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Stepdaughter Shame

Email conversation of admission to my lover of taking my virgin stepdaughter

There had been sexual tension between myself and my partners 16 year old daughter for some time. This particular morning I had taken her "wake up" cup of tea in to her bedroom to find her laid on top of bed, quilt pushed off dozing with her pussy exposed. It was the 1st time I had seen it fully, it was very hairy but her lips protruded through. She had a short cotton nightdress pulled up round her tummy I couldn't resist guiltily brushing my fingers over it which made her stir.  

She realised what had happened and smiled at me before pulling her nightie down. "I want to see yours", she said. "Not now, wait til your mum has left and I will come back", I replied.

I left for work parking out of sight waiting for my partner to leave.

 The following is the email conversation between my lover and myself admitting my guilt.

Love reading this brings it back so clearly. She was so young then .

What happened when you walked back in doors that day, was Lynne expecting you, where was she? You'd been waiting outside for 15 minutes hadn't you?

Yes, went back in and climbed the stairs she was still laid on her bed,.

Is it what she wanted, was she ready?

Ready and intrigued I think. She had lots of experience of being touched from Marie (her school friend) but it was me she was interested in. Or rather my cock, I took him out for her dribbling all over the place, she wrapped both hands round him one rubbing the pre cum around his head the other exploring the shaft. He was twitching and bouncing as she hit the tingly spot under his head. She was extremely gentle and I had to cover her hand showing her how to grip him tighter and pump him. I was then able to touch her just smoothing the soft curls and feeling the moisture of her finding my way in before running a finger along the sticky slit towards her engorged clit....heaven

What happened next? You took a risk!

Needed to get a bit more comfortable so let my trousers drop to the floor and leant forward with my knees resting on the edge of the bed between her legs which she had draped over the side. I was really hard now and her hands explored my heavy balls gingerly rolling them in her palms, she was fascinated at they way they moved. She was concentrating really hard, was very serious about it but kept giving me eye contact for reassurance.

I pulled her nightie up a bit to let her open her legs wider and ran my right hand up her bare thigh into her curls again. I just used two fingers to spread her lips to see her pink pussy glistening with juice, my finger went just in and ran around the ring of its dilated entrance which was sticky but yielding. Licked my finger to taste her it was salty but arousing she did the same her finger leaving a trail of pre cum from the tip of my cock to her lips. I thought about feeding him to her but need took over and I knelt down so he was pointing at her slit.

She squirmed forward and I pushed him down towards her, holding him I ran his head gently up and down her slit opening it up further, She laid back at this point getting flushed and  desperate pushing her bum up towards me..........

and then what...

I FUCKED HER..............

Like I said, you WERE naughty! What happened when you came, were you still in her?

My mind was wrestling with it but once his head was inside her labia it got more difficult. She had hold of him and was rubbing his head against her entrance round and round pulling him forward against the resistance. I was pushing against edge of bed so couldn't get any purchase to go further, she was squirming against him then lifted herself up by wrapping legs around me and pushing on one arm to support herself she then had his head wedged under the lip of her entrance and pulled herself forward onto him letting a couple of inches slide home.............

I don't know who was panicking most at this point, this was what I wanted but the guilt was making my heart pound, she was flushed with excitement realising she could push him home whenever she wanted. I had stopped moving ready to pull away if my head won the battle to stop me taking her virginity.

Knowing you I think I know who won that battle

I let my cock enjoy the tight sensation of her wrapped around his head she was grimacing with her head thrown back . I couldn’t move forward but could squeeze him filling up further.   I had a wonderful view of her spread tightly around   my cock her labia splayed wide engorged with blood . I could feel cum dribbling from the tip of him   tingling like an orgasm   had to resist letting it spray deep inside her although I was only a couple of inches deep….

Lynne lifted herself back up and in doing so slid down on my cock a bit more I had never felt sensations like that from a pussy before it was almost undulating along me I couldn't tell if she was in pain or panicking or enjoying it.I  put my arm round her back to support her which enabled her to come forward and look down, she took a deep breath and said something like "that's better" brushed her hair back and said "that's nice  careful though"

Nothing was further from my cocks mind though as I could now rock back and forwards to increase the sensations for us both, although I wasn't buried in her she started to take short breaths and got more frantic in her movement as instinct took over. She alternated between putting her head on my chest and watching him slide in and out and grunting and throwing her head back.

I was getting to the point of no return and could feel I was leaking cum inside of her. I told her "I'm cumming" pulled him out he sprung stiffly upwards and I grabbed him and pumped furiously she fell back as I let go of her and he spewed thick cum up her belly and onto her pubes and entrance, which was still gaping open from his speedy exit.

Then came the most difficult bit.............. 

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Posted 11 Oct 2013 21:36
The story is a big taboo,in relationships,but something that happen`s often everywhere,Im sure!... It was a good story that gets the blood flowing with errotic excitement,but could use a little polish ! I can`t wait to hear more....
Posted 18 Mar 2011 09:19
you write this as if from experience? Personal recollections?? very sexy

Posted 11 Feb 2011 00:19
Great story. Was hoping for more and I think the addition was a great touch. Would love to see more of this story
Posted 02 Oct 2010 00:33
Fantastic story, keep them coming your certainly keeping me xx
Posted 13 Jul 2010 16:57
The confession part-- telling the mom what he did to her daughter-- OMG that's the central heat and nastiness of this story! So fucking hot! Made me very hard.
Posted 17 Jun 2010 06:23
Hot story got me very hard
Posted 15 Jun 2010 08:40
What a nice hot story. I'm sure she really wanted you to just bust on inside to the bottom.
Posted 08 May 2010 12:10
Soooooooo hot!
Posted 22 Mar 2010 21:32
wow keep it up i no i will
Posted 03 Feb 2010 11:58
great part 2 please cant leave us there
Posted 19 Sep 2009 09:38
Damn hot! This is obviously deeply rooted in reality... oh come on Lisa, you've got to finish it, too cruel to leave it hanging like this.
Posted 06 Sep 2009 09:21
WOW i love this story, wish i had been there to watch lol wel done write more soon xxxxxxxx
Posted 12 Aug 2009 14:43
What shame ?.... descriptive has to have been orgamistic hearing all the details...I'm sure it is for many of your readers as well. GOOD WRITING GIRL...I'm going to read it often....Thank You...Thank You
Posted 02 Jul 2009 04:58
That was very hot! Thanks for sharing
Posted 18 Jun 2009 12:08
lea1lisa2.. that was great.. I would love to hear more about Leanne and Lisa... sounds like a romance to follow..

thank you for sharing this story with us.. xxx
Posted 05 May 2009 06:15
The sense of reality came thru very strongly. Not fiction but fact. Well written with feeling - in all senses
Posted 21 Mar 2009 04:44
I like it and way too go on being up front, with each other!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 23 Feb 2009 13:06
Ok folks, have added a bit more detail. This is a true story so very personal to me.
Posted 01 Feb 2009 09:54
Sounds like a good story, but it was so hard to read I got kind of lost. Try redoing it and finish it.
Posted 31 Jan 2009 22:01
um...please redo this using complete sentences. i can't tell what is going on here

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