pull up your shirt next to a man you just met and you expect him not to squeeze your jugs. Really?”

I couldn’t argue with Bill’s logic. We sat there driving silently as he squeezed my tits moving from the left one to the right one back and forth. Sometimes taking time to play with my nipples. I have to confess the whole situation was making me wet.

Bill took his hand off my tits and grabbed my left hand and put it in between his legs. I could feel his hard-on through his pants. I didn’t argue or pull back. I rubbed him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and I jerked him off. He went back to squeezing my tits with his hand as I jerked his cock up and down.

“Fuck,” Bill said. “I need something to make it less rough on my shlong. It needs to be wet.”

I took my hand off his cock and brought it to my mouth and spit in it making it wet and then placed it back on his cock.

“There’s a better way to make my cock wet,” he said grinning at me.

We starred at each other with his hand still squeezing my tit and my hand jerking him off. He would look back at the road and the back to me over and over again. It was like we were playing chicken. He would keep looking at me instead of the road and risk getting us both killed unless I made his cock the way he wanted me to.

I lowered my head and sucked his cock. He won. Yes and I loved being made to do it.

“That's a good girl,” he said as my warm, wet mouth slide over his hard cock.

Once I have a cock in my mouth I give it my all. I closed my eyes and went to work on Bill's fat cock. I licked and sucked and kissed and sucked and sucked his cock some more. I shoved his cock down my throat and held it there as long as I could sucking it and tonguing it.

"Oh my, girly-girl," Bill said. "You are a natural born cocksucker." I answered by sucking even harder.

It wasn’t too long before he was unloading a nice big load of his cum inside my mouth. I gobbled it all down.

"Oh fuck," he cried as his cock started to swell up. I could feel his balls beginning to erupt and I moaned in anticipation of his thick, hot stream of white cum jetting in my mouth. Bill pumped blast after blast of his cum down my throat and I ate it down hungrily.

“Mmmm,” he said. “I knew you were a swallower.”

“Duh,” I said wiping off a bit of cum that landed on my lips and licked it off my finger. “Why let it go to waste?”

I began to pull my shirt down and he told me to stop.

“I ain’t done with those puppies yet,” he said and started squeezing them again.

“Wow,” I said. “You’re horny.”

“Hell yes,” he said.

“Well that’s all your getting,” I said.

“I bet that sweet pussy of yours is wet,” he said.

“No way,” I said.

“Want to bet?” he asked.

“I’m not betting you anything,” I answered.

“If your pussy is wet we pull off at the next exit and I find a place to park and you got to ride my cock,” he said,

“Not going to happen,” I said. “I am not fucking you.”

“I bet you are wetter than a seal swimming in the ocean,” he said laughing.

He moved his hand down off my tit and to my jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them while looking at the road. I didn’t resist him. He pushed his hand down my pants and under my thong. I felt his finger pressing into my pussy.

“I knew it,” he said. He probed my cunt with his finger as I closed my eyes and moaned. He pulled out his finger to show me.

So?” I asked.

“Eat your own pussy juice,” he told me. I took his finger in my mouth and ate my own wetness.

“Damn girl,” he said pulling off at the next exit as I sucked his finger clean.

“Hey,” I said. “I am not fucking you. I want to go home and go to sleep.”

“You’ll sleep better after you cum on my cock,” he said. “We both know it.”

He kept driving looking for a place to park. He found this closed gas station and pulled into the dark side that had no lights on it.

“I am not fucking you,” I said.

Bill smiled and put his hand back into my jeans and pushed his finger in me again. He swirled it around and around in my cunt as he sucked one of my tits. He then put a second finger inside of me and pumped it in and out of my pussy over and over again. I reached over and took his cock in my hand and massaged it. He wasn’t quite hard yet but was getting there. He moved up and pushed my head down on his dick.

“Suck it hard again,” he told me. “Then I’ll fuck your sweet pussy real good,”

I felt it cock harden in my mouth. He was going to fuck me.

