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Introducing Sister-in-law to the Neighbors

Long delay since previous chapter. Lust for my sister-in-law brings me to my neighbor for help.
The first few months in our new house had been a bit of a nightmare. My wife nearly qualified as having multiple personalities. To the general public she was a fairly normal woman. Then our neighbors got involved. Whenever Jeremy or Shelley were around, Debbie transformed into their bitch. In that state she did things for them that she would never do for anyone else, not even me.

Then the strangest thing happened. Jeremy interrupted a night of making love. Rather than ending our session he transformed it into a threesome slut fuck in which love was not a consideration. It was great sex and it happened regularly after that night. I still send her off to spend a private evening with Jeremy at least once a week, but the way we fuck her together makes it more tolerable.

There are still things my wife does not let me do and most of them would be understandable within a typical marriage. For instance, Debbie will not get on the floor for me and roll over till her feet touch the floor above her head, leaving her ass is in the air. Last week she did exactly that, just not for me. When Jeremy told her to do it, she willingly put herself in that position. While she was upside down we took turns fucking her. Jeremy fucked both her pussy and her ass. The biggest irritation in this whole situation is that Jeremy has banned my dick from my wife's ass. Actually, the irritating part is that my wife insists of following this rule even when there is no way Jeremy could tell if we broke it.

One afternoon Debbie was talking about having a well deserved rest. She was going to take a week off work when her sister came to visit. Then she explained what she was really thinking. Jeremy told her they would be 'normal' neighbors while Carol was with us. That meant I would have my wife all to myself for nine days, sexually anyway.

I should have predicted the night before Carol's arrival, Debbie spent the evening with him. She was pretty tired the next day, leaving me to do most of the cleaning my wife insists we do before having any visitors. She is close to her sister, so I did not see why it was so important to have everything just right. So what if things are not just right. She insisted that is not the way she does things.

Carol pulled up just in time for lunch on Saturday. Being a warm day, she had a skimpy little dress. Her hair was cut short, like my wife's, but Carol was a fiery redhead with lots of freckles. My male sonar spotted immediately that she was not wearing a bra. Having the family's petite shape, it was not overtly sexual, although she was pushing the limits of bust size that is acceptable to go braless in polite company. If she knew what our neighbors were like, I am sure she would have worn one.

Several other neighbors were enjoying the warm weather and we introduced Carol to most of them. It was no surprise that Jeremy and Shelley made a point of coming over to meet her. Even if Debbie had a week off, Jeremy was going to keep reminding her of their relationship behind Carol's back.

Saturday was a relatively normal day. Nobody fucked my wife; sadly, that included me. She and her sister shared stories and laughed a lot. Two bottles of wine were consumed. Everyone slept well.

Sunday was another matter. It started innocently. Carol wore the same yellow dress while we sat outside after breakfast. A light breeze kept blowing her skirt which gave me a glimpse of her panties several times. They might have been sheer, but the view disappeared too quickly to be sure. As short as those moments were, my mind soon drifted onto taboo thoughts of my sister-in-law in various sexual situations. Did I mention that she is very athletic? The muscle tone in her legs is great, while still remaining feminine. Her tummy is flat and her butt, firm. I found myself wishing I could squeeze her ass every time she turned around.

While discussing plans for the day, my wife mentioned that we were not going out for dinner like we had planned. Instead, we were staying in and having guests No surprise it was Jeremy and Shelley. My face must have shown complete shock at hearing this, but Carol was not looking my way. When I had a moment alone with Debbie, she reminded me that she would not have to be their bitch while Carol was visiting.

Her confidence was comforting. I did my own thing, leaving sisters to catch up. My mind frequently returned to Carol's dress lifted by the wind and I found myself daydreaming of fucking her. I knew there was no chance it would happen. That did not stop me getting an erection thinking about it. Even more arousing than the physical attraction was how wrong it felt to even have such thoughts. I stood in the doorway to the guestroom where Carol would be sleeping. It took all my willpower to resist going through her bags to find some panties, or maybe she had some sexy lingerie, to use for masturbation.

Another idea came to me. Who do I know that can convince women to fuck when they normally would not? Jeremy, of course. Our joint sessions with my wife were becoming more frequent and we were getting along better now. I decided to mention my interest to him.

