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A Friend in Need

Married couple invite a friend on a buisiness trip
Shahid pointed the Nikon at his beautiful wife Tanya as she modelled for him on a secluded beach in Naples Florida. Firing several shots from the digital SLR Shahid called out instructions, Tanya posed accordingly.

Wearing a tiny, pale yellow bikini, Tanya’s full voluptuous figure and dark skin emphasised their latest design in ladies swimwear. From Pakistan, Shahid and Tanya were on a business trip in the USA to develop and expand their clothing design business.

Specialising in ladies lingerie they enjoyed the success that their business brought them and had recently moved into the swimwear market. Tanya had spotted huge potential in ladies beachwear fashion. Noticing that more women were using their skimpy outfits as a fashion statement and to attract attention from both sexes, Tanya decided to create a range of swimwear based on some of her successful lingerie designs.

Shahid dealt with the business sales, promotion and finance. A keen semi-professional photographer, Shahid was also responsible for putting together the sales media which projected their business image worldwide. Shahid never tired of shooting images of his stunningly attractive, semi naked wife. Sometimes the occasion demanded extra models in the shoot. Shahid made no secret to Tanya that it excited him to see her posing erotically with equally stunning young male models. Typically though, nearly all of the male models were gay and therefore probably more interested in him rather than Tanya.

The new bikini thong had been designed to emphasise the woman’s vagina. A snug fit and strategically machined seams ensured a perfect camel-toe every time.

Shahid focussed the camera’s lens into his wife’s crotch. Her perfectly formed camel-toe filled the frame. Shahid felt a familiar stirring in his groin.

Tanya smiled when she spotted the bulge appearing in the front of Shahid’s swim shorts. She was always flattered that she could still turn her husband on after ten years of marriage. 

It was still quite early in the day and apart from a couple of joggers running nearby Shahid and Tanya had the beach pretty much to themselves.

“This is for the lingerie catalogue honey,” Shahid said, “I need it to be a little more saucy.”

Tanya had modelled for long enough to know exactly what her husband needed. After a couple of adjustments to her outfit Tanya’s dark nipples were just visible over the top of her bikini. Her thong had been pulled up into her crack and her labia could clearly be seen. When Shahid asked for saucy, he got saucy.

Lying back on her elbows Tanya tilted her head to one side; her dark eyes peered into the camera submissively. Slowly, she opened her legs.

The Nikon snapped away.

Tanya began sensuously sucking on her middle finger.

The Nikon snapped again.

Shahid’s erection was painfully hard. He wanted desperately to fuck his wife there and then.

Tanya suggested that they finish up and head back to the hotel suite. Sex in public in the State of Florida was not tolerated; a quickie on the beach was out of the question.

Shahid packed up their things. Tanya wrapped a Sari around her body and together they walked the short distance back to the hotel.

Just as they entered the hotel lobby Shahid received a call on his iPhone.

“You go on and get ready honey,” Shahid said as he took the mobile phone from his pocket. “I’ll take this call and follow you up.”

Tanya blew her husband a kiss and headed for the elevator.

Shahid recognised the incoming phone number and smiled as he took the call.

“Hi Shahid, its John” the voice on the phone said.

John was a very good friend of Shahid and Tanya. An ex-military policeman, John worked as a bodyguard and driver at the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi.

Married for seven years to Nasreen, a beautiful Pakistani model, John met Shahid and Tanya at one of their photo shoots on Manora beach.

Shahid and Tanya were with John at the Parklane Hospital in Karachi when Nasreen died of a rare cancer eight months ago. They became the greatest of friends as they supported John through his devastating loss.

“Tanya and I are shooting a new range in Florida.” Shahid had said to John a few weeks ago. “Why don’t you get some time off and join us, you could do with the break.”

John had buried himself in his work at the embassy and hadn’t taken a vacation for a while.

“You know what Shahid?” John said, “I think I might just do that.”

“I’ll get you the suite next to ours,” Shahid suggested.

“Hey John,” Shahid said into his phone, “how was the flight?”

“It pays to go First Class,” John said cheerfully. “I’m just about to get into the limo; I’ll text you when I’m about an hour away.”

“I’ll get some drinks on ice my friend,” Shahid said. “See you in a while.”