He maneuvered into my set and I had to stand up and arch over. He plopped into the passenger seat and my tits were right in his face hanging down.

“Now that is a beautiful sight,” he said starring at my tits and taking my hips in his hands and pulling me closer.

I lowered myself onto his cock and we both moaned as he entered me. I rode his cock faster and faster as my tits bounced up and down. He took one tits in his mouth as I bounced on his dick. The dirty old fucker. He got me.

I rode Bill's cock as he sucked my tits. It took only a few minutes for me to cum on his cock.

"That's the way its down, girly-girl," he said as I was in the throes of my orgasm. "Cum on ol' Billy's cock."

"Now its your turn," I said. "Cum in my cunt. I want you to fuck and fill me."

"Oh yeah, girly-girl," he said as I fucked his dick with my pussy. "That is the plan. Right in that nice, tight, young cooze."

Bill pumped his second load of cum in me. I went into the driver seat and cleaned off his cock.

“You are one fine piece of ass,” he said running his fingers through my hair as I sucked and licked his cock of our juices. Girls who don’t do this are missing out. It was one of my favorite things.

Bill got me home and gave me his card and said that any time I needed to tow to make sure I called him. Even if I didn’t need a tow I should call him. We hooked more than a few times after that. There was something about that dirty old tow truck driver that got me hot and bothered. I let him pump loads of cum in me. I gave him all three holes and he was grateful. He said it was over twenty years since he got to fuck a woman’s ass. His wife never let him do it. I felt good that I could make him feel like a man. And blow jobs were off the menu at home too. Sluts do play an important role in the world. I am not a forever slut. I am a good girl gone bad for a limited time. But in that time I made a lot of men happy. And it made me happy too.

* * * * * *

I was pissed at my cousin Sandy. She told Big John, one of the firemen that I fucked, that I also fucked his fellow fireman, Frankie. And that bitch told him that I participated in a gang bang with a bunch of cops!. Big John was very into me and I think she got jealous cause she wanted more of his big cock (he had a huge one).

Never fuck with a young, big tit slut like me cause I got power. I went over to Sandy’s place when I knew she was going to be out and I fucked her husband, Larry’s brains out. It didn’t take much convincing.

“Hi Larry,” I said wearing a white wife-beater tee shirt with no bra, short cut off daisy duke jeans and white knee high socks with pink sneakers.

‘Hello Kali,” he said as I took off my jean jacket to reveal my wife-beater. One of my tits practically fell out. Larry looked right at my tit. “What do I owe the pleasure?”

“I was thinking that maybe we could fuck,” I said pushing my big boobies together. I could have tried to seduce and cock tease him until he couldn’t take it any more. But I decided to go with the direct approach.

“Are you serious?” he said looking at my pushed up tits.

I smiled and nodded my head up and down.

Larry was all over me like he was starving and I was the most delicious food in the world. He pulled my tits out and squeezed and sucked them.

“Been wanting to fuck you,” he said in between sucks. “For years and years.”

I don’t know about other girls but when a man I’ve known for a long time goes from a platonic relationship to a sexual one, it is very powerful for me. It feels like eating forbidden fruit and it tastes so sweet and luscious. Add to that the revenge I was getting on Sandy for turning Big John against me made it even more delicious. I was going to fuck the man she constantly cheated on. Larry was soon going to be pushing his cock and pumping his semen inside of me. I was so wet and turned on that I nearly went out of my mind.

I figured Larry was a really good fuck since Sandy married him. She is such a sex addict that I bet he was one of the best fucks Sandy ever had and that is saying a lot.

I moved my hand down and unzipped Larry’s jeans and pulled out his cock and started rubbing it.

“You can’t wait to get to that cock,” he said as I stroked him. “All the girls in your family are sluts.” He slapped my tits, squeezed them and started to suck them again. “Big titted, cock-hungry sluts!”