It was worse than preparing for a job interview. I kept going over how to bring up the topic with Jeremy, changing my mind dozens of times, because anything involving Jeremy could go horribly wrong. Then I spotted him working in his yard and walked over to speak to him.

After our initial greeting I asked him, "What do you think of Carol?"

"Publicly, she seems very friendly, easy to talk to." There was a pause. "Privately... totally fuckable."

That was just what I wanted to hear. "Does Debbie really get this whole week off from her bitch duties?"

She did get the week off. I expressed disappointment on that score which caught Jeremy off guard. He expected relief or gratitude. It must bee a great personal sacrifice for him. That thought struck me as odd. Great personal sacrifice for my neighbor to endure an entire week without fucking my wife. No time to dwell on that now. I mentioned the troubling, yet arousing images that had been plaguing my mind since I had seen Carol's creamy thighs all the way to the top. I got to the point of the discussion. "I think it would be great if you fucked Debbie tonight."

"So, you want me to bring your wife home to leave you alone with your sister-in-law?" He misunderstood.

"No, no, not at all." I felt like the sinister bad guy in a cartoon. All that was missing was the evil laugh echoing through the neighborhood. "I thought you should do it in our house right in front of Carol." Jeremy laughed so loud the neighbors could hear. He found it ironic that I was asking for this. I continued, "If you can, make Carol your bitch too." For the first time I saw shock in Jeremy's expression. Challenging him by doubting he could make Carol his bitch was sure to get him hooked. "I would love to fuck her myself, but I would settle for watching you fuck her."

He had a few questions and I did my best to explain how I thought Carol might react. Although, I pointed out that even my own wife did not respond to him as I expected. We left it without any definitive plan, but Jeremy would discuss it with Shelley. All I had to do was wait.

Later that afternoon, Jeremy waved me over. "We'll do it," he said, "for a price." The price was that in future sessions with my wife they want to make her fuck anyone they choose.

In my head, that sort of thing already happened, but it seems not. So, I had a decision to make: Keep things as they are or have some fun with Carol while knowing my wife would have to fuck strangers when Jeremy was in the mood. My brilliant idea involved some sacrifice which I should have anticipated. Since I thought that was already happening, I found it easy to accept. It was definitely going to be an interesting night.

We all sat down for dinner at six o'clock. Everything went as it should. Conversation was friendly and lively and did not straying into sexual topics. Shelley made brownies for dessert which were perfect with ice cream. As we finished Jeremy was in deep conversation with Carol about her work. My wife declined offers to help clear the table.

Shelley excused herself to use the bathroom. Upon her returned I did my best not to react. Luckily, Carol was facing the wrong way to see the kinky mistress enter the room. Wearing a black bustier and thigh high leather boots, Shelley's most notable attire was the strap-on pointing out in front of her. My dick started twitching immediately. This was nothing like I expected.

I watched her approach my wife. Debbie's jaw dropped when she turned and saw her. Shelley put a finger to her lips to keep her quiet. Standing on the opposite side of the kitchen counter from the dining table, I could not see below their waists, but their actions were clear enough. Shelley wanted Debbie to be her bitch now and silently instructed her to pull her shorts and panties down and leave them on the floor. My wife looked our direction, clearly uncomfortable. A subtle transformation in her expression indicated she had accepted her role.

Guided by Shelley, Debbie stepped around the side of the counter giving Jeremy and me a brief view of her pussy before she leaned over the end of the counter placing the side of her face on the surface.

Behind my wife, Shelley held the strap-on in place and pushed into her. It was not the most comfortable penetration; her body had no time to lubricate itself, which was evident in Debbie's pained expression. I could not tell if Shelley had used any lube. Fully inserting the plastic cock, Shelley put one hand on the side of Debbie's head and gripped her hair. With Debbie's expression of discomfort it looked like Shelley forced her into that position.

Jeremy had kept Carol so engrossed in conversation that she had no idea what was going on behind her. The stage was set for the show to begin. Shelley accelerated from zero to wild maniac in one thrust, pulling my wife's hair for more leverage, but keeping her face pressed firmly against the counter top.

The first two slaps of their bodies captured Carol's curiosity enough to turn and look. By the third impact Debbie was grimacing and was no longer able to keep quiet as a grunted, "Uhg!" escaped her lips.

Carol shouted, "What are you doing?" Rising from her chair, she was going to aid her sister from the abuse. Not really prepared for a situation of this type, she was unable to evade Jeremy's grasp. A strong arm hooked around her waist prevented her from reaching her sister. "Get off!" She shouted at Jeremy.

