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Summer on the Plantation Chapters 7-9

More lovers are discovered on the plantation
Chapter 7

It was another hot summer day on the plantation. The sun was high in the sky and the air was thick from the humidity. Ella had gathered up a pitcher of ice tea from the kitchen and made her way to the field house. Mr. Mondosia was in the little building, shifting through papers on a desk. The door and window open to let in a breeze, if one should pass.

“Staying out the heat?” Ella asked as she strolled up to the doorway.

Mr. Mondosia looked up at the beautiful young woman, and smiled at her. She was beautiful and young and he knew she had ways with her that would get him in trouble.

“I brought you some tea from the house,” she said, “I hope it will keep you cool the rest of the afternoon.”

“That is mighty kind of you Miss Ella,” he said as he reached for some glasses on the shelf in the office.

“I don’t want you to catch heat stroke. I don’t understand how you can work in this heat.”

“Well I have to. The crops need to be kept up, so they don’t wilt in this heat and the field hands are doing what they can.”

Ella poured the gentleman a glass of tea. She looked around the tiny building that looked out to the fields. You could barely see the men working out in them. The tops of their heads would come up to the tops of the crops but they were so far away you could barely tell they were there.

Ella turned back to the man at the tiny desk. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

“You may melt out here Miss Ella.”

“Oh no, that won’t happen. I am a southern girl and can take the heat.”

Mr. Mondosia leaned back in his chair as he took another sip of the refreshing glass of tea.

“Can I ask you something?” Ella asked.

“Anything you would like.”

“Where are you from Mr. Mondosia? Where is your wife?” Ella asked.

He didn’t say anything at first.

“Oh I am sorry. I don’t mean to ask such a personal question. I understand if you don’t want to say.”

“No, it is okay. My family is from Mexico. My son and I moved north into Texas after my wife passed away. She died about five years ago, he was just a boy.”

“I am so sorry for your lost. I lost my mother a few years ago to the Fever. Just like the woman of this house. My poor uncle and cousin have not been the same since. I came to visit this summer to try and get my uncle to let Maria go to Europe and open her eyes to the world out there.”

“Yes that is why we have moved around, I wanted my son to see more then the little town we lived in Mexico. His mother was killed in an invasion of our town. I couldn’t bear to be there any longer.”

Ella felt so sorry for the man and his son. She came by his side put her hand on his shoulder.

“I am so sorry for you lost. That had to be horrible.”

“Yes it was, but we have moved past it and know she is in heaven with others from our village.”

Ella left her hand on his shoulder and he reached up to touch it. He enjoyed the touch of the beautiful young woman. Something he had not felt in a long while. Ella ran both hands on his shoulders. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the touch of Ella’s hands. He started to relax as her hands moved down his chest and her head came in close to his cheek.

“Does this feel good Mr. Mondosia?” she whispered softly.

“Yes,” he moaned.

Ella touched her lips to his cheek, then to his ear. Ella knew she wanted to seduce this man the minute she saw him. She could tell the way he looked at her he wanted the same. It was not common for a woman to do this in those days. Ella knew he would never do it because of their different in class and after weeks of watching him in the fields she knew she had to do it.

“Oh yes.”

His eyes closed as she touched his body. He could feel her soft breast on his back. She kissed down his neck as her hands reach up to unbutton his shirt. She reached into it and began to rub his chest, her hand felt the think hair on his hard chest.

He grabbed her hands.

“No, we cannot do this,” he protested.

“Why? We both want it.”

He pulled her to his side and looked up to her.

“Well don’t you want me?” she asked.

“Oh yes. But I am not a gentleman. Your family would not approve of me.”

“What does my family have to do with us?”

“They would not approve of me.”

“I don’t care what my family thinks of my lovers. Do you think I am some virgin who needs a husband?” Ella laughed.

“You are not married, are you a widow?”