I cupped his balls and massaged them continuing to stroke his prick. I felt some of his pre-cum rolling down my hand. I moved my hand to my mouth and licked his pre-cum off of it. Our eyes met as I used my tongue swirling it over my hand to eat his fluid.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Cock-hungry and cum starved.” He stepped back thrusting his pelvis out. “Eat it Kali. Get your mouth around that fuck-pole.”

I got on my knees and held onto Larry’s throbbing, hard cock and looked up at him. He was grinning that dirty grin that a man gets in anticipation of his dick inside my pretty, young and willing mouth.

There is that moment that I relish when taking a man’s cock into my mouth for the first time. I want to savor the tension as my mouth approaches his raging hard-on. Closer. His eyes intently looking down at me. Closer. I can feel the heat of his cock on my face. Closer. I open my mouth and he can feel my hot breath against his skin. Closer. His cock enters my mouth feeling my tongue on the bottom of his shaft. I taste him for the first time feeling the heat of his dick. Closer. I close my mouth wrapping my lips around his throbbing cock. The look of lust on his face drives me wild as I suck him hard pulling him deeper inside of me and down my throat.

Larry’s dick was in my mouth. My cousin’s husband’s cock was being sucked hard and deep by me. I was such a bad, bad girl.

“Yes,” Larry shouted like he won some game. I sucked his cock using all of my techniques. But the most important thing about giving a blow job is just really enjoying it. When I had a cock in my mouth I sucked it like his balls were filled with water and I was dying of thirst. With Larry I had something to prove. I am sure Sandy is an amazing cocksucker and I had to show him I was better.

I held his big cock with just two fingers and my thumb as far down as I can go where it was buried in his balls and jerked it. That gave me plenty of room to deep throat him. But I would get to that later. First I licked his dick all over. I licked the shaft on top, underneath and on the sides. Then I rolled my tongue over his cock-head. I pushed my tongue into his cock-hole and licked out his precum. After doing that I opened my mouth again and gobbled his cock again. I kept doing that over and over.

Finally I got his got wet enough and shoved it down my tight throat deeper and deeper until it was all the way in. I felt his pubic hair pressing against my nose and face. I rubbed my tongue under his shaft up and down over and over again while deep throating him. I then pushed my tongue out of my mouth and pushed his balls up close so I could lick them as I deep throated him. This drove Larry crazy. And then my favorite trick is to swallow over and over again w so he can feel my throat squeezing his cock. I will hold my swallow so my throat clamps down on his cock for as long as I can.

Larry blew his first load very fast. I could feel him about to burst and pulled his cock out of my throat but kept it in my mouth so I could taste the cum as it shot on my tongue. Poor Larry must not have cum in a while because there was so much. I felt it burst splashing against the back of my mouth resisting swallowing it all. Some escaped as Larry’s little spermies slide down my throat and into my tummy. But I kept most of it in my mouth.

After Larry shot his last blast of his cum in my mouth I took out his cock and showed him his white hot load all over my tongue. He loved that. I swished it around and rolled it over my tongue. Finally, I closed my mouth and took a big gulp and ate all of my cousin’s husband semen feeling it fill up my belly.

“Fuck Kali,” he said. “That was the best fucking blow job I ever had. I couldn’t hold back.”

“Never hold back,” I told him taking his cock back into my mouth draining him of his post-cum. He reached down and played with my tits as I continued to consume his jizz.

“You know Sandy is gone for the night,” Larry said. “You planning on staying over?”

I told him I was but it might not be smart for us to stay here all night just in case Sandy comes home early.

“No Kali,” he said. “She is in New Jersey right now and won’t be back until late tomorrow night. We got all night.”

Larry lifted me off the my knees taking one of my big tits in each hand and pulled me into the bedroom. The things he did to me in there that night were amazing. Yes he fucked every hole and filled me with load after load of cum. But he did something to me that no one had ever done before and I love that.

