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After the breakdown... Came some punishment
This story continues from my previous story “Breakdown”.

It had been a few weeks since I had experienced being with a shemale. Alison was a beautiful big breasted, black-haired shemale. My wife, Sally, had found her underwear, hidden beneath the armchair on which we'd fucked each others brains out. Now she wanted to arrange a time for Alison to come over and spend some time, showing me how I betrayed her and that I would be punished for what I did. We were simply sitting in the lounge, watching TV, when Sally turned to me.

“Can you give me that ‘woman’, Alison’s, number?” she asked.

“Errh, yeah” I replied, hesitantly, passing her my phone with the number ready to dial.

She got up and walked out the room. My heart started to race with what was happening. Sally returned about five minutes later.

“She’s coming round, Saturday night!” She said, in a blunt, cold voice.

Saturday night was only a couple of days away, but those days seemed like years. I spent those two days looking at shemale porn but not wanking, because I wanted to save all my cum for that night. My wife and I had not spoken much since the events of a few weeks ago and she wouldn’t talk to me any more than usual over the coming days.

Saturday night came and my wife came downstairs at seven-ish wearing my favorite of all her outfits. A short tartan plaid shirt which just fell over her lovely round arse and a white shirt, that barely contained her real but perky 34DD tits. From where I was sitting, I could just see the her arse show, as she walked past me to check how she looked, in the lounge mirror. My heart started pounding so hard I thought I might have a heart attack, my seven inch cock straining in my trousers. I wanted to grab her and fuck her right there and then.

“You look ni...”

Before I could finish the complement, the doorbell rang. Sally turned to head straight for the door.

I began to get up but Sally sternly said, “You sit there and don’t move, I didn’t say you could get up”.

She opened the door and I heard the hello’s being exchanged.

Sally said “Come in and go sit in the armchair where you fucked my husband."

Her voice tone had changed, it was more sultry and sexy. Alison came into my view, choosing to walk past me. She was wearing a red dress, which fit tightly to her curvy body. Just fitting over her round arse and tightly fitting her huge 34E tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see her nipples pushing straight through the fabric of her dress. Sally was walking behind her but I didn’t notice 'til Sally grabbed Alison’s arm and gently turned her around and just kissed her passionately. Alison dropped her clutch bag and put her arms round Sally and grabbed her arse. Sally did the same and they both began moving their hands over each other. Caressing every curve, from arse to breasts.

Sally broke the kiss and looked at me.

“This is going to be your punishment. You’re going to sit there and watch. You can’t move until I say so!”

Her angry, stern voice was back. My heart was racing and a raging hard on was still straining in my trousers. Sally turned back to Alison and they began kissing each other again. Sally started to move one her hand down and then up Alison’s dress. She started to rub the darkness underneath her dress. Sally then dropped to her knees and slowly lifted Alison's dress until the eight inch, rock hard cock, that I had been dreaming about for weeks, came into view.

Sally grasped it with her right hand and started to stroke it. She moved her head closer to the cock, lifted it and then licked it up and down. She sucked at the balls with desire. She then licked back up Alison’s cock, put her mouth over the end and began to suck her cock, with great enthusiasm. I couldn’t take anymore, I undid my trousers and pushed them down and kicked them off my legs. I did the same with my boxers, Sally was too engrossed in Alison's cock to notice but Alison was switching between watching me and watching my wife suck her cock. I started to stroke my cock. Sally turned her gaze to me still with Alison’s cock in her mouth.

“You like to watch me suck a woman’s cock, you dirty bastard?” She said.

I didn't dare reply.

All of a sudden, she pulled her head away from the cock in her mouth, stood up and began to kiss Alison again. She grabbed the top of Alison’s dress and freed her huge tits from the tight cage. She sucked Alison’s nipples hard and Alison’s gasped at her eagerness. Sally stopped her sucking and kissing, then moved around Alison and knelt on the armchair. She put one hand on the back of the chair and the other one her shirt, lifting it to reveal her firm arse, with no underwear on.

“Fuck me,” she said to Alison. “Stick the cock in my pussy and fuck me. I want to cum all over that hard cock”.

Alison didn’t hesitate. She moved right behind Sally and touched her cock on the entrance to Sally’s pussy. I had a brilliant view of all this happening. Alison pushed against Sally and her cock disappeared into my wife's pussy.

“Ahhh!” They both groaned in unison.

Alison started to speed up and fuck my wife harder and faster. Sally again looked at me.

“Look at you, stroking your hard cock. You love seeing your wife being fucked by a tranny.”

Sally started to moan louder, I knew what those moans meant.

“Ahh, I’m gonna cum!” Sally shouted, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

She collapsed in the chair, with her arse in the air, Alison's cock still deep inside her pussy. She slowed her pounding.

