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The Babysitter

A welcome surprise!
The Babysitter

Saturday, after breakfast my wife packed her car, gathered up our sons and left for the lake to spend the remainder of the Memorial Day weekend. "I've arranged for Clarice to come over to babysit with you," Alice said with a twinkle in her eye as she started the car and pulled out of the driveway. "She is coming around 3:00 because she thought she would like a swim before dinner."

Clarice had been our babysitter since the boys were born, and over time had become a virtual member of the family. When she left for college last September, it had been as wrenching for us as it had been for her folks. I had particularly missed her, although she had stopped by during the school year when she had come home for holidays.

Let me explain. After her high school graduation, Clarice had confided in Alice that she was still a virgin, but wished to remedy this condition, and wanted me to introduce her to sex. Alice was initially dumbfounded, and offended, but had been persuaded by Clarice to consider it. Clarice had always fancied me, she told Alice, and while our relationship had theretofore been strictly proper, evidently I had been the object of her fantasies for some years. This was as much news to me as it had been to Alice.

Truth be known, I had watched Clarice develop from a young, gangly middle school girl into quite a beauty during the years she had worked for us. On more than one occasion I had been forced to stifle an erection as Clarice had swum at our home or the cabin, while watching the boys. Although she was rather short and slender, she was exquisitely proportioned, and had a quiet maturity which belied her age. But the notion that she might have secretly lusted after me during her high school years had never crossed my mind. Nor Alice's.

With Alice's ultimate consent, and connivance, Clarice had "seduced" me soon after her high school graduation. Although Alice had informed me of their discussions and her consent, she had sworn me not to disclose my knowledge to Clarice, nor to make any advances myself. Clarice wished to be the initiator.

The seduction took place at the lake cabin one weekend that June. Clarice had joined us for the weekend, and on Saturday Alice took the boys to the fair in a neighboring county. "Don't wait up for us," she warned. "The boys want to stay for the concert and fireworks this evening, and we will be late." Clarice said that she was not interested in going and would stay at the cabin with me to catch up on some reading.

Well, Clarice's plan worked perfectly. She did, and I did, and it was everything she had hoped, she told me as we lay in each other's arms afterwards. We continued our affair throughout the summer with Alice's encouragement. As I previously mentioned, when Clarice left for college it was of particular dismay to me, and I was happy when she returned from her freshman year for the summer.

With this prelude, you can understand why I was on tenterhooks throughout the day, awaiting Clarice's arrival at 3:00. As I waited, I changed the sheets on our bed and the towels in the bathroom, detailed the house, and was prepping dinner when the doorbell rang at the appointed hour. Imagine then my surprise when I opened the door and found Clarice and a girlfriend from college on my doorstep. I suspect my face fell seeing a second girl, thinking that this might crimp the plans which I had for the evening. If it did, Clarice did not hesitate, but politely introduced me to her friend, Susan. They brought their duffle bags in and I offered them some cold refreshments. Clarice asked if they could put the bags in my room and change into their swimsuits before settling down at the pool.

As they retreated to the bedroom to change, I set out a plate of crackers, pate and cheese, and opened a chilled bottle of white wine. The girls returned, wearing perhaps the skimpiest bikinis I had ever seen. Clarice had on a blue one which barely covered her small breasts. The bottom consisted of a tiny triangle of material held in place by what appeared to be dental floss. Susan's was gold colored, complementing her coffee complexion, but was no larger than Clarice's. Her breasts, significantly larger than Clarice's, overflowed the confines of the bra. "You like?" Clarice asked unnecessarily. Of course I liked.

I took the girls out to the pool and got them settled, then excused myself to finish the salad and clean up the kitchen before joining them. By the time I had gotten into the kitchen, the girls had discarded their bras and were applying sunscreen lotion to each other. First Clarice slathered Susan liberally, back and front, as Susan sprawled on one of the poolside chaise lounges. It seemed to me that Clarice took rather longer than would have been necessary applying the lotion to Susan's breasts and legs, but Susan relaxed during the process, and then reciprocated in kind. Clarice is a fair-complexioned redhead, and Susan chatted with her as she thoroughly rubbed Clarice down. My kitchen chores took somewhat longer than they would have if I had not had this distraction.