Later in the evening after hours of fucking and sucking and drinking and fucking and sucking some more, Larry got me high. I wasn’t a big pot smoker and the stuff he had knocked me on my ass, which Larry had already fucked about an hour earlier.

We started making out and it felt so nice. He kissed my neck. He kissed my chest. He kissed my tits. He kissed my nipples. He kissed my tummy. He kissed my belly button. He kissed my shaved mound. He kissed my clit. Then he sucked, nibbled and tongued my clit. He rubbed my pussy with his finger at the same time. It felt so nice.

Larry pushed two fingers in me and stretched them inside of me as far as they could go. At the same time he ate my clitty. I threw back my head and moaned. He pushed another finger in me and fucked my cunt. Then he stretched them inside of me. I was so turned on. Then he pulled his three fingers out and he took four fingers and made them as tight as he could and began to screw them into my pussy. He got up to the second knuckle and revolved them around and around. Then he slowly opened his fingers up inside of me but not all the way before the pain was too much for even me to bear.

“You are fucking tight Kali,” he said. He made me get on all fours, take another toke of pot and got out some lubrication.

He covered his hand in lube and I felt him put his four fingers back in me making them tight as he could. He got in up to the third knuckle this time and he slowly screwed his hand in me again around and around slowly. I felt him tuck his thumb inside me. I had his five fingers in me three knuckles deep.

He squeezed more lube around the edge of his hand were it entered my pussy. He opened up his fingers inside of me slowly pushing against my pussy walls. He went wider and wider and wider stretching me like I had never been stretched. He collapsed his fingers again and then maneuvered the side of his hand with his thumb and slide into my stretched pussy and got in easy. Part of his hand was still out just below his pinky and third finger. He opened his fingers inside me again stretching my cunt slowly. Then he closed them and began to screw his hand again from right to left over and over. He stopped and went up and over sliding the rest of his hand inside of my vagina.

His hand was inside me. All the way. If you had told me that any man could get his hand in me I would never have believed it. I have a nice tight pussy. But with patience and skill he got it in me.

Larry’s fingers were still bunched up. My head was spinning from how completely full I felt. I was unable to speak or even think. All I could really do is whimper.

Larry begin to fuck my pussy very, very slowly with his fingers still tight bunched up. He picked up the pace little by little until he was fucking me with his hand at a pretty good pace. He stopped for a second. I could feel him form a fist inside of me. His knuckles were pressing against my pussy walls.

I let out a deep, deep grunt. I was quivering as Larry’s first was inside my cunt not moving. I began to shake and tremble. Slowly I began to calm down. Larry moved his fist inside me turning it left and then right and back again. He did that for a while until I felt the pain subside but the ecstasy remain.

Larry could sense that I was ready for more. He started to fuck my cunt with his fist slowly. I couldn’t help but drool a little but I didn’t give a fuck. He did it gently as he could at first. Bit by bit he would go a little faster. Then faster. Soon Larry was fucking me with his fist at a goo pace again. He wasn’t slamming me but it was a steady firm fucking with his hand.

I was being fist fucked by my cousin’s husband. I had never been fist fucked before. It was indescribable. I screamed. I mean I screamed at the top of my lungs as I came on Larry’s hand.

He took his hand out of me gently. I felt so empty after he did it. He moved up to me and we kissed.

I knew then that I would fuck Larry more than just this once. Larry and I hooked up a bunch of times and he was a perverted fuck machine that really knew how to use me. I loved it. Sorry Sandy. Giggles.

* * * * * *

We all know that I was a really big slut during this time in my life. But I didn’t fuck every man that wanted to do it to me. Trust me, I turned away ten times as many as I said yes to. But I did say yes to a lot of them.

There had to be something about the guy and the situation and what I was feeling at the time. It had to spark a desire in me that I couldn’t resist. Sometimes I would seek out those experiences and make them happen. Sometimes they would seek me out and it would happen.