Tanya stood naked in front of the mirror admiring her figure. Healthy eating and regular exercise had maintained her firm physique. Turning slowly she studied her sexy curves and gorgeous ass.

“Not bad Tanya,” she said to herself. “Not bad at all.”

Running her hands over her belly and up to her full bosom Tanya cupped her breasts and squeezed her dark nipples to make them hard. Her pussy tingled; she felt it becoming moist inside so she slipped on top of the Queen sized bed and made herself comfortable amongst the silk sheets. Her heart was pounding as her fingers explored her body. Flicking her erect nipples with the fingers of one hand, her other hand teased her sensitive clitoris. Tanya’s head rolled back, her tongue was licking her dry lips when she heard the door opening.

“Hey baby,” Shahid said, “are you starting without me?” He quipped.

“Get out of those shorts, and get over here.” Tanya demanded.

Shahid stripped naked and joined his wife on the bed. As they French-kissed, Shahid ran his hands over Tanya’s body, tracing a line from between her breasts, across her flat stomach; stopping to tease her pierced belly button before continuing down to the small trimmed triangle of pubic hair just above her shaved pussy. Tanya’s fingers searched for Shahid’s hard-on. She let out a satisfied moan when her hand found her husband’s hardness.

“You’re nice and wet honey,” Shahid said, slipping two fingers into Tanya’s wet pussy.

“I’m feeling really horny today for some reason,” Tanya said, tugging on her husband’s cock.

“Get on your knees,” Shahid said, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

Tanya loved this position and quickly turned over offering her rear to her husband.

Shahid positioned himself behind his wife, pausing to look at her shapely ass. Grasping his shaft, he nudged the head of his cock against Tanya’s wet slit. Sliding his helmet along his wife’s pussy until it was coated in her love juice Shahid prepared his tool for a full penetration.

Tanya pushed her breasts into the silk sheets and raised her ass into the air.

“Fuck me baby,” She said to Shahid, “I’m ready for you now.”

Shahid pushed his helmet into the entrance of his wife’s pussy. Tanya pushed back and impaled herself on her husband’s full length.

“Oh, Shahid!” she said, “That feels sooooo goooooood.”

Shahid leaned back so that he could study his shiny shaft fucking his wife’s hole. Tanya did all of the work riding her husband’s stiff length, varying her speed to enhance the experience for them both.

“Yeah baby, fuck my hard cock,” Shahid said. “I love watching my cock fucking your pussy.”

Tanya was whimpering in ecstasy, and had raised her chest up far enough to let her nipples stroke the silk sheets as her breasts swung free. The sensation was electric. Deep in her pussy a strong powerful orgasm was brewing.

Shahid suddenly pulled out of his wife and pulled her over. Tanya rolled onto her back and opened her legs wide. Shahid leant over his wife and French-kissed her mouth. Tanya pushed her arm between them and guided her husband’s cock back into her pussy. Shahid began a slow steady pounding, the pre-cum juices from both of them made a sexy squelching noise.

“Uhnnn, that’s it baby,” Tanya sighed, “fuck me nice and slow.”


The sexual tension was interrupted by a mobile phone incoming text beep.

Shahid stopped fucking his wife and looked over towards his mobile phone.

“That’ll be John,” Shahid explained, “his flight arrived safely a couple of hours ago, he’s on his way.”

“Uh huh,” Tanya said, “I’m glad he chose to come.”

Shahid began fucking his wife again. Tanya’s hand reached around the back of her thigh to fondle her husband’s balls as they slapped against her body. Tanya closed her eyes and looked forward to her approaching orgasm.

And then it happened.

In her mind’s eye, Tanya saw John’s face close to hers. She felt his powerful body against hers, and she felt his hard cock penetrating her pussy.

For the first time, Tanya was fantasising about fucking another man. This man was their friend, John.

Before she had time to clear her thoughts, an intense orgasm ripped through her body. She had never experienced the like of it before. Her hips thrashed up against her husband’s cock. She wrapped her arms around Shahid’s back, involuntarily digging her nails into his skin. The climax was soaring through her body like an exquisite electric pulse. It was all she could do to prevent herself from calling out John’s name as she came.

“Oh fucckkkkkk! Oh God, yesssssssss, fuck me, oh fuck me!” Tanya screamed.