After completing the kitchen cleanup, I retreated to the bedroom and put on my swimsuit, and went out to the pool. The girls sat up as I approached, and Clarice turned to Susan and smiled. Susan slowly looked me up and down, turned to Clarice and winked. I sat on the end of Clarice's chaise and asked the girls how they knew each other. It turned out that they had several classes together, but had bonded when it turned out that they were both on the freshman water polo team.

"Clarice has told me about you all year," Susan said, "so it is a real pleasure to meet you at long last." As we sat and chatted it seemed to me that Susan had difficulty keeping her eyes from straying to my crotch, leading me to wonder what Clarice had been telling her all year. Between the sight of the two topless beauties, and Susan's appraising glances, my cock threatened to embarrass me. Clarice noticed this and seemed amused. "Would you please put some more lotion on us," she asked.

"I would be happy to, but first why don't we take a quick dip and cool off," I replied. The girls exchanged glances and we all arose and hopped into the cool water. There seemed to be more going on between the girls than I understood, but it would become evident as the day wore on, I supposed. After splashing around and swimming a few laps, we all ended up in the shallow end and stood talking. As we did, the girls stood side by side, their arms around each others' waists. "Did Alice tell you about Susan and me?" Clarice asked.

"What's to tell? No, she didn't," I replied.

"Let's get out of the pool, and we will show you." The girls put their arms around me, and we walked to the steps and climbed out of the pool. As we reached the chaise lounges, Clarice hooked her thumbs in the sides of my suit and eased it down over my hips and to the ground. Susan gaped and swallowed as she gazed at my rapidly hardening cock. "Oh, my God," she exclaimed, reaching for it with both hands. "I have never seen anything so beautiful," as she sunk to her knees on one of the chaises.

Claire stood behind me, wrapping her arms around me and seizing a nipple with each hand, pinching and twisting them. Susan leaned forward and did her best to swallow the length of my now fully engorged penis. She slid her lips up and down its length, milking it with practiced ease. With one hand, Susan cupped my balls massaging them gently, while with the other hand she steadied my cock within her mouth. I could feel the head of it strike the back of her throat as she rocked forward and back. I gently held the back of her head as I sank the shaft in and out of her mouth.

As my orgasm approached, Susan grabbed my buttocks with both hands and pulled me toward her face. My cock sank to the back of her throat and with that I erupted repeatedly into her mouth. Susan let my cock escape her mouth, and tipped her head back and swallowed the mouthful of cum, then smiled as she licked her lips. "He is everything you have said, Clarice," Susan said. "And more!"

Clarice released her grasp of me, skinned off the bottom of her suit and pushed Susan onto her back on the chaise, then sank between Susan's legs and began kissing and licking Susan's pussy, eliciting repeated satisfied moans from her victim. Susan writhed on the chaise, her eyes closed, running her hands over her belly and grasping and kneading her own breasts. As she sucked on Susan's clitoris, Clarice pumped two, then three fingers into Susan's pussy, mimicking a hard cock.

As she knelt on the chaise between Susan's legs, Clarice's ass wiggled invitingly before me. The combined sights and sounds reinvigorated me and I stepped between Clarice's legs and ran my cock up and down her upturned slit, teasing her. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she pleaded before returning her attention to Susan. I sank my cock into the welcoming pussy and pumped for all I was worth. Clarice grasped the intruder with the walls of her vagina, further inflaming me. Clarice's pale skin and red hair nicely complemented Susan's coffee complexion, as we continued our pleasure.

Too soon, with a piercing wail, Susan exploded in orgasm, her legs kicking and quivering on either side of Clarice's head. Susan covered her pussy with a hand, pleading to be left alone while she recovered. I continued my assault on Clarice's pussy until she, too, came with a cry. Her pleasure tipped me over the brink and I ejaculated my second load into Clarice's hot hole.

Clarice fell forward on Susan, and I fell forward on Clarice, making a satisfied, sweat soaked sandwich of the three of us.

When we had caught our breaths, and reclaimed our dignity, Clarice turned to me. "Is it all right if Susan spends the weekend with us?"

I insisted!

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