When Jeremy did not let go, she turned her attention back to Shelley. "Leave my sister alone, you bitch!" That got Shelley to stop, but not too quickly.

In a polite, matter-of-fact voice, Shelley said, "Carol, dear, you misunderstand who is the bitch here." She looked down at Debbie and gave her a slap on the ass. "Tell her."

My wife said, "I'm the bitch." Then she said, "It's okay, Carol. Don't get involved."

Then Jeremy told Carol he would let go of her as long as she did not interfere and got her to sit down again. There was a serious frown on her face when she turned to me. "You allow this?"

I shrugged, leaving Carol to think it was out of my hands, which it was, really. Once these neighbors start something, there is very little you can do to stop them. Truthfully, I was thrilled to see my wife fucked like that and could not wait to see how things progressed.

We got a brief explanation from Jeremy while Shelley resumed nailing my wife on the counter. He explained to Carol that her sister was their bitch whenever they chose to use her. He also pointed out that Debbie volunteered for the role and claimed it was because she enjoyed the physical pleasures immensely, especially when it was rough.

"I'll demonstrate," Jeremy got up and walked over to Debbie. Standing next to her, he blocked our view of Debbie's face. "Can you ease up a bit, Shelley? The bitch's head is moving too much." After Shelley slowed, he unzipped his shorts and said, "Open." If his back and forth hip motion was not convincing enough, the sounds that followed left no doubt that his dick was in her mouth.

Shelley had her hands on Debbie's butt, continuing to fuck her more gently. The expression on Carol's face was priceless as Jeremy held his hands behind his back and pushed his hips forward. Silence. A gasp came soon after. He was choking Debbie with his cock, yet no one was holding her down.

"Okay, hun," Jeremy gave his wife the go ahead. Her enthusiasm at fucking my wife was almost frightening to me, and I thought I was used to it. The gloating smile turned more sympathetic when he saw the look of terror on Carol's face. Comfortable with his exposure, he returned to his seat without putting his dick back in his shorts. His size drew a wide eyed look from Carol, but she quickly tore herself away from it, giving her attention back to her sister.

"Do you think we are too rough, Carol?" That was putting it mildly. "Well, we could be persuaded to go easy on her if you prefer." Unsuspecting, she said she would prefer that. "Shelly be gentle with our bitch." The rest of us knew he had not finished his statement, "...if Carol takes off her dress?"

"What?" Carol had enough of their games. If she could not help her sister she was going to leave.

As she started to go Shelley spoke to her. "If you don't stay we will fuck the bitch until she can't see straight." Unsure if the threat was real, Carol slowly turned back to her chair. "You can still take off your dress."

There was a brief argument about taking off her dress with all the blinds and curtains open. Neighbors would be able to see. They could already see what was happening if they wished. In the end, Carol slipped her dress over her head and laid it over the back of her chair. She sat down again to minimize her visibility from outside. Shelley looked relieved as well. The effort she put into fucking my wife so hard was difficult to maintain, but she wanted Carol to believe she could do that indefinitely.

Even in a modest white bra and frilly panties, Carol looked better than I imagined. Once more I noticed twinges in my groin and now there were three women available to admire. Shelley had the exact same thought as me. "Actually, that bra needs to go, too, Carol. No bra or no mercy for dear sister."

Carol looked to me. Was it for advice or did she sense my longing to see her naked body? "Entirely your choice," I said.

As Carol's arms reached up her back, my hand gripped my hardening dick under the table. Pale, pert and perfectly suckable, my eyes feasted on her freckled breasts. Distracted by my own lust, I failed to notice that Carol was looking at me until I felt her glaring rather severely back at me. Jeremy was staring too, but I guess she expected that from him.

"Why don't we go to the other room," Jeremy suggested. "Carol is self-conscious near all these windows and it will be more comfortable." Both statements were obviously true, however, I knew there would be some other reason to move things into the lounge.

Carol clung to Debbie and walked beside her into the next room. Getting them apart again looked like a challenging task. They were heading to the couch when Shelley barked, "Stop, bitch," and Debbie stood still. "Suck my husband's dick." When my wife voluntarily got on her knees, it was a simple, yet effective way to separate her from Carol, who stepped away from the man's approaching penis.

