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A Hot Summer's Day Part 2

What happens when the husband comes home early?
“Remember to call before you come home. I may need you to pickup some stuff for tomorrow.” I smile at hubby and with a kiss send I Caleb on his way.

“Right bank, gas, hair cut,then call you. Anything else?” Caleb runs through his to-do list as he walks out the door.

“No, just call,” I wave to him until his car leaves the drive way. The car is barely out of sight when I quickly ring Kurt. “All is clear.” A huge grin crosses my face.”Come through the back door. I’ll be waiting.”

With the click of the phone, I dash to the master bedroom. Pulling the cord on my robe, my robe falls to the floor and I run my fingers through my hair. It lands on the bed just as the door flies open and Kurt walks in. 

In an instant, our lips meet; our tongues are darting in and out of each other’s mouths like some kind of animalistic dance. We roll around in my California king size bed. We roll until I am on top with Kurt’s cock firmly inside my tight, wet pussy. We begin to fuck like two animals in heat. 

Kurt tightly grasps my ass and I my breasts. My nipples harden between my small finger tips. My moans turn into screams as Kurt spreads my ass and slips a finger into my ass.The pressure on my tight little ass makes my pussy drip around Kurt’s massive cock and my clit hardens. My left hand slides down my body and furiously rubs my swollen clit. Leaving my right hand to manipulate my nipples. My back bows and my entire body shakes as the most intense orgasm floods my body, washing my body in pure ecstasy. Kurt quickly presses two more fingers into my ass, prolonging my orgasm and causing me to collapse on his chest.

My screams drown out the buzzing of Caleb’s phone calls. After five missed calls, Caleb decides to come home early. Skipping his hair cut and shave, Caleb looks unkept when he walks through the front door. My moans and screams lead Caleb to the master bedroom. “Did you hear something?” I ask. My head pops up as Caleb cracks the door open, to watch.

“Just you,” Kurt chuckles and kisses me.

Caleb is visibly angered to find his wife and neighbor having sex in the bed he built for their wedding. Caleb finds himself growing hard and strangely turned on. He quickly and quietly opens the bedroom door and signals to Kurt to keep quiet. With his raging hard on in his hand, Caleb joins us in bed. Kurt’s fingers leave my ass and his hands slide up to spread my ass. Caleb’s raging cock presses up against my now gaping ass. I turn in time to see Caleb slide his cock into my wanting ass. I moan from being so full. 

It is not long before both my husband and my lover are fucking me in one rhythm. I moan as both men fuck me with all their might. My husband is punishing my ass and Kurt is pulling my dripping pussy down onto his cock. I cannot help but rub my swollen clit as Kurt and I kiss and Caleb kisses my neck. 

My body can no longer take all the sensations and I am pushed over the edge. The floodgate of my will power crumbles as each orgasm crashes over me like a wavy crashing onto the beach. My body stiffens as my pussy writhes around Kurt’s cock. My screams and moans can only be described as animalistic. I assume my that my orgasms were too much for both Kurt and Caleb. They cum in unison, shooting rope after rope of hot cum into my body. 

Caleb pulls out of my ass, leaving a trail of cum flowing down my leg. He lands on the far side of the bed. Then, Kurt helps me off of his cock and I roll off of him. I lay in between my two lovers. Their cum mixing in a pool between my legs as our trio is too exhausted to move.

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