“Your tight pussy is going to make me cum,” Alison said, a bit out of breath, from the pounding she had been giving my wife.

Sally gathered herself up and undid her top, pulling it off to show her beautiful breasts. Alison pulled her cock out, knelt slightly and stuck her cock between my wife’s tits. She grabbed her shoulders for leverage and began to fuck the tits, that I too love to fuck.

“Ahhhh, I cumming!” She exclaimed.

She then grabbed her cock and started to spray her cum over my wife’s tits. It seemed like gallons of cum was being unleashed on those tits. She stroked and stroked until waves of cum fell over her tits and some ropes of cum found their way onto my wife’s face. I have never cum on my wife’s face and I was instantly jealous.

Sally sucked Alison’s cock, to drain the last few drops of cum out, then stood up and walked over to me. I was still stroking and was surprised that I hadn’t cum myself, from what I had seen. Sally, straddled me with her cum covered tits inches from my face.

“Lick all that cum off and I might let you fuck Alison.”

I grabbed her tits and started to lick the cum off of her. It tasted sweet. I was deeply into licking all the cum off, so much so, that I didn’t notice Sally had got hold of my cock and sat back onto it. My cock slipped into her pussy with ease, her juices lubricating my cock. She started to bounce up and down on my cock with her tits hitting my face and some of the leftover cum spreading over my face.

“Alison, come over here so my husband can clean your cock, so you can fuck him,” she said

“But I thought I was going to fuck Alison?” I said to my wife.

“Not till you get fucked while I suck you,” she said.

Alison moved into position, so that she was standing on the sofa, between my face and Sally. She moved her semi-hard cock so it was at the entrance of my mouth. I opened my mouth with no hesitation, she shoved it straight in which came as a bit if a shock. She started to fuck my mouth. Slowly she was getting hard again.

“You love sucking that cock, don’t you?” My wife said.

I was getting turned on so much that I could feel my orgasm coming. With Alison’s cock in my mouth I couldn’t warn my wife who was still riding me that I was going to cum. I tensed up and began to shoot my cum into my wife’s pussy.

“You weren’t supposed to cum yet,” Sally said.

Alison took her cock out of my mouth and moved away. Sally slowly lifted herself off my cock and cum started to leak out. She kept lifting up till her pussy was over my face.

“Lick all that cum out" she said.

I stuck my tongue into her pussy. This made my cum gush out of her pussy, into my waiting mouth. Once all the cum had been drained, she moved off of me.

“Get on your knees in the armchair, just like the way I was fucked,” Sally said to me.

Both Sally and Alison had stripped all their clothes off by this time. I got up, feeling drained but relaxed, I knelt in the chair.

“Now, fuck his arsehole,” Sally said to Alison.

Alison put her cock at the entrance of my arsehole and pushed slowly against it. I missed that feeling. Her head popped past my entrance and she pushed and pushed until she was fully inside me. I felt full and my soft cock started to get hard again. Alison pulled nearly all the way out and then slowly started to pick up the pace and before I knew it, she was pounding my arse, just like she had been pounding my wife, a little while ago.

Sally moved between both our legs and wrapped her mouth around my hard cock. It was a wonderful feeling, being sucked and fucked at the same time. Soon, I was getting too excited and wanted to cum, but I managed to hold it back.

She started to slow down and pulled out.

“I want to fuck your wife while you fuck me, at the same time,” she moaned.

Sally moved out between my legs and she swapped positions with me. Alison got behind her and before Sally could react, Alison stuck her cock in my wife's arse. Sally groaned and twitched with a sign of slight pain, but this quickly subsided and was replaced with pleasure. I stood behind Alison, with my cock near her moving arsehole. I grabbed her hips with one of my hands and pushed my cock into her arse. I continued to push my cock into her tight arse, further and further, until I hit the back of her arse.

We started a fucking movement, which caused my wife to be hit by a huge orgasm, which in turn tightened her arsehole and Alison pulled her cock out and sprayed cum all over my wife's back and arse. This then caused Alison arsehole to tighten so I pulled out.

“Both of you get on your knees in front of me,” I said quickly.

They both turned and got on their knees in front of me and instantly started kissing and feeling each others tits.

“You want to come over us? You want to come on both of our faces?” Alison said.

This sent me over the edge.

“Ahhh... Yeah... I’m cumming!” I shouted.

I unleashed strings of cum over both Sally’s and Alison’s faces and hair. I thought I was drained, but more and more cum came out. Then they both licked and sucked my cock until there was nothing left. Then they licked the cum from each other and we all collapsed onto the floor.

“We'll be doing this again," my wife said, loudly.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 28 May 2012 06:49
makes me wish i was there to,,great story.

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