Shahid had never seen his wife cum this hard.

The cum spewed from his cock as Tanya bucked on his shaft. The pain of her nails in his back mixed with the pleasure of his own climax was intense.

“Jeeeeesus Christ!” He gasped. “What the fuck was that all about?”

Tanya had collapsed back onto the bed, her arm and legs spread wide in submission.

“That was great Shahid,” she said, “I so needed that.”

Tanya was surprised that she felt no guilt about her fantasy, but wasn’t prepared to share it with her husband, yet.

Shahid smiled to himself as he rolled over next to his wife on the bed. Staring up at the ceiling he was convinced that he had just given Tanya the fuck of her life.

Tanya rolled over and kissed him on the cheek. “We had better get ready for John’s arrival honey,” she whispered.

The stretch limo pulled up under the hotel entrance canopy. In the shade John got out and walked towards the lobby. Wearing a loose open shirt and white linen trousers John looked positively cool in the sub-tropical heat.

“John,” Tanya called as she approached her friend.

“Hey buddy,” Shahid said as he walked towards John with open arms.

Tanya threw her arms around John and kissed him on both cheeks. The smell of his cologne and the sight of her fantasy lover looking this sexy made her nipples stand up instantly.

“Hi Tanya” John said, “It’s lovely to see you.”

Tanya saw John’s eye’s looking down at her erect nipples. She felt a nice little tingle between her legs.

Shahid and John embraced.

“Hi mate,” John said, patting his friend firmly on the back.

“How are you my friend?” Shahid replied as he hugged his mate.

“Thirsty Shahid” John said, “where’s the bar?”

All three walked through the hotel lobby towards the pool bar.

“I’ll have a couple of drinks before checking in” John said.

John inserted the gold card into the slot, the light went from red to green and the door unlocked. The door opened to a huge suite with a balcony overlooking the pool and the beach; ten floors below.

Walking into the bedroom John saw the huge queen-size bed and sadness entered his heart. He realised that he wouldn’t be sharing this lovely room or this huge bed with his gorgeous wife Nasreen. Still missing her dearly, he hadn’t had sex with any other woman since his wife died eight months ago.

Deep in thought, John jumped when the door to the adjacent suite opened and Shahid walked in.

“What do you think of the suite John?” asked Shahid.

“Pretty bloody nice mate,” John said. “I wish Nasreen was here to see this.”

“I know,” Shahid said, “me too.”

Through the adjoining doorway; Tanya’s voice cried out.

“Bubbly is on ice guys, come and get it.”

Walking through into their suite, John patted his friend on the back.

“Nice touch Shahid.”

Sipping Champagne on the balcony, Shahid and Tanya explained their business plan to John.

They had more photo shoots to do at various locations in the area and Shahid had to visit an agency in North East Florida. They were interested in the products that Shahid and Tanya had brought with them, and invited Shahid to come and photograph local models wearing Tanya’s designs.

John was there purely for a vacation but insisted on driving his friends anywhere they needed to go.

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified than an Embassy bodyguard to chauffeur us.” Shahid said.

They chinked Champagne glasses, and the deal was done.

Tanya, once again noticed that John was glancing at her breasts. She shuffled in her seat as her pussy tingled once more. Sipping her drink Tanya trained her eyes on John’s crotch. If she wasn’t mistaken, John had a semi -erection, and he was big. Tanya’s knickers were soaking up the trickle of pussy juice that had begun to leak from her excited body.

It had been a long day for all of them, and after dinner in the hotel restaurant they all retired to their suites.

“Good night guys,” John said. “See you in the morning.”

“Sleep tight John,” Tanya whispered as she kissed him on the cheek and gave him a big hug.

John felt Tanya’s hand put something in his back pocket.

Tanya looked John in the eyes and winked.

“Good nighty night, John, sheee you in the morn… Hic!” Shahid slurred his drunken words.

John closed the door behind him and went straight to the kitchen area to organise another drink. Standing on the balcony, John looked at the reflection of the moon on the sea and sipped his Bourbon. The ice chinked in the glass. He put his hand into his back pocket and pulled out a pair of Tanya’s moist knickers.

His heart pounded in his chest as John looked at the tiny lacy thong in his hand. A million thoughts entered his mind. Was this wrong? These guys were his friends and he had a pair of his mate’s wife’s knickers in his hand!

