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Inner Secrets

Finding an inner surprise

Part One


One morning, when I turned 16, I got the shock of my life! A large thing was pointing upwards underneath the covers of my duvet. I didn't know whether to scream out or just stay quiet and hope it, whatever it was, would just go away on its own if I'd just stayed calm. But it didn't move, it just stayed upright. I was dripping in sweat I didn't know why. I slowly brought up the courage to take the tip of the duvet in my hands and then nervously took a look to see what it was. My blue green eyes widened with pure horror as I had grown a penis; a very large one in fact. How could that be? I was a girl and I had a vagina so why would I have a penis now and yesterday a vagina? My mind started to whirl with questions swirling in my mind. I needed answers and I needed them now. I swung my legs over the bed and stood up and walked over to my full length mirror and stared open mouthed at the large erected bulge through my night dress.

"Jess, come on, we're going.." my Mum said as she opened my bedroom door and stared in shock at my erection. "Oh, my, the time has come then."

I frowned "what do you mean, Mum?" I asked her firmly. "Why is this happening to me? I'm a girl not a.. I don't know what I am. I'm a freak." Tears began to fall down my cheeks.

Mum walked in her thin strap pink nightdress and came to me wrapping her arms around me, her breasts felt like soft pillows against my cheek as I hugged her back. I felt a strange feeling growing down in my genitals making me feel horny. Mum grimaced in pain and I looked up to see what was wrong. She smiled down at me "Honey, your erection is digging into me. Look, I'll explain to you everything on the way to school, okay? but for now, get ready, or you'll be late. It's nearly 8 now." She turned to leave but I grabbed her arm she turned to me.

"What am I suppose to do about this?" I asked, motioning with my hand down at my penis. "I can't go to school like this and I have this strange feeling down there as well."

"You're horny, honey, masturbate quickly," she told me.

"But I don't know how," I said. "Could you show me?"

Mum was very beautiful with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slender figure.

Mum smiled and nodded then lifted up my nightdress over my head dropping it to the floor and then cupped her right hand around my penis and began to rub it up and down slowly.

I gasped with pleasure as I closed my eyes.

Mum let go "there you go, so you just cup your hand around your penis and move your hand up and down it. That's how you masturbate," she told me.

"Could you continue for me, mum? please?" I begged.

She smiled and placed her hand back round my penis moving her hand up and down faster this time. She looked up and watched my pleasurable expression. Mum moved her hand faster and faster.

"I'm going to come," I said. And sure enough I cried out pleasurably and sperm spurted out all over her hand. "I'm sorry, mum," my cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

"Jessica, honey, don't worry about it. It was your first load, there's no need to be embarrassed," she told me." Now get ready and be ready in ten minutes." She walked out the bedroom.

I sat down on the bed and stared down at my floppy penis now and saw a large sack underneath it. I lifted my penis up and touched the sack and it was sensitive making my body spasm slightly. That must be my balls, I thought to myself. I quickly got dressed in my school uniform of checked skirt and red blazer and then ran down the stairs.


I took a deep breath and turned towards school and began to follow the other students into class. My mind went back to what my mum told me on the way to school the truth about why I had a penis now. It was because when I was in the womb there was a wee problem and when I was born I had what looked like a vagina with a tip of a penis and balls sticking out. The doctor had told my mum not to worry, it wouldn't be noticeable until I started puberty around my teens, which was now. 

It felt weird having a penis and balls between my legs. I felt the balls banging against my thighs as I walked.

"Hey, Jess," my best friend, Nicole Stevens, said stepping up beside me.

"Oh, hi," I replied. awkwardly. I didn't know how to act now that I knew who I really was.

"Omg, Jess, there he is, he's so gorgeous. And he's talking to her, Alexia Osborne," Nicole sulked.

I glanced over to where she was looking and saw Dan Stevens talking to Alexia Osborne who thought she was the queen bee at school. She was a total bitch of course. I had always hated her because of that reason, but now, I'm finding myself physically attracted to her. I had always been straight but now finding myself gay sort of, with male hormones.

Alexia Osborne was a tall girl with long blonde hair, a lot of make up on her already pretty face, and had big breasts that had a lot of the guys around her like love sick puppies dogs. She looked like a super model and you know how beautiful super models can look.

Alexia glanced over her shoulder and saw me staring at her so I quickly looked away.

I turned back to Nicole "don't worry, you deserve someone better," I told her, as we walked into school.

At 11 am I had P. e and I really didn't want to do it especially now. I tried to tell my teacher I was ill but she didn't buy it. So I was in the changing room full of undress girls. I sat at the back of the changing rooms trying not to drool at the girls in just their underwear and hoped I wouldn't get a erection. Hurry up and leave, I said to myself in my head. I felt the feeling of sexual arousal beginning to surge through my veins to my penis. I looked down and saw my skirt lifting up slightly. No, no, not now, please, I groaned. Luckily, I was saved by the bell as Ms Naples came in blowing her whistle.

"Come on, girls, move it," she commanded.

The girls changed into gym wear quickly and ran out to the field to run.

