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Just a typical day

Just a typical day

I always smile when someone asks me, how has your day been? They wouldnt believe me if I told...
The buzzing of the alarm jolted me out of sleep.

Damn it, I had been so close... I lay there gasping as the remnants of my dream slipped from my mind. My body was tense, thighs slick and nipples hard. I slapped at the alarm irritably and rolled out of bed, cursing the fact that my husband had left for work hours ago.

Slipping a silk robe over my naked body, I stumbled to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee into the waiting cup. I smiled as I took my first sip. My husband always leaves it ready with cream and sugar just the way I like it. This morning he had added a splash of rum, perfect for a cold autumn day. Taking my coffee with me I headed over to my laptop. Maybe I could cyber for a bit. I logged onto Lush and sighed again, no joy. Not one single one of my friends was online.

I idly stroked my wet pussy as I clicked through a few of the stories in my queue until I found one that had my full attention. As the action in the story heated up I pulled my favorite vibrator out of the desk drawer. Setting it on low I began stroking my shaved pussy, pressing hard against my clit. Circling my opening I let the tension build again within me. Finally I plunged into my wet pussy. Stroking hard and fast I took myself over the edge. Mmmmmmm!

I slumped back into the chair for a few minutes then smiled and scored the story a 5. I finished my coffee as I read my emails and handled the business of the morning the vibrator still in my pussy sending a gentle buzz across my nerves. I showered and used it to bring me to another peak as the water slid over my heated skin. Imagining a lovers hands running over me, a hard cock thrusting into me from behind I bent forward and reached back to finger my ass. I came in a slow wave as my index finger penetrated. Ohhh so sweet!

Satisfied and now full of energy I finished my shower and cleaned my toy. As I put it away I looked at my toy box,

How naughty did I feel? I laughed at myself. The answer was the same as always: Very!

I picked out a silent remote control bullet vibrator and on impulse picked up a butt plug as well. It was a little bigger than I usually liked and I hadn’t really tried it yet. I pressed it into me and inhaled sharply as I stretched around it and it settled into place. I shifted my hips and gasped as it twisted a little within me. I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to keep it in but I was willing to experiment. I slipped the bullet between my puffy outer lips with one end nestled directly over my clit. I pulled on a set of black lace underwear and flicked on the remote to test. Mmm. Yep, it was working! I left it running on low and finished getting ready.

I chose my clothing with care as always. A rust colored knit top with long sleeves and a wide v neck which showcased the tops of my breasts and my collarbones, and a stretchy black skirt that hugged all my assets before flaring out and ending a few inches above my knees. A pair of knee high black leather boots and I was good to go. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror; there is nothing sexier than knowing you look hot.

I got into my car and as I sat down I gasped and braced myself against the steering wheel. The plug pushed even deeper within me and as I squeezed my legs together to find relief and the bullet pressed hard against my clit. I held onto the steering wheel for a minute, then carefully relaxed back into the seat allowing the invasion. I got myself together and headed for the shop.

Parking downtown was hell as always, but I managed to find a space only two blocks away from my dress store. Between the bullet and the plug, there was a little extra swing to my hips as I walked down the street. It felt like every nerve was extra sensitive. I was hyperaware of the beauty of the crisp fall day around me, the whisper of fabric over my skin, the lace of my bra gently rubbing over my stiff nipples. I smiled at the sounds of my boot heels clicking against the slate sidewalks. Life was good!

“Excuse me miss.”

A voice from the sidewalk café I had just passed made me stop and turn. An older black gentleman, maybe in his fifties or early sixties was sitting at one of the tables.

“I hope this doesn’t offend you but I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to see a beautiful young woman in a dress.”

I smiled broadly at him. “How could I be offended by such a lovely compliment? You just made my day!”

He winked at me and I continued to my shop, still smiling. I always get a ton of compliments when I have toys in. Men, women, total strangers, it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s as though pheromones were rolling off my skin in tangible waves.

I reached my shop door and took a deep breath, preparing for the inevitable. I work in a historic building downtown and I face three flights of stairs. Most days I take them at a jog but today I eyed them, knowing that every step would make its presence known at the most intimate level. I began to climb more slowly than usual. The plug slid out a little with each step upwards, making me clench around it. Then as I mounted the step it pushed back in with a little twist as I lifted the other leg for the next step, a slow deep fuck. The bullet buzzed against my clit, first on one side, then the other.

By the second landing my breathing was coming in gasping little pants. Doing my best not to moan out loud I took the final flight and unlocked my shop with shaking hands. I stumbled inside and locked the door behind me. Making sure I was out of view of any casual shoppers committed enough to climb three flights of stairs, I fell to my knees and slipped one hand under my skirt. I moaned out as I slipped two fingers into my soaking pussy and as I pressed them into my g-spot I came hard.

I came back to awareness of my surroundings as the waves of pleasure faded to find myself slumped on the floor with my panties completely soaked with my slippery juices. I reached for my purse and fumbled until I found the remote for the bullet vibe and turned it off. Ducking into the bathroom I cleaned up, changing to the spare pair of panties I keep on hand for days like this. I took a couple experimental steps, debating whether to leave the plug in or take it out. I had a series of clients coming in so this would be my last chance to decide. Feeling relaxed after my orgasm, and enjoying the delicious feeling of fullness, I decided to leave everything in place. I opened the shop and started my work day.

