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She wanks too...

Phone sex with the wife
So we got to talking; married over 20 years, kids growing up and us getting older. Needing new things to do and realising that – while it was spectacularly ‘efficient’ (we both cum every time to order….) our sex life had the potential, not only to bring new and exciting experiences but also to bring us closer together in terms of sharing openly and honestly our innermost thoughts, quirks and fantasies. We both agreed it would be a great test of trust and honesty if we could share some of those ideas and inclinations that even at our most horny we were a little inhibited to share in case we came across as uncaring, weird or perverted in any way.

So, back to the story. I know Meg likes her pussy licked. She knows I like my cock sucked. Doesn’t everyone? So we started talking and exploring how we liked to masturbate; how natural it was, what the preconceptions were about the activity as well as when and where we liked to do it and what we would watch/read and who we thought about while we were doing it. Fantastically we both relaxed and got a real turn on hearing the other describe how they would wank furiously, thinking about some random stranger they had seen in the street, or the next door neighbour banging them from behind, or slurping deep cock respectively. The more we talked, the more we got turned on. In fact we often didn’t get anywhere near penetrative sex as we would just talk and wank ourselves or each other, cumming bigger and better than before.

So, now to the episode that spurred the writing of this story. I work away quite a lot and was recently staying on a farm in the middle of nowhere all alone. Meg was furious with jealousy, me only having to do a couple of hours work a day and having the rest of it to my own private freedom. She knew, and accused me (sic) of wanking far too much. She was right. It was getting sore from so much hand attention and I’d had to take to using some lube to stop the chaffing (!) So, being the gent I am I decided to treat her. We quite often indulge in some phone sex when I’m away, both wanking while do so and cumming together. Meg had sent me away on this occasion with my badboy butt vibrator (hence the lube) so when I called at around 11.30 that evening, I told her I was already hard and had lubed my arse up, ready for some insertion. Meg was right up to speed and informed me without hesitation that she was soaking wet and hadn’t touched herself since the previous afternoon. I held the phone to the vibrator so she could hear the buzz then informed her that would be the last she knew of it until I brought it home for her to wash and disinfect. Lying on a towel (I won’t go into the gruesome graphic details of A here if that’s OK; you know what I mean and you know who you are lmfao!) I put another fingertip of lube around my brown hole and started the vibrator again, holding phone with left hand to my right ear (such creatures of habit aren’t we...) and easing the vibrator around my hole with my right hand. At the grand old age of 42 I couldn’t claim to be an anal master, but there was enough lube in my arse and on the toy to make entry not too difficult.

(It’s just dawned on me that maybe not everyone knows the toy I’m referring to here. So here goes. Blue latex, with a battery vibrator inside, its shaped like a ‘G’, the idea being to insert into the anus and work it in so it wraps around until it rests against the prostate. Then you hit the button that activates the vibration and, well... the rest is an inevitable conclusion. So, sorry if I’ve either preached to the converted, destroyed the glamour or put any of you off the joys of A sex for life!)

Anyway, mysteries explained, back to the good stuff. Badboy appropriately named and in place, I gave a little push and angled it upwards. The first push always feels a little extreme, and in truth makes me a little humble after all those years shoving my hard cock up Meg’s arse without any real thought for just how fucking uncomfortable it can be without the necessary preparation; and now I’m a bit of a tart for slowly-slowly, and ‘lots of lube please’. Hey, we live and learn eh?

So, now it was about halfway in and I had made the effort to let Meg know the score by moaning and letting out a little sigh here, groan there and at least one little yelp because I know it drives her wild. (I’m a really good wanker and can do it on a plane, train, changing cubicle and in every scenario I can do it quiet as a dormouse, but on occasions like this one has to put a little effort in you know) Meg informed me (rather too aggressively for the situation tbh) that she was rubbing hard circular motions on her clit while squeezing her left nipple just hard enough to jar all the necessary nerve endings into action. Apparently, she was also taking the regular opportunity to slide a finger inside and lube herself up to make it all work a bit better!

In truth, I now had more pressing things on my mind [gland?] and was focusing hard on the intense pressure applying inside me. Its a strange situation being a bloke and being penetrated (by yourself or anyone else) but I’m OK with it. The vibrations were good and I was stroking the shaft of my cock slowly up and down. Enough was enough and I had to make a strategic decision. Telling Meg what was occurring, I released my cock and repositioned myself so I had a firm grip on the vibrator. Although not really what it’s designed for, I then proceeded to pull it out and shove it back in, faster and faster. It’s smooth so no real risk of injury, but the height of discomfort really makes it a sensation not to be missed. It was just like what I assume it’s like being arsefucked.

So, there I was, in a bit of a world of my own sighing and moaning to the rhythmic pleasures of having one’s arse properly done, when Meg reminded me she was on the other end of the phone and now had her bunny wedged firmly up inside her, ears in the correct position chewing away at her magic button. I was going to fucking explode, and made sure Meg knew this. Clenching the vibrator in my arse I was now free to wank off to complete the moment. Pounding away at my cock with hard long strokes, the vibration was now right up against my prostate and I could feel my balls boiling. I could hear Meg’s cunt squelching on the other end of the line and told her how I wanted her with me right there and then to do unimaginable things (well, not so much unimaginable, but pretty filthy anyway) All I really had in mind was to give her a pretty physical facefucking before unloading all over her hair and face; a bit of an all time favourite of mine.

I could feel the first swell of cum beginning to rise and uttered those immortal words ‘I’m gonna cum!' Wordsworth it ain’t! For some reason, and I really am quite flattered about it, me cumming always brings Meg on, as long as she’s near to cumming. And so it was, ‘I’m,...... going to..........spunk my load’ and I jerked and squeezed my bursting cock as it began pumping long hot streams of cum all over my hand and up my stomach. I’m not completely smooth if you know what I mean and this was going to be a messy one requiring quite a lot of that cute little Labrador paper. A last few flicks and the remaining drops and spunk bubbles flew out of the end of my knob. Panting breathlessly I exclaimed to Meg that I was done (like royalty) and all I could hear was her sighing and purring demurely.

Both of us all done. We said goodnight, and agreed to reconvene for another go the next evening; only three more solo wanks until Thursday when I would be home to wrap some wet pussy round that cock instead of my own fingers.

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