I was out with a bunch of my girlfriends. None of them knew what I was doing. I knew if they did they would think there was something seriously wrong with me. They wouldn’t understand all the men, or the fact they were married, or the fact they were all mostly old enough to be my father. In fact they all thought that I was a prude because any guy that hit on me in a bar was politely denied. They said I should forget about my ex and go on with my life and have a little fun.

We ended up in this bar in the city. There were five of us. Not five minutes after we sat down when two older businessmen came up to us with shots. They said that this kind of thing never happened where they were from, five pretty girls walking into a bar with no men around them.

They asked if the could join and offered drinks on them. We said sure. We had no fear that any of these guys would make a move on us and besides we outnumbered them. Not only that but their wedding rings were clear as day.

After a few hours it turns out I was the only one willing to talk to them. Both guys, David and Jeffrey were from Minnesota and here on business. Their best client was here and they were closing a big deal.

Eventually my girlfriends were ready to leave. I told them I was going to stay and finish chatting with David and Jeffrey. My friends waved me over.

“Are you sure?” one asked.

“Oh come on,” I said. “These guys are harmless. Besides I can take care of myself.”

They agreed and left.

I sat back down with David and Jeffrey and the drinks kept coming. Of course I knew that these men weren’t harmless and they probably sensed that I was open to the possibilities.

“Do you like champagne?” Jeffery asked.

“I really do,” I said.

“I have this amazing bottle of Dom Perignon that needs to be popped in my hotel room,” he said.

“Well what are we waiting for?” I said. “Let’s start popping.”

They both laughed.

“I’ll drink to that,” David said making no effort to hide looking right at my tits.

We went to Jeffrey’s room and we didn’t end up popping open the Dom Perignon but instead they ended up popping me. They didn’t wait until we got in the room. Both of them were all over me in the elevator.

When we got to the room I was already half naked with my tits hanging out of my top. David had pulled off my thong and told me he was going to keep it after he smelled it and put it in his pocket.

First Jeffrey pulled me to him and kissed me and ran his hands all over my tits and ass. Then David pulled me from him and kissed me and squeezed my tits and ass. Then Jeffrey pulled me from David. They went back and forth passing me around.

They both took turns fucking my cunt. David went first fucking me on the bed. Then he would pull out and Jeffrey would fuck me. They went back and forth for a very long time. They told me later it was a contest to see who would cum first. It was David. He came inside me and Jeffrey hollered in victory. The winner got to fuck my ass.

I asked them later, what if I didn’t want you to fuck my ass. David said it would have been too bad. I laughed.

It was David’s bright idea to call their client at 6 am over to join us. I guess he loved girls with big tits. Again, they didn’t ask me. Oh well.

“Trust me she is hot,” David told him. “Huge fucking tits. Young. Pretty. Nice ass. And did I say huge fucking tits.” I laughed. He was on his way.

He showed up about 45 minutes later with bagels and cream cheese. That was sweet of him.

“Steve this is Kali and Kali this is Steve,” David said introducing us.

I held out my hand for Steve, which he ignored and just took both my tits in his hands and started squeezing them.

“Nice to meet you too,” I said. I couldn’t really blame him. I was standing there completely naked.

Steve kept playing with my tits not even looking up at me.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. “I know.”

Finally he looked up at me with a very serious face. Steve as a very serious man. He pulled me into the bathroom and we took a shower together. He didn’t want sloppy seconds so he made sure all my holes were nice and clean. It felt nice to have the hot water splashing against my skin as Steve lathered me and washed my body. From the look of his hard-on he was enjoying it too. He made me brace myself against the shower wall and fucked me from behind with both of his hands on my tits to brace himself. He loved big tits and hardly ever took his hands off of mine the whole time we were together.

David and Jeffrey came in and watched us encouraging Steve to fuck the shit out of me, to nail me hard, to bang my brains out, etc. That kind of talk gets me so turned on that I was soon cumming on Steve’s cock. Steve flooded my cunt with his cum grabbing my tits really hard as he pumped his white cream inside of me.