John felt a little uncomfortable with the situation and was not prepared to deal with the emotions he was experiencing. He placed the small panties on the end of his bed and decided to take a shower to try and clear his head.

The en-suite shower door opened to the bedroom. John could clearly see the small lacy thong from inside the shower cubicle; he turned away and placed his face under the shower rose, the water cascaded over his body. John looked back into the bedroom. The knickers were still there, he wasn’t imagining this.

John finished in the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist, and walked into the bedroom.

He looked down at Tanya’s thong.

Walking out on to the balcony John picked up his drink. He turned, and looked at the small panties again.

Looking out over the balcony John could see people ten floors down by the pool. He couldn’t hear a thing, other than the beating of his heart.

Once again, he looked at the small thong.

Finishing his drink John walked back into the room and stood at the end of his bed. For what seemed like an age, he stared at the small panties before surrendering to his desire to pick them up.

The material was soft, lacy and sheer. John could see his fingers through the thin material. His fingers stroked the part of the thong that would have been up against Tanya’s pussy. The material was damp and sticky with Tanya’s love juice.

The strongest feeling John had was instinctive, almost primeval, it was the desire to bring these moist panties up to his nose and inhale the scent of a woman, an urge that no man on earth would be able to resist.

He didn’t resist. Bringing the moist little panties up to his nose, John took a long, deep sniff.

His cock stiffened almost immediately. The musky smell of Tanya’s pussy was intoxicating. John hadn’t breathed in the scent of a woman’s pussy for so long. He inhaled again. His cock was painfully hard now.

John slipped the towel from his waist and threw it on the bed. His massive erection was screaming for attention. With one hand holding Tanya’s panties up to his face, John reached down with his other hand; his fingers encircled the girth of his hard-on.

John made himself comfortable on the bed and began to stroke his shaft as he breathed in the scent of Tanya’s pussy. The lights in the room were dimmed and John let his imagination go wherever it wanted.

Normally when John relieved himself sexually he would think of his beautiful wife Nasreen. He would imagine her naked body riding his stiff cock, and the look on her face when he came inside her pussy. These images would never fail to bring him quickly to orgasm.

Tonight though, John wasn’t thinking about Nasreen. This night, John was thinking about his friend’s wife, Tanya.

John breathed in another lungful of Tanya’s musk and pumped his huge cock up and down. Pre-cum had oozed from his helmet, lubricating his fist like a substitute vagina. The strokes were getting faster; John could feel his climax welling up in his balls. There was only one place his ejaculate was going tonight he thought; as he wrapped Tanya’s panties around his throbbing shaft.

John’s breathing was heavy, and the beat of his heart was so loud in his ears that he didn’t hear the adjoining door between their rooms open. It was the light from Shahid and Tanya’s suite, spilling into his darkened room that startled John.

Tanya stood in the doorway.

John sat bolt upright on the bed, not knowing what to cover up first, Tanya’s panties or his naked body. Grabbing the towel from the bottom of the bed John covered his lower half, and quickly stuffed Tanya’s thong under his pillow. His eyes slowly adjusted to the light coming into his room.

With nothing but a large chiffon wrap draped over her body, John could see the silhouette of Tanya’s naked body through the thin material.

“Tanya?” John whispered, “What are you doing?”

“I thought that you might want some company?” Tanya replied moving into the room.

“What about Shahid?” John queried.

“Oh! He is out for the count,” Tanya said moving closer to John. “He’s not much of a drinker,” she added.

John stood up holding the towel around his waist; his heart was pounding in his chest. He stared at Tanya’s naked body beneath the thin chiffon.

She was standing right in front of him now.

Tanya held out her hand; and with a finger she stroked a line down John’s chest, across his flat stomach, down to the towel around his waist.

John stared at the intricate henna tattoos on her hand and fingers, as they curled inside the top of his towel.

“Did you enjoy my little gift?” she whispered. Her dark eye’s made contact with his.

“I, er,” John stuttered.

“I saw what you were doing with my panties John” she teased.

John felt the blood rush to his face.

“It’s ok John” she whispered. “I liked what I saw.”

Tanya pulled the chiffon scarf letting it fall to the floor. She stood naked in front of him.

