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I've made plenty of mistakes in my life but when my husband Cameron found out, that I wanted his brother Denver, he was devastated. Overnight I changed, but though I tried pretty hard to be the wife he wanted and needed, the temptations didn’t stop. 

Things between Denver and I were always going to be unresolved. He would call me often to share his fantasies. In some he was making love to me again and in other’s he was far more aggressive. In some he wanted to share me with his friends and in those he would take pleasure in licking me clean after they had their way with me, in this fantasy he saw me taking two cocks in my pussy and two in my ass. Was that even possible? In other fantasies he wanted me to fuck him with strap on and was willing to suck cock and get his ass fucked by a guy but for me the biggest turn on, was hearing how he wanted to suck his brother’s cock and wanted him to fuck his throat and cum down it. This of course would never happen.

This year alone I've been approached by two more of my husband's so called friends.
One is about 23 and he has been pleading with me to let him fuck me but since I'm trying to be a better person I declined. He too tells me of his fantasy, of a threesome in which he wants to see me lick pussy while he fucks my ass. He even sent me a picture of his cock which looked about average to be honest. Size has never been an issue for me, I just love cock. Big is always good but an average sized cock, if used well, can be just as satisfying. Some mornings when I'm craving sex and my husband is not around to service my needs, I imagine in mind blowing detail, him opening my legs and eating me out then fucking me hard and fast. I love anal sex and the thought of him turning me on all fours and shoving his hardened cock inside my ass, thrilled me to no end. Alone in the comfort of my bed I would slip my hand between my thighs and play with my clit, my fingers diving into my wetness until I climaxed but still I said no. 

I told Denver about the offer and he was curious about who the guy could be. I was reluctant to say, instead I asked him to guess and the first name he popped out was one of my husband's closest friends, Jason. We had known Jason for about 10 years and he was quite young, only 22. We had known him as a kid and of course he wasn't the one that was trying to tempt me into bed. It shocked me a little that Denver would suggest Jason of all people.

Anyways just this weekend Cameron had friends over and being a good wife I stayed inside, while the guys drank whiskey outside. At 10 pm Cameron was tired and ended the party early. All his friends left except Jason. Cameron had asked him to spend the night. They had retired to the lounge and Cameron asked me to join them. I really didn't want to but I reluctantly gave in and got out of bed. I had been wearing a long top over leggings earlier in the day but when I had gotten under the covers I had discarded both the leggings and my panties. It was cold and I wrapped a gown over myself, to hide my naked legs and slipped my feet into a pair of bedroom slippers and joined them in the lounge. 

Cameron lay stretched out on the couch and Jason sat on the seat next to him. Sitting down on the same seat as Jason, I asked him to pour me a drink. By the time we had our second shot of whisky, Cameron was asleep. Jason and I sat chatting about music and movies. We had always been friends and he was like family to us. He had pictures of me from a party, we had attended together. The pictures were not flattering at all but he refused to delete them. Cameron woke up and announced that he was going to bed. I was tired too and left to fetch bedding for Jason.

Unfortunately Jason didn't want to sleep. He pleaded with me to have another drink with him and maybe watch a movie. He told me he wanted to play a song for me. I had heard the song before but now as I listened to the lyrics, the words gave me pause for thought. It was a song about a guy, telling his girl how he wants to fuck her. I told him it was a good song and pretended not to get its implication. I really wanted to go but Jason was not having it. I told him I could only stay for one drink and then had to get back to my husband.

He was puffing on a cigarette when he said, "I don't think you and I should be alone together."

I looked at him a little confused now. Was he asking me to go? After all it was him that asked me to stay.

“Should I go?” I asked, only too happy to go to bed.

" No, no, please just stay and finish your drink, it’s just, I don't want your husband to get the wrong idea, but there's nothing wrong if we just watch a movie is there? “

I agreed with him but still dreamed of a quick escape, I could feel the sexual tension in the room start to build. He was definitely coming on to me.
Jason is good looking but he is also one of the shortest guys I knew. I'm about 1.56m and Jason is still shorter than me. I knew I should have gone to bed but I stayed glued to my chair wanting to know where this was going. Jason sat down next to me, and reached out and touched my hair then played with my ear. I pretended not to notice, instead I kept my eyes glued to the TV the butterflies building in my tummy. My gown had parted over my thighs and I pulled it closed. He asked me if I was covering up because of him. I said no that it was just force of habit but I kept it closed, my thighs pressed together keeping the throb between my legs at bay.

When he turned my face toward his and kissed me I was floored. I had felt the tension yes but this was Jason and he was like family. I didn't return the kiss, and I very gently pushed him away, telling him we could pretend it had never happened. He apologized but told me he had wanted to do that for years now and kissing me was a long time coming. I was flattered but kept silent. When I told him I had to go to bed, he kissed me again. This time I didn’t stop him, but instead I parted my lips and let him.

