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My Life as an Escort

My Life as an Escort

I had a very interesting customer
I've been an escort since I was eighteen. My job is very interesting. I meet so many different kinds of people. Sometimes I've even traveled to meet some of my clients. I get paid very well and even get tips most of the time. Most men just want a pretty lady to accompany them. I've dated men that were younger than me, or men that are twice my age. It’s been a very interesting three years. 

I've also been given the most amazing gifts. Some men have bought me Jimmy Choo shoes, Christian Louboutin sandals, Prada bags, in addition to my fee. These are usually from my very best customers. The ones that I've traveled to meet.

I've always been on the wild side. I love to go out dancing to all the fancy clubs. Since I know a lot of interesting people, I often get into the VIP sections of the clubs. I'm a party girl and love to have fun. I've been living on my own, since I was eighteen. My parents were not surprised, when I left. I just love to have a good time and I could afford to leave. 

I've lived in a condo for the past three years. I never bring my clients to my house. We always go to hotels. Not all my dates are sexually related. Sometimes they are just dates, where we would just go out to dinner and then maybe attend the opera, or maybe go to the theater. My client might want to go dancing to a club or, on some occasions, I might attend a business meeting.

I've built up a nice customer base. I work generally on the weekends. One of my customers had me meet them in Italy. It was a wonderful time. I attended business dinners with him. I just think he wanted an attractive lady to attend these functions with. Most of the other attendees were married and with their wives. He took me on sight seeing excursions and even on a shopping trip. I was treated as a princess the entire time I was there.

I do just have clients that want sex. Some men just want me to give them blow jobs. Other times, men want me to have sex with other women. I've had threesomes and foursomes. One time, I was invited to a gang bang. Now that was really interesting. I was the only woman with eight men. I've never done something so strange in my life. 

My client had called my agency, and they wanted a girl that would have sex with eight men. I arrived at the hotel and the men were all there. I was dressed in a black teddy with a black garter belt, black thigh high stockings, black thong and heels.

The men had me kneel on a rug. I was dressed in my outfit which was quickly removed. Each man stood in front of me, while I gave them blow jobs. I've never given so many blow jobs in my life. Then the men put me on the bed on my hands and knees. They each took turns fucking me. I was giving head to one man. Then I would be jerking off another man. One guy was fucking my pussy, and another man was in my ass. After that group was done, the next four men would do the same things to me.

At the end of the evening, all the men jerked off and came on my body. I think the term is called bukkake. But, the good thing was, I was paid fifteen thousand dollars to do that. I have been in a lot of interesting situations. But, the money is really good, and I really can't complain.

Now I will tell you a story, about when I met a very interesting client. I received a call from the agency. I was to meet this customer at a hotel. They wanted me to be dressed in a school girl outfit. The customer had a fetish for younger women. He wanted the escort to have her hair in pigtails. She was to be wearing a white shirt with a tie, a mini pleated skirt, white cotton panties, knee socks, and black loafers. He wanted the escort to be licking a lollipop when she arrived. 

I got ready in the outfit that the client had wanted me to wear. I did my makeup and looked into the mirror and just laughed. After I was all finished getting dressed, I admired myself in the mirror. I really did look like a younger woman.

I'm five foot five inches tall. I weigh one hundred and twenty pounds. I have long straight brown hair that I wore in pigtails. My eyes are blue and I have long legs. I am quite busty and wear a 38 C cup size. I always get waxed and have a bald pussy.

I put a rain coat over my outfit and the agency sent over a black limo. They took me over to the hotel. I went to the desk and asked for the room number to my client. I took the elevator up to the room. Once I got there, I opened the door, hung my coat, and put down my bag. 

The hotel room was a suite. There was music playing and my customer entered the room. To my horror and shock it was the Reverend of our church. Reverend Michael was my customer. He is an older man. He is probably about fifty five years old. He's also married to a very conservative wife.

I wonder what she would think of him buying an escort for sex. I wonder whose money he is using to buy this hotel room. I wonder if it's church money. I had so many questions, but just kept them to myself.

“Jessica, what are you doing here?” 