Ms Naples left the changing rooms.

I sighed with relief. I lifted up my skirt briefly and saw a small erection forming. But images of the half naked girls came to mind making me horny making my erection bigger. I remembered what my mum told me how to masturbate. I took my full length penis into my right hand and began rubbing it up and down as I closed my eyes imagining those girls in underwear. But suddenly the image of Alexia Osborne in her tight pink gym top showing off her big cleavage and wearing black hot pants made me masturbate even more. 

Suddenly, footsteps came towards the changing rooms so I quickly got up off the bench and hid in the toilet closing the door but leaving it ajar.

"Alexia, Ms Naples is going to kill us if we don't hurry," said a brunette.

I saw Alexia bent down in front of my view to get something out of her bag making me so horny. I was so turned on by her. I found myself masturbating harder thinking of her.

Alexia stood back up and looked around.

"I'm going back out, Alexia, you coming?" her friend said.

"Do you hear that?" Alexia asked.

Her friend listened "Yeah, sounds like someone is breathing heavily."

"Is someone here? I have a gun in my bag," Alexia said confidently. She looked towards the toilet. "There's someone in the toilet."

Her friend and her exchanged smiles and slowly walked towards me.

I shrunk back fearing they'll know my secret. But as I looked down my erection slowly went down thankfully. I pulled down my skirt and flushed the toilet just as they came to the door. I stepped out to a surprised Alexia and her friend. I walked past them.

Alexia and her friend walked up to me only a couple of inches away. And every time Alexia breathed her breasts would move up and down making me feel nervous.

"What are you looking at?" Alexia asked me.

"Nothing," I replied quickly.

"Are you looking at my breasts?"


"Lisa, wasn't Jessica Wilson staring at my tits?" Alexia turned to her friend.

"She was," agreed Lisa.

She turned back to me a big, mischievous grin on her face. Alexia folded her arms making her boobs seem to burst out of her top making me feel a bit horny again.

"Are a lesbian, Jessica? Am I turning you on?" Alexia asked and she stepped right up beside me so her breath was on my face. "You know, you're rather pretty," her voice turned sultry and seductive. She kissed my cheek and her breasts pressed up against me.

I felt myself getting hornier and hornier. I groaned loudly with annoyance as I grew an erection.

"What the fuck is that?" Alexia asked, as she felt something hard dig into her side. She stepped back and both she and Lisa stared back in shock. "Well, well, well, looks like some one has been hiding a secret." Alexia lifted up my skirt quickly before I had the chance to stop her. 

Alexia and Lisa stared at my huge dick staring back at them.

Alexia grabbed me by the arm and led me into the shower and shoved me against the wall. She pressed herself up against me rubbing herself up and down on top of me on my dick.

I wanted her so badly and I wanted her now.

Lisa walked in and came to my side and began kissing my cheek and then cupping my right breast with her hand.

Within a couple of minutes I was stripped naked and was lying on my back on the cold shower floor with the girl of my dreams over me.

Alexia bent down and took my huge dick inside her mouth and I gasped loudly with pleasure.

My hands went to the back of her head and I gently pushed her to suck harder on my dick.

She took her perfect mouth away from my dick and began sucking on my hard and erect nipples.

Lisa pulled Alexia' s hot pants off her for her and Alexia Slowly sat down on my dick.

"Wait," I said.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Can I lick you?" I asked.

Alexia grinned and rolled onto her back and spread her legs out and I gasped out loud.

Never before had I seen a vagina so beautiful and even wet before.

I put a finger to her vagina and inserted it in. It felt so soft, warm and moist against my finger. I inserted another finger and moved them back and forth. I looked at her and she looked so beautiful.

Alexia groaned with pleasure.

That made me even more hornier. I wanted to fuck her here and then. I removed my fingers and replaced them with something larger and thicker -  my dick.

She gasped and I gasped as I went deeply into her.

I moved back and forth inside her gently until she told me to go faster and so I did.

We made love so fast and passionately and then I came deep inside her. My body trembling as I orgasm.

Alexia and I had changed back quickly and together with Lisa went back to the changing rooms just as the other girls came in from the class.

As all the girls left the changing rooms, Alexia pulled me to the side and whispered, "you were fantastic! How about tonight, at midnight behind the bike shed?"

I thought I was on cloud nine as I nodded and grinned.

Alexia grinned back and kissed me on the lips "until then, lover," she said. She and Lisa left.

I watched as the girl of my dreams walked away - my eyes watching her perfect ass move as she walked. I was in love.






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Posted 08 Jan 2013 11:52
Great story!
Posted 26 Aug 2011 11:23
So turned on by this story
Posted 30 Oct 2009 12:32
Interesting twist
Posted 14 Oct 2009 08:33
Oh definitely enjoyed reading it, and sure would love to see what happened next.
Posted 13 Oct 2009 16:06
Thanks, did you enjoy it? want to know what happens next?

This site is to let your imagination run wild, right?
Posted 13 Oct 2009 15:28
Wow! What an interesting story...

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