The kiss was sweet, non invasive and tentative. It reminded me of Denver and my first kiss with him, how I wanted him now. I let the kiss end but he followed it, with another and another each one making me more at ease, they were sweet and passionate but he hadn't touched me yet, it was just his lips on mine, his tongue dueling with my own. I sucked his lip between mine and teased him by keeping my open lips just inches from his. This was wrong my husband was asleep in the bedroom and I was making out with our friend, Jason. I told him I needed to check on my husband and he let me go.

Sanity had finally prevailed. I walked into the kitchen to get some water before going to bed, when Jason came up behind me. He kissed my neck, his hands on my full hips as I leaned back into him. Was this sanity? I turned into him, the kisses getting hotter and more passionate. He was touching me now, my gown was opened and he moved his hand up my thigh. I don't think he expected to find my naked pussy. I could sense his surprise and eagerness, as he ran a finger up my wet slit searching out my clit. He pressed his thumb against it while he slid a finger into me. I was wet but for a horny slut like me that was pretty normal. I popped out a tit and let him put his mouth to work.

I was feeling so naughty. "Bite them," I whispered to his bent head. 

His fingers were busy working at my hungry pussy. He left my tits and got on his knees, spreading my thighs and opening my pussy to his greedy lips, I was officially in heaven. He sucked hungrily at my clit, his teeth pulling at my butterfly wings and even nibbling at my little bud. His tongue licking at me in long thick strokes but it was when he began to really pull my clit into his mouth sucking on the little bud that I knew I couldn’t take much more. I pressed his head against my mound grinding his face into me. I was cumming! He kept right on sucking at me even after I had cum.

I pulled him up and kissed him. I wanted to return the favor and he suggested going back to the lounge. He moved me to the sofa and got on the floor and began to eat me out again. When he finally came up for air I pulled him in for a kiss, telling him how much I wanted him. I reached for his zip and opened his pants, he sat on the sofa now and pulled me down with him. I reached for his semi hard cock and stroked it. I wanted to suck on his cock but he refused. Did a man ever refuse a blow job? I wondered to myself but he was definite about it, saying Cameron was his friend. I didn't get the logic, here he was, eating my pussy and finger fucking my slit but letting me suck him off was not right?
He pulled me up, my exposed pussy now just pressing on his hard cock. He asked me to slip him inside of me and we started to kiss again his lips still tasting of my pussy juices. I let my pussy slide against his hard cock wetting it but with no penetration. Just as I took hold of it to slide it into me, I heard my husband call out.

The shock felt like ice as I quickly climbed off Jason and covered myself. I walked to my room and spoke to Cameron a little bit, telling him I would be coming to bed soon. With a shaky breath I walked back to the lounge and told Jason I had to go. He just looked at me, his eyes begging me to stay, but already the guilt of what I had almost done and the thought that I could have been caught settled over me like a heavy shroud as I turned and walked away.

Hubby wrapped his arms around me. His warmth a welcomed comfort to my treacherous body and I slept almost immediately. I woke the next day to my husband’s fingers on my pussy. He was exploring the folds and hidden depths while his hardening cock pressed into my ass. I wanted to be fucked so badly. He opened my legs, pulling one over his and sandwiching the other between his thighs our bodies now scissored into each other his hard cock pressing into my pussy.

"Fuck me babe," I growled.

 He responded by slipping his hard cock into my wet slit, pumping into me hard and fast. This wasn't going to be a long drawn out sex session, because we both just needed the release. He rolled on top, dipping his cock deep inside of me filling me with his seed and I too came. I grinned at him afterwards, as his hand circled my breast and gave it a little shake, watching the flesh wobble.

It wasn't too long after, that I wanted him again and I told him so. He chuckled softly to himself. I let my fingers play with my clit as I thought about Jason’s lips from the night before but when my husband pulled my legs over him and slipped his hard cock inside me, all thoughts of Jason vanished, as his cock pistoned in and out of my greedy pussy, I wanted him to know how much I wanted him. I whispered about how good he felt inside me, how wet he made me and how much my pussy loved his cock. My fingers were again over my pussy, first I touched his cock then I slipped them inside of me. My fingers matched his every stroke. I was stretching my pussy over my two fingers and his cock as I gave into the sensual wave of pleasure that was already a foregone conclusion.

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Posted 27 Aug 2011 16:16
Sorry, not sure if you got to where you meant to go with this one. I'm probably being harsh but it felt confused.
Posted 17 Aug 2011 09:32
Very erotic story of temptation. Keep them coming.

Posted 17 Aug 2011 04:41
Wow! A very wild sexy story! Well done!
Posted 16 Aug 2011 23:59
I am here wanting more....I think you should fuck him....
Posted 16 Aug 2011 23:18
Very hot story and enjoyed it so much
Posted 16 Aug 2011 17:46
Intriguing and hot Becca!
Posted 16 Aug 2011 15:10
Very well told - nail biting almost in the middle, with suspense. Definitely a 5. Thank you.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:14
Yes that is a great plot! Excellent story!

Posted 16 Aug 2011 06:43
Good story. Perhaps could have done with a few more details thrown in.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 06:22
So for Jason, all love labour was lost by the sudden call of hubby. Poor guy. I pity him. Nicely knit story, well written.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 05:53
hot and well know its going to please

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