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Fantasies fulfilled part 2

She smiled, surprised that his dominance turned her on so much
For months after their first trip to the swingers club, Janelle and Matt's passion was intensified by the memory of their experience with the other couple. Janelle was surprised by how much the taste of another woman turned her on. How soft and sensual her lips felt and the intensity of having both of her nipples sucked and licked at the same time. She loved knowing how turned on it made Matt as well.

They played on lush but they both knew that another trip was in order soon.

So when Matt mentioned a chance to get away for a few days and go to their new favorite hotel, Janelle jumped at the chance.

When they arrived at the hotel, Matt checked in while Janelle quietly stood back away from the counter with her bag. She noticed the ladies behind the counter checking him out. He was a very attractive, confident man and kept himself in great shape. His eyes kept wandering back to Janelle. She smiled, proud to be with him and secretly loving the fact that other women desired him.

His hand found her waist as they walked toward the elevator. As soon as the door closed, his arm wrapped tightly and he drew her in to kiss her once slowly. A long, lingering kiss before he pulled back, "that's all you get for now," he teased playfully.

As they got ready for dinner, Janelle took an extra long time so Matt could watch her long, naked body as she rubbed lotion all over her sexy legs and along her torso. She was tall and fit but with great fake breasts and an ass that she always thought was a little too big, but Matt loved it so she played it up just for him.

She pulled something black out of her bag, bending over and teasing him, "you'd better be careful or we aren't going to make it to dinner, babe," he winked.

Janelle pulled the black garter onto her legs and over her hips, smiling at him seductively. Matt watched as a black nylon was pulled onto each leg and snapped into place, "What do you think?" she asked, still naked otherwise.

"Come here," Matt said as he stood up and took a step towards her. He pulled her in, pressing her half-naked body against him, his hands roaming all over her sides and bare ass as they kissed again, their tongues finding one another and her mouth opened wide with his. She felt his right hand pull her closer gripping tightly to her ass while his left hand reached up to cup her naked breast.

Janelle suddenly pulled away, "what happened to making me wait?" she smiled widely and gave him a wink, "I take it you approve?"

Matt nodded. Obviously he approved, her cleanly, fully shaven pussy was in clear view and the garter only accentuated her full bare ass.

She pulled on a black thong and covered her breasts with a black corset - the kind that can pass as a top, her breasts busting out over the top. She leaned over so he could get a last look at her ass before pulling her skinny jeans on and finishing getting dressed with a pair of high, black boots and a black blazer which made it look appropriate for dinner.

When they entered the restaurant, Janelle followed the hostess to their seat. Matt noticed the men taking a double take or trying to make it subtle as they watched her pass, but Janelle was oblivious to the attention. She was anticipating their night after dinner, she had been for weeks.

They enjoyed their appetizers and ordered another round of wine. Janelle was enjoying herself so much she didn't notice Matt slip his hand into his pocket. When he reached across the table, she thought he was just reaching for her hand but then she realized he was handing her something.

"Go to the bathroom for me, beautiful," he commanded with a coy smile.

She didn't open her hand until she reached the bathroom. She could feel herself getting wetter in anticipation. What did he have planned for her, she had an inclination. When she opened her hand, her suspicions were confirmed, it was a medium vibrator with a slight curve to reach her g-spot.

When she returned to the table and sat down, Matt looked at her with a questioning look on his face, "so?"

Janelle reached across the table and pressed something into his hand. As soon as he felt it, he knew it was her black thong and a smile came across his lips. The waiter interrupted with their dinners. Janelle started to savor the delicious pasta when she suddenly felt a slight tingling sensation in her warm, wet pussy.

She looked at Matt and took a deep breath in, "mmmmmmm, this is so delicious," she said as she took another mouthful. He knew she was egging him on. He turned up the remote vibrator to the next setting. Janelle jumped ever so slightly but regained her composure, "you'd better be careful with that, Mr. Michaels, or we may not make it to the bar. I believe the hotel is on the way, no?" The waiter came by again and asked how everything tasted.

"It tastes delicious," she replied but Matt didn't take his eyes off her. When the waiter left he turned the vibrator off and leaned far across the table.

He waited until she also leaned in to say sternly, "No, no dear, you are going to do exactly as I say tonight". Matt leaned back and whipped his face with his napkin, looking around for the waiter to get the check.

Janelle felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and a tingling, throbbing even though the vibrator burried in her wet pussy was still off. Matt was always great at taking control in the bedroom but there was something about the way that he said it that left her knowing that he was going to be even more dominant tonight. The thought left her excited and relieved, she was still nervous about their second trip to the club.

Matt took her hand as they walked outside. "You look so amazing," his eyes lingered on her jeans and he smiled knowing she still had the vibrator deep inside her.

She kissed him once inside. She loved the fact that she could be inappropriate once in the club, letting her hand linger on his crotch or give his ear a nibble when she leaned in to talk to him. "I'll get the drinks," he whispered into her ear with his right hand clasping her ass tightly and his left searching for his wallet in his pocket. Then he got stern and serious again, "go upstairs, take off your jeans and jacket and put your boots back on, then meet me right here I'll have your drink waiting, " he commanded and turned to order.

Janelle remembered that she had given him her underwear at the restaurant. She started to protest but then felt the vibrations of the vibrator turn on again as she said, "but..."

Matt interrupted and turned the vibrator up what seemed like two or three settings, "I know. You can take the vibrator out when you get up there and leave it in the locker but I want your shaven pussy out for everyone to admire, and your breasts spilling out of that top for me when you get back," he was softer now, still his take charge self but more in a reassuring and flirty way. Then he leaned in to whisper in her ear again, "you know how much you are turning me on already, right? I just want everyone to see how lucky I am". With that he planted one kiss on her lips and rubbed the front of her jeans playfully, "see you soon, babe."

She was so turned on at this point she willingly went up to the change room and did as she was told. She removed the wet vibrator and put her tall boots back on. She checked herself in the mirror. Her full breasts spilled out over her corset and her naked ass and shaven pussy looked so erotic with the black garter and thigh high stockings reaching down into the high be continued.
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Posted 22 Dec 2012 09:58
You're killing me! I'm so hard and wet.Excellent 5++
Posted 11 Dec 2012 09:10
hurry with the next part please

Posted 10 Dec 2012 23:20
oh my God! you just left me hanging....

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