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His and Hers Secrets Ch1

Everyone has a secret...
"Ughh," I mutter as I return home from school. "Thank God I only have a few more months left." I open the door and head to my room, tossing my stuff on the floor and walking down the hall to take a shower.

I lock the door then stand in front of the full body mirror and start undressing. I take my shirt off, showing what most would call a swimmer's physique that I keep maintained out of a desire to be appreciated. I unbutton my pants and let them fall to the floor, looking at my lean hairless legs. I hook my fingers in my boxers and with a deep breath I slide them slowly down my legs.

I stand up and instead of staring at a cock and balls I stare at a tight hairless pussy. "Your name is Samuel James Monroe and you are a handsome young man," I say to myself as I look into the mirror. I stare at my reflection for a few more seconds before turning my back to it and filling the tub with water as I think of my past.

I was born Samantha Jane Monroe. As a teenager I knew I was different from most girls. I was a total tomboy and wasn't comfortable in my own body. I told my mother and she took me to a gender therapist, where after eight weekly sessions I was diagnosed with transsexualism.

I was prescribed estrogen blockers and testosterone and started taking them immediately. It went well for a few years until my birth mother met a man who eventually made her choose between her 'freak son' and him. Desperate for a real man in her life since my father passed away, she chose him. Since then I have been ashamed of my body and who I was so I hid it from everyone, including the kind and loving woman who took me in a year later.

I sigh as I come back to reality and turn the water off. I climb into the tub and close my eyes, doing my best to relax and forget about the past. After a few minutes I grab my razor and shaving cream and shave my chest and legs. When I am done I feel the stubble around my pubic area ad decide to shave my pussy as well. I get out and pat myself dry and prop one leg on the toilet. I lather up my outer lip and gently shave off all my pubic hair.

By the time I am done I am extremely wet and horny. I clean up and head to my room where I throw my towel in the corner and lie down on my bed, my knees propped up and my legs spread. I reach between my legs and rub my clit, feeling it harden beneath my fingertips. I moan quietly as I start running my finger up and down my wet slit. Teasing myself I push just the tip of my finger inside. Moaning louder than before I start fingering myself and rubbing my very swollen nub.

After about five minutes I feel my orgasm building and I let go. My muscles contract around my finger as I come hard. Breathing heavy I take my finger out and lick it clean as I catch my breath.

Looking over at the clock I see it is now four o'clock, so I get up and dress before going to the kitchen. I start to get dinner ready when I get a call from my new mother telling me she's bringing home a friend from work. They are getting a couple of pizzas for the four of us and before I can ask who the fourth person is she hangs up.

Puzzled, I take everything, put it away and get the house ready for company. The next thing I know it's five o'clock and I hear my mother laughing as she opens the door balancing two pizzas on her hand.

I approach her and take the pizza as she walks in the door. "Sam," she smiles at me, "this is Molly from work and behind her is her daughter, Stephanie."

My heart skips a beat as I look behind the two older women. I see the most beautiful creature on the planet. With her fiery red hair, and firm 36C cup breasts I can't help but stare. I continue my glance downward to a pair of legs that seem to go on for days. I can feel my clit harden and my pussy moisten. I snap back to reality as my mother clears her throat and I blush, walking inside with the pizza. I occupy myself by setting the table and not looking at Stephanie.

I eat my pizza but can't help but glance at her throughout the meal. She actually smiles at me and I blush again looking down and continue eating my pizza. When the meal was done I cleared the table as my mother starts dragging her friend to the door. "Molly let me walk you to your car," my mother says as she leads her to the front door.

Stephanie laughs as she shakes her head at the two grown women. "It was nice meeting you, Sam," she says as she turns to me with a smile on her face. "My mom is waiting for me but I wanted you to have this." She takes a napkin and puts it in my hand as she kisses my cheek.

I watch her with a small smile on my face as she sways her hips walking away. My mother waves goodbye and walk up the driveway where she sees me staring at the napkin in my hand. "Well don't stand there staring, read it," she says as she comes up next to me.