I got out of the shower and the guys dried me off. I was starving so I went to the table and got myself a bagel. Jeffrey and David smeared cream cheese on their dicks and made me eat it off of them. It was kind of hilarious, delicious and dirty all at the same time.

Soon all three of them were fucking me and I was airtight with one cock in each hole. They gave Steve my ass (he was their client so he got to pick), David was in my pussy and Jeffrey was fucking my face. After Steve came in my ass, Jeffrey grabbed my hair and pulled me over to Steve’s cock and made me clean it. I didn’t have to be made to clean it, I would have anyway, but I like that he did make me because I like being used and told what to do. While I was cleaning Steve’s dirty cock, David took his place and started to fuck my ass. After David came in my ass, I cleaned his cock while Jeffrey fucked my ass next.

Steve had to go to work and Jeffrey and David had to catch their flight. They told me I could stay if I wanted and relax or use the room for whatever I wanted. Steve said he could be back for lunch and throw me another fuck. David and Jeffrey encouraged me to do so and they would call down to get a late checkout. I told them I had to go to work too. They told me to blow my boss extra good and he will forgive me. They were joking but they were right, all I had to was call my boss and tell him I would let him fuck my face and he would be fine with me coming in late.

I decided to stay. Steve came back later and fucked my tits and then my pussy and then came in my mouth. Since he was local we hooked up a few more times with just the two of us sometimes and other times David and Jeffery would join in when they came into town every couple of months. David and Jeffrey were fun guys so I would party with them whenever they visited. They tried to convince me to do a gang bang with a bunch of their clients but I declined. Why? Because they should never ask but just make it happen.

* * * * * *

One of my dirtiest hookups was with my mom’s first husband. They married when she was just 19 but got divorced six months later. I met him a few times around town. He didn’t live in our town but had friends here. He was single but had been married a couple of times after my mom. I was told he was a real player. I looked in the mirror and thought to myself that today was the day I was going to fuck Eric McMann.

I went over on a Saturday hoping he would be home and alone. I wore a tight black v-neck pullover and tight white jeans. No bra. No panties. I also had 5-inch fuck me pump heels.

It was about 10 am when I rang Mr. McMann’s bell. Ding dong.

He answered the door with no shirt on still in his boxers. His hair was all mussed up. I guess I just woke him. He squinted at me trying to get a good look at my face and when his eyes focused he kind of stepped back a little.

“Kali?” he asked.

“Hi hi,” I said. “Did I wake you?”

“No,” he said. “I was just lying in bed wishing that a hot young woman would come to my door and poof here you are.”

I laughed as he invited me in. He was a total flirt.

“What do I owe the pleasure?” he asked gesturing for me to sit down. I decided to sit on the couch. This is an important decision. If I sat in the chair then he couldn’t sit next to me. But he didn’t sit next to me on the couch but in the chair.

“I was in the neighborhood and I don’t know,” I answered. “I got this urge to see you.”

“Urge,” he said. “I like the sound of that.”

We both smiled.

“You look amazing,” he said. “Beautiful just like your mother. Don’t tell her this but you are more beautiful.”

“Oh thank you,” I said.

“And of course you’ve got those beautiful,” he said and moved his hands next to his chest and made cupping gestures. He had a shit eating grin on his face as he did it.

“I love a nice full woman,” he said still cupping his hands and bouncing them.

I laughed.

“You’re a tit man,” I said.

“Yes!” he shouted. “I love big tits.”

“Maybe mine are too small for you,” I said looking down at them.

“Fuck no,” he said. “They are fucking perfect.”

“How do you know?” I asked. “You haven’t seen them with my shirt off yet,”

“I’m an expert,” he said and then suddenly changed his tune. “You’re right though. Maybe we need to change that.”

“Oh really?” I asked. “Do you think its right for me to lift up my shirt and show you my boobs?”