Several hours later I was relieved to have a break for lunch. In spite of my mornings activities, or more likely because of them, I was completely turned on and desperate to cum. I waved my last client, a gorgeous ginger haired bride, out the door all smiles. Then I locked it behind her and leaned against the wall. The toy in my ass had been shifting slightly with every move I made, keeping me on edge and the hard smoothness of the bullet pressed against my clit, stimulated me even while turned off. All my clients had been lovely young women and of course they didn’t give a second thought to stripping nearly naked in front of me.

It had been a struggle to keep my touch professional as I helped them into and out of dresses. To keep the lust from my eyes as I assessed their figures and gave feedback as to which dresses were most flattering. To stop myself from caressing their spines and cupping their asses, lifting their breasts and taking their nipples into my mouth. I wanted to silence them when they complained about this flaw or that imperfection. Seal their lips with passionate kisses and leave them with no doubt at all how uniquely beautiful each of them truly was.

I opened my eyes and realized I was cupping my breasts, massaging my stiff nipples. I needed release! I ducked into the back room and logged into Lush. Thank God, one of my friends was online. We cybered for a bit but the conversation kept drifting. I had my bullet turned back on high and I squirmed in the chair as I chatted with him about our respective sexual experiences and partners.

If only he knew.

Finally I logged out, leaned back in my office chair and hooked my knees over the armrests. I slid the bullet into my pussy, placed a thumb on my clit, and inserted two fingers into my slick folds, using them to push the bullet against my most sensitive spots. I groaned as I worked myself to a fever pitch the other hand inside my blouse squeezing my nipples. I was just on the verge of cumming when a loud knock interrupted me.

Damn it!

I glanced at the clock as I quickly pulled myself together. It was a little too early for it to be my next client. I opened the door to find Sam, my UPS guy, with a stack of parcels I needed to sign for. He lingered to chat for a few minutes and I stood there politely wondering how to get rid of him, wondering if he was noticing the hot scent of my own arousal still clinging to my fingers. Oh he was definitely noticing, he began to flirt more overtly. Eventually I got rid of him.

Well what did you expect? I may have an oversized libido, but my life is not a porn film. Well, not that kind anyhow.

My last few clients were uneventful and I headed home. My plan was to make dinner for my husband and jump him. I decided to leave the toys in for him. I sang as I made dinner, confident in the knowledge that no one could hear how off key I was. Suddenly I turned and he was just standing there. I squeaked and jumped about a foot

“Where did you come from?” I demanded.

“I just walked in and you had the music up so loud that you didn’t hear.” He winced and shook his head “How did I marry a woman who actually likes country?”

“You just got lucky I guess.” I swatted at him with a dish towel. Our very different musical taste is a long running joke between us. “Dinner’s ready, come eat.”

“Only if you turn off that noise first.”

I rolled my eyes and hit the pause button. As we ate he told me about his day. He had been given another new account and there was a ton of extra work involved. He looked beat. I sighed internally and quietly gave up my plans. We did a typical casual evening, made hot cocoa and watched a few episodes of our favorite show. The only problem was, I had to keep my toys in because I couldn’t think of a discrete way to take them out and put them away without letting him know I had had a whole different agenda for the night. As time went by I found myself eyeing the clock, shifting as the toys within me worked their slow magic. Fortunately watching TV doesn’t require much in the way of interaction so I managed not to give myself away.

Nine o’clock came around and he headed for bed as usual, leaving me with the rest of the evening to myself. I sighed with relief, finally! I could deal with the sexual tension that I had been hiding all evening. I started to strip. I had just taken out the bullet when I felt a pair of warm hands on my shoulders and a cock pressing against my back. He nuzzled my neck and ran his hands around to cup my breasts.

“I couldn’t sleep without telling you how beautiful you look tonight.”

I turned towards him. Put my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply

“Ha, I look beautiful every night.” I rubbed against him and arched an eyebrow. “Was there anything else on your… mind?”

He laughed and kissed me back

“Just that I’m a lucky man.” He reached around to cup my ass, lifting one leg to wrap around his waist. He paused as his fingers brushed the base of the anal plug. His brows lifted and he pulled back to look at me.

“Again? Honey you must have had this in all day. I'm surprised you didn’t jump me as soon as I came through the door. Why do you keep torturing yourself like this?”

I grinned at him, unrepentant. “Simple. I love the way it makes me feel.”

"Feel this," he growled and pushed inside me in one long smooth thrust.

He lifted my other leg and I wrapped them around his waist as he sandwiched me against the wall. Thrusting into me with long deep strokes, he pulled the ass plug and began working that in rhythm with his thrusts.


I hung on to him for dear life as I came over and over in racking waves of sensation. As I started to come down he kissed me deeply and caught my wrists. Pinning them to the wall over my head he thrust into me hard and fast. His aggressiveness pushed me right back over the edge but this time I took him with me.

I let my legs drop to the floor and we both stood there, leaning against the wall and each other as we caught our breath. He gently pulled the plug from my ass and kissed me sweetly.

Pulling back from the wall he yawned.

“Bedtime for me,” he mumbled.

Then, kissing me one more time he headed off to sleep. I grabbed my silk robe and wrapped it around my naked body. Tired but buzzing I poured a glass of wine and sat down at my computer. Instead of Facebook or Lush I opened a word file and began to type as words flowed from me.

Just a typical day…

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