“No,” she laughed some more. “Mr. Mondosia, I like to have fun, I have been places, done things, and enjoyed the pleasures of sex. I don’t want my family to approve, I just want your strong hands on my breast and your, well I am still a lady, maybe I should not say anymore.”

Mr. Mondosia was a bit shocked that Miss Ella was so forthcoming with her sexuality. Ella reached down to him, grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to her lips and kissed him. He grabbed her wrist again and this time kissed her back. The excitement grew inside of them both. Their kissed moved to other parts of their bodies and their hands undid parts of clothing.

Mr. Mondosia’s hands reached into the top of Ella’s dress and popped out her breast. They were lovely, round and soft. He kissed down her neck to her chest. He began to suck on one nipple and pinch the other between his fingers. Ella moaned at the sensation from the attention on her nipples. She could feel her own excitement growing under her skirts.

Mr. Mondosia pulled her up to the edge of the desk and started to lift up her skirts. He reached up to her hips and realized she was not wearing much under all the ruffles of her skirt. His hand felt her wetness and his fingers started to play with the juices coating her clitorises. He ran his finger over her open slit and plunged it into her.

Ella yelled out from the pain, of his finger entering her. She enjoyed it. He pulled out and on the next entry 2 fingers opened her wider.

“Yes!” she yelled as he continued to bring her arousal to the brink of an orgasm.

He plunged in and out a few more times and with his other hand began to undo his belt and trousers. He pulled out his hard cock. He continued to kiss on Ella’s hard nipples as he moved between her legs with his exposed penis. He took his fingers out and replaced them with his hard cock. He plunged it deep into Ella. He moved back and forth plunging deeper each time.

Ella cried out as her orgasm was fast approaching. She knew it would only be a short time before she would shoot her juices all over her lover. Mr. Mondosia was feeling the same. He knew in just a few more strokes he would also be done. He jerk again and held it inside of her and then let her go. Her lips tighten around his cock as her clit pulsated as her juices flowed over him. She opened her eyes and saw him gather his trousers up and start to button his shirt.

“I am sorry Miss,” he started to say as he looked at her push down her skirts, “I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive. I will never do that again.”

“I hope you don’t mean that.”

Mr. Mondosia looked at her puzzled.

“Tonight after dinner, after the others have settled in, I will come down to your house.”

“You will?” he asked.

“You don’t want me to?”

“Of course I do. But,” he paused

“Then what is it?”

“I think your room would be better then my little house, and something more suited for you.”

“I don’t care about that. I want you to make love to me, properly.”

“Oh yes Miss, I want to do the same. I am ashamed at what came over me just now.”

“Don’t be,” she reached up and touched his cheek, “I enjoyed it." Then she kissed him.

Mr. Mondosia took Ella in his arms and kissed her passionately. Ella broke their kiss.

“Save that for later.”

She hopped down off the desk and hurried back up to the house.

Chapter 8

The sky was getting dark fast as Maria’s father sat on the porch of his great house. He watched as the clouds rolled in from the west, the breeze grew colder each time. A storm was heading there way. He saw someone riding fast up his drive on a horse. It was Tara, his niece’s friend. She was visiting her uncle and aunt on the neighboring plantation this summer and came over often to see her friend.

Tara rode up the drive, stopped at a post, and got down. She tied her horse to the post and hurried up the stairs to the veranda.

“Hello Mr. Babin," she said almost out of breathe. “A storm is brewing.”

“Hello my dear. Yes it is. Let me get Charles to get your horse to the stables. Charles!” He yelled for house servant.

“Charles!” he yelled again.

“Yes ‘em, I am right here. Oh, hello Miss Tara,” Charles said, as he came up to the front of the house. “I saw you coming up the road.”

“Bring Miss Tara’s horse to the stable before the rain comes in.”

“Yes ‘em Master Babin,” Charles said, as he gathered the straps off the post and led him to the back.

“Are you here to see Ella, she is down at the field house. She brought Mr. Mondosia some refreshments.”

“I am sure Ella gave him something refreshing,” she mumbled, hoping he didn’t hear her.