“Little girl,” Eric said. “I definitely know that it is very wrong for you to show me your boobs but that is what makes it so much fun.”

I couldn’t argue with that. I lifted up my shirt, much to Eric’s surprise, and showed him my naked titties.

He didn’t waste any time. He jumped from the chair to the spot on the couch right next to me and put both hands on my tits and kissed me putting his tongue deep down my throat. His cock popped through the slit in his boxers and was getting harder and harder. I reached over and took it in my hand rubbing it up and down jerking him off.

“Oh yeah lil girl,” Eric said. “This is what you came over for, isn’t it? You had an itch that only old Eric could scratch. Feeling very fucking naughty aren’t you?” He kissed me again as he grabbed, squeezed and massaged my huge 36DD tits. Then he moved his head down and took one of my tits in his mouth and then the other. He went back and forth sucking my luscious titties.

Eric stood up and pulled my shirt up over my head. His cock was now near my face and I wasted no time and immediately started sucking on it.

“Look at you Kali,” he said. “So eager to suck my dick. How long you been thinking about sucking my dick? Fuck baby you suck it so good.” He reached down grabbing my tits as I sucked his cock deep into my mouth. I used all my powers of sucking on him. I tongued his shaft as I sucked him hard. I massaged his balls with one hand and jerked him at the base of his cock with the other. Then I took it his cock deep down my throat. All the way until his pubic hair was tickling my nose and his balls were on my chin. I looked up at him and stuck out my tongue and licked his balls as I deep throated him.

“Fuck,” he yelled. “Fuck Kali. You really know how to suck cock, baby.”

I took his cock out of my mouth and licked his shaft up and down and then licked his balls while jerking him off. Then I took one ball in my mouth and sucked it gently. Then the other. I took a deep breath and pushed my head back down on his cock and shoved it down my throat again. I swallowed over and over again massaging his cock with my throat muscles.

“Fuck,” he screamed. “Your mother loved to suck cock too but you are so much better than her.” I moaned when he said this. He laughed. “I knew it. You want to out fuck your mommy, That ain’t going to be easy because your mommy was a hump machine.”

I swallowed as hard as I could around his cock and kept the pressure there as long as I could until he was gasping.

“Holy fuck,” he said. “You are something else.” Eric reached down and grabbed both my tits, took his cock out of my mouth and stood me up.

“Pussy,” he said. “I need some pussy.” He slipped off my heels, pulled off my pants and then put my heels back on. He looked at my bald pussy and then up at the sky, put his hands together and said “thank you”. I laughed and spread my pussy lips for him.

“Mmmm so sweet. How old are you baby,” he said. “Twenty?”

‘Twenty-one,” I answered.

“Damn,” he said. “Its been a long time since I got to fuck a twenty-one year old pussy.”

I sat on the couch and spread my legs as wide as I could using my hands to hold them in the air.

“Then what are you waiting for?” I asked in my slutty/cutesy voice with my legs spread high and wide in the air.

That was all Eric needed. He lowered himself between my legs and pushed his cock into my sweet, wet pussy. I watched as he plunged the head of his cock into my cunt. I moaned feeling him opening me up and penetrating deeper and deeper inside of me. His cock pressing against my tight, hot pussy walls. He was fucking me with the same cock that once used to fuck my mother.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Give me some of that sweet, young, tight pussy.” He grabbed one of my tits with his hand and squeezed it as he pumped his cock in and out of my funny.

“Fuck me Eric,” I said. “Fuck me harder than you ever fucked my mom.”

“Fuck yes,” he said and started slamming my cunt harder and harder. “You’re a bad girl Kali. Fucking your mom’s ex-husband gets you off. You’re a little fucking slut.”

I moaned when he called me that. He laughed.

“Yeah baby,” he said still pounding me. “You are a slut. Well take it slut because I’m going to give it.”

