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A Cool Spring Morning

This is the beginning of A Hot Summer's Day
Hi, my name is Ella . I am twenty-two and have been married to Caleb for a little over a year. We moved into our house last winter. I am five foot even with a curvy body and an avid runner. 

This morning, as I was going out on my morning run, I notice the house behind mine had a moving truck in the driveway. I wave at the new occupant and and continue on my run. A couple of hours later I return, my body glistening in sweat. The moving truck is gone and my new neighbor is caring in a few boxes from his truck; I wave as I slow down, to end my run. My new neighbor waves me over to him. 

“Need some help?” I ask. 

“Yes, inside,” he walks me into the house, boxes in hand. 

“I’m Ella , by the way,” I say was we pass the threshold. 

“Kurt,” he says, setting the boxes down, “would you like a bottle of water,” he offers after scanning my sweaty body. 

“No, that’s okay. What did you need help with?” I half smile, from exhaustion. 

Kurt clears his throat,” Right, help…umm,yes. I need help in the bedroom, its upstairs.” He guides me to the stairs. Halfway up the stairs, he grabs my ass.

“Excuse me,” I quickly turn around, “What do you think you are doing?” 

“Sorry,” Kurt pulls his hand away and clears his throat, “just couldn’t help myself.” We continue up the stair, to the master suite. Once in side, Kurt closes the door. 

“Why are you closing the door?” I query. 

“Oops, force of habit,” Kurt softly laughs. 

A little uneasy I ask,”What do you need help in here?”

“Ah, well you see I’m newly single and I’m not sure where to place the bed or any of the furniture in here,” Kurt calmly explains, never moving from the door. 

I scan the room, it is already expertly setup. “Looks good to me, you don’t need my help,” I say heading towards the door. Kurt, still blocking the door,kisses me. His lips set off some kind of electricity through my body. 

“Don’t leave, Ella , not just yet,” he says in a low, soft voice. He kisses me again, this time his hands grab my ass. 

“Kurt, this…I don’t cheat, never have. This isn’t right,” I say between kisses. Kurt’s hands snake up my compression tank as I protest our kissing. 

“Leave whenever you want Ella ; I won’t stop you,” Kurt challenges me. All the while he is walking me backwards towards the bed. Kurt pulls my compression tank off of me, making me fall onto the bed. I land on the soft pillow top mattress, wearing only my light grey sports bra, purple running shorts and my running shoes. I grab my shirt and try to cover myself. 

“Kurt we really should stop, now,” I say my conscience hitting me, once again. 

Kurt gestures to the door, “ If you really want to go, the door is unlocked.” He stares at me, daring me to leave. I look at the door and then into Kurt’s eyes. I drop my shirt, not wanting to leave this moment of pure lust. “That’s what I thought,” Kurt grins as he joins me on the unmade bed. 

I feel his hands run down my salty skin, hooking his thumbs into my shorts. Kurt drags my shorts down my legs, revealing my freshly shaven pussy. “Looks like someone was planning on getting lucky,” Kurt licks his lips as he runs a finger down my swollen lips. His touch sends shivers up my spine, making my nipples rock hard under my sports bra and forcing a slight moan past my lips. 

“Kurt, this really isn’t…isn’t, oh fuck me already,” I moan and give into my body’s desires. I clumsily pull my bra over my head, revealing my rock hard nipples. Kurt stands and unbuckles his jeans and in one swift move he is completely naked from the waist down. I sit up and pull his shirt off of him, kissing him as I do. My nipples rubbing against his chest. Kurt’s finger slips past my lips and rubs my swollen clit; I fall back onto the bed and moan. 

“I want you to cum Ella , before I fuck you,” Kurt says as he nips at my nipples. He rubs my clit with his thumb while he sucks my nipples. It is not long before I am moaning and my body is writhing from my impending orgasm. “Cum Ella . I want to see you cum,” Kurt whispers in my ear. He slips a finger into my pussy and massages my sweet spot. My little body cannot take anymore; I let out a loud moan as my body shakes with every wave of my orgasm. Minutes of pure bliss pass over me. 

When I come down from my orgasm I find my hand wrapped around Kurt’s ever hardening cock. I realize that I had been jerking his cock as I orgasmed. I let go and he climbs on top of me, his cock rubs me sensitive clit. “Oooh, Kurt stop teasing mmmee…mmm please, just fuck me,” I beg. Kurt smiles contently and plunges his cock into my pussy, in one swift move. I gasp at the sudden sensation of being filled. My hips tilt and rise to meet Kurt. With every thrust from Kurt my hips rise to meet him. My back arches and my moans grow in volume. Kurt’s becomes husky and his thrust deepen. 

I scream out his name and my body succumbs to another orgasm. My nails dig into his back, in a failed attempt to steady myself. My legs wrap tightly around Kurt’s waist and I pull him balls deep into my pussy. I orgasm and gush all over his cock. Kurt slams me down on the bed as he shoots jet after jet of cum inside me. 

We lay diagonally on the bed, me making small circles on his chest and he playing with my hair. “Kurt,” I say with a question in my voice. 

“Hmm, Ella ,” He responds, fully relaxed. 

“Just curious…how old are you?” I query. 

“ I’m fifty-eight, why?” he responds. 

“Oh, just curious,” I look at my phone, “Shit! I really need to get home!” 

Kurt sits up, “Do you have to go, things were just getting fun?” 

“Yes,” I answer grabbing my clothes, “my husband will begin to wonder wonder where I am.” I pull my clothes on as I run down the stairs and out the door.

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