“Reverend Michael, does your wife know you hire escorts?”

"Of course not dear. I guess we all have secrets. You seem to have a very big secret dear. Do your parents know you're an escort"?

"No, they don't and I wish to keep it that way if you don't mind."

I was completely shocked. Here I was, standing in this cutesy outfit, and my Reverend from my church is my customer. I nearly died. 

“How long have you been an escort Jenny?” 

“I've been doing it for three years now Reverend Michael. The money is very good.” 

“As awkward as this is dear, I've already paid for you. We are going to be having sex Jessica dear.” 

Well, I just figured what the fuck; I'd give the Reverend everything he wanted. Reverend Michael sat down, and I stood in the middle of the room and put a sexy dance on for him while he sat on a chair and watched. I was licking my lollipop.

He asked me to sit on his lap. I walked over slowly and sat on his lap. He was playing with my pigtails. He gave me a passionate kiss. He really was a good kisser. We kissed for a little bit. He stood up and removed his pants. 

“Jessica, I want you to suck my large cock.” 

Reverend Michael had a clean shaved cock. His cock was seven inches long. First, I stroked his cock from the base to his head. Reverend Michael liked that very much. I caressed his balls in my hands. I kissed and licked each of his balls. I put each one of his balls into my mouth. The reverend moaned, while I played with his cock. 

I kissed and licked Reverend Michael’s cock in an upward motion. When I got to his head, I teased his tip moving my tongue all around his pee hole. Just rubbing my tongue all across his swollen crown. I continued kissing and licking down his shaft. He was really enjoying. 

“Jenny, you are such a good cock-sucker dear.” 

I took Reverend Michael’s cock inch by inch down my throat. I was bobbing my head up and down over his hard cock. He was playing with my pigtails. He seemed to really be enjoying what I was doing to him. I fondled his balls, while I was slurping and gagging on his cock. I stood up and Reverend Michael took me to the bedroom. He unbuttoned my shirt and then removed my bra. 

“Jessica lay down on the bed. I’m going to eat your pussy.” 

I went to the bed as he said. Reverend Michael spread my legs and smelled my pussy through my panties. I was very excited. My pussy was throbbing and was wet in my panties. He removed my panties and then got to work on my bald pussy. He licked my pussy up and down. He focusing his attention on my swollen clit. He parted my pussy lips and began to tongue fuck me fast. I was holding his hands and grinding my cunt into his face. 

I was wet and excited as he was slurping on my slippery cunt. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a dildo. I swear it must have been a nine inch dildo. He began fucking me with the dildo. I was moaning and groaning and was so turned on. Reverend Michael's cock was so hard. In fact, it was standing at full attention. 

“Jessica, bend over the bed, I want to fuck you!” 

I bent over the bed like the Reverend had said to do. He moved my mini skirt around my hips and slid his very erect cock into my pussy. He grabbed my hips and was fucking my pussy very hard. He was squeezing my buttocks together. 

The Reverend pulled his cock out of my pussy and told me to ride him cowgirl position. I removed all my clothes, but left the skirt, socks, and shoes on, while the Reverend got on the bed. I straddled his cock and worked my pussy up and down over his hard cock. He sat up and played with my firm breasts.

I have to admit, I was really enjoying having sex with the Reverend. I felt like I was performing. I mean I am an escort. I was just doing my job even if it was fucking the Reverend from our church. Reverend Michael rolled me over and got on top of me. We were kissing and his hands were massaging my breasts. Slowly we made passionate love to each other. His cock felt so good in my wet pussy.

I was so aroused and then let out a little moan, and I had an orgasm. I soaked his cock with my pussy juices. 

“Jessica, get on your knees. I want to cum in your mouth.” 

I got up and knelt down in front of him. I continued to suck his cock, and then I opened my mouth up wide. He then let out a scream and sprayed my throat with his hot cum. I swallowed his cum down like fine wine. I didn't miss a drop. 

After that, Reverend Michael and I got dressed. I wonder where he told his wife he was. I couldn't believe my client was my Reverend from my church. I wonder what the congregation would think if they knew our Reverend bought escorts for sex. I just giggled and left.

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