I open the napkin and look at a phone number with the message: "It's ok to stare ;)".

Blushing I hand it to my mother who reads it and smiles as she gives me a big hug. "You should go see her tomorrow. Oh I think you two would make a beautiful couple."

At the word couple I look to the ground. "It would never work between us," I mumble as tears start to form in my eyes.

She takes me into her arms and holds me. "Why do you say that, honey?"

I look up at her as the tears start to fall down my face. "Mom, there is something I need to tell you," I say as I take another deep breath. The next thing I know I am telling her everything, from my early child hood to when she took me in a year ago.

By the time I am done we are both crying and hugging each other outside our front door. She wipes her tears and looks me in the eyes. "You are a handsome young man and any girl would be lucky to have you." She takes me by the hand and brings me into the living room, sitting me down on the couch.

"I still think you should go out with Stephanie tomorrow. She obviously likes you and it will be good for you to have fun circa day." I nod slowly and take out my phone but my hands are shaking so bad I drop it on the floor. My mom picks it up and looks at me. "Let me do it for you, honey, how does noon sound?" Unable to find my voice I nod my head as she sends the text with me sitting next to her. Not a minute later she gets a response and smiles.

"She'll be here at noon." She hands me my phone and I put it in my pocket, both very happy and extremely nervous about tomorrow. "Go relax and let me clean up tonight," my mother says as she hugs me. I nod and hug her back before heading to my room.

I strip down to my boxers and climb into bed, mentally exhausted from the events of the day. The last thing on my mind as I fall asleep is a red head with a beautiful smile.

The next thing I know I am being woken up by my mother who is telling me it's eleven o'clock and I have to get ready. I slowly get out of bed and head to the shower. I close the door, strip naked and turn the water on, getting it to just the right temperature, when all of a sudden my mother walks in holding an outfit. "Honey, I thought this would look good on you today…" She goes silent as she stares at me.

My leg is on the side of the tub, displaying my shaved vagina to my mother. "Sam, I am so sorry. I thought you were already in the shower and I was going to leave it on the sink and tell you to have a good time today."

Blushing furiously she sets my clothes on the sink and quickly backs out of the room. Shaking, I step into the tub and clean myself up in preparation for my date. By the time I'm done and dressed I have relaxed enough to sit on the couch and wait for Stephanie.

My mom stays in her room until Steph pulls into the driveway. She gives me a big hug and tells me to have a great day. As I walk to the door I look back at my mom and notice she is covered in a slight sheen of sweat and breathing heavy. I smile and hurry out the door to a waiting Stephanie.

"Hi, Sam," she says with a smile as I hop into the car.

"Hi, Steph," I say as I buckle in.

"What do you want to do? I was thinking were could go out to lunch and a movie then watch the sunset."

I smile wide and tell her that sounds perfect. She smiles back and pulls out of the driveway and drives to the mall. "I hope the food court is okay. I figured we could look around before the movie."

"I would love that," I say as I boldly grab her hand and squeeze gently. Steph smiles and holds my hand as she drives. We make it to the mall by 12:45pm and buy two tickets to the latest romantic comedy.

I really have no interest in seeing it but Steph wants to see it so I relent. I put the tickets in my wallet before she drags me to a couple of stores. We pass by Victoria's Secret and like any guy I slow down as I walk by.

Stephanie turns around and sees me looking at a mannequin wearing a blue thong and a push up bra. She takes me by the hand and takes me into the store. "Hi, Steph," the cashier says with a wave.

"Hi Liz, do you have a large dressing room available?"

"Yes we do," she says with a sly smile as she looks at the both of us. "Did you want me to bring some stuff to try on?"

"Yes please, Liz," Steph says with a smile. She takes my hand and leads me to the back where we walk into a room with a mirror along the wall and a chair in the corner. She sits me in the chair and then closes the door before turning back to me with a serious look on her face. "Sam, before this goes any further I have a secret to tell you."

She takes a deep breath and grabs my hand. "Sam, I'm a transsexual."

My mouth drops and I stare at her for what seems like forever when she lets go of my hand and looks away. "Steph wait," I say as I grab her hand to keep her from leaving.

