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The Geeky Brother

Kellie watches her brother have sex with her best friend
My name's Kellie and I'm seventeen. I have a twin brother named Josh and this story takes place the night of our seventeenth birthdays when I was allowed have my best friend Lorna stay the night. Even though we obviously aren't identical twins we both have blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes that people find themselves staring into amazed all the time.

Josh is around 5'8" in height whereas I'm only 5'5". I don't have a great body like some of the girls my age, but I have got compliments on it from a lot of guys. I guess it's an above average body, but guys are particularly interested in my ass and tits. Josh on the other hand is your typical geeky guy who isn't a goth or anything like that, but loves to sit around and play video games all day when he isn't playing basketball.

That night our parents shared our birthday cake with us and Lorna before retiring to bed as they had work the next day. It was a normal evening with us sitting around eating cake and pizza that our parents paid for, while watching a movie on the TV.

We were watching some funny movie that was supposed to be scary but kept making us laugh. It was only 8pm but as my parents jobs involved being in work for 7am and having an hour and a half commute they took to going to bed at 7.30 each night.

"It's getting hot in here with the fire, Kellie," Lorna complained, shifting around on the sofa beside me. We were both in thick winter pajamas that were normally suitable for a winter's night like tonight but the fire was making the room extremely hot. "Have you got anything lighter we can put on? You're the same size as me so it should fit me."

"I have some nighties upstairs from last summer but they might be a bit small," I told her. "Want to try them?"

"Sure!" she said bouncing up off the sofa and making for the stairs. Lorna was always an energetic girl like me which was what made us so compatible. As I ran after her I felt Josh's eyes on my ass; I knew he was getting to the age where was interested in girls beyond the pornography on his laptop.

I rummaged in my wardrobe for a few minutes before I pulled out two nighties that had been sitting there for months. Both looked as if they were too small for us and our tits bulging out would make them even smaller but it was so hot neither of us cared. As we stripped down to our bra and panties we slipped the nighties on.

"This isn't very comfortable with my bra on. Do you mind if I take it off?" Lorna asked me while she pulled the nightie back over her head.

"It's fine as long as I can take mine off too." I laughed, pulling my own nightie off. Seeing each other's boobs was nothing new for us and we just disregarded it. "I hope Josh doesn't mind us being down there dressed like this."

"He'll be happy. He's going to wank over the sight of us when he goes to bed tonight," Lorna said laughing. Lorna was one of the girls I was friends with that didn't consider my brother a "freak" or a "dork" who was friendless and hadn't a chance of getting a girl. She was always kind to him and they even hung out a few times when I wasn't around. She always told the other girls that Josh was a nice guy but extremely shy.

Josh didn't have many friends at school and could always be seen going from class to class by himself and even spending lunch alone on the basketball court shooting hoops, occasionally joining in of the rest of his basketball team. I tried to include him as much as possible when we hung out with guys off the team but he was always quiet and didn't participate well with everyone, making them look away from him. I guess it couldn't be helped but at least I looked out from him like a sister should.

We came back downstairs and watched movies for a while before we all started to get bored. Our conversations about various things made us forget about the movie. Out of the blue a truth or dare game started between us. The three of us regularly played this; it turned into a contest of who could eat the most disgusting food or do the silliest things like running to a neighbor's house and ringing the doorbell then making it back into the house before they got caught. We would always close the door just as they got there so they were locked outside.

This game I expected would be no different, but it was. The game started out normally with each of us being dared to do ridiculous things in the living room, but it soon changed.

"Truth or dare, Kellie?" Lorna asked me smiling.

The smile on her face worried me as I guessed she would have a dare I'd regret doing if I chose it. I chose truth to play it safe, hoping Josh would end up with the dare in the next round.

"Who was your first kiss?" she asked me.

"Chris," I told her. Chris was the captain of Josh's basketball team, the guy he looked up to and wanted to be like as Chris was getting a scholarship to some college for basketball. "Who was yours?" I asked, completely forgetting the game.

"Ryan," she laughed. What's so funny about Ryan? He used to the most popular guy in school before he came out of the closet and told everyone he was gay. Lorna had been his girlfriend for three years and she was just about ready to give him her cherry when he came out recently.

"What about yours, Josh?" I asked looking at him. He lay on the reclining armchair in shorts and a plain white t-shirt staring at the fire, perhaps deep in thought. I had never discussed this with him before but I knew he had gone to discos where he must have had his first kiss.

"I haven't had it yet," he said looking at me.

"NO WAY!" Lorna exclaimed loudly. She jumped up off the floor and bounced onto Josh's lap. "We need to change that," she said before kissing Josh. He didn't even realize what was happening as it happened so fast. Before he knew it Lorna's arms were around his neck and their lips were locked. I think Josh was in shock as he didn't know what to do with his hands while this unfolded. I tried to look away; this made the situation really awkward for me as my best friend was making out with my brother.

After a few minutes they broke their kiss and Lorna got off him. We went back to our game which we played normally from then on. I looked at my brother and saw a small tent in his shorts about ten minutes later, perhaps his hard-on from Lorna dying down. We went to bed about an hour later.

When Lorna and I got into my room I couldn't help but ask her how the kiss was. As we took off the nighties and got into my double bed wearing nothing but panties she described the kiss to me. Lorna told me how Josh had no idea what he was doing and that she planned to give him some practice tomorrow morning when my parents left for work. It was strange me having my best friend talk about kissing my brother, but I didn't mind as long as it made Josh happy.

After about two hours I still lay awake in bed. Lorna was pressed right up against me trying to keep warm and her nipples poked into my back. As I continued to lie there I thought of what it would be like if Lorna and my brother ended up being boyfriend and girlfriend and if it would be awkward.