John felt Tanya’s soft fingers loosening the towel around his waist. Staring into Tanya’s eyes, John felt the towel fall to the floor. His erect cock sprang up and touched her thigh.

Tanya felt for the hard cock nudging her thigh; gently wrapping her fingers around John’s thick shaft.

“Tanya?” John said, feeling a little uncomfortable, yet aroused.

“It’s ok John,” she purred reassuringly.

Tanya moved closer. John could feel the heat from her body. She squeezed his shaft and pulled him towards her. Their naked bodies made contact. John felt Tanya’s rock hard nipples pushing into the skin just below his chest, then the heat of her full breasts as they flattened against his body. Tanya continued to stroke his cock up and down.

John looked down into Tanya’s beautiful dark eyes; her lips were parted, inviting him to kiss her.

Tanya felt a tingle throughout her whole body when she felt John place his hands on her back. His hands gently stroking all the way down her to her buttocks. John squeezed Tanya’s ass and pulled her body tight to his. He leaned his head forward and French-kissed her open mouth.

Tanya could feel the urgency in John’s lust. She suspected that he hadn’t been with a woman since Nasreen; and wanted to make this special for him. Still French-kissing; John picked Tanya up by her ass. Wrapping her legs around his back, she felt his sizeable cock against her pussy and along crack of her buttocks. John turned towards the huge bed and gently lowered Tanya down onto the sheets.

Lying between her open legs, John raised himself up on his arms and looked down at Tanya. His long cock was now resting at the entrance to her wet pussy.

“Oh Tanya,” John whispered, “I want you so much.”

Tanya reached between her legs and gripped John’s shaft. She pushed the head of his cock into her pussy.

“I want you too,” she said, “make love to me now John.”

John slowly pushed his hips forward. He watched Tanya close her eyes as she felt his cock penetrating her pussy all the way up to his balls.

Spreading her legs wider to accommodate the larger cock, Tanya sighed.

“Oh John, you feel so good inside me.”

John’s fingers squeezed and teased Tanya’s nipples as he fucked her with a steady rhythm.

Tanya tugged at John’s ass with both hands, pulling his body into hers.

“Your pussy feels so good Tanya,” John grunted in her ear.

“It’s all yours tonight baby, it’s all yours.” Tanya grunted back.

Shahid awoke with a start.

“Whoa! I need a piss.” He thought, and then noticed the empty bed beside him.

Still a little drunk from the alcohol, Shahid crept unsteadily across the room to the en-suite bathroom. Surprised that Tanya wasn’t in there Shahid continued and emptied his bladder.

Coming back into the room Shahid heard muffled noises. Turning towards the adjoining door he could see that it was open. The noises were coming from John’s suite.

Listening carefully now, Shahid could recognise the sound of his wife’s voice.

Turning off the room light; Shahid moved closer to the doorway.

Neither John nor Tanya noticed the next-door room light go out.

John pulled his cock out of Tanya’s pussy and rolled over next to her. Tanya sat up and began stroking his wet, glistening length. Using both hands, she used her fingers to delicately massage John’s twitching cock.

Shahid stood in the dark and peered through the open doorway, his jaw dropped as he saw his wife on the bed with his friend. He wasn’t angry at all, in fact, Shahid was honoured that John had chosen Tanya as the first woman to have sex with following the loss of his own wife. He knew that John would treat her with respect. He also believed that Tanya loved him dearly and would never leave her husband for another man. Standing quietly in the dark, Shahid watched his wife and friend make love. His hardening cock convinced him that he was enjoying the display of erotic affection.

Manoeuvring her body over his chest, Tanya positioned herself into a sixty-nine with her pussy hovering over John’s eager mouth.

Shahid watched as John placed his hands on Tanya’s ass and gently pulled her down until her pussy was resting against his lips. Hearing his wife’s gentle moan as John’s tongue flicked over her clitoris made Shahid reach down and begin to masturbate his own hard cock.

“Uhhnn, yes baby, that’s so good.” Tanya said.

Her hips were gyrating slowly over John’s face as his tongue went to work on her pussy.

Shahid was still a little bit dizzy from the alcohol that he had consumed earlier, but was sobering up quickly as his excited heart pumped adrenaline through his body. He watched as Tanya grasped John’s cock and placed her open mouth over his exposed helmet.