"I'm not speechless because I don't approve, I'm speechless because I'm shocked." She looks at me with a questioning look in her eyes. "Steph I'm a transsexual too, I was born a girl."

She looks at me with wide eyes. "So you don't mind I have a…"

I shake my head no.

"And you have a…"

I nod yes and smile as she jumps in my lap and gives me a big hug. "I have been worried since yesterday you would think I was a freak or something when you found out."

I take her face in my hand and look into her eyes. "Steph, you are a sexy beautiful woman and nothing will ever change that." She smiles and gives me a small kiss on the lips as the door opens and Liz walks in with about six packages.

She looks at us and smiles as she walks back out, locking the door for us. Steph stands up and opens the first package. "Let's see what Liz grabbed for us," she says as she pulls out a sheer black teddy. She smiles as she pulls her shirt over her head and tosses it to the side.

She unbuttons her pants, bending at the waist as the pulls them down, showing me her perfectly round ass. I squirm in my seat as I feel my pussy moisten. She turns around and for the second time I am rendered speechless.

To say she was beautiful wouldn't be doing her any justice. Her breasts were full and topped with eraser like nipples. Her stomach is flat and her hips full. Her toned legs go on for days and I can't stop staring. She walks towards me swaying her hips as she stops in front of me and smiles. ''There's one more thing I want to show you but I also want to see you.''

I nod shyly and blush as I slide my shirt over my head and toss it next to hers. She slides off my lap and falls to her knees, unbuttoning my pants and sliding them down my legs before throwing them into the pile. She stands up and smiles as I stare at the growing bulge in front of her panties. "It seems if you're gonna see me then you should be naked as well."

She smirks as I stand up and hook my thumbs in the waistband of my of my boxers and pull them down. She stands back and looks at me and I start to blush.

"Oh, Sam, you are such a handsome man." She steps closer and wraps her arms around me, pulling me in for a hug. Her breasts press into my chest and she rubs my left calf with her foot. "Well I guess since you showed me yours I should show you mine, sit back down." I sit down naked, keeping my legs spread slightly.

She smirks, swaying her hips as she hooks her fingers into the waistband of her panties. I feel my clit harden as she again bends at the waist, showing off her ass as she pulls them down and tosses then aside. She turns around and stands in front of me in all her naked glory, full C cup breasts standing firm on her chest and a seven inch cock hanging between her legs with two large testicles beneath them. I feel my pussy start dripping onto the chair and my clit throb as I stare and lick my lips.

"Like what you see," she says with a laugh. I nod my head yes as she sits in my lap. "Sam, can I tell you something," she whispers in my ear.

"You can tell me anything, Steph. I don't want any secrets between us. I've never been more turned on in my life."

She takes my hand and places it on her cock, which feels warm and hard. I automatically start stroking it. Steph moans and rubs my inner thigh, causing me to spread my legs as best I can with her sitting on my lap.

"We shouldn't be doing this right now but I can't help myself. I want you to cum all over my fingers." With that she takes my clit between her fingers and pinches it slightly.

"Ohhhhhh," I moan quietly. ''I want to see you cum too, Steph," I say with a moan.

With that,she slides off my lap and sits on the floor her legs spread wide with her cock sticking straight up against her stomach.

"Come sit next to me, Sam. We're gonna need a bit more room.''

I get up and sit next to her, my legs spread just as wide as hers. When I get into position she starts gently rubbing my clit with her fingertips as I wrap my hand around her cock and pump my hand slowly up and down her length squeezing in just the right places to make her squirm slightly. Laying her head on my shoulders she starts to run her fingers up and down m slit before pushing the tip of her finger inside me making me throw my head back and moan.

"That feels so good, Steph, please don't stop."

She smiles at me and starts gently thrusting her finger in and out of me. "Don't stop stroking, Sam. You're not the only one who wants to cum." Looking down I see my hand has stopped moving so I start stroking again, matching the speed of the finger sawing and out of me.