In her position of service Debbie accepted Jeremy's dick into her mouth and deftly moved her lips along his length. The rest of us sat down, unable to do anything but watch the show. Carol sat next to me on the couch, clearly more comfortable with me than our neighbors even if I did stare at her lustfully moments ago.

"Look, no hands!" Jeremy was showing off now, with his hands on his hips. He took his dick out of her mouth just long enough to get his clothes off and then his blowjob resumed. "Gag on it, bitch."

I had seen this before, but not like this, not when my wife was in complete control. Carol gripped my arm tight. Debbie was leaning into him holding his legs for balance while her body struggled with the gag reflex that made her body flinch. It was not just once, but prolonged, with gulping and coughing occasionally breaking through from her blocked lungs.

"Can I have another go, honey?" Shelley wanted more.

"Certainly, my dear. Our bitch longs to satisfy your desire."

Shelley looked sexy in her leather boots and the bustier gave me the best look at her tits that I have had. The preceding cock, even an artificial one, was a little intimidating. She instructed Debbie to place her head against the floor. This was obviously to get her ass in the air which Shelley insured was aimed in our direction on the couch.

Smiling and clearly excited, Shelley looked at Carol, "I'm gonna fuck her in the ass with this." She held the fake cock and gave it a shake as if Carol did not know what she was going to use. Then she turned around, squatting above my wife. We could now see two bare pussies and asses. "Bitch likes it in the ass, don't you?" My wife confirmed it.

Just as Shelley was about to poke her strap-on into her sister's ass, Carol interrupted, "Stop! Please, just stop."

It stopped Shelley for a moment. Over her shoulder, she informed Carol, "Sorry, dear, we don't do please." She was ready to plunge her way into Debbie and hesitated. Again, to Carol, "We do trades."

Carol asked what the trade would be. Shelley considered it briefly. "You go sit on my husband's lap and let him touch you and I will not fuck the bitch in her tight little asshole."

There was no way Carol would agree to that. Or so I thought. What Carol did was negotiate keeping her panties on and that Debbie could sit on the couch and be left alone.

My eyes followed Carol's butt, draped with a white lace waist band and a tiny thong disappearing between her cheeks, as she walked over to Jeremy. They were dressed rather oddly. Both still had shoes on. Carol was topless while Jeremy still wore a t-shirt, but no shorts or boxers. Carol deliberately sat sideways across his lap near his knees. Jeremy pulled her closer. I sensed a flinch from Carol as her thigh came in contact with his penis, still wet with Debbie's saliva.

Once Carol was on Jeremy's lap Shelley took a seat and Debbie joined me on the couch. All eyes were on Carol and Jeremy now. He began by running his hands up and down her arms, rubbing her shoulders and back. It did not take long for him to slide around her belly and then up to her breasts. He pulled her body against his.

Still defiant, she was not going to give in to his touch. As his hands touched her body in ways she had not been touched for too long, the strength of her resistance ebbed. A few minutes tending to her breasts with special emphasis on her erect nipples earned a gasp, the first sign of Carol's arousal.

Jeremy asked her about her personal life, knowing she got divorced a few years ago. He commented on her arousal, suggesting she needed more manly attention than she was receiving.

Once more, the mental wall was built up as Jeremy turned her body so she faced away from him. Carol was determined to keep her legs together. This actually seemed to please Jeremy as he put his hands on her knees and pulled her tight.

The look on Carol's face was intense as she shut her eyes and clenched her jaw. Then I noticed his subtle movements. Slow gyration in his hips. His saliva slicked dick was rubbing between her butt cheeks. The tiny thread of her thong offered no defense whatsoever. He was giving himself a lap dance style ass rub without her even moving. The smile on his face was the thrill of smelling victory. He was going to conquer Carol. Putting her hands on the arms of the chair, Carol tried to stabilize herself. It did nothing to stop the slippery snake slithering against her butt. Eventually, he settled down and all she had to do was tolerate was being in constant contact with him. She sat on his lap leaning back on his chest, not really by choice.

Jeremy tried to start up conversation again, asking me how things were going at work. I tried, unsuccessfully, not to stare at Carol. Her body size was very similar to my wife. Pert tits and pale skin made those bright pink nipples jump out at me, or perhaps that was just the way Jeremy was lifting and squeezing them. She managed to hold fairly still as he gave both nipples a pinch at the same time. I thought I spotted a hint of arousal in Carol.

