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Surprise at the hospital

Amazing things happen in hospitals
A few months back a mole appeared on the shaft of my penis. At first I just ignored the growth, stupidly hoping it would magically disappear. However the mole seemed to grow bigger until I couldn't ignore it any longer.

I made an appointment to see my General Practitioner. After having been checked out from my local GP, he referred me to the hospital for a closer inspection. The doctor explained that I would receive an appointment by post in the next week or so. I went about my day to day business trying not to worry too much about it.

The morning of my appointment I went for a shower to make sure I was nice and fresh. I decided to shave off all my pubic hair.

I arrived at the hospital about five minutes before my appointment. I spoke with the receptionist who told me to take a seat in the waiting room until my name was called. I was really nervous about showing my dick to a stranger, even though I know it was a doctor. It’s their jobs, but was still somewhat apprehensive.

This blonde woman about 25 came through the doors and called "Mr. Wallace."

I jumped to my feet, walked over to the lady, smiled and said "Hi I'm Mr. Wallace."

She replied "Follow me to room two please."

As I followed her I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was, probably a little older in her late twenties. Her legs seemed to go on forever, she also had the biggest most sparkling blue eyes, I could hardly move my eyes away from her pert little arse. Now I was starting to worry about getting an erection during the examination.

Once in the room, the blonde introduced herself as Dr. Gayle.

"So Mr. Wallace," she said "I have had a read through of your file and you have a sort of growth on your penis?”

I blushed "Yes.” I can't explain why I was feeling like a little school boy, it's not as if I was a virgin. I have had quite a few girlfriends in the past.

"Well shall we have a look?" asked the Doctor. "If you would can drop your trousers, and lie on the bed and wait. It won't be two ticks." She added. "I require a chaperon." Dr. Gayle left the room.

Whilst Dr. Gayle was away I started to maneuver my cock around, looking for a better angle to try and impress her with its size. I chose to leave it lying across my leg.

The room door opened and in came Dr Gayle with another woman who she introduced as Michelle. Michelle was stunning, I guessed she must have been around twenty two, maybe twenty three. She had long dark hair, lovely shiny dark skin and sultry brown eyes. I could see her nipples through the fabric of her sweater.

Dr. Gayle and Michelle walked over to me lying half naked on the bed. I felt kind of helpless lying there, with these two gorgeous ladies about to have a good look around my cock. All I kept thinking to myself was please don't get hard, be a good boy.

Dr. Gayle slipped on a pair of latex gloves and asked, "Can you show me where the growth is?"

I pointed it out; the Doctor lifted up my floppy cock and started to give it an inspection. She was looking around my penis and examining my mole, and then she used her fingers. She started to press in, on my groin area.

Dr. Gayle said still holding my cock in her left hand, "I don't think your mole is anything to worry about Mr. Wallace. I will make an appointment for you to get it surgically removed."

"That's great." I said starting to relax.

Next Dr. Gayle took hold of my left testicle between her forefingers and thumb; she started slowly rolling it around. It felt really nice, and I could feel my cock starting to twitch and fill with blood. I felt helpless as I lay there.

"Look at this Michelle." Dr. Gayle said. "It seems Mr. Wallace is a little excited."

"Err I’m sorry." I pleaded.

Michelle took a couple of steps until she was next to the bed, bent over, smiled and said. "Don't apologize Mr. Wallace. I can't say I can blame you with us two sexy ladies looking at that big cock of yours."

As soon as the words big cock left Michelle's mouth, my cock was brick hard; I don't think it had ever been this hard ever!

"Wow." said Dr. Gayle. "It looks like your cock is about to burst. I think we will need to relieve some of that tension, Michelle don't you?”

Michelle with a naughty smile on her face, winked at me and said. "I think I know what to do." She grabbed hold of my throbbing cock, licked the pre-cum from the tip. She placed her lips around my swollen helmet, sucked up and down on it a couple of times, turned her head around and said. "I’m sure this will help."

I couldn't believe this was actually happening, lying on the bed watching Dr. Gayle and Michelle. Both with one hand on my cock, jerking it hard and fast, and each taking turns to suck on my dick. I was in dreamland.

I could feel my heavy balls start to tighten. I knew I had reached the point of no return, no more could I hold back the feeling. I shot my man juice in Michelle's mouth. She gulped every last drop, licked her lips and said. "Mmm your cum's rather tasty Mr. Wallace."

"That was unbelievable." I remarked.

"You're free to go. Have a great day." said Dr. Gayle as she just left the room.

I want to Thank Poppet for helping me with the editing and grammar. You were a big help.

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