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Hot For Teacher- Chapter 3

Hot For Teacher- Chapter 3

Will the fantasy become a reality?
As Anna sat pondering her outfit for the day, her mind was filled with questions, jumbling about inside her head.

“Why does he want to see me after class? Does he feel something for me too? Will anything happen? What do I wear?!”, she frantically asked herself, “oh God, I’m finally going to have some time alone with him!”

She felt butterflies in her stomach, causing a feeling that was both excited and a little nauseating. She stood to stretch and take a deep calming breath. She trailed her fingers along the materials of the clothes hanging in her closet, the different textures calming her into an almost meditative state. Her body may have been in her room, but her mind had already starting to fade away into the foggy netherworld of fantasy land.

As the bell rang signaling the end of the school day, her heart thudded almost painfully against her chest. She could feel miniscule beads of sweat starting to form upon her upper lip. Her right leg bounced up and down in a nervous tick. It was almost time to be alone with Mr. Dunrowe. She sat in her desk, perfectly still and silent until every last one of her classmates had left. She watched with a nervous stomach and trembling hands as Mr. Dunrowe crossed the room to the door. He looked into the hallway, and then closed the door; turning the lock ever so slowly. She watched as he stood with his back to her for a minute, both of them silent, the tension building in the air. As he turned to face her, she couldn’t help but gasp. He had an almost feral look to his eyes as they raked over her body. 

His body was tense, she could see the muscles in his arms flex, as the long sinewy ropes of muscle twitched. Her eyes drank in the sight of him, so beautiful standing there. As she looked lower, she could feel her mouth begin to water at the sight of the impressive bulge growing in the front of his trousers. She couldn’t look away, her eyes fixated on that slowly growing bulge; unable, unwilling to look away. He coughed a little, and she managed to drag her eyes up for a minute. He stared back at her with a look that seemed to be half desire, half frustration. He stalked towards her in a quick pace and slammed his hands on her desk so hard she jumped! 

“Dammit Anna! Why do you torture me like this? This is so wrong, I’m your fucking teacher for God’s sake!” he yelled into her face, “Do you understand??”

She stood up slowly, and took a small step towards him, watching his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard when she approached. She looked up into his beautiful eyes, and replied softly, huskily, “I can’t help what I feel sir. I don’t think you can either. We’re both adults. I may be your student, but I want to be so much more. I’ve wanted you since the day I first saw you”.

He groaned in response and threw his head back, raking his fingers through his hair. As his head came back down, he said in a raspy voice, hoarse with desire, “This is wrong, I’m your teacher, and I…”

“But I just said….” Anna interjected vehemently.

He laid a finger on her lips and said, “Let me finish please. This is wrong, I’m your teacher, and I am definitely going to hell for what we’re about to do; but I can’t find it within myself to care. I’ve also wanted you since I first laid eyes on you.”

“Ohhh….wow”, she breathed. Her ears turned bright red as his words sunk in. She watched him raise a shaking hand to the side of her face. His palm cupped her cheek as his thumb made slow circles on her cheek, right under her eye. Her breath caught in her chest as he lowered his head to hers, his eyes fixed on hers the whole time. As his silky lips touched hers, she groaned at the taste of him. He tasted of coffee, mints, and something a little sweet. They pressed their mouths together, fusing them in passion. His tongue slid across the seal of her lips, begging for entrance into the hot cavern of her mouth. She opened up willingly, eagerly, needing to feel his tongue on hers. Their tongues slid against each other’s, the silkiness of their tongues driving the other crazy with want. She felt his hands slide over her shoulders, felt them cup her breasts. She shivered as she felt the tantalizing sensation of his hands sliding down her waist to cup her ass. He drew her closer to him and she felt the searing hot length of him against her stomach. 

He groaned into her mouth as she started to grind her hips against his. He grabbed her ass harder and lifted her into his arms and turned them around so he was sitting on top of the desk. Both of their fingers were frantically ripping at the other’s clothing. The buttons of his shirt could be heard pinging off the metal legs of the surrounding desks. Her thin t-shirt was easily ripped down the middle and her tank top was shoved up quickly after. He lowered his head to her tight, pink nipples and started to suckle them gently. He flicked his tongue across and around her hard, little buds, making her release a throaty moan as she flung her head back. She arched her back to give him more access to her breasts, and he took the opportunity. He used one hand to pinch and caress her nipples as his mouth alternated between the two; sucking, licking, nibbling, he was driving her mad. 

She reached down and started to stroke his throbbing cock through his trousers, feeling the thick, hot length of him against her hand. She unbuttoned his fly and unzipped it slowly, rubbing a finger down his length as the zipper slid down oh so slowly. When his cock was finally released, she grabbed it and flipped her skirt up over her hips and started using his cock to tease her swollen clit. They were both panting and moaning when she started to slide the thick tip of his cock into her tight, hot pussy. As her pussy ate up inch after inch of his cock, she felt her orgasm approaching faster. As soon as all 8 inches of him was inside her to the hilt, she felt her pussy walls spasm and clench in the beginnings of an orgasm. He thrust in and out quickly a few times to ensure she went over the edge. She screamed in utter ecstasy as her orgasm crashed upon her. She saw stars and her vision darkened at the edges of her eyes as her pussy milked his cock in one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever had. He growled and covered her mouth with his to try to stifle her screams as he kept thrusting up into her dripping slit. As she began to catch her breath, they started to move in a synchronized rhythm. 

They moved in a sensual dance, each anticipating the other’s next move; anticipating what would provide the most pleasure to the other. Her wet heat clamped down onto his hot steel as they fucked almost animalistically on the desk. She had one hand gripping his hair as the other snaked between them to rub her clit furiously. He had one hand on her ass, one on her waist as they slammed against each other. She arched her back and he sucked on her nipples again, both working their bodies hard to reach that blissful pinnacle they ached for. She could feel her pussy clench and twitch again, could feel his cock begin to swell. She rode faster, rolling her hips against him as he pumped into her, beads of sweat beginning to roll down their bodies making their movements against one another into sweet, slick friction. She saw his jaw clench, the veins popping out of his neck as her eyes started to roll back into her head. They both… 

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! “ANNA! What are you doing in there? You’re going to be late for school! Hurry up!”, Her mom yelled through the door, shaking Anna from her reverie.

Anna braced her arms on the top of her dresser, still shaking and sweating from her intense fantasy. She looked up into the mirror and said to herself, “today…this has to happen today…”

Written by Simply_Sweet for Lush Stories ONLY!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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