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My Hot Aunt Debbie Pt 3

the conclusion to my experience staying with my aunt and uncle
To understand and experience the entire scenario I have put myself, you will need to read the previous stories about this time I spent on leave, staying with my aunt and uncle. This is a real experience I had, and revisiting it, and telling it how I remembered.

The night before, I had met up with a high school friend Maria, which ended up in the pool, then in bed fucking each other good. If you remember in Part 2, my aunt had peeked in through the door to watch me slide my thick cock in and out of Maria from behind. Luckily she left the doorway without being seen by Maria. 

The next morning, waking up with a smile at the time I had with Maria, also reminded me of what my aunt Debbie witnessed. I was losing control of the situation. As much as I loved looking, fantasizing, and jerking off to the hot, beautiful, busty blonde I call Aunt, I was also feeling guilty about it. 

I threw on my shorts and tee, and went to the kitchen to get some juice. My uncle said a quick good morning, seeming more chipper than usual, lifted his hand for a "high-five" and gave me a "Good job champ", and left for work. Oh crap, they both knew what was going on last night. Did she tell him? It was confirmed with, "looks like you enjoyed yourself last night Ricky", with a big grin from my aunt. 

"Ah yea, it was fun. Did you tell him?"

"Oh no sweetie. He woke up when he heard the splashes in the pool. Which was actually a good thing for me, I finally got some too", looking up at me from her coffee cup with a smile. "Your little friend with the big boobs must have turned him on, because after watching you two in the pool he was hard enough to turn his attention to me. So thank you! Of course he didn't last long, bastard, so I brought myself downstairs. I hope you're not mad at me for wanting to see you in real action?"

"Um nah, its OK. She didn't notice you." Oh my god, she is wearing just a tank top and shorts today, was all I could think looking at my hot aunt. Her cleavage on display, her nipples hard, poking through the thin material of her tank top. 

"Oh good. She is beautiful. I think her tits are bigger than mine even. Watching her little body take your big dick was amazing! How many times did she orgasm?"

"Um, don't know. Twice I think."

"Oh my god, that was so erotic to see. Well, I talked to your uncle and we want to take you out to a nice dinner before you leave. We want to take you to Ruths' Cris, and you can have whatever you want. But on one condition, you wear your uniform to dinner?" she gives me her big mischievous smile.

"Sorry, I didn't bring it. I rarely wear my dress uniform."

"Ahh", she whines. "Well then, I am taking you shopping for a new suit then! Get dressed, and we can go today. The sitter was coming to watch the baby while I went to the store anyway. And I already got a new dress just perfect for the occasion. You will love it."

"Um well OK then, I will go get ready. Do I have time to eat something?"

"Oh sure, take your time, I still have to get ready to. I don't want to look like the old frumpy aunt taking her stud nephew shopping!" And she bounced up to go upstairs, I couldn't help but stare at her ass in the tight shorts, her boobs giving a slight jiggle. 

I showered and changed to start the day with my aunt. Wondering how this would be and how I would contain myself being so close to her in the car, in the stores, without getting turned on. Focus!

The sitter was a close friend, because she let herself in, and immediately took over with the baby. 

My Aunt came downstairs wearing a little summer dress, that showed off every curve of her body. It was tight on top, with the help of her bra held her boobs up and high on her chest. It was short, but flowing around her ass, and wearing boots. Her makeup and hair were done simply, that gave the sexy "next door neighbor girl" look. 

We spent what seemed like hours in various stores. She would pick out a color, a jacket and then proceed to pick everything else out that matched perfectly, until she was satisfied how it looked on me with some slight altering. 

On the way home, she felt the need to tell me about the red dress she bought earlier in the week just for the occasion. How she is looking forward to me seeing her in it, and thinks I will definitely like it. The she made me choke on my coke when asked me if I would like her to wear a thong or go bare, or would I like to know she is wearing stockings and a garter belt. But then admitted how the stockings wouldn't look right with this dress, but would try if I wanted her to. 

"Um, I really don't know. Surprise me I guess?"

"Oh sweetie, you are getting a surprise then!"

