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Alexandra part four

The final part to a wild, kinky weekend.
I couldn't tie the boat off to the dock fast enough. After eating her out, having her suck my dick and fucking both of her holes I figured we had done it all. I couldn't wait to do it all again as soon as we got to her cabin. Like I said, I thought we had done it all, but as it turns out she had other plans.

As soon as we got through the door of her families cabin we were all over each other. Our lips were locked together and my hands roamed freely over her body. I have never felt such passion, such pure lust in my life. We moved through the cabin, our lips never breaking our kiss. We finally made it to one of the back bedrooms where she broke the kiss and pushed me backward onto the bed.

She stood there looking down at me for a moment, her gorgeous tan body glistening with sweat and desire. She reached to her right and turned on the stereo. She began to move with the music. So sexy, so seductive. I was mesmerized by the way she moved her body.

She spun around to face away from me and smacked her ass. I couldn't believe she was giving me a striptease. Well part of a strip tease since she was just in her bikini still. Continuing to sway her perfect ass to the music, she slid her hands up her sides and untied her top. She moved her hands around to her front and up her chest, pulling off her top. With one smooth move she dropped her top to the floor and slid her bottoms down, bending over, giving me a great view of her ass and pussy.

Slowly she walked over to the bed and smiled at me. there was something different in her eyes. The same passionate lust but something else, a certain power, a wanting for something more. Before long I knew what it was.

She crawled on the bed and licked me from just above my shorts to my neck. Pressing her lips to mine she moaned softly into my mouth. It was so sexy that I almost didn't notice her reaching for the nightstand next to the bed. She opened the drawer and rolled off of me onto her back. motioning to the drawer she smiled like she had a secret.

''I'm all yours,'' she said. ''Use whatever you want.''

I bent over and looked in the drawer and to my surprise it was full of sex toys, ropes, handcuffs and many other things that I couldn't identify. I pulled out the handcuffs first and cuffed her hands to the bed frame over her head. taking out the blindfold next I quickly covered her eyes. I pulled the rope out next and let it drag down her body to her feet. her body shivered as she let out a moan of delight.

After tying her feet apart and to the bed I began my work, licking all over her body. I loved the way she shivered when I touched her and how she would strain to look through the blindfold. I pulled one of the medium size vibrators out and turned it on next to her ear. She grinned with pleasure when she heard it buzz.

Slowly, I began to drag the buzzing toy down her body. I bent down and took a long lick down her clit and across her wet pussy before slipping the vibrator deep into her waiting cunt. She bucked a bit and moaned loudly as I began to slip it in and out. It didn't take long before her body began to shake an orgasm rocked through her body.

After the orgasm subsided I removed the toy and slid it down. I placed it at the entrance to her luscious ass and pressed slightly. The vibrator slipped in easily and I could tell by her moans that she was loving it. I left the vibrator buzzing deep inside her ass and retrieved a large dildo from the drawer and placed it against her lips.

She gratefully opened her mouth but whimpered when she realized it was her large dildo. She still very obediently stuck out her tongue as I moved it in and out of her mouth, making sure it was soaked in her saliva.

Pressing it between her pussy lips, I began to thrust it in her. Her pussy was tight, the dildo was big and with the vibrator still inserted and buzzing in her ass it was a tight fit. Moving slowly I kept pressure on it until the whole length of the toy was inside of her. She took a deep gasp of air as I pulled the toy almost out of her then rammed it back in.

I moved myself toward the top of the bed, still plunging the toy in and out of her stretching pussy. Taking my cock into my free hand, I slapped it against her lips three times. When she opened her mouth I slid it back into her throat as I shoved the toy deep into her. She let out a long powerful moan around my cock.

Moving my cock in and out of her mouth, I began slamming the toy into her pussy violently. The rougher I was, the more she loved it and the more she moaned onto my cock. the feeling of her moaning sent spasms of pleasure through my body. I couldn't hold out any longer as I shoved my cock down her throat and pumped load after load of hot cum in her. As soon as I began to cum her body tensed up and was racked with a huge long orgasm.

We spent the rest of the weekend doing every kinky thing we could think of. She loved being tied up and I was happy to oblige her. It was the most amazing weekend at the lake I have ever had. By the time we left Sunday night neither one of us had any energy or sexual stamina left.

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