Jeremy deliberately tipped her to the side. Carol reacted to catch herself, both arms to one side of the chair and legs to the floor, leaving her legs apart. A hand covered her panty clad pussy before I could enjoy the view, which brought out a yelp from Carol. Jeremy was rubbing her mound immediately which Carol tried to stop by bringing her knees together and up to her chest. With his movements significantly impaired, Jeremy managed to extract his arm from between her legs. This only left her in another vulnerable position. It only took one arm under her thighs to hold her legs up. Her white thong highlighted her puffed up pussy, the target of Jeremy's free hand. This time he pushed her thong aside. Fingers worked themselves into her flesh as Carol squirmed and squealed, unable to break free from his grasp.

Within seconds Jeremy two fingers half buried in her flesh and his thumb rubbing her clitoris. It was not much longer before the first moan escaped her lips. He was giving us a great show. I watched her pussy move in response to his fingers penetrating beyond the second knuckle. The room filled with the same sound my wife makes during sex. The sibling resemblance was uncanny. Between her grunts we could hear slapping flesh and the sloshing of Carol's wet pussy as Jeremy frigged her into a frenzy. I detected the smell of an aroused pussy which I assume drifted across the room from Carol.

"Send the bitch over here," he said.

Shelley gave my wife a prod to get her off the couch. Hesitantly, Debbie approached them.

Attempting to calm herself, Carol reminded everyone, "You agreed, she did not have to do anything."

Jeremy stated, "This is different." He instructed Debbie to get on her knees. "Lick her pussy."

Both girls spoke at the same time, "She's my sister!"

"I know," Jeremy was delighted. "Isn't it great?" He pulled Carol's legs apart exposing her wet naked pussy. He gave her a choice, "You lick it or I fuck it."

Knowing he would happily put his dick in Carol, my wife moved forward. It was a beautiful sight with Debbie pleasing her sister. Carol was shaking, not to break free, but from pleasures she was probably embarrassed to feel. As it became clear that Carol was highly aroused by her sister's oral attention Jeremy made further changes. "Use your fingers," he told Debbie, "at least two." There was another slightly awkward moment between the sisters as another boundary between them was shattered.

Once she got over the initial shock of what she was doing, Debbie moved her fingers rapidly. She knew Jeremy would not want a half-hearted attempt. Carol's breath was erratic with whimpers and an occasional moaning outburst.

My wife kept her face in Carol's pussy and continued to finger fuck her into oblivion. Again, Carol sounded just like Debbie. Involuntary flexing throughout her body, caused her legs to flap and her pelvis to push Debbie away. The flailing was exciting to watch. Carol could not stop shaking as an orgasm swept through her body. Her face went bright red as she held her breath until she had to gasp for air.

After her orgasm passed, Jeremy let Carol put her feet on the floor. She stood, unsteadily, and made her way to the couch next to me where she curled up in a ball.

Jeremy was still horny and, with an empty lap, decided Debbie should sit there next. My wife sat on his dick as if it was perfectly normal. If not normal it was at least common. Over the next ten minutes they fucked in various positions. When Jeremy was ready to cum he brought Debbie over near us to make sure Carol had a good view.

He did not have to say a word. My wife knelt and looked up at him with her mouth open wide. Jeremy took his dick in his hand right in front of Debbie. It took him a while to get the job done. At first, I thought he was struggling to get off, then it made sense. He wanted to prolong this part for Carol. Her silence did not hide her shock at their behavior. She clearly thought Debbie should not do this. I was torn between watching the action or watching Carol. Jeremy began to grunt and eventually reached ejaculation. Despite the mental anguish, Carol could not turn away. She watched every spurt of cum shoot into her sister's mouth.

A few minutes later, Jeremy and Shelley went home. Carol went upstairs to her room and closed the door. My wife slumped down in the couch beside me. She was in good spirits considering everything that just happened. All she said was, "That went well," and we just laughed. I did not envy her conversations with Carol in the morning, assuming she would still be there.

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Posted 19 Nov 2012 22:24
Too bad sis didn't put out like hubby wanted...
Posted 06 Nov 2012 15:32
Incredibly hot! The way she was struggling to resist Jeremy really turned me on!

Posted 04 Nov 2012 15:49
You're a good story teller, I enjoyed the the very end.

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