I spent the rest of the day, calculating how much time I had left of freedom to myself before going back to base. I figured I would make the most of it by the pool, and in the water. I guess my aunt figured the same, because she came out in the same red bikini she wore the first day I saw her in one. She was laying under the umbrella, talking on the phone, and playing with the baby, and once feeding the baby in front of me. I tried not to look, and stayed under the water, or my back to her, but watching the baby suck on her big boobs was just to tempting not to look and admire. 

That night, as I got out of the shower, no bikini or bra for me to enjoy. That's interesting. First time since she caught me stroking myself into her bikini she hasn't left me one to cum all over. I realized it was alright, I didn't seem to be as horny tonight. Maybe it was because I would be leaving soon. 

The next day, I slept in really late, which is not like me to do. I got up and went for a run. I needed to burn some of this depression I was feeling about going back to base after having such a nice vacation. I ran about 7 miles and came in through the back yard to my side bedroom door dripping with sweat. I heard what sounded like the TV coming from open window upstairs in my aunt n uncles bedroom. But this wasn't the TV, because I soon heard a couple "F" bombs, and then what sounded like moaning, but couldn't quit here it all. I slowly opened the screen door and made my way through the house. It was obviously coming from upstairs, but couldn't make out the voices clearly. I silently made my way down the hall to their bedroom and heard it clearly. It was a porno playing on the TV. Without opening the door I looked through the crack to see the TV, a older woman taking a much younger guy from behind. She was moaning about how good it felt, and he was pounding into her at a good pace, mixed in with a few slaps on her ass. "You like this big dick don't you slut" by the guy. Then some "oh my god yes. Fuck my married pussy hard" by her. 

I was wondering, but guessing, what my aunt was doing right then. But I couldn't see her. I looked at different angle, pushing the door open just an inch more. Then I got a shock when I heard my aunt scream out, "Give me that big dick now! OOH yes, that's it. Make me cum!" And I saw her, sitting up on her bed, and a big white dildo she was holding in her hand, thrusting up into her smooth swollen pink pussy. She was bucking her hips against it. It must have been 10" long, and as thick as mine, ramming her beautiful pussy. She pulled it out, rubbing the head of it up and down on her clit. "Yes, that's it," as she watched the young guy fuck the older woman hard, "fuck her with that big dick." She watched the scene on the TV, as I watched her, rubbing my hard cock in my shorts. Her pussy was so wet. She must have been waxed, it was so smooth and shiny. Her lips were folded back, pink and swollen. She must have been getting close. She closed her eyes as she moaned through her orgasm for what seemed like several minutes. My hand was pumping away on my cock as she shoved the dildo deep into her pussy and let out a little scream. I silently made my way downstairs and into my bathroom to shower and finish what I started. 

The day went by quickly, and soon it was time to get dressed for dinner according to my aunt. She yelled from downstairs, wearing only a towel around her body, that we had better start changing. My uncle and I had both got dressed in our suits, sitting in the living room, waiting for my aunt to finish getting ready. 

My aunt announced she would be down in a minute. As she walked down the stairs, I couldn't pull my eyes away from what I saw. This is my aunt dammit! What am I thinking? Her hair was done up perfectly, down, with the front in curls, draping her face. She was wearing an incredibly hot little red dress. It was halter style, so shoulder straps helped her bra hold her big boobs up and on display. A sexy necklace sat perfectly on her big boobs, bringing more attention to them. They gave a slight jiggle as she took each step down the stairs in her high heels. The dress was short, so immediately I wondered if she was wearing panties. Her legs silky smooth, so the red high heels made her ass look incredible. "Honey, why don't you pull the car out of the garage for us." As my uncle left to pull the car around, my aunt made her way closer to me, spun around, and asked, "What do you think?"

"Um, well. Um wow, you look amazing."

"My tits look hot in this don't they?" As she cupped them in her hands to almost let her nipples show.

"They sure do."

"What do you think of my ass? Is it to tight on my ass?"

"Um, not at all. Really." I couldn't tell if she was wearing panties or not, but it sure was tight. My cock started to stir, and my aunt noticed.

"Wondering if I am wearing anything underneath aren't you?" as she walked out the door and rubbed her hand on my cock as she moved by me.

Dinner was torture. She would flirt and tease me every chance she got. It felt more like dinner with woman I wanted to have affair with than my own aunt. I also noticed my uncle drinking more than usual, and my aunt encouraging it. All through dinner her tits were staring at me, almost begging to be touched as she would squeeze them in her arms, or lean over when she stood up. 