Eric spread me wide and plowed my cunt hard with his cock. I came wildly on his dick feeling naughtier and dirtier than I ever felt. The idea of fucking a guy that my mom was once married to was such a nasty thought in my mind that it made my heart pound in my chest and quiver just thinking about it. I screamed as I came thrashing back and forth as Eric continued to pummel my pussy.

After I came I collapsed from exhaustion. An orgasm that intense can be so tiring. But I get my energy back quick. Eric pulled out of me and said he was going to be right back. I saw him take an orange pill. I also saw in his hand was a tube of lube. Before he could say anything I took his hard cock back into my mouth and starting cleaning it of his precum and my juices.

“Hey,” he said. “You are a cock-hungry little slut, aren’t you?” I looked up at him and nodded my head up and down with his cock still in my mouth.

“Well I have other plans,” he said grinning shaking the tube of lube. “You want to prove to me you are a bigger slut than your mom? Then let me fuck that fine, young ass of yours. Your mother never let me do that to her.”

I grinned back, stood up, bent over and took both my hands and spread my cheeks for him.

“Fuck it,” I said. “That’s what its there for.”

“This is going to be a good day,” he said. “I hope you aren’t in any rush cause I am going to fuck you in every fucking hole over and over again.”

“I brought an overnight bag,” I said. “Mind if I stay the night?”

“Baby stay the weekend,” he said. “Stay the week. Stay the month.”

Eric pushed his lubed finger into me getting me ready for his cock. He pressed the head of his lubed cock against my tiny hole and I began to feel that burning sensation. Oh how I love that burning sensation. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth as I felt him opening up my back hole and stretching me.

“Fuck my ass,” I yelled. “Fuck my ass with your hard, throbbing cock,”

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “So fucking tight. Such a sweet fucking ass for my cock to fuck.”

“Yes use my hot young body Eric,” I said. “Fuck me over and over again. Make me your slut. Fill me full of your cum.”

“Yes Kali,” he said. “You are my fucking slut. I am going to fuck every hole over and over again.”

“Yes, yes,” I moaned. “That’s what I want. That’s what I’m here for.”

“My first load,” he said. “Is going right up your fucking ass.”

“Yes,” I screamed. “Shoot your load right in my ass. Pump your cum in my tight fucking ass.”

“You want it?” he yelled. “Then get it. Get my cum out of my balls.”

“Yes,” I answered. “I want it. I want your cum inside me. Pump it in me. I want you to empty your balls inside me. Every drop. Give it to me. Fill me with your hot cum.”

“Yeah slut,” he shouted. “Here it cums. Right in that sweet, young, tight ass of yours. Holy fuck!”

Eric shoved his cock deeper inside me wedged into my tight back hole as he pumped load after load of his hot white cum inside me.

He was blown away when after he pulled his cock out of my sweet, young ass that I used my mouth to clean it. Yes, I am that kind of dirty slut.

“In-fucking-credible,” he said. “I think I am going to get to do a lot of things to you that I’ve always wanted to do to a girl.”

I looked up at him and nodded my head up and down with his dirty cock in my mouth.

“You are a once in a lifetime slut,” he said. “Big, beautiful tits with a tight, sweet ass, pretty face and so young and willing to do almost anything.”

I liked that. I am a once in a lifetime slut.

Eric and I fucked all weekend long. In fact, I had an affair with him for about three months and we fucked almost every day during that time. I couldn’t resist it. It was so naughty that it got me wet just thinking about it. I would touch myself on the way over to his house because I was so turned on and couldn’t wait. At first our sex was just raw and passionate throwing ourselves at each other with him pounding me in every hole. We both knew this was so wrong but that made my orgasms that much more intense and frequent. Things got really crazy when we started to role play like he was really my biological father and that was a deep dark secret that he and my mom kept to themselves. We would make up scenarios based on this background story. Of course that was just a fantasy that Eric and I pretended to make our sex even more intense. Funny, though because I did have his nose.

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