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My Sister Jean- The Family Secret

My Sister Jean -3  Family Secret

My sister Jean and I continued to have fabulous sex. She loves drinking my cum from my cock. Debbie, who is our childhood friend; we have both grown to love and enjoy her. Debbie seems to like sex more with Jean than with me. I think that’s because they have been doing it for so long together, Debbie is a great sex partner and fucks together with me instead of just laying there like a sack of potatoes. Her favorite position is doggie and likes when I spank her ass and pull her hair. My cock will ram her until we both cum together. She will lick my balls and tongue inside my asshole then suck me until I cum in her mouth.

The times when we do have a threesome together gets very vocal. We make sure my parents are not around. My sister Jean loves to be under Debbie and catch the cum that drips from her pussy. Then the two of them trade it into their mouths, very sexy.

My parents made an announcement to us they are going to live in their Miami condo. Its real two condos built together as one and afford my father a room for an office with a secretary. I really think he’s fucking his secretary but I know my mother is also fucking other men. They told us an open marriage is a happy marriage. They come back here every two and a half weeks or so, getting all their things ready to ship or dispose of. They are leaving the house to us to do as we please. They also suggested that perhaps Debbie should move in to keep Jean company when I am away. They already know that both of them are bi sexual and lovers. Of course we didn’t hesitate, but didn’t let them know of our three way relationship yet.

I have noticed that since my parents come back they are much more sexual than they use to be. Maybe it’s the Miami Beach climate. My mother doesn’t wear a bra most of the time. She likes to show off her great body and I see my father approves. Yesterday I came home early and I thought no one was home. I was wrong; my parents were fucking by the pool. I was amazed at his staying power. I could hear my mother scream at him to fuck her like he fucks his secretary. I saw her suck cock and then walk upstairs naked to their room. I made like I didn’t see anything and I told Jean and Debbie about it. Jean told me she saw a similar instance last week. She came home early and saw our mother fucking the pool guy. A younger guy very built. He fucked our mother like a whore.

We were pretty sure that our parents knew what was going on between the three of us. So we went to test the water. First we tried Debbie and me. On Saturday we went out to the pool and I applied suntan lotion all over her body. Debbie’s top was off and I put it all over, making sure the sides of her breasts were also done. We knew my parents were watching us so we wanted to give them a good show. I of course was hard from doing that to Debbie. She slipped off her bottom and I did that too. Then she turned over and I rubbed lotion all over her. She spread her legs wide open so I could cover her real good. Debbie reached over and pulled my suit off, held my stiff cock and started to suck it. I was ready to explode but I sprayed it all over her tits and belly. We laughed, being sure they are both watching. Debbie again stroked me until I was hard and I fucked her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we kissed as we both finished. We then went swimming nude together.

The next day it was Jean’s turn. I went through the same routine. Except I was much more daring with her. I told Jean not to wear a suit when she comes down and to lie down so I can start rubbing her. I was also nude and my sister Jean was stroking my cock as I rubbed her. She turned over, spread her legs and let my parents watch as I started lick and suck her pussy. We kissed and I slid inside her as I began to fuck her. She screamed that I should fuck her like my mother got fucked from the pool boy. I almost laughed because I am sure they heard us and wondered what was going on between them now. After I finished fucking Jean, Debbie walked out and joined us. The two girls kissed and Debbie sucked my cock clean. They saw Debbie and Jean in the 69 position.

After we finished this show we all went upstairs. My parents were not supposed to be home so we went up all naked together and touching each other. My parents met us and told us that was some great show we put on for them. They asked that we get dressed and meet them in the library.

We had no idea what to expect and it did not seem they were angry at us. The three of sat down and my father handed me the picture of Aunt Lily. Aunt Lily was my father’s sister who was killed in a motorcycle accident when she was very young. My father told me to take the picture out of the frame, which I did. Out popped two more pictures. One was a picture of Lily sucking my father’s cock and my mother licking Lily’s pussy. The other picture was my father fucking Lily, cum dripping from her pussy into my mother’s mouth.

My father told us the family story. Lily and my father lived together and fucked all the time. My mother was their shared girlfriend, just like Debbie is now with us. Lily was a wild girl and liked doing crazy things. One of them was riding a motorcycle. Lily was already pregnant with Debbie and he begged Lily not to ride but she wouldn’t listen. She died in an accident, but the baby was saved who today is Debbie.  Jean and I are brother and sister from my mother, the girlfriend of Lily and my father. That’s why Debbie is a year older than us. My father always looked out for Debbie and took care of her.

My father knew the pool show was put on for their benefit and they are very happy about it. There is no need to hide anything any longer and the three of us are equal partners in everything my parents have. They explained they have an open marriage and suggest we conduct ourselves the same way. It is very beneficial for the three of us.

My parents left for Florida the next day. My two sisters and I went around the house completely naked, fucking each other when ever we wanted.

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Posted 13 Oct 2009 06:37
Great story. Loved the ending.

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