As we finished dinner, and stood to leave, my uncle had more to drink that he realized when he fell back into his chair. My aunt laughed it off, and I helped him up and out the front to the valet. I got the ticket, and propped him up on a stone wall to the side while my aunt excused herself to the ladies room while waiting for the valet. I poured my drunk uncle into the back, and took the wheel. The valet helped my aunt into the front seat next to me, her bare legs looking yummy and silky as her dress rose high up on her thighs.

My uncle soon slumped over in the back seat and fell asleep. 

"So how was your dinner? It was so nice being out all dressed up again. Thank you Ricky."

"Oh thanks for dinner. It was nice. I probably won't get another dinner like that in a few years."

After a few minutes of awkward silence, "So did you figure it out yet?"

"Figure what out?"

"Bare or not silly."

"Oh. Well, um, no I didn't."

"I thought so. I made it too difficult for you didn't I? Well maybe this would be a clue," as she put a tiny red lace g-string in my lap.

"Oh my god. Serious? What are you doing?"

"Oh don't worry, he is drunk and sleeping. I just thought you wanted to know."

The ride home was very awkward, having my aunts red g-string sitting on my lap, which I stuffed into my suit pocket quickly.

When we got home, I had to figure way to get my uncle up to bed. He was out, and wasn't about to help me by walking. I thought I must have hurt my aunts feelings, because she was no where to be found. I lifted him up on a shoulder, and carried him slowly and carefully up the stairs and dropped him on the bed. Nothing. No movement or wake up. What a drunk. I went through the living room, maybe hoping to catch my aunt or say good night and wasn't there. I went to my bedroom and started taking off my suit, tie, and shirt. As I undid my shirt my aunt appeared in the doorway. 

"Can I at least watch?"

"I guess." I started to take off my shirt and my aunt made her way closer to me not taking her eyes off me. I slipped my shirt off and tossed it on the bed, and started to remove my t-shirt. 

"Here, let me help," as she slipped her hands under my shirt and lifted it up over my head. Without another word said, she ran her red finger nails down my chest, and undid my belt and pants. The view I had of her chest was amazing. Her deep cleavage, her big tits pressed together in her dress and bra. As she undid my pants, she pushed them down my thighs along with my boxers in the same movement she dropped herself down in front of me. My cock jumped to life looking down at her, face level with my growing cock. Looking up at me, she took my cock in both hands, and guided them down my shaft. She opened her mouth and parted her red lips around my cock, still looking up at me, squatting down in her heels.

"OOh shit," escaped my lips as her warm mouth enveloped my cock, growing to full hardness.

"MMM, I love your big dick Ricky," as she continued to move her mouth up and down my cock. She grabbed my balls in one hand, the other at the base of my cock and brought the head to the back of her throat. With a subtle choke she pulled it out, wet with her saliva and stroked it again in both her hands. "Oh my god, I can't believe how beautiful your dick is. I have been thinking about sucking this all night". And she went back to work on it. her lips gripping my shaft and giving me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. She looked up at me, as I looked down to watched her work my cock in her mouth. She took my right hand in hers, and put it on her head, for me to guide her mouth. "Go ahead Ricky, fuck my mouth". As she took a deep breath I held her mouth down on my cock, pushing it further into her throat. I felt her gag and I released the pressure, and back again. She moaned and tried to say something, but I had hold of her hair and was now fucking my aunts mouth. She took my hand that was in her hair, and moved it down to her chest, and pulled her mouth back off my cock. 

She was still squatting down in her heels, as she pushed my hand down her neck and over her tits. "You've been wanting to touch my boobs since you first saw them haven't you?"

I could only nod yes, as I was still in awe of what was happening. She took my other hand and put it on her chest as well, "Go ahead, touch them all you want. Squeeze them," as she reached behind her neck and unclasped her dress. Pulling the straps down in front of her, revealing her red lace strapless bra barely containing her big tits. She grabbed my hips, and pulled herself back up slowly, rubbing her tits against my cock, belly, and then my chest. She undid the clasp behind her, and let her bra fall to the floor, holding her tits in her hands as she looked at me. "You love my big tits don't you Ricky?"

"Um well yes. They are amazing."