I gasp as she adds a second finger and stimulates my clit with her thumb. I keep my strokes matched to the movement of her fingers and fairly soon we were both moaning and breathing heavy.

"Sam, I'm so close," she breathes in my ear. I kiss her and speed up my fist as I keep my eyes glued on her cock wanting nothing more at that moment than to make her cum. After about twenty seconds her free hand grips my neck as as her other hand slows down slightly but but doesn't stop thrusting inside me. "Sam, I'm cumming." Just as she finishes I feel her pulse in my hand and she buries her face in my shoulder to keep from making to much noise as rope after rope of cum shoot out of the flared tip.

Throughout her orgasm she is able to keep pressure on my clit so when her orgasm subsides mine hits me hard. I close my eyes and bite my lip as my vaginal muscles contract around her fingers and as my juices coat her them I moan loudly. After what seems like thirty minutes my orgasm lessens and Steph pulls her fingers out causing me to let out a small whimper at the sudden feeling of emptiness.

"That was amazing, Sam," she says as she catches her breath. "But we have to go or we'll miss the movie."

She takes her fingers and starts licking them clean as she looks me in the eyes. I watch her as I bring my own hand to my lips, smelling the strong, pungent aroma of this beautiful woman's cum coating my hand.

I slowly lick my hand clean surprised at the slightly sweet taste. After I'm done I stand up and work the kinks out of my legs as I help Steph to her feet. We get dressed and as we leave she grabs all the lingerie.

"So did you have fun?" Liz asks as Steph sets the stuff on the counter and pulls out a debit card.

"He loved everything he saw," Steph said with a smile. "So I just have to buy it all.''

Liz nods with a smile as she bags the items and hands them to Steph, who takes them in one hand and holds my hand with the other as we walk to the theatre.

We buy our snacks and walk in, going to theatre three. We walk in and find a seat near the back where we snuggle close together and eat our snacks as the movie plays.

I can't say what that movie is about due to the fact I'm concentrating more on the beautiful woman next to me. The movie ends and we walk out hand in hand.

"I know a place we can sleep and look at the stars," Steph says as we get to her car.

"I would love that Steph," I say as I climb into the car.

She smiles as she puts the key in the ignition and pulls out of the parking lot.

We drive for thirty minutes just happy to be with the other one. After another fifteen minutes we pull on to a small side road out of sight of everything. She pops the trunk and turns the motor off before looking over at me.

"I was hoping the night would go something like this so I brought some camping gear." She blushes at the turn the day has taken as well as what may happen later.

"I wouldn't change anything for the world," I say tell her with a smile.

"Let's get the stuff out of the trunk and get it set up before it gets too dark." We both get out of the car and go to get the stuff out of the trunk. We walk a little ways to a clearing that looks like it's been used before. I set up the tent and air mattress with a minimal amount of swear words as Steph sets up a small fire pit.

We both get done, sit next to the fire, and get the making of s'mores ready. We eat the s'mores and cuddle as the fire dies.

"Sam," Steph says as she stares into the fire. "Our mothers may have gone about it in a weird way but I'm glad we went out today."

I smile and kiss her softly on the lips. "So am I, there is nothing I would rather be doing right now."

Steph untangles herself from my arms and puts out the fire out before turning around and pulling me to my feet. "There is one more thing I need to tell you before the night is over," she whispers as she lowers her head.

I lift her head and kiss her as I smile. "Steph you never have to be embarrassed when you talk to me. There is nothing you can tell me that will change the way I feel about you."

She smiles and holds me tightly. "I love you, Sam. I know it's our first date but no one understands me like you do."

Then she backs up and looks me in the eye. "I want to make love to you tonight and I am assuming you're a virgin." I nod shyly as she holds onto my hand. "I'm not, there was an older woman who loved me very much. I was sixteen and very depressed. She showed me I am beautiful just the way I am and I have nothing to be ashamed of."

She gently squeezes my hand and looks deep into my eyes.

"That's what I want to show you, Sam. You are a handsome, kind young man and you have nothing to be ashamed of." With that said she pulls me close and kisses me hard, licking my lips before pushing her tongue into my mouth.