John felt Tanya’s tongue flicking over the tip of his cock, then he felt her warm lips wrap around his helmet. In a slow delicate move, Tanya fed most of John’s shaft into her mouth.

Shahid could hear John’s moans of ecstasy coming from between Tanya’s thighs.

Tanya’s head was pumping up and down on John’s cock, slurping as his helmet came out, and then disappeared back into her throat. Her hand was also twisting and stroking his shaft as she sucked him off.

Shahid was tugging at his own cock in the dark as he watched his wife perform.

Tanya raised her body up and away from John’s mouth. She turned around and positioned herself on top of him with her pussy poised over his shaft.

Shahid could see from behind, his wife’s fingers grasping John’s cock and guiding it into her pussy. He heard John groan with delight as her wet hole slid down his glistening shaft. Tanya threw her head back and let out a squeal of pleasure as his length filled her pussy.

Tanya rode John’s cock slowly. Lifting off his shaft until the helmet came into view and then plunging back down. She lavished every shape and vein of John’s hardness.

John’s hands were kneading Tanya’s breasts, his fingers playing with her hard nipples.

Shahid recognised the sound coming from his wife, breathing loudly with a sexy grunting noise at the back of her throat. She was close to orgasm.

Tanya was moving her hips back and forth frantically now, John’s cock was buried inside her pussy and her clitoris was rubbing against his pubic hair. Placing her hands on John’s chest, Tanya leant over him, looking him in his eyes.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, I’m coming baby!” She cried through gritted teeth.

Her pussy flooded with juice as she experienced a hard orgasm. Her body twitched on John’s shaft. She collapsed down onto his chest; trying to muffle her cries of pleasure.

Shahid could now see his wife’s pussy impaled on John’s thick cock. Her love juice was foaming around the shaft that filled her hole. The sight was too much for Shahid. His orgasm was unexpectedly intense and a stream of his hot ejaculate hit the door in front of him.

Shahid continued to milk the sperm from his twitching cock as he watched John roll Tanya onto her back.

Spreading her thighs open wide, John fed his blood engorged helmet back into Tanya’s pussy and began fucking her hard. Each thrust of John’s hips slamming against Tanya’s body made her tits swing back and forth. She gasped with every thrust of his shaft.

John pinned Tanya’s hands down onto the bed as he fucked her. Their fingers locked together. Tanya could feel the urgency in John’s body. She knew he was close.

“Oh God Tanya!” John said breathlessly, “I’m going to come baby.”

Tanya thrust her hips up to meet John’s.

“Come in my pussy John,” she purred. “I want to feel you come.”

Shahid watched as John’s body flexed, getting ready to come. He knew that his friend was about to eject eight months’ worth of sperm into his wife’s pussy.

John collapsed onto Tanya as the orgasm ripped through his body. He bucked as his cock emptied spurt after spurt of hot sperm into her body. An animal-like growl forced its way out of John’s throat as he succumbed to a long overdue climax.

Tanya cupped her hands around John’s face and kissed his lips. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

“Thank you Tanya,” he sobbed.

“It’s ok,” she said.

Shahid slipped quietly back into his bed.

John withdrew his cock from Tanya’s pussy, a stream of cum and pussy juice ran out of her and onto the bed.

Tanya reached under John’s pillow and retrieved her thong.

“I’ll take this back,” she smiled.

John kissed Tanya on the lips as she wrapped the chiffon scarf around her body.

“Night night honey,” she said. “Sleep tight.”

“See you in the morning Tanya.” John said as he watched her slipping through the doorway into her room.

Tanya blew John a kiss, and closed the door.

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Posted 22 Jan 2013 05:05
Holy hot story. More.5++
Posted 21 Jan 2013 13:32
I thought this was excellent story! Well written and sensual and erotic I hope that Shahid encourages Tanya to continue her affair with John so he can watch them and she puts on a good show for him. My hubby loves it when I do that
Posted 21 Jan 2013 07:07
Nice build up enjoyed the story line. Will there be a part 2?
Posted 20 Jan 2013 21:54
A melancholy story... how good friends fill each other's needs... and wants... 5
Posted 20 Jan 2013 21:16
Great buidup and charactera. What happens whennshe slips int bed with her husband is my next question.

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