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My Daughter the Cheerleader – Chapter 2

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Daddy tells mom about daughter fucking boyfriend
I am lying on my back, looking up and see my beautiful 16 year old daughter looking down at me with lust in her eyes. After cumming, my cock is in a semi-hard state. My legs are still hanging off the bed and I am saying “Honey, wait. Honey, wait.”

But she is not stopping. I reach up and wrap my arms around her and pull her to me. I am having a moment of sanity since cumming. As I hold her against me she is trembling just slightly, and I know she wants to fuck. She is now wearing nothing since she dropped the robe as she straddled me. My semi-hard cock is laying against my body now and laying in between the lips of her sweet pussy.

She is moving back and forth sliding on my cock since she is very wet. I whisper in her ear “Honey, let’s hold up just a minute and talk.”

It is so difficult to even think laying together like this. I feel her pussy stroking my cock. I can feel my cock starting to harden up again now. But, I really need to stop this. I said “Honey, I love you very much. You are a beautiful young woman. But I love your mother very much also. I do not want to continue this at this time. And besides, you are pushing my cock up against my zipper and it is hurting it.”

With this comment she relented and got up. Standing, she pulled me to a sitting position again. I was able to give my cock some relief . I reached out and pulled her to me as she moved up closer and stood between my legs.

I looked her in the eyes and said “Honey, I would love to make love to you. I think you know that. I am not mad at you. Mom will not be mad at you. She knows you are maturing and have needs, but now is not the time, So, please put your robe back on and go take a shower so I can regain my composure.”

She looked me in the eye and said “ OK Daddy, but this is not over!”

With that she picked up her robe and walked out of the room. I watched her all the way, admiring one of the greatest asses I have ever seen. I was feeling very lucky to have such a desirable creature wanting to make love to me. On the other hand, I must now have a conversation with my wife and it could be hard.

I went in to have a shower and make a plan. Beth will be tired when she gets home. She has been gone three days and will have slept little what with travel, presentations and customer dinners. It sounds like fun to others but I know how hard it can be because I do some of the same.

I chilled a couple of bottles of wine, found some scented candles and some bubbly bath and made ready to get Beth in a relaxed mood before having this conversation.

Now you should know that Beth and I have a very good sex life. We do some role playing, discuss exciting fantasies, and generally have a health sex life. We have discussed threesomes-both ways, and have had some adventures.

Beth is five feet two inches tall, weighs about 135 pounds, 38 DD breasts. She is blonde, with curly hair like our 16 year old, Addie, and has similar blue eyes. She is very attractive, which causes her some concerns while on the road, but that is for later stories.

I met Beth as she came in the door and handed her a glass of Cakebread Chardonnay chilled to the exact temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of her favorite wines. I had already fed the girls. I told her to undress and get in the soaker tub and I would bring her a ceasar salad.

She kissed me and said she was glad to be home and would relish a soak in the tub with this wonderful wine. I had another bottle chilling in a champagne bucket next to the tub.

She walked up the stairs sipping wine and I could hear her saying hello to each of the girls, who were all in their rooms studying. I continued into the kitchen and made a nice Caesar dressing, with just the hint of anchovy and home made croutons, just the way she like it.

I joined her in the bathroom after saying goodnight to the girls, and sat beside the soaker watching the steam rise over her beautiful body. As she had her salad and we sipped wine, she told me about her trip in detail. We finished the bottle of wine and started another. I toweled her off and helped her apply lotion to her body, a task that I thoroughly enjoy! I especially linger over her beautiful tits, pinching the puckered nipples. And I rubbed deep into her ass cheeks and around her trimmed pussy lips. She was mellow and I elicited a few moans.

We slipped into the bed between clean, cool white sheets, in the nude, and snuggled together. I hated to, but I thought this the best time to tell her what happened. We lay close so talked at a whisper, which I though was good. Maybe she would not lose her temper and get real loud. I know the girls like to listen to see if they can hears us making love.

I whispered “Honey, I have to tell you about what happened today.”

“What?“ she responded.

I said “promise me you will not get upset so we can have a discussion.”
She said rather sternly “Maybe you should tell me. This does not sound good.”

“Honey, I came home early today and Addie was entertaining LD in her bedroom!”

There was silence for a moment. Then she said “What do you mean entertaining?”

I said “they were having sex!”

More silence.

Beth was thinking and holding her thoughts and temper in check. She finally said “Well, I guess we should have expected this. LD is a real nice kid and they have been hanging out together for several weeks. Rick, she is 16 now and I remember how much I wanted to have sex at 16. I cannot blame her, but I think we should have another talk about protection.”

Beth was having a very calm reaction! I was surprised.

“Tell me the details” she said.

So I started. “I came in without them being aware. I heard moaning. I peeked through the door and they were both nude. She was straddling him. Beth, he has a cock like a horse! She was riding him like a cowgirl!"

When I said that, I felt Beth move. She said “He has a cock that big?”

I said “Yes. It looked like it was about 9 inches and thick as her wrist! I could not believe he could get it all in her tiny pussy, but she was loving it.”

Beth responded “Oh my god, I bet she did love it.” Then she lay her leg over me and moved her pussy against my thigh.

I continued “He would pull that big black cock almost all the way out, so you would see the head, then push it all the way in! She had her eyes closed and was moaning with each thrust.”