“Yes some tea from the kitchen. Would you like some?” He pointed to the pitcher on the table. “Have a seat she shouldn’t be long.”

Tara was almost sitting before he said anything. She had come over to the house several times this summer to visit her friend Ella. She loved coming here. Ella and she were very close and she loved the time they had spent in her room, making love on warm afternoons. She and Ella grew up together and have traveled abroad and learned about the taboo ways that aren’t talked about along this lazy river they live on.

“We haven’t seen you in a few days my dear,” the older gentleman said to Tara.

“Yes, my aunt and uncle are determined to marry me off this summer. Every night it is another man to seek my fancy.”

“None are catching your fancy?”

“No, I am not a woman who will marry. My aunt doesn’t understand that.”

“Why aren’t you?”

“I am just not, men do nothing for me. They want a woman to tend to their house and have a son to take it over one day. That is not for me. I don’t want babies and I certainly don’t want to do what has to be done to have one.”

“You don’t?”

“No, let’s just say I am not a marrying kind. I get a good income from my family land in Mississippi. My brother and his family live there, but he sends me money each month for my living. I don’t need a man to do that.

“I just want to visit my friends, new places, and have a good time doing it.”

“So you are free spirit?”

“Yes I guess you could say that,” she chuckled.

“Well if you don’t want any babies or a man to touch you, you should marry me.”

“Is that a proposal Mr. Babin?”

“If you want it to be? I am an old man. I have a daughter who had to grow up to fast after the loss of her mother, and won’t leave me alone. She wants to see things, other than the four walls of this house and the fields. I want her to go, but she won’t if I am alone.

“Your aunt will get off you back, my daughter can go enjoy life, and you can do as you pleased.”

“Mr. Babin, that sound like an offer a girl like me can’t refuse.”

Tara thought about it for another second.

“Yes! Why not? I love being here at your house. I can be closer to my friend.”

Just then from the sky that had gotten darker as they spoke the thunder roared, abd the rain began to fall. It was coming down hard on the ground. The rain was refreshing. He took her hand as they sat on the veranda and watched the storm. Mr. Babin smiled as he rocked something he didn’t do for a while. He thought it would be nice to have a woman around. He knew her ways and didn’t mind. He would enjoy knowing what she did. He may even be able to get some pleasure out of it himself.

“Father!” Maria started to yell from the house.

“Out here my dear.”

“We need to close a few windows,” Maria was surprised to see Tara, “Hello, I didn’t know you were here.”

“Hello Maria.”

The girls hadn’t spent much time together, on Tara’s visit she mostly was with Ella, and have talked only a few times. She knew of her ways with Ella, and didn’t want anything to do with them. She couldn’t believe they would do those things in the next room. Sometimes she heard them. She would be mad at first, but then something would come over her and she would get excited, then ashamed by them.

“Are you waiting for Ella?”

“Yes, she is,” said her father. “And she will be joining us for dinner. The storm will be not be letting up anytime soon. We have an announcement to make also.”

Just then Maria, saw Ella running up to the house from the fields, soaked.

“Ella, hurry, get out the rain,” Maria yelled out to her cousin.

Maria made it to the veranda, soaked all the way through. Her light dress clung to her body and showed off her curves. She had gone to Mr. Mondosia with nothing on under her dress knowing she was going to seduce him and it was showing. Faintly you could see her nipples poking through the material, they were pink and pointed. Maria was embarrassed that she could see them.

“Ella you need to get inside, you can see through your dress.”

“Oh, I am sorry, let me go upstairs and change.”

“Wait, since you are both here, Tara and I have to tell you something,” Maria’s father said.

“We are getting married,” Tara blurted out.

Maria looked at her father with horror. Tara jumped up and Ella went straight to her friend for a hug.

“Congratulation, Auntie Tara!” Ella yelled. “Oh uncle, thank you for bringing my friend into the family,”she leaned down and hugged her uncle.