"Are you awake?" Lorna whispered to me. Not wanting a conversation and my head consumed with thoughts of Lorna and Josh being a couple in the future, I stayed quiet, pretending to be asleep. She got out of bed and left my room. She left my bedroom door open and I saw her walk the opposite way to the bathroom, towards Josh's room. Instantly thoughts went through my head of what I imagined she'd gone in there for.

I scrambled out of bed and tip-toed out after Lorna who wasn't on the landing anymore. As I walked towards Josh's room the light went on. I stood by the door which Lorna hadn't closed and watched as my best friend sat on top of Josh with his covers pulled back. He wore just boxers which I knew he slept in and Lorna wore only her panties.

"Did you enjoy kissing me earlier?" she asked him seductively while retying her hair back in a ponytail.

"Yeah," he answered simply, perhaps not knowing what to say seeing a half-naked girl sitting on him. He probably thought this was a dream.

"You need some practice," Lorna said leaning down and kissing him. They kissed for a few minutes before she broke it off. "You're getting better but we'll have to work on it."

I watched as she started to kiss down his body until she reached the waist of his boxers. She pulled them off him and stroked his cock up and down a few times. He was already hard from Lorna sitting on him like she was.

"Did you have a wank when you came up to bed earlier?" she asked him.

"No," he stuttered.

"Why not?" she asked.

"I...I...I don't know, I've already had two today."

"Naughty boy," she smiled. "Well how many blowjobs have you got today?"

She didn't give him time to answer as her mouth went down on his cock taking half of it in her mouth the first time. She kept her mouth on it for a minute, perhaps trying out the techniques we watched in my room earlier today on a porn site. Now I knew why she had wanted to watch them.

This wasn't the first time I'd seen Josh's cock hard. I'd walked in on him wanking numerous times before and he never had anything to cover himself up with. I once walked in just as he was cumming and the shock made him shoot it all down my school uniform as his computer and desk was right beside the door. It was perhaps seven inches, maybe more, and he kept his pubic hair trimmed.

I felt my own hand going down into my panties now as I started to rub my clit watching Lorna suck my brother's cock. I pulled my panties down to give myself more access and dropped them to the floor where I stood out of them to allow me to spread my legs some more.

Lorna was now kissing Josh again, letting him taste his cock in her mouth. She moved back on the bed and pulled her panties off, throwing them to Josh.

"Keep them as a reminder of your first fuck," she said grabbing his cock and rubbing it up and down her slit. She pushed it inside her slowly as Josh got up and positioned himself over her, finally getting into the swing of things. "When I tell you to push, push hard and fast so you can take my cherry. One, two, three, go!"

Josh pushed inside her hard and fast just like she'd told him and Lorna moaned extremely loud. I was about to run back to my bedroom in case my parents heard her, but there was no interruption to the snoring from their room. I looked back into the room and saw Josh lying back on his bed with Lorna bouncing up and down on him moaning loudly but not at loud as before. I could tell by his face that Josh was going to cum soon. He kept his hands on her ass and bounced her up and down as she held her head back in ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum," he groaned. Lorna pulled his cock out of her and lay back on the bed letting Josh kneel before her He wanked his slightly bloody cock until he shot four large wads of cum onto Lorna's tits, stomach and face. My fingers brought me to orgasm as I watched Josh cum. I held onto the wall with my spare hand and kept myself up.

"Thanks for that, Josh," she said moving in to kiss him.

She got off the bed and headed for the door making me have to run back to my room and get into bed. She came into the room a minute later and closed the door gently behind her before slipping back into bed with Josh's cum still all over her. I decided not to say anything and I soon fell asleep.

The next morning I was awoken by the cold. The covers had fallen to the floor during the night and Lorna and I now lay naked sprawled out on the bed. Lorna was awake too and we looked at each other, scanning each other's bodies from head to toe.

"What's the white stuff on you?" I asked her.

"As if you don't know," she said, reaching to the floor and lifting up my panties. I had completely forgotten them outside of Josh's door last night and Lorna had picked them up. We both broke out in a fit of laughter for some reason that was only stopped when we heard a voice.

"So what's so funny?" a voice said at the door. We both looked up to see Josh standing there completely naked and smiling at us. Best birthday ever.

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Posted 26 Aug 2013 15:23
Good story.
Posted 03 Aug 2013 02:22
Keep writing, good story so far.
Posted 26 Jul 2013 02:19
very hot story looking forward to read more from you
Posted 04 Jul 2013 01:09
Wow! I've read lots of stories over the years , this one had me playing as I read it. Thanks
Posted 14 Jun 2013 05:27
Sweet story and so very realistic.
Posted 04 May 2013 12:18
Well done! You certainly captured the mood and hesitation of innocent teenagers. Keep writing.
Posted 11 Apr 2013 16:54
nice first story. the flow is a little rough but that improves with practice. Please give us more.
Posted 09 Apr 2013 19:37
Lucky Josh! Great story, worked it slowly and got me hard as a rock! lol.....Got to be a threesome follow up story!
Posted 26 Mar 2013 19:44
really enjoyed your story, looking forward to more
Posted 26 Mar 2013 17:26
very hot story thanks
Posted 26 Mar 2013 13:37
Maybe a threesome cumming next (I hope)
Posted 26 Mar 2013 13:27
Good story... hope it proceeds to lorna and the sster giving a blow job and a 3 sum fucking to reward josh.. wish lorna had taught him cunnilingus.. OH well may be the sister will tech him hoe to suck her pussy... that will make me give 5 out of 5

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