She let out a very playful giggled, "I know! I love them to. I got off that first day I saw you watching me while you were in the pool. Then when I caught you jerking off into my bikini, oh my god, I had most incredible orgasm that night". She was not playing with her big tits while she talked to me. I was staring at her hard pink nipples rolling through her fingers. She gave me a smile, then lifted a nipple up to her own lips and began sucking on it. She swirled her tongue around it, then pulled the other one to her lips and did the same as she pulled the one she just released. "Would you like to suck them for me?"

"Yes. Can I?"

"Of course, but you have to do something for me," she asked with a dirty girl grin I hadn't seen before.

"Anything. What?"

"I want you to fuck me with that big dick of yours! I haven't had a big dick like that in years!"

"Oh shit, I don't know Debbie," looking down, unable to make eye contact now. 

She put her hand on my cheek so I would look at her again, "I know you want to suck on my big tits. You have been thinking about how they taste since you got here. And I know you would love my wet kitty. Please?"

"Um", before I could get another word out, or think twice about it, she had her nipples pointed toward my mouth. "Well OK. But you can't tell anyone about this. Please?"

"Of course. I don't want anyone knowing either. I just want this big dick of yours," as she guided my mouth to her big tits. I suckled, licked, squeezed and sucked all over them. At one time I thought she had orgasm when I was pulling on a nipple with my lips while I worked the other in my fingers. She had hold of my cock the entire time I sucked on her tits. She pushed me back gently, stepped out of her dress, and moved to the bed. But she didn't lay down on it, instead she bent over, sticking her ass in the air, and told me it was time to give it to her. She looked back over her shoulder, standing in her red heels, her ass gorgeous before me, with her pussy dripping with juices. I walked up behind her, my cock in hand, put my other hand on her ass, touching it for the first time. I could see the goosebumps on her back. I pressed the head of my cock against her juicy slit, finding its entrance as I began to push. She let out a slight groan as I pushed the head passed her clit slowly, inching into her depths. I pushed as far as I could while I listened to her breath heavy. 

"Oh fuck. This feels so good."

I pulled it all back out and then back in again as I rotated my hips, grinding against her inner walls. She let out another soft groan and I shoved the remainder inside. She let out a little gasp then I did it again. And again. 

"Oh my god yes. Fuck me! Fuck my pussy."

I started to pick up the pace, with eagerness to make my aunt happy. Not sure if it was the nerves or the excitement, but I felt like I could go and go. I would pull my entire cock out and shove it all back inside roughly, which gave me little shouts and muffled screams in return. Hearing her only me more encouragement to fuck her harder and harder. 

I gave her ass a good slap, and groaned how wet she was. 

"Oh fuck!" she screamed out. 

I grabbed both her shoulders and pulled her back into me. She let out a scream as my balls hit against her hard, feeling her tighten up around my shaft, I knew she was cumming. This only drove me to fuck her harder and faster. I pulled her back into me as I threw my thrusts into her. "AAYY! Fuuuuuck," was all she could get out when I groaned I was about to cum. 

As if by instinct or fear, "oh my god. No! Not inside me," as she scooted herself out from my hold. Leaving me standing there with my juice covered cock. She quickly got on her knees in front of me before I could even think anything. She had her hands around my shaft and started pumping it in her hands. "Cum for me. Give me your cum all over me." She stuck her tongue out to catch it, as I grabbed hold of her hair behind her head and pulled her closer. Blowing the first stream of cum all over her tits and neck. The second burst of cum hitting her face and tongue, the third straight into her mouth, while the fourth spurt hit her nose, cheek, and eye. Her mouth covered the head of my cock to slurp up the remaining drops as I moaned while I watch it play out before me.

"Oh my god. That was incredible. My pussy is going to remember this for a long time. Fuck that was a lot of cum," as she wiped it from her face and into her mouth to swallow.

I was spent, and couldn't remember a thing. She kissed my cheek, said good night, and that was the last we ever mentioned of it. 

I have obviously been around her through the years after that, and still do today, but we never mention it or say anything more about it. I think it changed her marriage for the good, because after that her and my uncle seemed to have a much better relationship. I often wonder if he knows about her big dildo though.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Definitely a 5 +. I too would like an Aunt like that as well! My grandmother was built like her - but that is another story - lol! Thank you for writing this.

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