“Maria, aren’t you going to say something," Ella said to her.

“You need to go change,” she said with a stern look at her cousin, and new step mother.

“Come on Tara, come help me out these wet clothes and we can make plans.”

Ella took her friends hand and led her into the house. The girls ran up the stairs giggling.

“Father, why?” Maria sat next to him. The rain came down harder.

“My dear, I hate that you feel like you need to stay around because of me. You don’t have to be the woman of the house. You can go to Europe, like you have always wanted. You can find a man and marry him and move away. I will be here with Tara.”

“But father, she is young, and she has done things. She does things, that an unmarried woman should not do.”

“Please Maria, don’t worry of those things. I am not. I would like for everyone around me to be happy. Now you can go off, and live, your mother would have wanted that.”

“Yes father. If that is what you think is best.”

“I do. Now tell the cook to fix dinner and add a place. We are going to celebrate.”

Maria walked into the house headed for the kitchen. She looked up the stairs and wondered what those two were up to. She was not happy, but didn’t know what to do to stop it.

They had dinner and made plans for the wedding to be in two weeks. It would be small, simple, and civil. The girls were giggling about this and that for the service. They planned to go into town tomorrow to find a dress for Tara to wear.

The rain had stopped. The house was muggy. Maria excused herself after dinner was over. She was tired and knew the next few days would be hectic. She still was uncertain of this unholy union, but knew it was going to happen.

Tara decided to head back to her aunt and uncles to give them the news. They were probably worried after the storm that she was not home. Charles brought her horse around, it was still daylight and she didn’t have far to go. Ella walked her out. They kissed on the cheek and giggled some more.

“Nothing will change between you two,” her uncle told her.

“Thank you uncle,” Ella went to her room to prepare for her visitor.

Mr. Babin went into his study to smoke and drink. He did until he passed out in his chair.

Chapter 9

The wedding came quick. It was just a few of Mr. Babin’s friends from the parishes around his plantation. Tara’s family, even her brother from Mississippi came in for this event. Ella and Maria were going to serve as bridesmaids. It was simple, plain and civil just as they had planned.

Maria was downstairs making sure the last minute touches she had planned were being done even before the rest of the house was up. Tara had stayed the night with Ella. Tara and her stayed up most of the night and were sleeping in.

Netty was on her way up the stairs when Maria saw here.

“Netty, where are you going with that tray?”

“I am bringing breakfast to the Misses upstairs.”

“Oh okay. Have they wakened yet?”

“Not sure miss. I was going to wake them if they weren’t. I need to get Miss Tara a bath drawn. Miss Ella will want one too.”

“Yes get them up. Guest will be arriving at 3 and I don’t want them still in bed.”

“Yes ma’am. I will hurry them up.

“Do you want me to draw you a bath to Miss Maria?”

“Yes please.”

Netty hurried up the stairs with the food. She put the tray down and knocked on Miss Ella’s door.

“Who is it?” Maria yelled out and giggled at her bedmate.

“It’s me Netty. I have your breakfast.”

“Okay come in,” Netty walked in. “Do you have Miss Tara’s too?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good.” Tara popped out from under Maria’s sheets giggling.

Ella got out of the bed, naked. Netty didn’t even blink. She knew of Miss Ella’s ways. She had loved Miss Ella’s body. She enjoyed giving her a bath on several occasions. Ella put on her silk robe and tossed a spare to Tara.

“Come on let’s eat,” she said to Tara.

Tara got out of the bed put on the robe, not closing it all the way and sat at the small table in the room. Netty had put their breakfast there. She looked at Miss Tara as she sat down and saw her naked body under the robe. Netty just smiled at the two beautiful women.

“I will draw your baths as you eat.”

“Please fill the tub in my room first Netty,” Tara told the young black girl.

“Yes ma’am I will get you filled up right away.”

“You don’t mind if I go first I want to soak a bit, I am the bride," she giggled at Ella.

Netty left the room but didn’t close the door all the way. Maria walked up the stairs and passed Netty in the hall.