Filled with both love and lust for this beautiful creature, I wrap my arms around her waist and open my mouth, inviting her tongue in. She moans slightly and grabs my shoulders, pulling me in closer as our tongues intertwine.

We stand outside the tent making out when Steph unzips the flap and pulls me after her before quickly zipping it back up. Once we're inside she pulls me into her, kissing me some more.

I pull back and stare at her as I breath hard. I reach out with a trembling hand and stop just short of her breast.

She takes my hand in hers and presses it to her chest. "It's okay, Sam, you don't need to be scared. We are both adults and we both want this. Just follow my lead and we will have a great night.''

Emboldened by her words I massage her breast with one hand. After a little bit I move my hand so she can slide her shirt off and toss in into the corner. Even though we were naked together earlier I'm staring as if this is my first time seeing her.

"What's wrong?" she asks me blushing as I stare at her bra clad breasts.

"Nothing at all, baby," I say with a smile. I look for a bit longer before she reaches behind her and unhooks her bra, tossing it into the corner with her shirt. Then she covers her nipples with her hands and smiles coyly at me.

"Someone is over dressed," she says with a twinkle in her eye. "If you want to see anymore of the girls, you need to start stripping."

I roll my eyes and slide my shirt over my head and add it to the growing pile as she flashes her hard little nipples before covering them up with a giggle. "If you want the girls to stay out for the duration you're still wearing too much mister."

I spit and sputter about how unfair this is but in the end I give up and slide my pants down my legs and throw them into the pile, leaving me in just my boxers. "Your turn, ma'am," I say with a smirk. She rolls her eyes at me and unbuttons her pants as she turns her back to me.

She teases me by slowly pulling her pants down while slowly bending over at the waist showing off her amazing ass as well as a pair of green silk panties that cling to her in all the right places.

She looks over her shoulder with a twinkle in her eye, hooks her thumb into the waistband and slides them down, slowly revealing her ass to me. She kicks them to the side as she turns back to me. She walks towards me, her erection throbbing, the purple head already dripping pre-cum.

Extremely horny by now, I strip my boxers off, standing naked with a very wet pussy in front of the woman I have fallen in love with. Knowing I am a virgin as well as extremely nervous, Steph takes me by the hand and lays me down on the air mattress, before laying down next to me and kissing me gently on the lips.

"This is going to hurt to start with but it will quickly become the most pleasurable feeling you have ever felt." She gets between my legs and spreads them a little more as she slowly pushes herself into me. About halfway in she bumps into my hymen and stays still for a few minutes as I breath heavily and get used to her being inside me.

"This is where it's going to hurt a bit but in the end you'll love it I promise." She leans down and gives me a passionate kiss as she pulls out and quickly thrusts back in, taking my virginity.

She slowly pushes herself in and bottoms out, resting her balls against my ass as the lets me adjust and get through the pain.

"It will feel better," she repeats before thrusting in and out slowly. I wince slightly as I adjust to her size. I start moaning quietly and grab her hips, silently urging her to go faster. She starts thrusting faster and fewer causing me to close my eyes and moan louder.

"Sam, you're so tight and warm I don't think I am going to last much longer," she moans as she fucks me.

"Don't worry about it, baby, come for me.''

She reaches down and rubs my clit as she thrusts into me, causing her balls to slap against my ass. "Sammie, I'm gonna cum, do you want it in you or on you?'"

"In me, baby," I say as I moan loudly and cum all over Stephanie's cock. She thrusts into me one last time and closes her eyes as I feel her cock pulse and throb as she shoots her cum inside me.

She pulls out and lays next to me as I hold her in my arms and kiss her cheek. "That was amazing, Steph, thank you so much for the most wonderful night of my life.''

"My pleasure, baby, I'm just sorry it didn't last longer."

I look into her eyes and gently cup her cheeks. "Don't worry about it, baby, it was perfect."

She snuggles back into me so we're spooning. As I fall asleep I smile knowing I have found the woman I want to spend my life with and I couldn't be happier.


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