Beth moaned as she visualized this scene and started nibbling on my nipples. I could feel her tits laying on my chest and her pussy humping against my leg. “I watched as she shouted she was cumming and he buried his cock in her and they had a shattering climax together.”

Beth said, “Oh god Rick. That is so hot.” She now had my hard cock in her hand and was stroking it slowly while rhythmically rubbing her pussy against me. She said “Rick that makes me so wet just thinking about that big cock banging Addie."

Beth and I have often talked about sexual things while making love. This always resulted in a hot fuck session. We talked about prior sexual adventures, sex with other partners, threesomes with women or men and sometimes incest fantasies. We knew the girls sometimes listened to hear us or on some occasions peeked. It always caused a heated, sweaty session of sucking and fucking. This time was no different.

“What did you do?” she said.

“Honey” I started, “I sneaked into our bedroom until he left. Then Addie came in after she saw my briefcase and knew I was home. Beth, Addie was wearing just a robe open in front.”

She said “Did that make your cock hard?” and she squeezed my cock as she stroked it.

“Honey, I told Addie we needed to talk to you about this, but she was concerned and nervous that I had seen her. Addie saw my cock was hard and then it happened?” I continued.
“Baby, she looks so much like you my head was spinning.”

“Did you fuck her?” she said, but not menacingly.

“No” I responded, "but she sucked my cock; I tried to stop her.” 

”I bet” she said as she poked me in the ribs, “I bet you loved her sucking your fat cock!”

“I wanted to talk to you about this so we could decide what to do,” I said as she was moving her head toward my throbbing cock. She started sucking my cock and stroking it slowly. I moaned and started moving my hips.

“Did she suck it like this?” she asked as she sucked and stroked.

I moaned “Not as good as you baby”. I raised my legs and put my feet flat on the bed. She reached around my leg and fondled my balls and then started fingering my ass as she sucked me. I could not help it. I unloaded three ropes into her throat.

She swallowed and then crawled up on top of me. She kissed me deeply. I could taste the cum in her mouth as we kissed. After just a few minutes of hot kissing and biting, my cock was hard again. She reached back and positioned the bulbous head in line with her vagina and pushed back to pop the head in to her pussy. I pushed until my whole seven inches was buried deep. We started a rhythmic motion and she was moaning. Oh god it was so good.

“Show me how that big black cock was fucking our little Addie”, she said.

I started ramming her with long strokes like LD was using on Addie. We were kissing and fucked like animals, until she said “Fuck me like you want to fuck Addie” and I said “Oh baby!" And buried my cockhead deep into her womb and filled it with a thick load of cream. She let out a scream, muffled by my tongue in her mouth, and was jerking like crazy. We both went limp at the same time, breathing heavily, my cock still laying in her pussy.

“Oh baby” she whispered, “that was so great. I love you so much.”

I responded “Honey you were so great! I love you so much.”

We lay in the after glow, clutched together, breathing returning to normal. “Tomorrow we need to have a talk with Addie.” I said.

“Yes,” she responded, “tomorrow,” as we drifted off to sleep.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 24 Feb 2014 05:42
Ah, a wonderfully mature reaction to the previous sensual predictiment!
Posted 29 Jan 2014 00:31
Nice! I can not wait for the next one.
Posted 24 Jul 2013 19:47
Unexpected reaction .. he's a lucky guy to have such an understanding wife .. need to read part 3
Posted 19 Nov 2012 08:55
Beth's reaction would be so many guys dream. You are so very fortunate. Great story continuation.

Posted 16 Nov 2012 04:00
I had a feeling that this was going to get interesting...
Posted 23 Mar 2012 22:29
Wow, its getting hotter!!!
Posted 22 Mar 2012 02:32
That was a hot story! Totally got me hard as a rock!
Posted 21 Mar 2012 17:29
one more hot one. great time. loved it! thanks......

Posted 21 Mar 2012 15:40
It only gets better.....nice story
Posted 18 Mar 2012 22:14
GREAT!!! I loved it!
Posted 08 Mar 2012 22:04
very hot - ta!
Posted 05 Mar 2012 14:15
Posted 02 Mar 2012 02:42
I cant wait for more xxx
Posted 29 Feb 2012 16:16
WOW!!! Wonderful; better and much hotter than Chapter 1. Waiting for more.
Posted 28 Feb 2012 09:07
phew....cold shower time !
Posted 28 Feb 2012 08:51
Thanks everyone for the generous comments. I am glad that our experiences can add to your pleasure.
Posted 28 Feb 2012 03:09
Really good story, I enjoyed it immensely.
Posted 27 Feb 2012 21:32
I am waiting for tomorrow
Posted 27 Feb 2012 20:39
I loved it. Made me wet
Posted 27 Feb 2012 17:04
WOW amazingly arousing! You did a great job of writing, I cannot wait to read more. 5+++
Posted 27 Feb 2012 11:40
mmmmmmmmmmm great keep going
Posted 27 Feb 2012 06:29
Holy FUCK!!! That's a fucking hot story. Got my cock hard and dripping!!! Can't wait for part three. V=5 only because there isn't a 6!!!
Posted 27 Feb 2012 05:47
Can hardley wait for part 3.

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