“I will get your tub filled after I do Miss Tara’s.”

“That is fine. She is the bride.”

Netty went to get the bath started. Maria walked down the hall, she heard the girls in Ella’s room giggling as they always do. Except in the middle of the night when Maria could hear their moans. Maria and Tara were eating at the table, Tara’s robe open and her legs slightly apart. Maria could see straight up under the table. Tara looked her way then back at Ella, she spread her legs even further apart, inviting Maria to look more. Ella turned to her cousin.

“Morning sweetie,” Ella said.

“Morning,” Maria responded.

“Well I am going to see if my bath is drawn.” Tara got up from the table and walked straight toward Maria standing still in the doorway. “Come to my room, we need to chat.” She whispered to Maria before she went to her room.

“I will be over later to help with your dress.”

“Yes my love. With you I may never get it on,” Tara said and winked at Maria.

“Come in sweet cousin,” Ella commanded.

“I have to go. Netty is drawing my bath after Tara’s.”

Ella walked over to the door, her robe loose around her naked body. Her breast barely covered.

“Come on we don’t talk anymore.”

“No it is okay. I really need to go. We can talk later. I want everything to be right for when the guests arrive so I can’t be late.”

Netty came out of Tara’s room.

“Miss Tara asked for you Miss.”

“Netty come, draw my bath then since Maria is being summoned by her new mother,” Ella giggled.

“Yes ma’am.” Netty went into Ella’s room. Maria went to Tara’s door and knocked as Netty closed Ella’s.

“Come in,” Tara yelled from inside the room.

“What do you want? I have to go make sure things are right for the guest coming today.”

“I just wanted to have a chat with you,” Tara said from inside the tub in her room. “Come over here and help me while we talk.”

“I am not sure I should do that,” Maria could see Tara’s breast just above the water level in the tub, and knew what else lied under the water. Her own pussy was starting to tingle. She listened in to Tara and Ella’s love making enough to know what was happening to her. She would always get like this as she listened in.

“Well then I just want to say this. Me marrying your father will not take anything away from you. I have my own money and fortune that I don’t need that from him." 

“I don’t want to be your mother either. I just want us to be friends.”

“I know. That will be nice,” Maria moved closer to her in the tub. Tara put one foot up on the side of the tub and made herself more open to Maria seeing more as she got closer.

Maria stood right at the tub. She tried not to look down at Tara’s naked body in the tub. Tara reached up to Maria’s hand and touched it. The touch sent shockwaves through Maria’s body and she could feel things stirring in her that she knew she could not resist any longer.

Tara yanked on Maria hands and Maria went to her knees besides the tub. Tara hander her the rag.

“Please wash me?” she begged.

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can,” Tara put the rag in her hand and started to guide Maria to her body.

Maria started to dip the rag into the water, the gently ran it over Tara’s shoulders. Then again down her arm. She moved the rag across her chest, carefully avoiding touching her breast. She looked down and watched herself, the rag in her hand, down her stomach. Tara started to squirm in the tub, her leg still on the side of the tub she grabbed the sides with her hands. The she lifted slightly up giving her pussy to Maria.

Maria ran the rag up her leg to her foot, then back down. Then up again. Tara grabbed the back of Maria’s head and pulled her to her, their lips nearly touching. They looked into each other’s eyes. Maria could feel herself tingling from the gaze. Tara ran her hands in the curls of Maria’s hair, and then pulled her in for their first kiss. Maria didn’t resist, like she did with Ella. She let herself go with her soon to be stepmother. They kissed slow and soft at first. Then after no resistance from Maria, Tara kissed her faster and harder each time. Maria dropped the rag into the tub between Tara’s legs and then rested her hand on her thigh. Tara’s skin was soft. Tara lifted her hips up again, Maria’s hand slid down.

Maria’s fingers reached between Tara’s legs, to the spot she stared into earlier in Ella’s room. It was soft and Maria began to rub up and down Tara’s opening. Not sure what she was doing she paused and broke their kiss. Tara looked into her eyes and smiled, then reached down and guided Maria’s hand up and down her clit, and then she pushed two of Maria’s fingers into herself.

“That is it, my darling. Just go in and out,” Tara whispered to Maria.

She grabbed on to the tub again as she felt Maria’s finger plunge deeper inside her.

Tara moaned as Maria watched her lean back and her body began to shiver from the orgasm building up in Tara. Her own body was showing signs of excitement.

Meanwhile, over in Ella’s room. Netty had drawn her bath. Ella stepped into the warm water of the tub as Netty gathered the soap and rag. Ella sat down in the water and Netty began to wash her. Ella loved to get a bath from Netty. Netty touched her skin with the rag and she could feel the heat buildup inside of herself. Netty plunged the rag into the water and up over Ella’s skin.

Netty then ran the rag down her stomach and between her legs. She rubbed a few times with the rag then dropped it. Netty plunged her fingers inside Ella. He worked fast and hard. Ella yelled out with pleasure.

“Yes. Yes!!!!” Ella screamed out.

“Yes. Yes!!!” Tara screamed out.

They were both being pleasured at the same time. They both having an orgasm at the same time.

Netty finished up with Miss Ella and left her alone to go do her work.

Maria watched Tara in the tub as her orgasm took over then subsided. She sat back on her feet, and watched as Tara stood up in the tub. Her naked body dripping wet, stepped out. Maria watched her every move. Tara reached down and helped her to her feet.

“You are so beautiful,” Tara said as she whipped a hair from her face, “And so innocent.”

Maria didn’t say a word. She could feel her own juices under her skirt and her heart beating faster than ever. Tara began to undress Maria. She untied every ribbon, unsnapped ever snap, and then moved the material from her soft skin.

Maria stood there naked with Tara. Tara still wet, pulled Maria to her, and rubbed her wet breast into Maria. She began to kiss Maria again. This time with passion, Maria returned the kisses in the same manner. She was too far gone now and was going to make love to her new stepmother, on her wedding day. The thought left her head as quickly as it entered.

The pair moved swiftly to the bed. Tara threw Maria down to the bed. She climbed over Maria like a hungry cat. She started at Maria lips, kissing them gently, then to her neck. Her kisses moved down Maria’s chest, stopping at each nipple. Tara then moved her tongue down Maria’s stomach. She circled Maria’s bellybutton.

Maria’s body was reacting to Tara’s seduction. Her skin tingled with each kiss, with each lick. Her clit started to pulsate, something that happened when she read the black book. She grabbed on to the sheets on the bed. Tara spread Maria’s legs, and then began to kiss up her thigh, first the left, then the right.

Maria could feel her juices leaking out of her. The excitement and the waiting were getting too much. She was frozen on the bed, clinching the sheets between her fingers.

“Please, please!” she begged.

Tara knew it was time. She kissed the patch of hair right above Maria’s clit, then spread her pussy lips with her fingers and started to lick at Maria. She ran her tongue up Maria a few times slow, then fast, and then slow again. She keep her lips spread and reach up with a fingertip and rubbed the hard nub at the top of her wide open pussy.

This drove Maria wild. She threw herself back, gripped harder to the bed, and her hip pushed up mashing into Tara’s face.

“Yes, oh yes,” Maria moaned.

Tara continued to lap at the juices squirting out of Maria. Then she entered her spread hole with her tongue. Tara pushed it into her, then wiggled it inside of Maria.

That was it, Maria was done, her body stiffened. Maria’s pussy tightened on Tara’s tongue. Everything began to shake as her orgasm took over and her cum flowed out of her.

Tara expertly licked and sucked on Maria until her orgasm subsided. She drank every bit of cum from Maria’s pussy. Maria laid there, catching her breathe, and her body started to rest. Tara crawled back up to Maria. She laid next to her and held her in her arms. They both took a rest before getting ready for the wedding.

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